A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 The Jackal: a monster girl story

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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story   Sun May 08, 2016 1:03 am

Hey man this is my favorite thing in stories and I really wanna see it continue. Any chance you'll write more for it soon? Maybe have some of those sexy monsters be recurring? This is so awesome man. Please keep writing for it.
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story   Mon May 09, 2016 3:05 am

You're right, I did leave this on a cliffhanger. I really should continue it. I know how it feels to see a promising product of this forum end development abruptly and I don't want to disappoint. Thanks for the encouragement! Wink


I woke up with a light headed feeling. I felt floaty, and very weak, either from hunger or from the assault from several succubi earlier. I was stripped of all equipment, wearing only my pants. I tried yawning, but my mouth was taped shut. The room I was in looked upside down, chairs and furniture hanging from the ceiling, and I seemed to be suspended just above the ground. Soon, I realized that the room wasn't upside down; I was. My ankles were restrained by a chain bolted to the ceiling and my hands bound behind my back at the wrists. The blood rushing to my head made it hard to think, and as I swung back and forth from my helpless position, I heard a door open behind me. I struggled to turn around to see my captor, but soon she stepped in front of me. A young succubus with long, ebony black hair stepped in front of me. She had a rather impressive figure, and wore a black corset that bulged her breasts through the neck of her low cut shirt. She had piercing green eyes and lips heavy with black lipstick. I groaned through the tape in stress as she approached me slowly. She smirked seductively, and stepped closer to me. She teasingly placed a finger on my forehead, and pushed me lightly, causing me to swing back and forth from my hanging position. She soon stopped me, grabbing my face with both hands, holding me still. She then began kissing me, on my cheeks, forehead, and neck, leaving behind black, sticky kiss marks. Each kiss made me feel more light headed, and soon, my vision blurred and I hung helplessly, letting her continue her kiss assault. I could barely make out her form as she spread her wings and flew above me, swiftly cutting the chain suspending me and catching me in mid air. She gently lay me down on a stretcher with wheels, and passed me over to two more succubi.

"Be gentle with him girls." She commanded, "Darcy wants him in good condition."

She blew a kiss at me as I was carted out of the room and down a hallway. Several more succubi, at least four more, joined us along the way. We reached what looked like an interrogation room, and the girls began untying me. I briefly fought back and attempted to hit my captors, but was soon incapacitated and restrained by six lustful succubi. I was dragged to a table and each of my limbs was strapped down tightly. I closed my eyes and relaxed, realizing there was no easy way out of the situation. Suddenly, pain racked my face as the tape was roughly pulled off of my mouth. I left out a cry of pain, but seconds later, I was silenced by a pair of soft pink lips. Darcy was lying on top of me, her soft chest pressed hard against me. I struggled as she ran her black velvet gloved hand through my hair. She gripped me tighter, and continued her kiss. Soon, she loudly broke the kiss and pulled away, panting.

"Good morning ♥Leon♥." She said pleasantly, "How are you feeing?"

I blinked several times, and yawned, "Sore....very sore. And a little light headed."

Darcy smiled lovingly and snapped her fingers. She got off of me and stepped away from me. Several succubi surrounded me, and began massaging my arms and legs. Suddenly, the tension in my muscles melted, and I began to feel tired, but peaceful, like I was being sedated. One particularly beautiful redhead succubus lifted my head in a bowl of warm water, and washed my thick hair with soap, lovingly caressing my scalp while occasionally kissing my forehead. The other succubi began kissing me as well, on my neck, chest, and anywhere else they could find that wasn't covered by cloth. I exhaustively lay back as the girls gave me the full body massage parlor treatment. The experience was really nice, but I kept my suspicions about me and looked at Darcy distrustingly. She soon waved the girls away and stepped over to me, standing over me with a dominant smirk.

"Feeling better ♥Leon♥?"

The way she said my name sounded so familiar, but so sweet. Her voice was so soft and gentle, yet lustful and assertive. I sighed and submissively nodded, knowing there was no arguing with her. She wore a strapless black dress that hugged her torso tightly, revealing every curve on her perfect body. She also wore pink lipstick, and black eyeliner.

"Whenever you're ready to negotiate, just let me know."

I nodded slowly, "Alright, fine Darcy. What do you want?"

She licked her lips, "I love a man who gets straight to the point. But it's no way to talk to a lady."

Darcy casually brushed her long, snow white hair behind her shoulder, "Why don't we make some small talk first?"

I grunted in frustration. "Is this an interrogation, or a date?"

She laughed heartily, in a very womanly way, "Oh ♥Leon♥....Even in a completely helpless state you're still cocky. I have to give you points for confidence."

The leader of succubi stepped closer to me and turned around, revealing her upper back. Her smooth, pale back was exposed to allow her wings and tail to move freely. She suddenly spread her wings and flew above me, and landed her butt hard on my chest, knocking the wind out of me.

"♥Pardon me♥" She teased, sensually grinding her rear against my chest as she sat on me, her tail coiling playfully around my neck.

I coughed as I caught my breath, "Darcy....please....."

She ignored me, and rubbed her round, feathery soft rear harder against me, with a pleasant smile upon her lips and a blush in her cheeks. She was a skinny woman, with ample proportions, but her weight decreased the air I could get into my lungs, leaving me short winded.

I grunted, "Am I nothing more than a sex slave now? Or is there a higher purpose intended for me?"

Darcy stopped her grinding, but pressed down harder, "♥Well why not both♥?"

She finally stood up and got off of me, leaving me to catch my breath. With gentle sympathy, the succubus carefully stroked my face, soon kissing my cheek lovingly.

"Alright, I've had my fun, I'll give you the scoop Leon."

Darcy undid the restraints binding me a let me stand up. I considered fighting her, but that didn't work out well last time. So I decided to hear her out.

"You may not know it Leon, but your alter ego, 'The Jackal' is one of the few barriers in the way of an all out war between humans and monster girls."

I wiped the lipstick off of my face, "Yeah, and lately a glorified sex toy for any monster girl who catches me having a bad day."

Darcy scolded me, wagging a gloved finger, "You should feel lucky you've survived this long. With your reckless behavior and blatant disregard for your own health."

She put a hand on her hip and smirked, "Not to mention falling for a struggling diva with a drinking problem. Remember your nights with Aurora? That nine tailed fox girl is not a good influence, and she's barely trustworthy."

I crossed my arms, "She gave me good information. And she was a lot more gentle than you and your harem of succubi. So what's your point?"

She sighed and stepped closer, "Even though you're savvy with many hunters and species of monster girls, you're very out of touch."

"I don't like reading newspapers. They piss me off."

She ignored my comment and went on, "There's a war that might start if you don't intervene. A war between hunters, and the monster girls of the sea. The queen of mermaids was recently captured and imprisoned, and she'll either be executed, or auctioned off to the highest bidder. I need you to rescue her, and defuse the situation."

I rose an eyebrow, "Can't you or one of your girls just mind link with one of the hunters and free her yourselves?"

Darcy explained, "We thought of that! But all the hunters and executives of the Empire have mental implants that keep us from mentally influencing them."

"What about the lizard girl mercs? Can't they help?"

"No. If a monster girl attacks them tensions will rise and war will erupt. We need a third party: You, and your harpy partner."

Remembering Monet, I asked, "Wait, where is she? What did you do with her?"

Darcy pointed towards a door, "She's right in there. Waiting for you."

I stepped towards the door cautiously and opened it slowly, peering inside. Not seeing her in this well furnished guest room I stepped inside. Suddenly, Monet fell from the ceiling and landed on me, pushing me to the ground and wrapping her powerful legs around me.

"Hey ♥Jackal♥.....Wanna do some freaky stuff with me♥?" She cooed lustfully.

As she licked my neck, I looked up at Darcy, who watched us in amusement.

"What the....hell did you do to her?" I asked, as Monet's licking became kissing.

Monet leaned closer to me, "We'll start with kissing♥. Nice, long, deep kissing♥. Like lovers do. Now close your eyes and open your mouth.♥"

Darcy laughed, "Not my fault. She got into the aphrodisiacs, thought they were candy."

"Do you have an anti-mmmmph!"

Monet roughly kissed my mouth, forming a tight seal with her lips while restraining me with her legs and caressing me with her wings.

Darcy shook her head, "No the only antidote is sex, so you'll have to ride this one out, while she....rides you♥."

"I'll be right back♥." Darcy shut the door and locked it, sealing me in with a lustful harpy.

Monet sensually rubbed her cheek against mine, her healthy, thick chest pressed against me.

"♥Leon♥.....you're so cool. I want you to be all mine♥."

I struggled in vain as I found out that a harpy tripping out on aphrodisiacs was three times as strong. She held me in place as she grinded her smooth, pale body against mine.

"Monet.....please...you have to fight it."

Monet squeezed me with her powerful legs, and began nibbling my ear lobe sweetly, sending tingles up and down my spine. I was soon paralyzed with pleasure, and the harpy seemed keen to exploit that. Suddenly, the door swung open again, and Darcy stepped in, now wearing lingerie. She used superhuman strength to pry Monet off of me and dragged back to the interrogation bed, where she strapped me down.

"I think I'll join you two♥." Darcy grinned at me, letting Monet resume her assault.

As Monet kissed my neck over and over, Darcy popped a small chocolate candy in my mouth, and clasped her hand over my mouth, forcing me to chew it.

"This'll take the edge off Leon. Just swallow it♥."

I had no choice but to eat the candy that would send me into a crazy fit of lust. I struggled for several seconds, but to no avail. I felt an intense reaction from my lower body as Darcy undressed me. She wasted no time in mounting me while Monet suddenly smothered my face with her feminine mounds. I let out a cry of pleasure as the two women assaulted me with all the had. Darcy shook her hips wildly, while Monet grinded and squished her buxom chest in my face, while kissing the top of my head lovingly. Monet grinded her naked crotch against my torso, her legs tightening around. As she came, she cried out loudly while her talons dug into my skin leaving scratch marks. Darcy was moving faster was every passing second, moaning louder and louder. The candy drug hit me like a truck, and I let out a yell, muffled by Monet's boobs as I came at the same time as Darcy. The three of us suddenly relaxed, and lay down on the table that held me. I slowly slipped into sleep with the two winged women kissed my ears, whispering sweet nothings every now and then.
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story   Wed May 18, 2016 3:06 am

I took several deep breaths as I woke up in a pitch black room with my limbs still restrained and Monet and Darcy still sleeping with me. Monet was on my left, wings wrapped around me tightly, and Darcy was on my right, her soft breasts pushed up against me. I could hear Monet snoring and Darcy sleeping quietly. I didn't know how much time had passed since the two monster girls double teamed me so I decided to vocalize my objection.

"Hey. Hey! Wake up you two! And untie me!"

Monet's snoring ceased and I heard her drowsy voice.

"Heh, good morning Leon. Did you enjoy last night?"

Darcy's voice soon followed, "Let's give him a good morning kiss."♥

A blindfold was unwrapped from my eyes and I was immediately greeted by Darcy's incoming lips. I flinched, but was unable to stop her from passionately kissing me, forcing my mouth open and exploring all inside. I let out a tired sigh and relaxed as her moist, and somewhat sticky lips lovingly kissed me, while Monet casually stroked my hair with a gentle wing, sending tingles along y hairline and down my back. Darcy soon ended the kiss, and began undoing my restraints. Annoyed, I brushed the girls off of me and got to my feet.

"Do you want me to rescue this mermaid or not?" I asked, trying to keep a lid on my anger.

Darcy handed me back my shirt and backpack, "Yes, we really do Leon. I've explained the details to your harpy partner, and she'll tell you on your way out."

I put on my clothes and backpack as Darcy led Monet and I to an elevator.

"I know you won't refuse to do it Leon." She explained, "But if you do, I promised my girls we'd make you a love slave.♥"

"Great, I love having my hands tied." I said sarcastically.

Monet and I stepped in the elevator, and before the doors closed, Darcy stopped it.

"And Leon. Please be careful, I don't want you to die."

She blew a kiss and let the doors close. I turned to my right and glared at Monet, who was smiling nervously.

"What was your major malfunction last night!" I scolded.

She shrugged, "Sorry, I ate some candy laced with drugs. I didn't think they'd drive me crazy."

I leaned against the wall exhaustively, "So where are we going?"

Monet explained, "To the edge of human territory. A cliffside mansion where they'll be holding the auction tonight."

She went on, "The mansion is on a cliff just above the ocean, where we can return her to the sea after you've rescued her."

"And why does Darcy want this done? Why does this pleasure seeking succubus want this mermaid queen rescued?"

The elevator finished it's descent and we stepped out into the cave just under the invisible tower. Monet's feathers ruffled slightly at the shift in temperature.

"Well, she said it was to keep peace. She told me the mermaids were planning on launching a counterattack on human trade ships, crippling the human economy. This kind of act could start an all out war. Darcy told them to stand down, but we don''t have much time before they decide to ignore her orders."

"Right, it's their queen in trouble. I see now."

We stepped out of the cave and into early morning daylight, where I looked back at the air space above the cave the tower supposedly occupied. I couldn't help but wonder if there was a physical tower there, just invisible, or if that tower occupied another plane of existence, and the cave is a portal. Succubi are strange monsters.

Monet flew me over the fields and trees, getting us pretty good travel time. I was still irritated by her forceful behavior last night, but I decided that she was more than worth keeping around.

"So Leon. How this is going to work is I have to drop you off just above the mansion, and come and get you at the same spot when you've rescued the queen."

"So I'm on my own in there?"

She nodded, "Afraid so. Darcy said she didn't want any monster involved in this rescue. Just the Jackal."

I frowned. I knew why Darcy said that, but it was going to send my bounty up even higher. Criminals with high bounties would stop lying low and commit crimes when they learned all the bounty hunters and Empire soldiers were coming after someone else. I thought about the mermaid though, and realized that a bad fate would await her if no one helped. I knew about these Empire auctions. These rich, corrupt politicians of the Empire, and sometimes hunters, would bid for her and the winner would make her a slave, or a trophy. I cracked my knuckles and readied myself for combat.
Monet and I took a few breaks, but we reached the mansion at dusk, minutes before the auction would start. Strangely, the harpy knew exactly what she was doing. She skillfully dodged each searchlight and flew effortlessly through security. No one saw or heard us as she dropped me off on the roof.

I smirked at Monet, "Wow, that as some fancy flying there. Makes me wonder what you did with your time before you decided to tag along with me."

She spread her wings, and said winked, "Let's keep that a mystery for now.♥"

Monet flew off and left me alone. I opened my backpack and found Darcy had give me extra supplies. More tranquilizer rounds, and several grenades labeled "sleeping gas". I found some filters that would fit my gas mask, and keep me safe from the knockout gas. I also found a long length of incredibly strong spider silk, and a note from Darcy at the the bottom.

Dear Leon, I really hope you find this equipment useful. I would also like to say again: please be careful. I heard about what happened in the forest a few days ago. The dryads barely saved your life. Please don't be reckless. And good luck, tough guy.
Love, Darcy♥.

Right next to the word love was a red kissmark. Darcy was a strange succubus. I wondered if she genuinely loved me or if she was just using me, and wanted me to live so I could do more jobs for her. Or maybe, stay alive so I could be a slave. Either way, I couldn't think about that right now. I wasn't in the market for a wife, I was still young, and needed to keep doind what I was best at. I had to keep my mind on the job, so I stepped over to the main air vent and pryed it open with my survival knife. I climbed in and jumped down, careful not to make too much noise. It was difficult manuvering my body, dragging my backpack behind me by strapping it to my heels, but I squeezed through. I found the exit eventually and opened the vent as quietly as I could. THe noise that erupted from the room was loud enough to mask my presence, so I was able to slip through unnoticed. Outside the airvent was a thick and long supporting beam, at least fifty feet above the floor. I crawled out onto it and hung on tightly as I looked down. For a brief moment, my vision blurred with vertigo, but I soon could see all the guests at the auction, drinking and eating. At least fifty hunters were down there, surrounding all exits, protecting the empire's bidders. I saw a large water tank that housed a mermaid, and wondered how I was going to save her in this situation. As I pondered, A man in a suit stepped on a booth and began speaking into a microphone.

"Alright people let's get started. We have a mermaid queen for auction, and she's not going cheap. So everyone take your seats so we can began."

I grunted in frustration. I was out of time, and had no plan. Not to mention my position was less than optimal. I really didn't want to do this, but I was out of options. I put on my gas mask and screwed on a filter, then tied one end of the spider silk to the beam, and the other to my ankle. I strapped on my mask and my backpack and pulled the pin on two gas grenades, holding the levers. I closed my eyes and gathered my courage before throwing myself off of the beam. For almost exactly five seconds, the room went quiet as I bungeed down to everyone's eye level, three feet above the ground. I dropped both gas grenades before bouncing back up to the beam, where I took cover as hunter began firing in my direction. The gun shots soon stopped as the hunters fell unconscious along wth the guests, so I untied the spider silk from my ankle and began climbing down to the ground floor. When I reached the ground, I stepped over all the unconscious bodies, and approached the tank holding the mermaid. She swam over to me and pressed her hands against the glass hopefully. The young mermaid was a few years older than me and had the deepest, and most sincere green eyes I had ever seen. Her hair was long and bright blue, flowing in the water. Her long tail began at her hips, and the color matched her hair. Her ears were long and webbed, and she also had webbing between her fingers. She wore a golden necklace with a saphire, and a blue bra that seemed to barely contain her large breasts. I had never seen a mermaid before, and was a little taken aback by her beauty. She seemed to know I was here to save her, and smiled lovingly, half closing her eyes. Suddenly, her expression turned to worry, and sher pointed behind me. I had only a split second to duck as a bullet whizzed by my head, and hit the glass. It missed the mermaid and myself, but the tank was now leaking slightly. I turned and saw my brother again. The elite hunter I had protected the dryads from, wearing a gasmask of his own, and holding a wicked looking revolver.

"You again?! Can't you even die right?!" He yelled from across the room.

I sighed cooly. When I first met him, he was intimidating. But now I knew he was just my younger brother. I had beaten him in many fights in our childhood. I could still take him. I dove behind a table and flipped it over, readying my gun. He fired several shots, almost in rage. But he wasn't counting, and I knew my brother wouldn't use a speed reloader, so I waited for him to run out, before I sprinted over to him, and delivered a swift punch to his stomach. He dropped his gun and threw his usual punch. He was pissed, and not thinking clearly, so I had the upper hand. I grabbed his arm and used it to force him to his knees, before plugging his neck with a tranquilizer dart. He began to fade out as I stood over him, staring him down. Once he was unconscious, I took his and patted his shoulder with respect, and stepped away. My brother and I never saw eye to eye, but he was still family. I stepped over to the mermaid's prison and loaded the revolver with three shots. She saw me aim the gun and swam to the tank's corner as I fired several shots, breaking the tank open. She slid out through the gushing water, and fell into my arms. She was surprisingly heavy, but I could carry her. She smiled at me before she fell unconscious due to the gas, still floating around the room. I heard a thunder of footsteps approaching the room and looked around quickly realizing that the way I came in was fifty feet above me, and I could climb back up the spider silk while carrying her. I instead, ran to the back of the room, where I found a spacious office, with a wide window viewing the sea. I lay the mermaid on a desk and used a chair to smash open the window, making a hole wide enough to jump through. I grabbed the mermaid and leapt out just as hunters broke down the door. I fell down a hundred foot cliff, holding the mermaid tightly, as I shifted my body in air so I would hit the water first, protecting her. Unfortunately, halfway down, my head hit a branch sticking out of the cliff and I blacked out as we fell.


I woke up, but couldn't open my eyes, due to the salty sea water rushing in. I panicked at first, but somehow this overwhelming feeling of calmness was spreading throughout my entire body. I felt safe, and relaxed, even with the pressure of the water above me, and my hands bound behind my back with seaweed. The strangest feeling ever had come over me. I wasn't breathing, but air was actively being pushed in and out of my lungs, and this sweet, calming taste was present in my mouth. I felt hands gripping my collar tightly, and a soft pressure against my mouth. I also felt a soft sensation against my chest, like two soft pillows were pressed against me. I forced my eyes open, and even as salt water flowed into them, I saw several things. Dizzy lights from the moon and the stars above the ocean, and a pair of bright green eyes, staring into mine. When I returned the gaze of the green eyes, they widened in fear, and disappeared quickly, and the air flow to my lungs was cut off. I felt cold suddenly, and scared. I couldn't move or breathe, and the pressure of at least thirty feet of water pressed down on me. Before I blacked out, the pair of green eyes, and long blue hair returned to my vision. I felt pressure against my mouth again, air was now being pushed in and out of my lungs, and the sweet taste returned to my mouth. I relaxed in the mermaids embrace, as she continued kissing me, her lips being the only thing between me and drowning. She kissed me harder suddenly, less air moving into my lungs, but her kiss tasted so sweet and was so refreshing. All the stress that had accumulated over the past few weeks melted away, as her soft, sweet tongue scanned my mouth, and her smooth, soft lips caressed my own. I gave up then. She was in control, and the only thing keeping me alive. So I lay back and relaxed, but before closing my eyes, I could make out the faint shape of several other mermaids swimming towards us. I relaxed in relief as hands and powerful tails gripped me and carried us away. The queen mermaid currently supplying me with oxygen, broke the kiss and allowed another mermaid to take her place. She swam in front of me and spoke in a sweet voice as clear as if we were on dry land.

"Thank you so much for saving me young man. You shall be rewarded very soon. We are taking you to an air pocket, where we will hide until the hunter's ships stop patrolling."

I looked up past the mermaids head and saw dark shapes moving along the surface of the water, no doubt searching for us. The mermaids carried me to a small cave, where they swam up into an air pocket, carrying me to fresh air. I gasped and breathed in and out quickly, relieved to have control over my own breathing again. I was propped up against a wall, chest deep in water, as mermaids surrounded me, gazing at me with curiosity. The queen herself was pressed up against me, face inches from my own, with a kind smile.

"My apologies. My subjects are curious about you young man. They've never seen a human this close before."

Sure enough, the mermaids began examining me closing. Grabbing my legs, and arms and looking me over with curiosity. I struggled slightly in my seaweed bonds, as the queen spoke.

"My name is Opal, the queen of mermaids."

She placed a smooth hand on my cheek, "And what might your real name be, 'Jackal'?"

I tried pulling away, in vain, "Uh, Leon."

Opal half closed her eyes and grinned lovingly, "Thank you kindly for saving my life Leon. I'm in your debt.♥"

I could already see where this was going, but to be certain, I asked, "You don't have to repay me you know."

The mermaid queen wrapped her arms about my neck and hugged me close, pressing her heavy breasts firmly against me, "I have to, for my own honor boy. I have to pleasure you♥."

She closed her eyes and leaned in all the way, her lips crashing lustfully against mine. She pushed me up against the cave wall rather roughly, her breasts squishing against me as her tail coiled playfully around my leg. Her lips and her tongue gave off a sweet taste that filled my mouth as she kissed me, just like when she was keeping me oxygenated. Her hands reached for the back of my head as she pulled me closer to her and deeper into her kiss. I felt a hypnotic pleasure induce a submissive feeling in my head as she kissed me deeply. This feeling was further enhanced by another mermaid, who came to my right side, and began kissing my cheek. A tingling sensation erupted from where she kissed, and soon, another mermaid swam up to my left side and began kissing my cheek. Tingles of pleasure and the sweet taste of Opal's lips racked my entire body, causing me to shiver with pleasure. The feeling of helplessness was made more potent by the feeling of tails and arms coiling about me. Soon, Opal and the other two mermaids ended their kissing, and backed off, letting three other mermaids take their place. These mermaids were much more lustful. The held me tighter, and their kisses were much rougher. At one point, a mermaid with a buxom chest swam up and pulled my face into her soft breasts, rubbing me against her body sweetly, her tail coiled tightly around my waist as she kissed my forehead.

"You look tired Leon, let me take you into slumber, okay? You seem exhausted♥."

I nodded submissively as she pulled me underwater, tightly locking her lips with mine. She kept air moving in and out of my lungs, while squeezing me affectionately with her tail. The other mermaids swam down around me, and began singing in a sweet, and very hypnotic voice. Their soft, yet loud singing filled my mind, clear as day even though we were underwater. Opal licked all over the inside of my mouth as everything faded away, like I was drowning.
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story   Wed May 18, 2016 10:34 am

Ooooh, very nice.
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story   Thu May 26, 2016 2:51 am

blob131 wrote:
Ooooh, very nice.

Hey! Thanks a bundle!
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story   Thu May 26, 2016 2:56 am

The first thing that occured to me when I woke up was that I was able to breathe again on my own, as opposed to a mermaid pushing the air in and out of my lungs. The second thing that I felt was the soft feeling of sand under my back and waves gently splashing against my lower body. The sun shone through my closed eyes and felt hot on my skin. The third thing that I noticed was the queen mermaid, Opal, was lying on top of me with her body pressed against mine and her tail coiled around my left leg. Her gaze met mine when I finally opened my eyes. She blushed and half closed her eyes lovingly. She quickly took my face in her hands and advanced rapidly, pushing her soft lips against mine without warning. She slowly invaded my mouth with her sweet tasting tongue, and hummed rythmically as she kissed me with extreme passion.

"♥Mmmwah♥!" She ended the kiss, pulling away. "Good morning Leon, how are you feeling♥?"

I spent the next several seconds catching my breath, and assessed the situation. I was no longer restrained, and was on dry land. The queen I rescued was with me, as well several other mermaids carrying spears and wearing armor. No doubt they were bodyguards.

I sat up with some difficulty "Well I'm not dead. Or hungover, so that's good. What's going on, are you just seeing me off?"

Opal assertively pushed me back down, "Oh, well yes Leon. But before you go I wanted to thank you and ensure our bond."

I was confused "Bond? You mean, like knighting me or something?"

She smiled, "No, more like an engagement. To make you my husband, who will live with me under the sea♥."

I blushed madly as she hugged me close, sweetly kissing my cheek.

"H-Hey! I can't really settle down right now! There's too much left for me to do on the surface world!"

The mermaid sighed depressively, and pulled away gently, "I understand Leon. You have an obligation to Darcy, your employer, right?"

I gently but firmly pushed Opal off of me and sat up, "I don't work for her, she forced me because she doesn't want war to erupt between humans and monster girls."

Opal smirked, using her tail to yank me back into a lying position, where she held me down rougher than before.

"Yes, but isn't that what you, as The Jackal, want as well?"

I sighed and lay my head down on the sand, as she pushed down on me harder, "You and her share a common interest Leon, maybe you should continue to help her."

She kissed me again, this time longer and harder, as she grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down on the sand. The tide came closer, now reaching past my head, soaking the back of my head in warm, salty, sea water.

"Mmmmmm........Mmmmmmmmmm........♥Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm♥." The blue haired mermaid hummed happily as she deepened the kiss, spreading the sweet taste throughout my mouth and some down my throat. I closed my eyes and relaxed. I wanted to push her off of me with reasonable force, I certainly had the strength to do it, but I didn't want to provoke the wrath of her bodyguards, especially since the tide was starting to envelop my entire lower body, and I knew for a fact mermaids were incredibly powerful in the water. Opal ended the kiss, and buried her face in my shoulder, nuzzling me as her tail tightened around my leg.

"Leon. I won't force you to be my husband, or work with succubi." Opal softly whispered in my ear, before gently kissing it.

She pulled away, her face hovering above mine, "But I have an offer...When you grow tired of the fighting, and the constant monster girl attacks, please travel to this beach again...."

The queen then took the sapphire out of her golden necklace and placed it in my right hand, forcing my fingers to close around it.

"I'll be waiting♥." She said with a wink.

She uncoiled her tail from around my leg and let go of me as the tide swept in again. High tide swept in suddenly, washing over my face and pulling her back out to sea. I quickly got to my feet, coughing salt water, as I saw Opal and her many bodyguards swimming back out to sea. I shook off my trance and looked down in my hand, seeing the sapphire the queen wore around her neck. It was definitely a marriage proposal, and this was some kind of engagement token. I looked further on shore, where the tide couldn't reach and saw my equipment, mask and all. I gathered my things and plotted my next move. I had no idea where Monet had gone, after she dropped me off on the cliffside auction house, and I couldn't remember how to get back to Darcy's tower. I thought long and hard for several minutes, but the only real solution I could find was to ask some monster girl for directions and hope they wouldn't molest me. I left the beach, reminding myself that if I ever returned I would technically be consenting to the mermaid queen's marriage proposal, and crossed through a thick forest before coming across some rolling hills. I got a nice bird's eye view from the top of a steep, grassy hill. I saw a flock of harpies flying overhead, but none of them were Monet. About half a mile ahead of me was a pack of patrolling centaurs, galloping into a forest. I was definitely in monster girl territory and I had to either find shelter or get back to human territory so I could regroup. Then again, human territories would be on full alert after the stunt I just pulled. I found a swamp to the west, and hoped it was the same swamp I had passed through a few days earlier, because at least that meant I was in familiar land. I went around the swamp instead of through it, adding several hours to my journey. I had no choice at this point: I was going back to the monster girl town where I met Monet. I didn't want to, but I had to find Aurora and get some information fast. I couldn't shake the feeling that Monet was in danger, or looking all over human territory for me. Maybe she'd be back at the town. It was my best bet. As the sun lowered in the sky, I came upon a familiar looking road that led me to the monster girl town where Aurora held her concerts. I took a deep breath and strapped on my mask, entering the city limits. Monster girls everywhere went about their business. From lamias to cowgirls and several other species. They gave me waves and happy smiles, and occassionaly lewd looks, but left me alone. I guess The Jackal was welcome here, but I wondered how they'd react if I hadn't worn my mask. I stepped up a flight of stairs to Aurora's apartment, but recieved no response from knocking of her door. I went deeper into the town, soon finding a long line of monster girls, waiting to get into a club. Unless Aurora was out of town, she was most likely in the nightclub. The bouncer was a large lizard woman whose eyes lit up at the sight of me approaching.

"Right this way Mr. Jackal, you have free access." She said, holding out her hand, "But I'll need any weapons you have."

I handed her my bag and stepped inside, where I heard faint music, and loud rythmic thumping. I opened a door and was greeted by an overwhelmingly loud song with heavy bass. In addition to the music, bright disco lights of every color flashed in my face, making me dizzy. Through the smoke and lights I could see a large variety of monster girls either dancing on a flashing floor, or sitting at a bar, drinking. I kept to myself as I investigated the club, if Aurora was there, the best place to look was the VIP lounge.

"Hey, hottie, wanna dance with me♥?" A young lamia grabbed my left arm and pulled me close to her. I shook my head and pulled away, causing her to look disappointed, but unlikely to attack. I pushed passed several girls who had obviously been drinking heavily and saw a flight of stairs labeled "VIP" with a sign.

"♥Hey♥....It's been a while huh?"

I turned halfway before I was suddenly grabbed from behind. Hands felt all over my chest before wrapping around me affectionately. She undid the straps on my mask halfway, causing it to slip and blind me. I pushed the girl off and pulled off my mask, seeing a familar wolf girl, with long grey hair and a long bushy tail.

"Ember?" I asked, stepping back. It was the same wolf girl Aurora left me with about a week ago.

She wore a revealing purple tube skirt and tube top, and looked like she had been drinking way too much. I knew she was an associate of Aurora's, so I had to deal with her.

"Yeah, it's me♥. I really missed you Leon."

"Do you know where Aurora is?" I asked calmly.

"Oh forget about her for now," She said with a drunken slur, before throwing herself at me and wrapping her arms about me.

"Let's talk about you and me right now♥...."

She began nibbling on my neck sweetly, causing a tingle to shoot up my spine, while her tail wagged rapidly. Behind her, I saw another familiar face, this one belonging to another one of Aurora's associates.

"Sorry about her Leon. She usually doesn't drink this much."

"Hey, uh, Fiona," I said nervously, as Ember moved on from biting, to kissing.

The catgirl wore a similar outfit to Ember, but slightly less revealing. She stepped forward and joined Ember in the restrictive hug I was trapped in, pushing her face close to mine and smiling warmly.

"Fiona-" I stammered, "I-I have to speak to Aurora."

"Oh shut up about Aurora already!" Ember yelled, pushing Fiona away and pushing me up against a wall.

The wolf girl's tail wrapped around my waist as she leaned close, the smell of booze on her breath. Her breasts, barely contained by her top, pressed against me as she began grinding against me.

"I'm way more fun to be with♥."

With that, she pulled me into a passionate kiss. She aggresively pushed her way into my mouth, rapidly licking all over the inside of my mouth with her long tongue. I struggled slightly, but her drunken lust gave her powerful strength.

"♥Mmmmmwah♥!" She ended the kiss passionately, before immediately locking me in another one, grinding harder and faster.

Fiona stepped towards us and pried Ember off of me, before she pulled me into an embrace of her own.

"Let's talk somewhere more.....private♥." She cooed softly.

I was dragged up the stairs to the VIP lounge, where I was led through a curtain to a private booth. The music was quieter here, and had less lights, so that was a plus. The two girls sat me down and wrapped themselves around me. Ember began kissing my cheek sweetly, her lips leaving several purple kiss marks behind. Fiona stared lovingly into my eyes as she ran her hand carefully along my hairline.

"Relax Leon. Aurora will join us shortly. Then you may speak to her."

I clenched my fists and struggled roughly, "Yeah right, and she'll be lustful as well! I just need to know when she'll be home!"

Fiona placed her hand over my mouth as Ember moved down to kiss my neck.

"Shh....If you struggle, we will call security. Relax, and have a drink." Fiona said in an almost motherly tone.

A waitress placed an orange beverage on the table in front of the booth, and Fiona held it to my mouth. She then threateningly reached for a button labeled "Security", so I accepted the drink as she poured it into my mouth. Once I finished, Ember violently pushed me down into a lying position, growling playfully, before she began plastering my face in sticky kisses, ending it with another rough liplock.

"It's my turn now Ember." Fiona said as she began applying heavy amounts of red lipstick.

Ember reluctantly got off of me and let Fiona hold me down. She leaned in slowly and began gently kissing my face, slowly but very tenderly. She wrapped herself tightly around me and blushed, sighing dreamily.

"I missed cuddling you Leon. Did you miss my sweet kiss♥?" Fiona said, beginning to purr loudly.

She locked lips with me, her kiss being far more soothing and gentle than Ember's. Her rough catlike tongue prodded gently, before I let her in as I felt my mind beginning to go into the gutter. There had to be some kind of drug in the drink I was given, causing me to be more submissive to the girls. Fiona moved her rough tongue around gently, each movement deliberate and precise. I moaned softly into her kiss, before Ember grabbed her shoulders.

"C'mon! My turn with the hero!" She demanded, yanking Fiona off of me. I staggered to my feet, some part of me still resisting, when Ember leapt on me aggressively. She wrapped her legs around my waist, restraining my arms, and her arms about my neck. I fell back into the booth as her lips crashed against mine roughly. Her kiss was longer and harder, and she humped me harder and more sensually. After her kiss, she pulled my face down to her breasts, and squeezed tightly.

"Give in Leon♥." Ember taunted, "Empty your mind of all thoughts except for my soft feminine fat."

She rubbed my face into her breasts roughly, "I'll get you nice and love drunk off of my boobs♥."
Ember let me go finally, giving me a few moments to breathe and recover, when an all too familiar scent of strong perfume filled my nose. I opened my eyes as Ember got off of me and saw Aurora enter the booth, smiling warmly.

"Hey hot stuff! How'd you like the mermaid queen?" She said tauntingly, "I'll bet she was all over you♥!"

I took several deep breaths and looked up at her, "I need.....some....information.....it's important."
Aurora advanced on me rapidly, wrapping her long, white tails about me, restraining me. It was pointless really, as the drink in my system had rendered me too weak to fight back, as did the heady smell of her perfume.

"And I need some lovin' tonight♥!" The kitsune cooed, pulling me into a tight hug with her buxom breasts against me.

She licked her lips, blushing intensely, "Let's help each other out♥."

"Please it's-Mmmph!" one of her perfume covered tails coiled tightly around my mouth as she pushed me to the floor. Her tail reached my nose, forcing me to inhale her scent. Fiona watched us with a modest smile while Ember watched with a jealous frown.

"Take in my scent Leon. Breathe deeper boy. Feel your strength melt away now." Aurora said, now sitting on my chest with a dominant grin. Aurora waved Fiona and Ember away and the two girls left, before she lay across me, gazing lovingly at me while her hand stroked my hair.

"Look at you now 'Jackal'." She mocked, "Your face is red and covered in lipstick, and your eyes are so unfocused. I have you in my tails again Leon. And I'm not letting you go♥."

She unwrapped her tail from my mouth and began kissing me passionately. Now completely hypnotized, I attempted to kiss her back. She aggressively deepened the kiss, holding my head still, her pink lips caressing my own with lustful dominance. I closed my eyes as I found myself losing oxygen, and beginning to suffocate. She ended the kiss and pulled away to cool down. I was pushed beyond the limits of my strength, but she had plenty of energy to continue her assault.

"Let's take this back to my place huh♥?" She said sweetly, before forcing another searing kiss onto me. The drink had now hit me full on, and the world began to fade away as she laughed happily.

Perhaps I was too hasty in deciding to trust Aurora again, especially when she was drinking.
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I woke up lying in Aurora's heart shaped bed, with the young kitsune sleeping next to me. I was heavily coiled in her tails and pink covers. I sat up and began to untangle the mess of white fur and her thick covers. I swung my legs over the side of her bed, and buried my face in my hands, still half asleep. I was getting real tired of being sexually accosted by the same monster girls over and over. Aurora soon stirred, and sat up with a long yawn, showing off her bright, sharp fangs. Even after all the crap I'd been through, she was a really beautiful sight first thing in the morning.

"Ah, good morning lover. How do you feel?"

I rubbed my forehead, "I only had one drink, so why do I not remember anything from last night?"

I stood up, "Did you really have to roofie and date rape me?"

Aurora shook her head, "I'm really sorry about that. That wasn't in my plans. I just heard you wanted to speak to me. Ember and Fiona are to blame for the drink."

I looked down, seeing I was only wearing underwear, and looked back at her, "So what was your plan?"

She shrugged, "I figured you'd need something, so I wanted to give you it. For the usual fee of course. A night in my bed."

Aurora suddenly looked sad, "I assumed you needed something, because you'd never come over just to say hello, right?"

I felt a pang of guilt for Aurora, I remembered how lonely she was. She drank too much, and probably engaged in unethical activities. But even she needed love.

I held up my hands defensively, "Look, I'm sorry Aurora. But please, I need to know where my partner is. If I don't find her and make contact with the succubi, they'll send elite lizard girls after me and maybe make me some kind of sex slave."

She stood up and put on a robe, smiling in a friendly way, "It's fine Leon. I heard all about the mermaid princess and I was sure the succubi wanted you for your talents. I will help you."

Aurora's expression suddenly brightened, and her eyes widened, "Oh! I just remembered, I have something for you."

She left the room and returned with a fairly large cardboard box. She opened it and passed me a fresh set of clothing.

"These are army fatigues, discontinued after the Empire rose and the cold war with humans and monsters began. They have a sturdy padding, but are easy move around and carry equipment in. Please try them on!"

I slipped into the olive colored clothing, which was just my size. There were plenty of pockets to carry ammunition in, and a holster, for a pistol. On top of that, they felt very comfortable.

"Wow,"  I remarked. "How did you know my size?"

Aurora smirked, "How do you think?"

I realized that was a stupid question, and changed the subject, "Do you have any info on Monet, a harpy?"

"Hang on." She reached into the box and retrieved my gun, handing it to me, "I had some improvements made, you know what I mean?"

I looked it over, the slide had been reinforced and lengthened for easy long shooting, and the grip was now made of rubber for easier handling.

"I'm sorry, but I couldn't get you more ammo for it on short notice." Aurora added.

I checked the magazine, "It's fine, I still have fifteen left, more than enough."

Aurora smiled expectantly, "What do you think?"

I holstered my gun and reminded myself of gratuity. She deserved a warm thank you for this.
I stepped forwards and hugged Aurora, "Thank you. Thank you very much. I really do appreciated it."

She hugged me back and kissed my neck, "Your welcome, just don't be a stranger."

I pulled away and asked, "So what have you heard through the grapevine about a harpy named Monet?"

Aurora shrugged "Nothing, but check your right pocket."

I reached into my right pocket and found a letter with the name "Leon" written on it. Inside was a folded up note that read,

Dear Leon,

Sorry we lost contact, but I've stumbled on something big. Please meet me alone at an old abandoned factory marked on the enclosed map.
                                                              Love, Monet

"It might be a trap." Aurora warned, "I've been around, but I've never seen a Harpy who could write with wing appendages."

I nodded, "Well, she might have had a friend write it. Or maybe she used her talons."

She shrugged, "All the same, please be careful."

Aurora gave me a new backpack that had more pockets and was in much better shape than my old one, and gave me my mask and a packed lunch. I thanked her graciously before departing, following the map Monet had sent me, to a old factory about five miles west of Aurora's town. The place looked like it had seen better days. I had seen plenty of deserted factories in my travels, due to the Empire's rise to power and their order to shut down any facility that didn't comply with their rules. In case it was a trap, I walked around the factory and checked for a back door, which existed in the form of an old loading bay. I came in through a dirty shipping and receiving room, the whole place empty and filthy with bugs and grime. It seemed suspicious for Monet to set up our meeting in such an unromantic place, so I stayed on guard. The main room was dizzyingly tall, with conveyor belts and catwalks above my head in complex crisscrosses. I crept quietly towards a flight of stairs, and slowly descended. When I finally made it up to the catwalk, I made my way to the entrance, and had an overhead view of the lobby through a window. Just as I thought, a young woman I had never seen before was crouched next to the door. She had long black hair tied in a messy bun, and wore a black, ninja like garb with a face mask over her mouth and nose. Her garb exposed her bra and ample cleavage slightly, and was tied with a red sash around her waist. She carried a wicked looking blade, complete with a sheathe on her back, and carried a high caliber hand gun on her hip. I sighed in stress, realizing that my reputation had finally caught up to me and assassins were being hired to off me. and crept back down the catwalk and down the stairs, as I considered my approach. She was distracted, but focused. From a distance, I could easily knock her out with a dart. But I needed to know who sent her, and how she knew Monet. I stepped quietly towards the lobby and put my thumb on the hammer of my gun, readying myself for a fight. I put my back to the wall separating me from her gaze and picked up a wrench lying on the floor. I held my breath and threw the wrench towards a tool chest, creating a loud clatter. Sure enough, within seconds, the assassin emerged from her position and followed the noise, walking right passed me without noticing. I'd guess she was at least three years older than me. She wore black, soft shoes that made almost no sound as she walked. Her eyes were blood red and expressed a merciless, cold, and slightly angry gaze. As quietly as I could, I began stalking her, keeping a safe distance but keeping her in range of my gun. She stopped at the tool chest and leaned over to look behind it, brandishing her sword.

"Drop the blade and put your hands up." I said simply as I lightly prodded the back of her head with my gun's barrel.

She froze instantly and dropped her blade, creating a sudden clatter as it hit the floor. Her black gloved hands soon slowly rose as I quickly plucked her gun from her hip, and took a step back, putting her gun in my holster.

She turned around, her eyes now showing a slight panic, and anxiety. This faded away as she gazed at me, her eyes reverting back to their cold, methodical expression.

"Well well well." Her voice sounded cold and calm, yet womanly and mature. Very femme fatale. "I heard you were good, but I didn't think you'd sneak up on me so easily. Or see through my ruse."

"Who sent you?" I asked, taking a small step forward. "And how do you know Monet, the harpy?"

She chuckled casually, smiling under her mask, "A girl's gotta have some secrets you know."

I fired a shot to the right of her head, causing her to wince.

"I'm not playing around, why are you after me?"

She looked away briefly and spoke, "You have plenty of enemies Leon. Yes I know your name well, and let's just say your death would bring great fame to my name."

She took a slow step backwards, and I responded with a step forwards, "So you're just doing this for the street cred?"

She nodded, "Your dead body would make my career. Everyone with a bone to pick would enlist me, Whispering Death, to kill their most hated enemies."

I chuckled, "Whispering Death, wow. No wonder I've never heard of you. Am I your first hit?"

She shook her head, "No. I have killed many men before, and I'm not quitting yet."

While I considered my next question, she put her hands high above her head, thrusting out her cleavage slightly. She suddenly half closed her eyes, "I will say, you are the cutest man I've had the pleasure of meeting in my career."

I frowned, "I'm really not in the mood, I was violated last night anyways."

She stepped forwards, "Shame, I've seen your face on several occasions before, and now we're both here, all alone."

I stepped forwards, now only a foot and a half from her, "You must also think I'm the stupidest target you've come after huh?"

The assassin smirked under her mask, as I put my finger on the trigger. Conversation was running dry, and I was at a disadvantage. She wasn't intimidated, and she was beginning to take control of the conversation. I fired off a dart, aiming for her neck, but like air itself, she dodged to the side, and leapt backwards up on conveyor belt, striking a fighting stance. I tried another dart, but she ducked it, and sent a small throwing knife my way, that I barely dodged. She immediately followed up with another knife, this one grazing my cheek, leaving a small cut that blood leaked out of. When I looked back at her, she was off the conveyor belt and attempting to retrieve her sword. I rushed forwards as she picked up her blade and finally got a dart in her slender neck as she stood back up. She held it threateningly, but soon put a hand on her neck and pulled out the dart, examining it and seeing it's contents emptied. She dropped her blade and staggered back. I stepped forwards and grabbed her sword, tossing it onto a catwalk above us. Her worried expression soon changed to confused, and she looked up at me. I was puzzled as well, the tranquilizer should have taken effect by now. I ejected a dart and examined it. The usual blue fluid in the dart was now clear. I pulled the back off of the dart and sniffed the fluid, to find out it was seawater. When I rescued the mermaid queen, the tranquilizer fluid leaked out when I was underwater. I had just injected her with harmless fluid. I looked back up and received a heavy kick to my face as she flew at me. I saw stars for several seconds, and staggered back.

"Ow....why you hit sooo hard?" I slurred, collecting myself.

When my vision cleared, I saw her running for her blade. I couldn't do much without killing or seriously wounding her now, so I looked around and, without thinking, made a run for the stairs. I ran up two flights, hearing her rapid footsteps behind me. I realized she would corner me on the fifth floor, so I took a stand at the edge of a catwalk on the third floor. She began walking slower, and soon stepped more cautiously, seeming afraid of something. The yound assassin seemed to have a fear of heights, but once she noticed me twenty feet away, she recovered her fearless demeanor. I sighed in stress as I held up her lethal gun, aiming it her way.

"Don't take another step." I warned.

She scoffed, and sheathed her sword, "Really? You'd kill a woman?"

I felt butterflies in my stomach as my heart beat faster, "If I have to. I will."

She smirked, and put a hand on her hip, "From what I've heard, since, "The Jackal" became wanted for crimes against the Empire, his body count is zero."

I felt beads of sweat on my forehead as my hands and knees began to shake, "W-well....you gotta start somewhere, right?"

She slowly strutted closer, tauntingly, "Well tough guy. Go ahead. Kill your first."

I felt my mind snap as I realized I couldn't kill her, and threw the gun over the railing. I turned around and dashed up the stairs, hoping I'd be able to figure things out on the fifth floor. She wasn't chasing me terribly fast, and her fear of heights would surely inhibit her fighting ability. But she did have a huge sword. I ran along the highest catwalk, that creaked and groaned under my feet, at least seventy feet above the ground floor. At the end of the catwalk was an office, where a window led out to a fire escape. Unfortunately, by the time I figured out an escape route, the assassin was a mere three feet from me, sword out, ready to strike. I put my hands up and braced myself as she raised her sword high above her head.

"Prepare to die by my bla-AHHH!"

The catwalk broke under her weight, snapping in half. She held on to a broken piece of railing,
hanging from a lethal fall. I ran over and kneeled down, reaching for her. Her eyes were frozen in pure terror, and she could barely move.

"Please! Take my hand!" I yelled, "You can do it!"

She closed her eyes and reached for me, her hand shaking in fear. I gripped her arm with both hands and summoned all my strength to pull her up. I fell backwards into the office, and she fell on top of me, clinging like a scared child.

I comfortingly patted her shoulder, "It's okay. You're safe now."

She looked up at me, and suddenly regained her vicious gaze. She pushed me down onto my back and held me still, putting a small knife to my throat, staring me in straight in my eyes. I calmly sighed and closed my eyes. I realized that I could at least die with a clean conscience, knowing I had done the right thing. After several seconds, I opened my eyes, and saw her eyes looking regretful, and ashamed. She dropped the knife and reached for my face, placing one hand on my cheek and the other in my hair. She caringly stroked my hair for a moment, than reached for her mask, removing it and exposing her beautiful face. Her red eyes seemed loving, and even a little lustful, and her face reddened slightly.

"Thank you." She said simply, before closing her eyes and leaning in, bringing her soft, pink lips to mine, and kissing me long and hard. I held still in sudden surprise, as she hummed softy and lovingly as her tongue prodded against my mouth, demanding entry. I submissively opened my mouth and let her in as she held my face still, with her soft, gloved hands.

"♥Mmmm...mmmm...chpt♥." Her kissing grew more intense, and her legs began to entwine with mine.
She ended the kiss quickly, and began panting, recovering her air. I panted as well, and we locked gazes, staring into each other's eyes, as if we were attempting to read each other's minds. She soon broke the gaze and pushed me down with another intense kiss, this one backed by much more raw lust.

"♥Mmmmmmmmmmm.....Mmmmmmmmm♥!" She hummed passionately. I began to trance out, feeling relieved that she wasn't going to kill me, and the feeling of her warm, wet, lips and tongue was hypnotic. After she ended her second kiss, she suddenly pulled away, and smiled widely, revealing her sharp fangs. I froze in shock as she suddenly bit down on my neck and sank her sharp fangs into my flesh. She began sucking, and gulping loudly, drinking down several mouthfuls of my blood. I winced in pain and attempted to push her off of me, but she tightened her restrictive hug, and pushed down hard against me with her heavy breasts. The pain faded suddenly and her love bite began to feel pleasurable. She soon stopped sucking and pulled away, her fangs pulling out of my neck, leaving two small bleeding holes behind. She began panting and gasping in pleasure, blushing intensely as blood dripped down from her mouth. I rubbed my neck, feeling a warm tingly feeling where she bit.

"You're blood is.....delicious♥." She cooed lustfully. "Heh, you really are a hero aren't you?"

I shrugged, "That's what a lot of monster girls have said recently."

The vampire assassin got off of me, and picked up her knife, and regained her focus and put her mask back on.

"Thank you again for saving me Leon. I'll let you go....for now. Besides, maybe later you'll be a bigger boost to my career." She opened the office window and stepped out onto the fire escape. I got to my feet and watched her climb down the stairs and ladders, cautiously, but without any hesitation. She seemed relieved when she reached the ground, and disappeared into the factory to retrieve her equipment. I regained my composure as the tingling in my neck began to fade, and began climbing down the fire escape, while the vampire whose name I never learned ran into the forest. I retrieved my gun and the empty darts from the factory, suddenly wishing I had asked her for more information. I crumpled up the fake note from the assassin and the map, throwing it into an old trash can. I walked out into the forest, wondering what to do next. I followed a trail probably made by centaur patrols and let myself trance out as I enjoyed the fresh air. My trance was broken a few minutes later by the sound of some kind of whip crack in the distance. I walked off the trail and followed the sound to a small clearing, partially shaded by trees overhead. In the center was a young woman a year or two younger than me, practicing with her weapon, a bright red ribbon. She was a head shorter than me, and wore a frilly outfit almost like a uniform. She wore a bright red miniskirt and a white, chest high blouse with a large heart over her chest. Her hair was bright pink and tied in long pigtails. She suddenly turned towards me, and struck a fighting pose, her bright pink eyes flaring up.

"Halt young man! You are trespassing on guarded land!" She yelled fiercely.

I put my hands up, "My apologies ma'am, I'll just go back the way I came."

I turned and began walking away, but with the sound of a whip crack, the red ribbon had wrapped itself around my neck, and I was jerked backwards and fell on my back. The girl stepped over with a dominant demeanor, and placed her white, knee high boot on my chest.

"Don't try to escape! My name is Penelope, a member of the ribbon girl squad!"

I grunted and grabbed her foot, using reasonable force to free myself. I unwrapped her ribbon from my neck and stood up, "Look lady! I don't want any trouble here! Just leave me alone!"

I turned around and walked away as she continued ranting. Just before I made it out of the clearing, another girl leapt down from a tree in front of me and waved a purple ribbon in front of me threateningly. She was taller, and older than Penelope, with long purple hair, and a similar uniform, but purple. Her bust size was also larger, and her eyes were a deep purple.

"Is this guy bothering you?" She asked Penelope.

"He sure is Queenie!" She said accusingly, "Where is Rosetta? She's late again!"

I rubbed my forehead in stress, "Just let me leave please."
Suddenly, with the sound of a whip, a yellow ribbon wrapped around my left wrist. On the other end of the whip was a woman with short brown hair, wearing a yellow uniform. Her height was between the other girls, as well as her proportions. She must be this Rosetta they mentioned. With another crack, Queenie wrapped her ribbon around my right wrist, and Penelope's ribbon wrapped around my waist. I struggled  for a moment, trying to untie the ribbons, but Queenie and Rosetta pulled hard on their ribbons, preventing the use of my arms, as Penelope stepped in front of me, with another ribbon.

"You are hereby under arrest young man!" She said triumphantly as she wrapped another red ribbon around me. Queenie and Rosetta soon followed her example and used more ribbons to restrain me. Within moments, I could barely move, and the three girls aggressively grabbed me with their hands. Rosetta suddenly pulled me into a tight hug, and gazed into my eyes lovingly.

"He is awfully cute. Why don't we have some fun with him♥?" She asked.

Queenie suddenly hugged me from behind and began nibbling my neck.

"Hey!" I yelled, "Cut that ou-Mmmph!"

I was cut off by Rosetta's lips, heavy with yellow lipstick. She began with a long kiss on my mouth, before she began plastering my face with sticky kiss marks. Penelope yanked on her ribbon, freeing me from the two girls' grasp, but pulling me to the ground on my back.

"I wanna turn!" She shouted, climbing astride me and wrapping her arms about my neck.

She began applying heavy amounts of pink lipstick as she explained, "Young man, your crimes are trespassing, and being sooooo cute♥!"

Penelope began kissing me in an immature, sloppy way, "♥Mmmmmmwah! Mmmmmmwah! Mmwah! Mmwah! Mmwah! Mmwah! Mmwah! Mmwah! Mmwah! Mmwah! Mmwah! Mmwah! Mmwah! Mmwah! Mmwah! Mmwah! Mmwah! Mmwah! Mmmmwah♥!"

Something in their lipstick was soaking into my skin and making it harder and harder to think. Queenie soon pulled Penelope off of me, and began covering me in purple kissmarks. Her kisses were long and hard, and she held very little lust back.

"Mmmwah! Just close your eyes, and let my lips sent you to paradise! Mmmmmmmwah♥!"

My mind shut down then, going black with dizzying pleasure. All I could really perceive no was which girl was kissing me the most. Penelope kissed me quickly all over my face, while Queenie would focus on my mouth, and Rosetta was somewhere in between. They each yanked on their ribbons, fighting over me, and kissing me without mercy. My trance grew deeper to the brink of sending me to dreamland, when a gunshot and a familiar voice snapped me out of it.

"Alright! Break it up girls! This guy's not on the market right now!"

The three girls got off of me and took fighting stances, "And what are YOU doing here!?" Penelope inquired angrily."

I looked beyond the girls and saw Kiara, the elite lizardwoman with the buxom chest. Leah was right
behind her, and both girls had their rifles out.

"Just back off! He's needed elsewhere." Leah yelled.

Queenie and Rosetta stepped back, but Penelope stood her ground.

"Come on Penelope." Rosetta beckoned her. "Don't make them hurt you."

Penelope pouted, "But I wasn't done yet. I wanna-"

Queenie grabbed Penelope's arm, and held her back while Rosetta untied me. Even when my limbs were free, I was too exhausted to move. Rosetta kissed my forehead sweetly.

"We will meet again, and you will be our personal love toy♥."

The three girls backed off, and left me lying in soft grass. Kiara stepped over to me with a smirk.

"Still the lady-killer eh 'Jackal'?"

I groaned, "Ugh, don't remind me. This isn't the first time today too."

Kiara and Leah cleaned off my face and handcuffed me, "Come on now. Darcy wants you."
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story   Fri Jul 01, 2016 12:14 am

Hot Damn! 5,000 views! Thank you all so much for the support! That's all the motivation I need to write! I plan on finishing this story and I will have the next installment up very soon! Again, thanks a lot. Both the members of the forum and the lurkers! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story   Fri Jul 01, 2016 10:25 pm

While Im too busy with other things to read this, I feel its probably a good story from a few glances every now and again.

D'oh I missed!
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story   Sun Jul 10, 2016 2:03 am

Yuna wrote:
While Im too busy with other things to read this, I feel its probably a good story from a few glances every now and again.

D'oh I missed!

Well, thank you for noticing anyways.

Had to enlarged that bottom line to read it Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story   Sun Jul 10, 2016 2:07 am

For once in my life I was relieved to be handcuffed and being forced to march through monster girl territory. Kiara led in front of me, and Leah walked behind me, with my equipment. They still wore their uniforms they wore in our last encounter, buttoned up shirt with red leather padding for armor, and a pair of black pants that hugged their forms like yoga pants. Kiara still had her brown hair in a ponytail, and Leah's short blonde hair waved loosely. The only real difference was Kiara's shirt, which had the first few buttons undone to expose her heavy cleavage. I remember her mentioning that she had the largest cup size among the lizard woman mercs, and I believed it, having been smothered by her a few days ago. Leah on the other hand, boasted a lesser, yet still impressive figure. I wondered if she was predisposed to bouts of insanity or if her obsession for me, caused her to go crazy for me when we met. Her being in heat might have also been the culprit.

"So how have you been Leon?" Leah asked, walking behind me. "You look very tired."

I nodded, "Yeah, it's been a rough couple of days I guess."

Kiara looked back at me, "Well don't pass out on us. I'm not carrying you around this time."

Kiara was as salty as she was last time, and maintained a no-nonsense demeanor. It might have been overridden when she was in heat, but I doubt I was in for an easy ride.

"I'll be fine." I assured, "As long as no one drugs me or tries to stab me."

"Or tie you in ribbons," Leah added,

"Who were those girls anyway? Are they human?" I asked.

Kiara shrugged, "I'm not entirely sure, but I know that they have an ability to produce and manipulate ribbons."

She looked back at me breifly, "These 'magical girls' or whatever, apparently have organized and vowed to bring peace to monster and human kind. Heh, good luck with that."

Two hours went by and we found some nice shade where Kiara decided to stop for a break.

"Take a seat young man." She commanded, "Darcy's got a tall order for you, and you need your strength."

I sat down, leaned against a tree and closed my eyes. It felt so nice to sit down for once and rest, even though I would soon be fufilling another mission from Darcy. The two girls must've thought I was asleep, because they had a quiet conversation I could hear.

"He's still really cute." Leah whispered.

"Yeah I guess so, what of it?" Kiara retorted.

"What do you have against him anyway?"

"He was rude to me when we met. He insulted me."

"Come on he was drunk. Besides, you still had fun with him, right?"

"You're too soft Leah. Ever since he escaped us I know you've been thinking about him."

"Well so have you."

"What? No I haven't"

"I bet you he thinks I'm prettier, and your jealous."

"Oh hell no. He thinks I'm much prettier, and he was lucky enough to be caught by me."

Leah chuckled, and whispered, "Let's have a bet, whoever can seduce him first gets bragging rights."

"Heh. That's a sucker bet. You're on. And to make things fair, I'll give you a head start."

I heard footsteps approach me, and soon I felt hands on my shoulders.

"Come on now Leon, we're moving on."

Leah gripped my shoulders and pulled lightly, "Here I'll help you up."

I got to my feet as Leah's hands moved down my back and she pulled me into a tight hug. She pressed her soft chest hard against me, and for a moment, stared into my eyes, blinking slowly. I fought back a blush and tried to pull away but backed into the tree I slept against. Her arms slipped off my neck slowly, and her left clawed hand gently slid down my arm. She took my handcuffed hands in her smooth scaly grip and pulled me back on to the trail. I felt my face heat up, but covered it up with a yawn and attempted to free my hands, causing her to pull me closer to her, with a friendly smile. Kiara smirked and shook her head at Leah, as she took her position in front of us.

"How was your nap Leon?" Leah asked as we began to second leg of our journey.

I let her cling to me, realizing I couldn't escape her grip. "My nap was okay thank you."

She ran a claw down my arm slowly, "Did you dream about any pretty ladies?"

I shook my head, and nervously replied, "Uh, I ususally dream about getting shot, or drowning."

Leah placed her hand on my cheek, running her claws through my hair and wrapping her other arm around my neck, pulling me closer to her body.

"You poor thing♥. Always fighting. You should take a few days off."

I struggled not to blush but my face soon reddened brightly as I felt my heart beat faster. Her gentle, yet sharp claws ran along my crownline, sending a powerful shiver down my back.

I took a deep breath and relaxed as her tail gently ran up and down the back of my leg, "Yeah, I'd like to, but Darcy says I'm needed."

I had to force myself to think before I spoke, and each word was a chore, "I can't refuse her orders, or she'll make me her slave."

Leah nodded, "I understand. That's a shame."

She stopped walking, and pulled my head to face hers. Her hands were rubbing my hair and back in small circles and her tail had wound around my left thigh.

"I had plans," She said softly, "After I get paid for this job, I was going on vacation. Maybe if Darcy's done with you, you could join me."

I looked away from her as my heart felt like it was in my throat, "Well, I highly doubt that."

She leaned closer, "We could sit in front of a fire, on a soft couch. We'd drink some wine, and then we'd snuggle all night. And in the morning, we'll snuggle some more.♥"

Her tail suddenly moved up, and began rubbing my crotch. She half closed her eyes, and licked her lips, leaning in close as she pulled me towards her, "♥And then you and I would..."

I closed my eyes, but was suddenly grabbed from behind by Kiara, who roughly freed me from Leah's grip.

"Sorry Leah! Time's up! I knew you'd waste your time with stupid pillow talk! I'll show you how it's done!"

Kiara grinned as she pushed me off the trail and up against a tree. She placed her hand on my chest and pushed, keeping me against the tree and limiting my breathing somehwhat. She stared straight into my eyes as she began to unbutton her shirt more, soon all the way down, revealing a strapless, black bra that bulged as it attempted to contain her breasts.

"So I heard all about your adventures. The queen mermaid you just saved. The dryads. Very impressive. You've had a lot of fights. I love that in a man♥."

Behind her, Leah watched enviously with her arms crossed. Kiara pressed her body against me roughly, her face reddening slightly, but maintaining her dominant smirk. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her tail wound around my thigh and began to roughly rub my crotch. She removed her hands suddenly, and undid her ponytail, waving her hair around for a moment before letting it settle. She half closed her eyes and licked her lips, beginning to grind her enormous breasts against me.

I finally found my voice, and tried to explain, "Look, I heard your conversation and the bet.....can we not-Mmmph!"

Kiara's mouth roughly clashed with mine. Just like the last time she kissed me, she took total control. She forced her way into my mouth with her long, forked tongue, and wrapped it tightly around mine, with plenty of slack to still move around my mouth, coating it with her slimy saliva.

"♥Mmmmm....Ohmmm.....Ahmmmm♥!" She moaned loudly, holding me tighter and kissing me harder. I opened my eyes and sawy she had hers open as well. She preferred dominance in a kiss, and she reinforced this by staring me down with her piercing green eyes.

"Mmmwahhhhh!♥" She ended the kiss loudly, and pulled away, but kept her soft body against me and continued grinding roughly.

"There's a lot more where that came from handsome♥." She placed her hand in my hair and grasped it tightly, to further reinforce my helplessness. I tried to remain calm, and clear my mind of lewd thoughts, but her soft breasts kept my mind in the gutter. She noticed this and pushed harder.

"You like my boobs Leon? Squished tight against you♥? Feels sooo good when you can't move huh? Aren't they soft♥?"

She kissed my cheek lustfully and pressed her forehead against mine, staring me down.

"We'll rent a room at an inn, and get drunk, and make love all night. And in the morning, we'll lie in bed all day, making love, and kissing."

She ran her long tongue down my face again happily, and readied herself for another kiss. Before she
could move in however, Leah wrapped her arm around Kiara and yanked her off of me and put her in a sleeper hold.

"Your time's up Kiara! You came on too strong! You got to be more gentle!" She scolded

Kiara ran her elbow into Leah's gut, freeing herself, "How's this for gentle!?"

"Come on stop!" I yelled, causing them to glare at me.

"Look." I rose my bound hands and calmly explained, "I am not in the mood for intercourse right now. I have a job to do, and so do you."

They lowered their fists, "You're not in a position to make commands Leon." Kiara warned.

I grinned angrily, "Is that so? Who are you working for exactly? And what would she think of either one of you injured me badly? So badly, I couldn't fufill her request?"

Kiara sighed in stress, and then smirked, "Wow. Finally sticking up for yourself."

She placed a hand on her hip. "Not that I'll try anything else, but that makes you hell of a lot cuter Leon."

We carried on, not stopping anymore, as the forest began to grow thicker. I began to recognize some familiar areas. I didn't remember being there, but I felt like I'd seen it in a dream. I saw a clearing just to my  left through a thick brush of trees and bushes, and up ahead I saw Darcy and Monet. They were both looking out at the clearing cautiously, like they were hiding from something. Behind them, were two more lizard women, who had tied up and captured the vampire assassin who tried to off me earlier that day.

Darcy stepped towards us and rubbed her forehead in stress, "You're very late Kiara."

"He wasn't exactly easy to track down." She explained sarcastically.

I stepped past Kiara and up to Darcy, but was intercepted by Monet, who leapt on me like a child.

"Leon! There you are! I've been worried sick about you! What happened!?"

I stepped back slightly, "I fell into the ocean. I tried to find you, but I got lost."

She waved a wing at me and scolded, "You should have stuck to the plan, you could've-"

"Enough!" Darcy pushed Monet aside and stepped up to me. She took my hands in hers and used magic to unlock my handcuffs.

"Leon....there's very little time to explain, do you have your mask?"

I looked back at Leah, who handed me my equipment. "Yeah, why?"

Darcy looked worried, and saddened, "In five minutes, a centaur patrol will pass through here, and hunters hiding just up ahead will ambush them."


She went on, "I really did not want to put you in this situation again, but my superiors are forcing me to. I need you to break up their fight, and knock them all out. My girls will remove their bodies."

I blinked in shock, "What! By myself? Why!"

"To preserve the peace Leon!"

"Why don't you knock them out with magic or something!?"

"I can't! Centaurs are resistant, and these hunters have mental implants that guard their minds!"

"I'll be killed in seconds!"

"My superiors told me you were near death, and still managed to knock out an elite platoon of hunters! Why can't you do that now?!"

I crossed my arms, "I'm not a super hero! I thought since I was dying anyways I'd die being a pain in their ass! And I was pissed off at them!"

Darcy's eyes watered slightly, "And your not pissed now?"

"No. I'm just mildly annoyed that I am seen as a disposable human. I mean, back when I took out the hunters, I was pissed because some brute called one of them a bitch and slapped her. She was just a child!"

Darcy sighed, and began to think. I looked around at Kiara, Leah, and Monet's shocked expressions. "Anybody gonna help me out here!?"

I pointed at the assassin, "And what's she doing here!? She tried to kill me!"

The three girls stepped back as Darcy approached me, "I'll explain everything soon. I'm really sorry for doing this to you Leon. I hope you can forgive me."

I sighed, "It's fine I forgive you. Now let's think carefully about the situation, there's got to be another way to-"

Darcy suddenly kissed my cheek with bright crimson lipstick, "Put on your mask Leon."

I strapped on my skull painted gasmask and shrugged, "Alright fine, now what?"

When I asked that question, Darcy and the other girls were gone from my view. And in the clearing, the fighting had started between lightly armed centaurs and elite hunters. I sighed in stress, feeling angry about everything all of the sudden. "All my hard luck, all the women who saw me as nothing more than a tool. What was the point of saving anyone anymore! All they did was piss me off anyways! Why do I bother with- Wait, Why I am so pissed suddenly?" I realized I was talking out loud and yelling even. I tried to rationalize things, and calm down, but the anger only grew more and more within me. I realized that Darcy's lipstick had some kind of active rage ingredient, but by then, the rational part of my brain began to shut down. I looked out at the clearing and saw the fighting, and clenched my fists. I clenched my fingers so tight that my fingernails pierced the flesh of my skin and began to bleed. I felt an intense buzzing in my skull and began to shake uncontrollably. The last thing I remember was the uncontrollable urge to punch something.

The fight with the centaurs was certainly not easy, and even though my men were better equipped, the centaur's had us in strength and speed, so it would be a hard fight. I was engaged with their commander, who was ready to strike me down with her spear. I braced for damage, when suddenly, The Jackal flew out of nowhere and struck the centaur commander in the face, knocking her out with a single blow. He came at me next, but I was too in shock to fight back right away. He reeled back and hit my face with a backhanded punch, sending me backwards to the ground. He quickly moved on to the rest of the centaurs and my comrades, and as I lay in the grass, I realized how familiar that punch was. My brother Leon, whenever he got pissed off, would always punch backhanded. I also realized that my brother ran away from home just a week before The Jackal made his debut. It all made sense now. My brother Leon was the man I'd been hunting for months. He made quick work of all my men and the opposing force, even as he was dripping blood from stab wounds and bullet holes. I saw him angrily stomp towards a figure twenty feet from the unconscious centaurs. An infamous succubus with white hair and black wings. She flew over to him and clenched her fist, her hand glowing dark purple. And then, as if she had flipped a switch, He fell unconscious. She snapped her fingers and two lizard girls picked his bloody body up and carried him away. My face still burned with pain, and things began to get blurry before I passed out on the soft grass.
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story   Sat Sep 10, 2016 9:51 pm

Hey man, hope you're gonna continue with this story in the fall. I'm completely hooked! I mean, I just gotta know what happens with all the characters next. Keep up the awesome work!
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story   Tue Sep 20, 2016 11:36 pm

I awoke with a frightened start. I had very little memory of what occured the other day, and I felt pain rack my entire body. My hands hurt, my torso, head, legs, everything. I was wrapped tightly in bandages and hooked up to an IV and a heart rate monitor. The steady beeping sound was the only noise in the room, and soon, it became a repetitive noise in my mind, like a mantra. I sighed deeply and clenched through the pain. I shook involuntarily and took several deep breaths. I was lying in a soft bed, under several blaknets, and whatever painkillers I had received must've worn off long ago. The room I was in was dimly lit, only by a lamp and the heart rate monitor. I closed my eyes, trying to fall back asleep, but the pain was too great. I didn't have the strength to call for help, any voice that came from my mouth was a raspy, hoarse gasp. I lay my head back down and realized I had no way to see this through painlessly, except riding it out.

"It'll be okay." A soft voice spoke near me, nearly giving me a heart attack.

I opened my eyes and saw a young woman, bathed in light, at the end of my bed.

"Wha- wha- what do you-" that was all I could get out before my throat hurt worse than before.

The young woman approached my bed and stood next to it, looking down on me with pity. She had shoulder length black hair, and icy blue eyes. Her hair was loose and in a hime cut. She wore a light blue kimono, with snowflake patterns on it. The outfit gave hints of her curves by the way it hugged her figure, suggesting an hourgass like figure.

"Shh." She whispered, "Do you remember me?"

I shook my head sadly, causing her to look a bit downed.

She sighed and explained, "I don't blame you. After what Darcy's done to you I would be surprised if you did remember."

The woman got on the end of my bed and approached me in a cat like way, eyes half closed, and a soft smile that made me feel safe. She was soon upon me arms around my neck, leaning in close. "Perhaps this will refesh your memory."

Without another word, she locked her lips with mine and kissed me. I felt paralyzed with ecstacy suddenly, and felt my whole body relax. This kiss seemed so familiar, yet so different. I felt a warmth sprout within my chest and a desire for her filled me from my heart to my limbs. It was like a long kiss from a wife after many years of happy marriage.

When she ended the kiss, she pulled away with a soft, gentle smile, and ran her smooth fingers down my hairline. Even her touch made me lose control of my thoughts. She kissed me several more, and I felt my heart beat faster, as the slow beeping of my heart rate monitor accelerated. I tried to reach for her face with my right hand, but was unable to. Halfway to her cheek I went limp in exhaustion.

She playfully took my hand in hers and rubbed my palm on her cheek. Her skin was cool, and incredibly smooth and soft. She leaned down and pressed her forehead against mine, sighing happily before breathing in deeply.

"Ahh, your scent♥. Just like when we met. How you've grown though...."

"Who....are....you?" I asked, with little strength.

She half closed her eyes sensually and softly spoke.

"♥Your wife.♥"

"Try to remember Leon." She said softly, "Go to the snowy mountain to the west and find me. I can protect you from the succubi."

I closed my eyes as she kissed me intensely suddenly, as her kiss turned more aggressive. She forced her way into my mouth, moaning loudly. She grinded her body against mine intensely, and entwined her legs around mine. I opened my eyes again and met a pair of blood red eyes on a different face. I squirmed with renewed strength from fear and managed to free my mouth.

"What the hell! What are *cough* you doing here!"

The vampire assassin leaned up, sitting astride me, with a smug smirk. She was wearing black lingerie and a transparent nightgown with her hair tied in a messy bun.

"I'm having fun. Aren't you?"

I looked around the room, seeing no one but her, "What's going on?"

She shrugged, "I don't know. I came in here and got on top of you, said some things and kissed you a few times."

The vampire blushed, and grinned, "You looked so in love with me. The way you reached for my face and your lovey-dovey expression. I thought you were delirious."

I realized it was all some kind of hallucination, magic or something. I felt weakness win back my body as I sank back down into the pillow underneath my head. The vampire wagged her finger,

"Ah ah ah. Don't sleep now, I'm just getting started."

I glared, "I'm not in the mood or in the condition to be seduced lady. Who are you?"

She sighed, "Leon, a woman seduces a man to get him into a vulnerable position.

She undid her hair and let it flow freely, as she went on.

"Women seduce men to get money, to kill them, or just because they're horny. But a man must be vulnerable first."

She suddenly leaned down and teasingly licked my neck, the moving upwards to put her lips near mine.

"And you're already in a quite vulnerable state now♥."

I realized what she meant, this wasn't seduction, it was full on rape.

"By the way, my name is Sheena. Just so you know what to scream out when I bring you to heaven♥."

I gritted my teeth and attempted to move as she pressed her heavy breasts down on my face, smothering me. She rubbed her feminine mounds left and right over me as I struggled to breathe.

"Let my womanly body empty that mind of yours, think only of my soft, warm boobs Leon♥."

I heard a door swing open and a familiar voice sounded out.

"Let him sleep! He's hurt!"

Sheena reluctantly got off me, quickly kissed my forehead, and stepped off the bed. I saw Monet in the doorway, wings folded as her talons tapped the floor expectantly.

"I question Darcy's decision to make you a new peacekeeper." Monet said, glaring at her.

The vampire simply smirked and left the room as she tied her hair back up into a bun.

Monet stepped over to my bed and lay a soft wing on my forehead. "Are you feeling better?"

I nodded, "It's strange, a few minutes ago, the pain went away. I'm still feeling weak though."

She leaned in and kissed my cheek, "Just go back to sleep then. It's the best thing for you now."

The harpy closed the door and left me in the dimly lit room. I felt the arousal caused by the two  girls fade away as I began to drift back into sleep.

I awoke to the sound of my door opening as Monet returned. For some reason, she was much better dressed now, wearing an elegant white strapless dress and She was also wearing makeup, and jewelry. A necklace, earrings, eyeliner and lipstick, the works. She looked like she was about to go on a prom date.

"Feeling better Leon♥?" her heavy talons clicked as she stepped in.

I sat up, and tested out my muscles. They were all working again, and the soreness had commpletely faded.

I got out of bed, wearing only my pants, "What happened? I'm barely hurt now."

"Darcy gave you some pretty strong medicine while you were sleeping. You should be okay, but you beter take it easy."

I removed the bandage from my chest, a couple scars, but nothing too serious. Either centaurs or hunters scored me while I was fighting. It was lucky I wasn't shot.

"Come on," Monet insisted, tugging my arm with a wing, "You'll be late to you own party!"

I followed her closely through the hotel like halls as she led me to a shower, where a black tuxedo hung from the ceiling in a plastic bag.

"Get cleaned up and meet Darcy and I in the room down the hall." Monet happily left the room.

As I showered, I reflected on several things. I was back in Darcy's custody, and would without a doubt be forced to do her bidding. If I tried to escape, I wouldn't get far, and lizard women would hunt me down again. Darcy had eyes and ears everywhere, and she would find me pretty fast if she knew I was running. But then there was the strange woman I imagined earlier, who I guess was real, claiming she could protect me, and if there was a chance of hiding from Darcy, I'd have to take it. As I changed into a the suit I was given, I came up with a plan that I was willing to roll the dice on. I stepped out of the shower room and followed a few signs to dual doors at the end of the seemingly endless hallway. Opening the door revealed several tables filled with food, and many succubi, as well as several other monster girls I knew well. Quiet jazz music was playing, but I saw no band, or speakers. Darcy beamed happily when she saw me and quickly approached. She walked kinda off kilter, as if she had been drinking. She was wearing high heels, and a red velvet dress with no straps that revealed a lot of her back. Her hair was usually loose and hanging down, but now it was tied in an elaborate bun.

"Leon! The guest of honor everyone!" She announced, and a round of applause followed. I smiled awkwardly and waved, cringing inside somewhat. I mean I liked being thanked, but I didn't need a freaking parade for it.  

Darcy approached quickly and hooked her arm around mine, pulling me while smiling expectantly. I followed her as she led me to a long table with nothing but champane glasses on it. I saw Kiara and Leah next to it, both wearing jeans and black shirts with the words "SECURITY" on them. Darcy happily handed me a glass and grabbed one of her own.

"A toast! To The Jackal!" She happily cheered before drinking her glass, whilst everyone else gave a round of applause.

I drank mine as well, and quickly found out that it was alcoholic champane, and wondered how much Darcy had to drink tonight. Darcy kissed my cheek and hugged me as the clapping slowly subsided, and she dragged me over to Monet, who immediately hugged me.

"I'm so glad you survived Leon♥!" She said sweetly as she wrapped me in her wings tightly. I held still as she nuzzled against me, soon stepping down, still smiling.

I freed my arm from Darcy and turned towards her, "Darcy I have a question to-"

She pressed a finger against my lips, "Shhhh.....I'll explain everything, just dance with me♥."

"Look Darcy, I've never danced before, I-"

She cut me off, "Actually Leon, we've danced so many times before. Sometimes much more "intimately♥."

She pulled me out onto open floor and placed my hand on her waist, placing her own on my shoulder.

She led as we waltzed, and the more we danced, the more familiar it seemed. and the more curious I became.

"What's going on Darcy?" I asked, finally.

The head succubus half closed her eyes and grinned, "A succubus can travel into the mind of a dreaming man, and leave him with no memory of the encounter."

She sighed and blushed, "I've been visiting your mind for years Leon. Sometimes I seduce you, sometimes I tease you, other times I bully you♥."

I stopped in my tracks, but her pulls insisted I continue, "What?"

She smirked, "You don't remember. You never do♥."

Darcy suddenly embraced me and squeezed me tightly, sighing, "Oh Leon♥. Sometimes we dance, sometimes we just talk for hours. Sometimes I just hold you like this. Tight and close♥."

I stood still, bewildered, as she kissed my cheek.

"Mmmwah! I love you Leon. I think you're the perfect man♥. Sometimes I want you to just surrender and be submissive towards me, but other times I want you to resist me always."

"Is this how Kiara and Leah know where I am all the time?"

She nodded, chuckling. "You've told me everything about you Leon."

Darcy teasingly circled a finger around my chest, "I know everything about you♥."

I blushed bright red, and asked, "Even the-"

"Yes, even the things you did when you were sure you were alone."

I sighed in disbelief, still in slight shock, "Uh, Darcy?"

She sweetly hugged me tighter. "Yes lover?

"Uh....Could I have another drink?"

She pulled away, and nodded, "Sure Leon, I'll join you♥."

Darcy was now full all drunk, and I was getting tipsy, trying to forget the realities that had just confronted me.

"So Leon." she explained, finishing her glass, "You may leave, and you have three days to roam all you want. But after the second day, you must report back to me, or else."

I crossed my arms, "Or else what?"

She smirked, "I know where you are everytime you sleep Leon. I'll find you and have you dragged back here."

Kiara and Leah both licked their lips, staring at me.

Darcy placed a soft, velvet covered hand on my cheek, playfully pinching it, "And you're punishment will be very.....intense♥."

I turned around, but was blocked by Monet, wings spread in front of me.

Darcy smiled lewdly, "But first, you must satisfy me."

I was about to leap back but two succubi suddenly wrapped their arms around mine, and the tails around my neck. I struggled as the two removed my suit jacket and shirt, and flew me into a private room, where Darcy soon followed. I struggled more vigorously, and two more succubi entered and held my legs. The two girls holding my arms began kissing both sides of my face, leaving sticky wet marks behind, while Darcy approached me slowly.

"Hold him still girls." She commanded, applying lipstick, "I got a lot of smoochin to do."

I began to feel weak and light headed, as the two girls kissed me, soon switching with the other girls who were wrapped around my legs. As my face became more and more covered in lipstick, Darcy came closer, and I felt less and less focused.

"You're so cute like this." Darcy said softly, as she hugged me to her warm body tightly.

"Now hold still and be my boytoy!"

Darcy locked lips with me, her long tail forming a heart shape as she kissed me. The length of her tail wrapped around my eyes, blinding me, and reached into my pants and wrapped itself around my crotch, constricting. Meanwhile, Darcy drunkenly kissed me, her saliva flooding into my mouth, nearly choking me. The other girls soon pushed me to the floor, on my back, and completely undressed me.

"Oh Leon. you're so kissable!" Darcy paused briefly before continuing her sticky, wet assault. At this point my mind faded of all thoughts but her, and her lips, and breasts. I felt myself release my seed onto her tail as I began to trance out.

Jafar, I'm stuck!
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story   Wed Oct 05, 2016 12:45 am

I got my clothes back on after Darcy had finally gotten off of me. She passed out in the corner of the room, on a couch. I turned towards a redheaded succubus, in her early twenties.

"How much did she have to drink?"

The succubus shrugged, "About three glasses of the champange."

I walked back out into the ballroom, feeling a distinct vulnerability about me. I downed another glass of the champange as Kiara approached me, blushing slightly.

"Hey Leon. What's doin'?"

I shrugged, "Darcy had too much to drink, and passed out after she violated me."

Kiara leaned against the table, taking a glass for herself, "The girl could never hold her booze. Well, what are you going to do?"

I noticed that Kiara's black shirt was a bit small for her, exposing her navel and making her buxom chest stand out, causing the word, "SECURITY" to stretch the U and the R out quite a bit around the middle.

She finished her glass and took another one, "So Leon.... I gotta admit, I always thought you were a weak man. I mean, really cute, but you always seemed like a such a wuss."

The lizard woman stepped closer, and took another glass for herself and handing one to me, careful to not break the glass with her sharp claws, "But seeing you wreck all those hunters and centaurs. That was something else."

She gulped her glass down quickly as I drank mine, she carelessly dropped it on the floor as she leaned in closer.

"You gotta spar with me sometime♥. Teach me some of your moves. The way you took out that elite with one punch. I wanna learn how to fight like that♥."

I grinned nervously, flattered, but worried I'd be violated again.

The booze was hitting her all at once, "Watching you fight....turned me on so much♥."

I blushed bright red as her face reddened as well, she gave me a quick kiss on my cheek and stepped back over to Leah, smirking at me with her sharp teeth showing. I had one more glass before deciding that I needed to stay focused on the task at hand. Darcy allowed me three days off, but it would be eight days before I could reach the mountain my alleged wife mentioned, and Darcy would send Kiara and Leah to get me again, and there would probably be a punishment waiting for me here. I saw Monet by herself in the corner, leaning against the wall and looking at the floor. I stepped over to her and leaned against the same wall.

"Hey." I said casually, "Uh, how have you been?"

She perked up slightly, but still sounded sad, "I've been well....just a little....guilty."

I turned away and put my hands in my pockets, "So....you've always been working with Darcy?"

Her wings bristled suddenly, before relaxing, as she turned back towards the floor. "Yeah. I have."

She took a deep breath, and explained, "At first I was just a scout for Darcy, her 'eye in the sky'. Words of your smaller exploits made their way through the news to me, and I became a huge fan of The Jackal."

"Darcy took an interest too huh?"

Monet nodded, "Yeah. She's always found you attractive, but after you saved the dryads you showed strength she'd never seen from a human, so she thought she could use you."

She gestured a wing towards Kiara and Leah, who were both arm wrestling. Kiara with a smug grin and Leah with a determined stare.

"And when those two failed to bring you in......She sent me to guide to seduce you and bring you in."

Monet sighed lovingly, "Of course, I didn't know that you were already set on a path to find Darcy to get answers, so all I had to do was lead you there."

I looked into Monet's bright amber eyes as we made eye contact for the first time in that conversation. I was taken back to the sunset we watched together, on a soft, grassy hill. My head in her lap, and her wings around me. I had truly bonded with Monet then, and was proud to call her, my partner

She broke eye contact, "Sorry for lying to you."

I placed my hand on her shoulder, where skin met feathers, "I forgive you Monet, you had to follow orders and complete your mission. But I would like to know what Darcy's planning."

Monet looked at me in surprise, "How did you know that-"

I cut her off, "Oh please, I know Darcy's not the boss. In the past she's mentioned, 'superiors'. What does that mean? What are they going to use me for?"

She saw something behind me and clamped her mouth shut, brushing my hand off of her shoulder. The young harpy stepped past me slowly, walking away, and gave me one last look over her shoulder.

"Enjoy the party Leon. I will see you around."

I looked in the direction she was facing earlier and saw a succubus a few feet away, listening in. She looked different from the others, in ways I felt more than I saw. She was just about my height, and looked like a woman in her mid thirties, but still beautiful. Her hair was shoulder length, and colored charcoal black. She wore a thin pair of reading glasses, and a deep black dress that matched her hair. The eyes behind her glasses were a cold, merciless dark blue, and eyed me suspiciously, her finger tapping her pink lips. Her wingspan was the biggest of any succubus I'd ever seen, and her tail was thick and long.

She smirked and began to approach me, "So Leon.....how is your party?"

I took a risk and went for sarcasm, "You call this a party? No shrimp cocktails and no live music?"

The succubus reached me and stopped about a foot from me. She smirked at my comment.

"I knew Darcy picked the right man. You aren't afraid of anything, are you?"

"Everyone's afraid of something. I'm just not afraid of you."

She gave a hearty laugh, causing her breasts to bounce slightly. She snapped her fingers, and a bottle of wine appeared with two glasses, suspended in the air.

"Maybe because you don't know who I am boy." She wrapped her tail around the neck of the bottle and filled the glasses, taking them out of suspension with her hands, and passing one to me.

She twirled a gloved finger along the lip of the bottle and licked the wine off, "You're still a young man. You have a lot to learn."

I took a sip of my glass, the best wine I'd ever tasted, but I didn't let it cost me my focus.

"I suppose you're thousands of years old?" I questioned.

She feigned an offended expression, "How rude of you. Questioning a woman's age."

Her tail slithered up my left leg, and stopped before reaching my crotch. She leaned in close and placed a sharp fingernail on my cheek, "Someone ought to teach you some manners♥."

She stepped away, licking her lips while never breaking eye contact with me.

"Who are you?" I asked, "Darcy's boss?"

She chuckled, "What Darcy can do is all smoke and mirrors, compared to what I bring to the table."

She took another sip of her wine, "And as long as you remain on the right side, you won't be on the receiving end of my punishments♥."

Her tail lifted the wine glass bottle to my glass and filled it generously, "Don't get too wise Leon. Keep following Darcy's orders, and don't go around asking questions you don't need answers to."

She stepped through a door and turned back, grinning, "And don't try to run away. We will find you."

I clenched my fists as she shut the door. I needed a plan, some kind of ace in the hole. But all I had were my fists, and that never worked on a succubus. I finished the rest of the wine and excused myself from the party. I went back to the hospital room where my gear was, and changed out of my tuxedo. They had tailored and washed my clothes, but that's not the look I needed this time. I gathered my gun and my mask, and made my way to a kitchen right next to the ballroom, where I grabbed two day's worth of food, if I rationed it. I found the liquor cabinet, and grabbed a bottle of vodka, and absinthe. I carried my now full bag out to the sterile hallway that made up the majority of the succubus hideout. I descended down the elevator that doubled as a portal back to the natural world and into the cave it was hidden in. The redheaded succubus was waiting for me at the bottom, floating a foot above the ground.

"Hey there hero♥!" She said sweetly, "The boss wanted me to remind you that Darcy can go into your mind while your asleep, and steal your memories, so she'll always know where you are."

I didn't respond and walked past her, angry at this status quo.

"Hey! Wait!" She yelled, offended, "Stop for a second."

She flew in front of me and her hands glowed purple. I found my feet frozen to the ground with the same purple magic, and my hands bound behind my back. She landed close in front of me and casually applied pink lipstick.

"Young man, you should know that if you defy orders, you will be punished."

She smacked her lips and stepped forwards, wrapping her arms around my neck and slithering her soft body against mine.

"And I will be the one to deliver that punishment♥. So please, run as fast as you can, and try to escape. Mmmmmmwah! Mmmmmwah! Mmmmmmwah♥!"

She kissed me, then released me, flying back into the elevator. I angrily wiped the thick kissmarks off of my face and stormed out of the cave. I needed to make more human friends. I walked up and down the green hills outside the cave, the sun beginning the descent from it's noon point. The visiblity was great that afternoon, and I saw the vast desert in the distance, beyond it was an ocean, and beyond that was a thick forest that led to the mountain my supposed sanctuary was. I took a deep breath and continued on. I found a small trading post a mile later, and traded the tuxedo I was given for a new set of clothes. This set was much older, faded, and tattered, just what I needed. A long duster coat, some dirty khaki pants, and an old red shirt. To top it off, a large, dirty hat to pull over my face. I figured if I was on the run from monsters and hunters, they wouldn't look for a harmless bum carrying copious amounts of booze. The trader said he felt bad for giving me shitty clothes for my new suit, but I insisted he was helping me out. He still threw in a large hunting knife and sheathe, insisting I could use it. I thanked him and moved on. As the sun continued to fall in the late afternoon, the grass that lined a dirt road turned to dust and dried up soil. I would probably reach the desert by nightfall, and if I managed to cross it without falling asleep, I would have a huge lead on Darcy and the lizardgirls. Darcy would without a doubt find the memories of me seeing the mysterious woman who was beckoning me, and give chase the next day. But right now, she was probably still dead drunk, and asleep. A voice in my head told me this was stupid, and I would definitely end up back in the tower, a slave to the redhead who had become infatuated with me. I shut out those thoughts, and carried on. I took the opportunity to rub dirt into my facial hair, giving it a duller color, and making me look the "hobo" part better. I took a swig of vodka every now and then, a bad habit, but it always made traveling less dull. I enjoyed the occassional breeze and the soft dirt under my feet. I felt like a free man again. The whole world waiting to be explored and people needing help. The adventure, the romance, the fighting, all that stuff gave me the rush that drove me. But despite my newfound freedom, I found myself thinking of Aurora. I thought of her beautiful green eyes, the smell of her sweet perfume, and her beautiful voice. Maybe it was the booze, but I wondered how she was and if she missed me. As the sun continued to descend, the sky turning a lighter color to the west while the east grew darker. I began to see a junkyard in the distance, next to a ghost town that had all but collasped. The sky was now darker, the only light being the twilight from the west, and from a strange glow in the junkyard. I heard distant laughing, and conversation. I crept around a pile of rusted metal and saw a circle of five hobos around a cauldron over a fire, each in tattered clothes and aged several decades past me. I stepped over to the circle, and the conversation ceased. The biggest one immedietly stood up with a metal pipe.

"Stop right there stranger! What do you want?"

I rose my hands defensively, "No trouble, just passing through, and thought I could offer you fine men a drink."

His expression lightened up through his unkempt facial hair and he sat back down, as the rest began cheering in approval.

"Why didn't you say so! Pull up a chair, and pass it around! Have some food, or a cigar!"

I pulled up a wooden crate in an available spot and passed around the vodka, and then the absinthe. I was handed a rusty tin can filled with some kind of stew bubbling over the warm fire.

"You can call me Otis." The apparent leader announced, "What's your handle?"

"Leon." I replied simply, as the bottle found it's way back to me, "How long does it take to cross this desert?"

Otis laughed, "Oh son. You wouldn't make it halfway through without gettin' snatched up by some horny lamia!"

I took a sip of the strong liquid, coughing it up slightly, "What *Cough* do you mean?"

He leaned forward, and explained, "Kid, it's love makin season for them snake women. They'll take anyone and make em' the communal husband."

I recieved a pat on my shoulder from one of the younger men, who explained, "That there's why we settled down here for the next few days. The junkyard, and ghost town are never visited by those girls. They're all out looking through the forest and the human settlements for a man."

Otis laughed, "They know if they look here, they'll only find dirty old men. They'd take you in a heartbeat, but us.....Ha ha! Not so much."

"You best hunker down with us these next few days, we're women proof! Unless they get desperate, of course."

I sighed in disappointment, realizing my trip had been for not. I would first get raped by an entire town of lamias, then the succubi. And possibly Kiara and Leah. I stayed quiet as I drank and ate with older men. Otis soon saw my stressed out expression.

"Hey Pete! Quit hogging the bottle! Pass some to our new friend, he looks like he could use it!"

I accepted the vodka, but explained, "I'd explain, but you wouldn't believe me."

The guy to my left slapped my shoulder, "Aw come on, we won't think you're crazy! Well, any crazier than us!"

When the drunken laughter calmed I stood up, "I'll tell you guys the truth. A succubus is forcing me to work for her, and I can't run away because if I do, she'll infiltrate my dreams and find me. And she's going to know I tried to run, and catch me."

Otis stared at me blankly, "You need to stress a lot less son. You'll live longer. Trust me."

I sat back down, "Yeah, I guess. But I wish there was a way out of this."

Otis laughed again, "Shit......you shoulda told us sooner. My buddy Pete here knows how to brew a special moonshine. When you drink it, a succubus can try but she can't touch your mind!"

I looked at him in shock, "Really! That's the solution!? Moonshine!?"

Pete shook his head, "You're yelling again. You gotta calm down and enjoy life while you're young. Don't stress so much. You can stay with us and we'll set you up with a jug of the stuff."

"You'd do that for me?"

Otis nodded, "One drifter to another. The old helping out the young."

I passed the bottle down, "Well thanks guys!"

We went on like this, until our laughter was broken by a commanding voice that shouted out from behind Otis.

"Everyone freeze! Don't move you tramps!"

My blood ran cold and we turned to see there was a lamia behind each one of us. I was quickly stood up and restrained by powerful coils while my new found friends had knives put to their necks. I turned my head to see a pair of yellow slitted eyes and a wide grin on a dark tanned woman, who was enjoying my helpessness. Her tongue lashed out and licked my neck as she constricted.
The apparent leader of the group entered and announced, "Okay, so we're having trouble finding a husband, so we decided we'll take what we can get. So hold still while we inspect each one of you."

She was in her mid twenties, long yellow tail, yellow eyes, and brown hair in a braid. She was very familiar looking. The lamia looked over each one of us, reaching me last. I lowered my head, hoping my hat would conceal my face, but she was thorough.

"Now you.......you're nice and young. But there's something about you. Who are you?"

I gritted my teeth and lowered my head further, not answering. She grabbed my face and removed my hat, and stared at me in awe.

"You're.....it can't be.....you! It is you! Ha!" She announced happily.

I got a better look at her face and recognized her as the lamia I saved weeks ago, "Cynthia?" I asked.

She nodded, and licked her lips, "Yep, and looks like I'll be gettin' some action with the Jackal tomorrow!"

The hobos all looked at me in shock as I smiled nervously.

Otis' jaw dropped, "You're.....him?"

My friends were let go as I was dragged away by seven lamia, who removed my belongings and led me through the desert to their village. It was now full on night, and I was starting to feel sleepy from all the walking and drinking. I forced myself to stay awake, knowing if I passed out, Darcy would know where I was, and what she would do to me would be small time compared to her redheaded friend. I was dragged to a village where several dozen lamia were cheering, chanting, "Husband! Husband! Husband!" over and over, and Cynthia announced that the mating would begin at dawn. I sulked in my scaly prison, and Cynthia announced, "But first.....he will have a 'private session' with our leader!"

The women cheered, and I was led into the largest stone house, where I was left in a throne room, the door locked behind me.

I looked up, and expected to see an older lamia, but instead, saw a young lamia, probably nineteen. She was lying across a large, fancy bed and had a long white tail, with red swirls around it, and soft red eyes. Her hair was long and very light pink, and she wore shoulder high white gloves, and a short white dress that went from her breasts, to the divide where her human half became snake. She was calmly smoking a long pipe, and took on a rather lewd expression at the sight of me on my knees in front of her.

"Young man." She said softly, beckoning me, "Come and lie down with me♥."

I hesitantly got to my feet. She was certainly the most beautiful lamia I'd ever seen, and she seemed to want to make love consensually, which was a nice change of pace. But sex would make me tired and I remembered Darcy, and what would happen if I succumed, so I stood back.

She placed her pipe down and shook her head sadly, "Leon. My name is Tanya. I have been waiting a long time to meet a young man as handsome as you, so I will not take no for an answer."

She got out of her bed, and slithered over to me, her tail winding around my ankles.

"Have you ever made love with a lamia young man?"

I shook my head, "I've had several close calls, but never outright sex."

She swung her body behind me and ran her hands through my hair, "It's amazing. I promise you. I'll make you feel good, I'll send you to heaven."

Her tail was now around my thighs, but I couldn't find it in me to resist her suddenly. Something about her beauty stopped me. Her eyes, her breasts, or her voice, had brought my resistance to passive. Her arms went around my neck, and she pressed her body against mine, coiling me up further and further, nuzzling my face and whispering in my ear.

"Just give up Leon♥. There's no escape♥. You might as well enjoy yourself."

My heart slammed rapidly against my ribs as she squeezed me, still whispering sweet nothings. I still didn't move, and waited.

She pulled away and licked her lips, "Fine. A kiss then, to break your will♥."

Tanya cocked her head to the side and leaned in, gently pressing her lips against mine as the tip of her tail swayed side to side.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Mmmmmmm♥." Her kiss was like a drug, I knew it was dangerous to give in, but I couldn't find it in me to resist her advances, especially when she had me coiled and the perculiar type of arousal called curiosity took over.

She soon broke the soft kiss, and turned it into a harder one. Her tongue lashed out and entered my mouth forcefully, causing me to gag slightly. Her soft, slippery lips met mine again, and she held me close as she kissed me, again and again.

"You taste like a wild animal." She said, her calm composure now lost, replaced with a raw, lustful expression.

She pulled my face down to her generous cleavage and squeezed my head into her breasts, tightening her coils.

"Do you like a woman's chest? Do you see a woman and think lewd thoughts about her body? I'll let you fufill your fantasy♥."

I let out a submissive groan between her soft mounds, and let my body go limp. That seemed to be exactly what she wanted, because I was soon lifted over to her bed, where I was coiled up tighter, and snuggled for several minutes, before she removed my pants, and lifted her dress. She pressed her breasts against my body as she stared me straight in the eyes, her tail coiling around my crotch and guiding me into her. Her vagina squeezed me, as her coils tightened, causing me to gasp a few times. I lay my head back, trying to regain focus, but she pulled me into another intense kiss, this one longer, as she screwed me senseless.

"It feels soooo good doesn't it♥?" She taunted, "So tight, you can't struggle, and my kisses steal your strength away from you. Just close your eyes and accept your fate♥."

This went on until she orgasmed, her soft opening tightening around my crotch as her coils tightened around my torso. I soon came too, and she got off of me.

"Ordinarily, I'd make you come several more times, but you'll need your strength for tomorrow, young man."

I was dragged away by her guard lamia, who left me in a steel cell. I looked out the barred window longingly, knowing I was a prisoner no matter what I did. I would pass out, and Darcy would learn of my plot, and the miracle moonshine, and ensure I never leave her sight. I was given food and water, but dare not drink it, knowing the lamias had probably drugged it. I'd eat an aphrodisiac and be begging for sex at dawn, like they wanted. I slumped in the corner, and closed my eyes. I was helpess, and The succubi would probably punish me by leaving me here for the lamias for weeks, then taking me back. Weak from travel, booze, and sex I decided I'd need my energy, so I should just fall asleep. But before I was in dreamland, I heard a door open and a lamia cry out in pain, before hitting the floor. I opened my eyes and saw sparks bright as the sun burning the cell door's lock. I closed my eyes, blinded temporarily as fucking thermite burned the lock. I heard the door open, and two pairs of arms grabbed me and got me to my feet, leading me out the door and into a sprint.

I opened my eyes and looked at the rescuer on my right, "Otis!?"

"Shh. Keep running."

I did as he said as we booked it back to the junkyard.

In between pants and gasps I asked, "So.....how did you.....make fucking thermite?"

Otis laughed, "Son, when you've been drifting as long as me, you learn a lot!"

Pete handed me a jug of his moonshine, "Here man, drink this, and take it with ya."

I took a sip of the bitter liquid, nearly throwing up, but I kept it down.

"You should be free of succubi for the next twenty four hours kid."

Pete handed me my stuff, bag and all, and I asked, "Why are you helping me so much?"

Otis put his hands on my shoulder, and stared at me with utter sincerity "Kid, I look at you and see myself at your age. I was a communal husband for lamia myself, and let me tell you, that shit hurts after a while. You get running, I hope you find what you're looking for."

I thanked them again and booked it to the edge of the desert. The trip would take longer, but I no longer had to worry about Darcy. Probably.
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story   Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:33 am

Eight hours after Leon had walked out on his own party, I woke up from a power nap and stretched out my wings, yawning. I left my bedroom to check on Darcy, who was currently being chewed out by her boss. She was sitting on a couch, holding an ice pack to her forehead, while the head succubus stood over her.

"Have you found him yet?"

Darcy shook her head.

Her boss adjusted her glasses, "You do understand that we have a problem, right?"

Darcy sighed, and nodded at her superior.

She crossed her arms, "So...what do you have to say for yourself?"

The lesser succubus shrugged, "I don't know. This has never happened before. Ever since I met Leon he's been easy to infiltrate and subdue."

Darcy reached between her breasts and retreived a small photo of the young man, gazing at it thoughtfully, "He was so submissive, he'd try to resist but eventually become my slave. But now....."

She looked at the floor and soon continued, "He's blocking me out somehow. I don't understand, but none of my girls can find his mental wavelength, even when he's sleeping."

Darcy leaned back, "I know he's not dead. The lamia village west of here saw him running like a madman after he escaped them.

Her boss rubbed her temples, "I knew this would happen. You give him a few days off, and he bolts for it, not only that, but we can't find him. We know he's heading west, but to where? And how far ahead of us is he?"

She put her hand on Darcy's shoulder, "You said he would be obedient, you said he was like an attack dog we could use. But he's more like a.....a..."

I flew forwards and landed next to the couch, "Like a Jackal?" I asked, grinning

The head succubus turned her piercing eyes towards me, glaring. I stepped back, continuing my grin, "Sorry, I couldn't resist."

She rose her hand to beat me, just like last time, but suddenly calmed down. She took a step forwards and put a gloved hand on my cheek.

"Sweet little Monet. You've been a good servant, and I appreciate you.♥"
Her thick tail slithered up my torso as she leaned in and kissed me as I smiled nervously.

"Mmmwah! And you're a very cute little bird♥ that's for sure."

Her tail suddenly coiled around my neck and squeezed tightly, choking me and leaving me breathless. I gasped and choked but knew she would hurt me more if I resisted.

"But you should know...." She commanded, gripping my chin as she strangled me, "When to keep your pretty little lips sealed♥."

She released me and stormed off. I fell to my knees and gasped and panted for air.

"And Darcy....." She said looking back at her hungover subordinate.

"Fix this......now."

Darcy nodded submissively as her boss left the room. I got to my feet and caught my breath.

"What am I going to do Monet?" She asked me.

I clenched my talons in frustration. I sighed calmly and stepped over to Darcy, placing a wing on her shoulder, "We'll figure it out. Don't worry."

She sighed in stress and lay down on the couch. I spread myself on top of her and affectionately wrapped her sexy body in my soft wings. I blushed as our breasts squished comfortably against each other.

"Are you sure he's okay out there? All by himself?" Darcy looked me in the eyes.

I leaned in and kissed her softly, and began to nuzzle her sweetly with my nose "Mmmm♥. Don't worry. I'm sure he's doing fine. He's a tough guy. After all, he's managed for quite a while."

She leaned back further and rubbed the ice pack against her forehead, "But there's so many people after him now. More than ever before. And I can't be there for-"

I cut her off, placing a wing over her mouth, "Shhh....you need to get some rest. When you wake up you'll feel better, then you can worry."

Darcy nodded in agreement and closed her eyes, letting me comfort her.

After several hours, I leaned against a tree on the edge of the thick forest, my brow dripping sweat and my lungs burning like hell. I took a moment to rest as I chugged my canteen of water, the cool liquid refreshing my throat and diluting the strong alcohol in me. I had been running all day. After passing out dead drunk in a harpy's nest, I took a detour and ran around the desert. It was without a doubt, swarming with horny, frustrated, and desperate lamia, so I had to go through the forest that bordered the sandy dunes. I clenched my fists and stood back up, knowing I had to keep going, in case the moonshine failed to keep succubi out of my mind and they were hunting me down. I stepped out of the maze of trees and found myself walking through a cornfield. Crops were slowly dying as fall approached, but some of the more hardy plants hung on and stayed ripe. I pushed past the tall stalks and exited into a small farm, with fence surrounding the gardens of crops and a small house on the top of a hill.

I stepped forwards but was blocked by a shovel, held by an arm that hung above my head. I turned and saw a large minotaur woman, towering over me. She had long brown hair, bright brown eyes, and the largest pair of breasts I'd ever seen, about on level with my head. She had two horns on her head, and wore only a pair of overalls, in extra large size, I'd assume. She gazed at me distrustfully, chewing on a piece of straw.

I put my hands up, "Sorry, wrong turn."

I tried to turn around, but was stopped by a powerful hand that gripped my entire shoulder and upper arm.

"You should know boy.....tresspassin's a crime in these parts."

I shook her off and jumped back, taking a fighting stance.

"I don't have time for a welcoming commitee. Just step aside miss."

She pressed the shovel into the dirt and leaned on the handle, looking at me curiously.

"You have strange attitude young man. No man's ever given me lip like that."

She lifted up her breasts with her arm and let them bounce back down, before grinning as the hefty mounds jiggled. "And I haven't seen a cute boy like you a several years. Maybe you shouldn't stray just yet."

Despite her superior strength and size, I maintined my confidence. "I'm not looking for a fight lady. Unless you want to wake up to sore joints."

She was so not intimidated by me. She gave a hearty laugh, her breasts bouncing. "You got quite a mouth on ya kid. Let's see you talk smack when you're smothered between my twins.♥."

She swung both her strong arms forwards with surprising speed and pulled me into a tight hug, my face pressing deep into her soft mountains while her cow like tail coiled around me.

The minotaur stroked my hair with her large hand, chuckling sensually, "Not so tough now are ya boy♥?"

She tightened her merciless grip as I let out muffled protests, looking up at a dominant grin, which I just noticed contained a heavy layer of lipstick.

"I bet you've never seen boobs this big!" But whats huggin', without a little smoochin?"

She pulled me to her lips and kissed me roughly, as I fell limp in her smothering embrace.

"Hey! Hey! Put him down! He's my friend."

I was dropped to the ground as I realized who the voice belonged to. A figure quickly ran out of the house and down the hill, straight towards us. Becky, a young fawn girl with blue eyes, and soft white wool on her arms, legs and torso. Her blue eyes were beaming as she ran down the hill.

"Hey Leon! Remember me?"

I nodded, "Hi Becky...." I looked up at the surprised minotaur, "You work for this lady here?"

Becky shook her head when she reached me, pulling me into a tight hug.

"No, she works for me Leon. She's my main farm hand."

The minotaur interjected, "Hey! He's tresspassin'! Without his wife! You know the rules! He ain't with a woman he's open game!"

Becky stood up to her and spoke calmly, "Calm down now. He's just a sweet man who saved me from prison."

The short fawn confidently placed her hand on the massive beast's shoulder, "You've done more than enough for me today. Go home and relax."

The minotaur blushed, and sighed, giving me a longing glance of jealousy and desire as she walked off.

"She's very pretty huh?" Becky asked.

I watched her tail sway back and forth as she trudged off, shovel slung over her shoulder.

"She's pretty aggressive," I commented.
Becky took my hand in hers and pulled me back to her place, "Don't worry bout it. She's just been in heat lately."

I looked down at her, "And you?"

Becky defensively shook her head, "Uh.....no. Ha! Im not in heat. Relax Leon!"

I freed my hand and stepped back, "Look, I appreciate the hospitality, but I have places to be."

The fawn girl looked distraught for a second, before she calmly explained, "Uh, sure. That's fine Leon. I won't try to stop you."

She gestured at her house casually, "But....can I at least talk to you for a little bit? Over some tea? Maybe I could give you some supplies."

I thought a breather would be nice. And I was running low on water anyways. I hesitantly followed her up to her simple cabin. The place was small and cozy. A kitchen with a table for two, and a hallway I presume led to her bedroom. She gave me a chair at her table and put a kettle on the stove. She sat down across from me and smiled at me, blushing slightly.

"So where are you headed Leon?"

I put my arm across the back of my chair and looked away, out the window at the soft green hills that awaited me.

"I'd rather not say. There are succubi who probe minds and access information through dreams, and if you find out, they might too."

She shyly backed out of the subject, "Oh.....I-I'm sorry Leon."

I looked back towards her, "It's okay, it's just that they want to use me as a tool or a sex slave, and they're probably sending everyone they can looking for me."

Becky's hands disappeared under the table, "A....sex slave?"

I shrugged, "Pfft, I don't know, something like that. You know, chaining me up in some basement, probably some bdsm with ballgags and stuff. These women are into some freaky shit, I mean...."

I stopped and looked at Becky closely. She was breathing much faster, blushing more, and her hands were probably at her crotch under the table.

"An-and?" She said breathlessly.

I realized she was getting off to the vision of me in a submissive position, and I knew then she was just as horny as every other girl I've encountered.

"Uh....nothing. I'm sure you can imagine."

Becky, in a disappointed way, pulled her hands out from under the table and stood up, "Yes Leon, I can picture it pretty well."

She turned away and turned off the stove. As she opened the cupboards and retrieved the cups, I noticed her rear was a very shapely one. Her fluffy, short tail poked out from her overalls, and beneath it was a very round, and noticeably sexy ass. I found my eyes drawn to it for several moments. I had only seen her in her orange prison uniform, and the baggy orange slacks did her body no justice. Her breasts were pretty average by my standards, especially with all the women I'd seen lately. But in her tight overalls, her butt was something to behold. She looked back at me cautiously and began to pour the tea. As she mixed it, I heard a plop and a hushed swear, followed by another quick look at me. A red flag came up, and the realization that she had dropped a drug into my tea came rushing to my mind. I found myself a little turned on at the thought of being drugged (aphrodisiac or roofie) and having sex with this young farmer, especially since I had seen a very clear few of her ass now. But the part of me that wanted freedom overtook it, and I decided not get fucked this time. She placed a cup in front of me and one next to her, leaning over me and looking at me expectantly.

"Well, have a sip." She insisted.

I reached for the cup farther from me but she quickly picked it up and stepped back.

"Oh! Uh...that's mine Leon. This one's your's."

I rose an eyebrow, feigning ignorance, "Oh, okay. But's what's the difference?"

She looked away quickly, before looking back and awkwardly smiling, "Uh, mine's raspberry and your's is cinnamon."

I placed my arm on the table, and calmly said, "I hate cinnamon. I love raspberry."

Becky paused for quite a while, and soon took my drink and passed me hers, "Uh....well that's fine! You can have mine then. Sure!"

She stepped back with the drink intended for me, "Hey.....I gotta change out of my work clothes, why don't you relax a bit?"

As soon as she left I stood up and poured my drink down her sink, not wanting to take any chances. I examined the tea box she got the bags from and I found out both cups were raspberry. I opened her cupboard and saw a small, purple box. I took it out and looked at it, seeing a label reading, "Extra strength aphrodisiac. One sip and he'll be desperate for you!" Inside were small, white pills, only one out of eight missing. I put everything back where I found it and filled my cup with the moonshine the hobos gave me. I sat back down and slowly sipped it, as Becky returned. She was now wearing a different outifit. This was a synthetic, stretchy outfit that consisted of a tight, low cut grey tube top, exposing her midriff, and a pair of tight, grey, yoga pants.

"Sorry about that Leon." She spoke with a little more confidence, "It's time for my afternoon yoga."

She placed a hand on her hip and thrust her rear out, "Gotta stay in shape you know♥!"
Becky lay out a yoga mat and began doing pushups on it. Her tight, stretchy pants now revealed much more of the intimate details of her rear, which the pants fit around perfectly. The tube top pushed her breasts upwards, making them look much bigger. She finished her warmup, and began stretching her body out in suggestive poses. She made sure that her rear was exposed in my direction constantly, and occassionally, I saw her face me, spreading her legs so I could see the details of her lower lips very clearly. I knew that her plan to drug me had failed, but at this point I felt a growing arousal within me that had nothing to do with alcohol. She held a position until she began to sweat, and turned her blushing face towards mine, breathing heavily.

"Hey Leon. You're more than welcome to join me. We can share the mat. ♥You can touch me anywhere you want♥. ♥♥♥I don't mind♥♥♥."

I took another sip of my drink, "No thanks, I'm tired enough as it is and I need to save my energy, you know?"

She flipped over on her back and stretched, "I understand Leon. Just giving you an invitation."

The amount of arousal and desire within her overcame her shyness, and she was now trying desperately to seduce me. I certainly felt a desire to have sex with her, but part of me wanted to have her fail this yoga based seduction, just to see what she'd try next. Most girls who had violated me either drugged me, or forced me. This girl failed to drug me, and I knew I could easily take her in a fight. Meanwhile, Becky got down on all fours, and let out a moan as she shook her rear at me. I could see almost every detail of her soft ass and her pussy, throbbing with lust.

"Are you sure you don't want to join me......young man?"

I shook my head, "Nah, I'm good."

After about ten minutes of this, she wrapped up her mat and put it in the corner, before sitting back down at the table.

She rose her wool covered arms above her head, "Oh.....that was sooooo nice♥. I mean, I'm sweaty and slick now, but I feel so good♥."

"Good for you," I said distantly.

Becky looked at me in disappointment, and stood back up, "Hey Leon. I would like to show you something."

I focused back on her, and noticed her nipples were now visible through her tight top, "What?"

She gestured towards her room, "Here, head down the hallway, I'll follow."

I felt my heart beat faster as I stood before the pitch black hallway. It was long, and the lights were out, with no windows.

Becky tapped my shoulder, and when I turned, she held out a long piece of cloth. "Wrap this around your eyes Leon. It's a surprise♥"

I nodded and tighted the black bandana around my eyes, before I slowly walked down the hall. Lustful curiousity drove me as she got closer and closer with every step, nervous breathing louder than our footsteps.

"Stop." She commanded, "Hold still Leon♥."

I took a deep breath and held still, I expected a kiss, but instead recieved a harsh blow to the back of my head. I staggered forwards, and tried to take off the blindfold, but I was hit again. I ripped off the blindfold as the blunt object made contact with my skull, this one hurting worse than before. I turned around to see her trembling in fear at my fighting stance, holding a wooden board in her hands. She tried to hit me again but I intercepted the blow and ripped the weapon from her hands, discarding it behind me.

"What the fuck was that!" I yelled. The headache I now felt had killed the mood of arousal for me, and her shy demeanor took over quicker than a corrupt ruler over an unarmed nation.

I rubbed my head in stress, "Well?!"

She broke down, "I'm so sorry Leon! I tried drugging you, then I tried seducing you! But it didn't work! So I tried to knock you out."

I pushed past her and walked towards my bag, "Forget your hospitality! I'll sleep in a ditch or something."

Becky grabbed my arm, "Wait Leon! Please! Don't make me suffer again!"

I freed my arm and turned towards her. She awkwardly clutched her breasts with one hand and her crotch with the other.

"Leon....when you broke me and Cynthia out of prison.....I saw your face. You were the cutest guy I'd ever seen. Every night I fantasize about you, and hope you'll someday show up in my place. Just some tea and some chat, and maybe later.......some sex. That's all I wanted."

Tears flowed as she yelled, "Then suddenly, I'm in heat, and every night is sleepless! The burning desire, the itch, the restlessness, the need for your hot manhood inside me. Making me do things I would usually  never do...The frustration is fucking killing me!!! I FUCKING HATE IT!!! AND IT'S TEARING MY SOUL APART!!!"

She broke down into sobs, and gripped my shoulders tightly, "Please....PLEASE!!! Don't leave me!!!"

I was taken aback. I never had a girl, literally beg me for sex, much less like this. Ususally they didn't even ask. But now, I looked at her sobbing face, so cute, and I couldn't say no.

She looked up at me quickly, the sobs still present but with less noise.

"You're heading west right Leon? There's an ocean about two miles from here you know."

Becky stepped closer, "I know a lady with a cargo ship. She can give you a ride! Seriously, I'll write a letter to her, she won't refuse."

The fawn girl calmed down, and looked at the floor, "I'll do anything Leon.....please just end my pain."

I realized I had to give this girl what she needed. It's really what I do anyways. Helping out the less fortunate was what I lived for. That adrenaline rush I got when I saved the day. But...it didn't have to be with violence.

I placed my hand on her tear soaked chin, "Calm down okay? I'll help you out, and I'll have sex with you. Just tell me how you want to do it."

She grinned at me and wiped her tears, "Thank you Leon. Thank you so much. I won't forget this, and I'll help you escape."

Becky ran back to her mat and rolled it out on the floor, "Sit back down in your seat Leon."

"What? Why?"

She opened a drawer and retrieved some handcuffs, "It's my fantasy. I want you to see me doing yoga and join me. Then, I smother you in my sweat soaked lady parts as you struggle in handcuffs. Then later I mount you and-"

I rose my hand, suddenly in bewilderment at what I was hearing, "Okay okay okay! You run the show! Just tell me what I need to do."

She gazed at me lewdly and grinned, "Just accept my yoga invitation Leon♥."

She lie back on her yoga mat and stretched out long ways winking at me "You can join me if you want Leon♥."

I sighed, and took another swig of my moonshine, knowing if I passed out after this I'd need to stay hidden.

"I'd love to join you Becky." I said, roleplaying at this point. "What do I need to do?"

She grinned and stood up, I saw a darkening spot at her crotch, already she was soaking.

"Just....lie down on the mat Leon♥. I'll show you♥."

I did as I was told and lie down on her plushy, slightly damp mat. She stood over me, giving me a very clear look of her pussy as she playfully grabbed my wrists.

"First....put your hands behind your back Leon."

She moved my hands underneathe me, and tightly handcuffed my wrists together.

"What was that for?" I asked, pretending not to know.

"Oh sorry Leon. But this exercise doesn't involve your arms. I thought you wouldn't need them so I thought I restrain you."

She pretended to slip on the mat and landed on my face. I felt her pussy cover my mouth and nose, forcing me to breathe in her strong, wet scent as her perfect rear grinded against my body.

"Mmmph?" I questioned.

"Sorry Leon," She said, grinding her soft flesh against my face, "I can't seem to stand up right now, the mat's too slippery."

She gripped her breast and tweeked her nipples, "Just lie still and try to endure it. If you suffocate, I'll get off of you."

I let out a muffled cry of protest, and she grabbed my hair, pulling roughly.

"Shh Leon. Talking is banned until I cum♥. So lie there and enjoy it♥."

I struggled playfully, knowing she'd enjoy it as she continued to rub her soaking vagina in my face.

"Ah♥! Ah♥! Ah♥! Oh fuck yes Leon! Now feel my cum drench your face!"

I felt her hot, pungent juices soak quickly through her pants and onto my face, most dripping into my mouth. I lay still as she got off of me, and I began gasping and panting for breath.

"I thought that in yoga.....(cough).....breathing was important."

Becky lie down on top of me, leaning inches from my face as she licked her lips. "Only for the woman. The man must lie still and enjoy himself."

She aggressively glued her mouth to mine as copious amounts of saliva flowed into my mouth.

"Mmmmmm.......Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." She moaned loudly, her tongue moving quickly and sloppily. She ended the kiss loudly, and pulled away, breaking a long line of saliva between our mouths

She removed my pants and wasted no time in mounting me, cowgirl style, which I thought was appropriate for a girl like her.

"Now to return the favor♥."

She rode me up and down as I still tried to recover from her ass and genitals covering my face. I gave her a look of pleading as she shook her hips with pleasure, laughing at my helpless state. I felt my body heating up to higher and higher levels, and the wonderful burning in my crotch refused to leave. I shook erractily, as I came inside her tight pussy, while she moaned in arousal, and I finished my orgasm, as she came shortly after. She lie on me for several seconds, breathing heavily, until my manhood softened within her, and she fell off me, lying on the cold, wooden floor.

"The key....is on the table." She said breathlessly.

I got to my feet and retrieved the key, freeing my hands.

I pulled my pants up and stood over her, "Are you feeling better Becky?"

Becky's breasts heaved up and down as she breathed, "Leon.....you're a...wonderful man. Don't ever forget that. And never, stop believing in yourself♥."

I gathered my belongings, and took about a day's worth of food from her cupboard. She got to her feet, and smiled at me happily.

"Good luck Leon. The captain will help you when she sees my signature. Just keep going west to the harbor."

I nodded, and Becky filled my canteen and gave me a written letter before sending me on my way.

"I love you Leon! Goodbye!"

I waved back as I left thinking, "Damn. If some introverted, shy girl is that desperate in heat, then what are those lamias doing right now?"
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PostSubject: Re: The Jackal: a monster girl story   Sat Nov 12, 2016 3:03 am

I awoke at my usual hour, in Darcy's room. She wasn't sleeping next to me, but the sheets were still warm, meaning she had left moments earlier. I stretched out my wings and climbed out of bed, walking out to the hall in my nightgown. Darcy was normally a strong minded, confident woman, but since Leon disappeared she grew anxious, and wanted me to sleep every night with her to provide her with comfort. And I thought she was rather sexy. I found her in her office, drinking coffee and reading reports from her scouts. I grew rather attached to her, having no man of my own. She was wearing a white blouse, a red skirt, and her thin reading glasses. When she set her mug down, I quietly snuck up behind her and leapt onto her back, encircling her with my legs and wings.

"Good morning!" I sang, playfully kissing her cheek.

She struggled and soon pried me off, "Damn it Monet! I told you to stop that! I'm busy right now!"

I smirked, "Any new intel on our boy?"

Darcy shrugged, "I still can't seem to find his mental signature, but Kiara and Leah found his trail, near the desert. They found footprints reeking of his masculine scent. He's going west through a forest that empties out into the countryside, near a small farm."

"Where's he heading?" I asked,

She showed me a map of the area with a red line heading west, "I think he's trying to cross the ocean, there's a port near the farm at the edge of the forest."

I nodded, "But has he made it through the forest yet?"

Darcy removed her glasses and sat down, crossing her legs, "I don't know. I sent Sheena to the farm to try and cut him off. Hopefully, we can corner him before someone else does."

I looked back at the map, "Someone else?"

The succubus I worked for sighed depressively, "The lamia tribe caught his scent. They're pissed he escaped their village."

"Oh goodness. Desperate lamia are hard to stop."

Darcy retreived a set of photos from her desk, "It gets worse. Look at these."

I looked down at several photos showing a path of destroyed forest. Trees uprooted and split in half, senseless destruction all in all. In one image, Leah stood in the background, smiling and posing. I presumed Kiara took these.

"What else is chasing him!?"

Darcy stood up and looked at the floor quizzically. "I don't know. Kiara and Leah can't get a visual, and none of my underling succubi can identify it's mental wavelength. It's not a hunter, they wouldn't leave a trail like this. It can't be the aggressive Lamia. And it's no monster girl. At least not one I've ever seen."

She looked back up at me, "Monet, I'm sending you out as well. Fly above the forest and see if you can identify whatever this thing is that's following Leon's trail."

I nodded, "And if I find Leon?"

She stepped closer, "Knock him out, drug him, seduce him, or restrain and capture him. I need him alive for our plan to work and I need as many people out there looking for him as possible. Every hour he gets farther away."

I blushed, and puffed out my chest proudly, "I do like the thought of seducing him."

Darcy held out her index finger, wagging it "Don't get cocky here Monet."

I turned and opened the door to leave, "Poor choice of words Darcy. I'd love to get 'cocky' with that man."


I heaved and retched as I felt my insides clench. Whatever that booze was, it sure as hell gave made me sick. I declined to rest at Becky's house, because I had the suspicion that she'd have that minotaur come over and dominate me when I was sleeping. I told myself to be careful out here, as the monster girls here were rough on men. From the minotaur's description: if a man wasn't accompanied by his wife he was up for grabs, to any girl who caught him. I loaded my gun with a fresh batch of darts, and prepared myself for the worst. I walked along a dirt road, half a mile from the supposed port that Becky mentioned. If I could just get past the ocean, I'd be safe. I found myself spacing out however, and closing my eyes for several periods of time. I shook my head quickly, and observed the sun, heading down towards the west. I looked back towards the east, and saw dark clouds. Made darker by the setting sun. The contrast was apparent. The west had a bright future, the east had a dark past. I was never truly sure of who I was and what I was meant for, but maybe the mysterious woman claiming to be my wife knew. A small inn came into view over the next hill. I felt relief and safety flood to my mind, but remembered that monsters here didn't take no for an answer. I cautiously readied myself and pushed open the door, looking around carefully. One thing that brought me a sense of calmness was that the bottom floor of the inn was a bar, and the only souls here were a lizard girl passed out at her booth with a full pint of beer, and a lamia bartender. I approached the bar slowly, hand ready to draw my gun. Before I could get a look at her, the sound of glass shattering on the floor made me leap out of my skin.

"Holy shit." The bartender said, in total shock.

I drew my gun and stepped back, "Hey, I just want an inn for the night."

"Leon....." She said quietly.

I looked her over. The slitted green eyes and the red hair. It was Isabele, whom I met when I rescued the dryads. Her hair was much shorter than last we met. She wore a halter top, and a short skirt, and a brown baseball cap.

I lowered my gun, "You? Isabele?"

She slithered out from behind the bar and embraced me tightly, "Oh Leon! I missed you so much!"
I flinched slightly from her hug, but hugged her back and tenderly kissed her forehead.

The lamia let me go, and I explained, "Sorry. The short hair threw me off."

Isabele removed her cap, and grinned widely, "That's fine. I'm just glad you're alive!"

I shrugged, "It hasn't been easy, and a lot has changed in a short time."

She nodded, "Yeah, I know what you mean. Turns out I didn't like being back with my old tribe, so I
moved here, and I love it a lot more."

I smiled at her, "I'm glad you're happy."

The end of her tail lifted itself towards her torso, and she clutched it nervously, "So.......what can I do to help you?"

I sighed, "I need a room for the night. I'm leaving before dawn, so I need a good night's sleep."

"Crossing the ocean?" She correctly guessed.

I nodded, "Yeah, I got a ticket to a boat leaving at sunrise tomorrow, and I'm too tired to press on for now."

She slithered back behind the bar, "Anything for The Jackal. But I have a request."

I sat down at a stool as she poured me a drink, "Well.....I'm sorta....in heat, and I would appreciate some male company for the night."

Isabele slid me the drink, and explained, "Plus, we're all booked for tonight, so the only place I can offer is....my room♥."

I sighed as I took the drink from the hopeful Lamia. I was exhausted, but if it earned me some rest before the hard trip tomorrow, I'd take it.

I took a sip of the whiskey she poured me "I guess I have no choice."

She sighed softly. "Leon.....to be honest with you. I've been a hermit for most of my life. I'm kinda used to mating season without a man now."

She began closing the bar for the night, putting bottles away.

"But I want to make love with you. I don't want to force it. I genuinely just want to be with you."

I froze and pondered my options. She slithered out from the bar and placed a hand on my thigh, looking at me hopefully.

"Fine." I said, "At least you asked nicely."

She grinned happily and slithered over to the drunk lizard girl. With surprising strength she carried her to a vacant inn room, then locked the doors for the night.

"So Leon." She inquired, "You need a drink, or food before we retire for the night."

I shook my head, "I think I'm good for now."

She beckoned me to a staircase leading to the rooms on the higher floors. I thought about her question. If I needed anything besides a place to rest, now was the time to ask.

"Hey Isabele." She turned towards me, "Do you have a shower up there?"

She nodded, "I have a bathtub. Big enough to fit a lamia."

I returned her nod, and removed my shirt as I entered her room.

I walked into the bathroom and closed the door. I started the tap with hot water before taking off my belt and holster. I was about to remove my pants, when I heard the door open.

I saw Isabele nervously smiling at me, "Hey Leon......is the.....bath suitable enough for you?"

I took a second glance at the tub, which was big enough for seven normal humans. I could see her motive. She was gazing down at my torso, almost drooling. I guess I had already consented to sex with her, why not in a bathtub?

"Yeah it's big enough," I confirmed, "I'll be quick, don't worry."

She chuckled nervously, twirling her short hair in her finger, "Well, this is weird to ask, but.....can I bathe with you?"

I nodded, unzipping my pants, "Yeah, let's do this."

The young lamia grinned widely, showing all of her sharp teeth, before stripping herself. I climbed the porcelin steps to the tub, and stepped in. The water was uncomfortably hot, of course, but my body soon adjusted and I slipped in to the hot water easily. Isabele got into the tub much easier, slithering her long, red tail into it. She leaned against the side of the tub, as her scaly lower half coiled comfortably at the bottom, brushing against my leg. She closed her eyes and sighed loudly, her decent sized breasts heaving, just barely breaking the water level.

"This is just perfect, huh Leon?"

I nodded, and leaned my head and shoulders back onto the cold porcelin rim of the almost full tub. I heard the ripping of plastic and became startled. I saw Isabele opening a bag of herbs, and pouring them into the water.

"What are those for?" I asked.

She placed the empty bag on the rim as the leaves dispersed, "It's an herbal soak. It cures ailments and relieves stress. Just relax."

I nodded, and dipped my head into the hot water. My hair became thoroughly soaked, and I felt like a normal human again. I felt cleansed and relaxed, and most importantly, safe.

Isabele moved closer to me, "Here Leon. Let me wash your hair♥."

I leaned back and rested my head on her chest. Her tail coiled around me snugly and securly as she took a handfull of soap and began to massage my hair. I felt tingles rack my spine as her slender, soft fingers combed through my thick hair. I closed my eyes and let her clean me.

She leaned down to my ear and whispered, "Time to rinse. Hold your breath♥."  
I took a deep breath as she dragged me underwater, submerging us both. She breifly tusseled my hair, but soon wrapped her arms around my neck and rolled me over. The lamia's tail tightened as her lips met mine. I returned her kiss, but was soon overpowered by her tongue, which invaded swiftly, and dominated mine, in a way only a lamia's tongue could.

Isabele stroked me and grinded her body against me, despite the water resistance, and soon broke the kiss, before dragging me to the surface. My head broke the surface into surprisingly cold air, as we both recovered our breath.

"How....was that♥?" She asked, nuzzling my neck sweetly.

I caught my breath, and replied, "Wet."

She grinned and kissed me again. I wanted to feel her feminine body, but she restrained me in her coils, and refused.

"You want to feel me♥?" She asked, grinning, "Here, feel my breasts♥."

She pulled my face down back into the water, and hugged me against her breasts, squeezing me tightly. She held me there lovingly while stroking my hair and shaking her torso, rolling my face left and right. Isabele let me go before I suffocated, and when I recovered my breath, she smiled, "I've always wanted to bathe with a man. It's...really sexy."

I replied jokingly, "I'm just happy to take a bath."

She grinned, and we shared another passionate kiss. She used her tail to pull my now hard member inside her, and she began pushing me back and forth, in a piston like motion. I soon felt the verge of climax take over, and began to thrust into her. I freed my hands from her now loose coils, and grabbed her firm breasts, rubbing them intensely. She let out a loud cry, and froze for a moment, but we quickly resumed our love making. We both orgasmed at the same time, moaning loudly, and she relaxed her grip completely as we held each other in the afterglow.

"Wow Leon." She sighed, "If only you could be mine forever♥."

I kissed her forehead as we got out of the tub. I dried off quickly, and helped her dry her long tail and her human torso. It took around five towels. I took a long swig of the anti succubus moonshine, and put my pants back on. We both retired to bed, the outside now covered by the dark of night. The lamia and I got under the covers and snuggled each other as sleep gradually stole us both.


"Wake up! Leon wake up! Now!"

I awoke with a start, and looked around, remembering the previous night. It was still night out, but I saw an orange glow out the window.

"Isabele....what's going on?"

She was out of bed, looking out the window fearfully, before shutting the blinds, "Leon. The desert lamia tribe.....they found you. You have to get your things, and run."

I leapt out of bed and put on my belt and holster. I threw on my shirt and backpack, before tearing open the bedroom door.

"Leon wait!" Isabele yelled.

I turned towards her, and she explained, "Dart me Leon."

I stepped back, "What? Why?"

She slithered forwards, "I may have left the tribe, but I'm still bound by their laws. If they find out I was harboring you....They'll exile me. Again."

The lamia pointed at my gun, "I'll tell them you overpowered me, knocked me out. We'll both get away with this."

She was right. I pointed my pistol at her and aimed for her neck. She cocked her head to the side, giving me plenty of skin to shoot.

"Thank you Isabele," I said, squeezing the trigger.

She staggered back when the dart hit her neck and leaned on the bed. With her last ounce of strength, she gazed at me lovingly and mouthed the words, "I love you."

I ran out of the inn at breakneck speed. I was so close to the town, and dawn was almost here. I could hide on the ship and leave this lousy continent behind. I dashed down the road, breifly looking behind me. Sure enough, a mob of lamia, carrying rope and torches were not far behind. I was faster than them for sure, but they were driven by raw lust. The early morning was colder than usual, due to fall approaching. I ran faster, my pumping blood and adrenaline keeping me warm.

The distant chanting of the lamia tribe faded as the glow disappeared from view. I soon saw a small fishing village, with a decent sized market. To my relief, the streets were mostly empty, shops and kiosks had been abandoned for the night. I saw the few lights of dawn to the east, an orange glow, much like the mob that wanted me for personal use. I strapped on my mask and walked through the town, now out of breath from all the running. Few buildings had lights on a this hour, and the harbor was basically vacant, save for one boat.I dashed down the docks as I saw citizens of the town begin to exit their homes, the first light of dawn now illuminated the sky. I looked down the dock where the boat was just starting to shove off. Standing at the end were Kiara and Leah, grinning and holding handcuffs. I turned around and saw the mob of lamia approaching from behind me, as the two lizard girls started towards me. I ran into a crowded dockside inn and muscled my way through a crowd, shoulder first. Every monster there was too surprised to stop me. On my way up the stairs, I saw a large banner hanging from the walls, wishing the ship a safe voyage. I swiped it down from the wall and climbed a ladder to the roof. I stood on one end of the building and readied myself. Just as Kiara poked her head out of the hatch leading to the roof, I dashed down to the end and leapt off, holding the corners of the banner like a parachute. I caught an updraft the ship was using to travel, and I soared higher. As I flew closer to the departing ship, I looked back. A mob of angry lamia were yelling at the edge of the docks, angry at their loss. Kiara threw her gun on the ground and frustration and flipped me off. She began to remove her shirt and equipment, ready to dive and swim after me. Leah held her back. I knew the girls wouldn't try it, and neither would the lamia, on account of their cold blood, and the water being cold on an early morning. I used my legs to maneuver myself over the ship, and grabbed onto the crow's nest. I looked back again at the continent, and the life I was leaving, knowing if I was ever caught in that area again, Darcy and her boss would probably outright kill me. I sat down in the crow's nest, relieved, and looked west. I was finally almost free.

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The Jackal: a monster girl story
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