A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Character bio - Brunhilde

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PostSubject: Character bio - Brunhilde   Tue Jul 28, 2015 10:47 pm

I thought of a character I would like to use vs a midara in an rp or story a while back. The following is the result. While I may or may not use all the moves I put here in the future I'll list them regardless. Also if I feel like expanding the bio or writing a short story, I will do so here. Thanks for reading if you do and feel free to comment on something you like or dislike, I'm always open to criticism. I'm something of an inspiring writer in my head so its time to start putting ideas to paper or the digital equivalent.

A young woman born to a military aristocratic family. She was top in her classes at the academy and graduated at age 16. Brunhilde served honorably in her regiment for 4 years before she was given her own command. Mature for her age, but lacking experience her superiors sent her to scout and document the midara. While she was under no obligation to battle them, she decided it prudent to do so to better understand their abilities. Officially, the military stopped the recon because the scouting parties proved too unreliable for various reasons.

Standing near 6' tall Brunhilde in uniform could easily be mistaken, at glance, for a man. Wearing the silver and blue overcoat dragoon uniform and hat she was a sight to behold! At roughly 170lbs, she was only slighter thinner than her male counterparts. Contrasting with her uniform, Brunhilde's ruby red hair was kept in a ponytail tucked into her spiked helm. She had dark blue eyes and a wore a cute scowl on her face. Her complexion was of a slightly tanned white and build of a modest woman. Yet she had wonderfully muscled and curvy legs probably from plenty of horseback riding.

Hard on others yet harder on herself. Tsundere generally speaking, but yet respectful of friend and foe.

Mauser 98K rifle: 5 shot capacity. Takes 1 turn to reload.
Body shot - 3 damage.
Head shot - 5 damage + paralysis. Cannot be used consecutively.
Suppression fire - shoots the rifle quickly, but inaccurately until it runs dry. Must have >1 ammo in magazine. Target must abandon it's next attack and hunker down for that turn or roll die for each shot (3 damage) .

Mauser C96 pistol: 10 shot capacity. Takes 1 turn to reload.
Double tap - 1 damage x 2 die rolls.
Head shot - 3 damage + paralysis. Cannot be used consecutively.
Rapid fire - Shoots pistol rapidly five times. Roll 5 die. Cannot be used consecutively.

Cavalry saber:
Parry stance - nullifies next physical attack, no effect on ranged attacks. Active until opponent hits.
Feint attack - lunges at target frontally, then right before impact cancels attack. 0 damage but leaves opponent vulnerable to follow up pistol or saber attack.
Slash and dash - deals 2 damage.
All or nothing - charges with abandon and deals 4 damage. If attack fails, enemy gets an attack of opportunity.
Pirouette - fanciful sword play, deals 3 damage, can't be used consecutively.
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Character bio - Brunhilde
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