A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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PostSubject: Avarice   Fri Aug 07, 2015 9:02 pm

Brief description: Avarice is a demoness who embodies the sin of greed. She takes the form of a mature woman dressed as a haram concubine. Avarice's goal is the acquisition of wealth and influence. Therefore, she will attack any perceived rivals in her ventures to either subdue or eliminate competition. Having operated for many years with impunity she already has a following including her lesser demon sisters - Gula and Invidia.

Physical attributes: Avarice has taken a very graceful and yet imposing form. Standing 6' 2" tall she easily towers over most women and many men. Her dark purple hair and lilac eyes give Avarice an other worldly and exotic appearance, while her apparent age actually enhances her beauty. Only the beginnings of wrinkles and age lines are present on her light brown skinned face, which is hidden by a veil. Avarice's golden colored dress leaves little to the imagination; her shoulders are nearly naked with only the thinnest of straps securing on the dress, clearly she isn't wearing a bra either as her large and only sagging to their weight DD breasts can attest, a bare midriff shows off her flat and toned belly while the cloth of the dress only reaches halfway down her thighs and even then that only covers the front and back of her lower body. One can see Avarice's black laced panties covering her round butt very easily if they try. However, until Avarice is ready to seduce someone all of this is concealed by a midnight black cashmere coverall.  In addition, her entire body is adorned with various jewelry; fine obsidian bracers on her wrists, rings on each of her manicured fingers with valuable stones, emerald studded earrings and a sapphire and diamond encrusted white golden necklace. Each piece of jewelry she wears signifies a worthy conquest she has made.

Personality: Avarice is the mother of ambition. She is very cunning and clever and would make an excellent CEO. She is even a touch arrogant as she has vassalized her sisters which is very uncommon as demons normally keep humans as thralls.

Gula - a gluttonous demoness who like to smother her opponents in affection. While a bit portly, her womanly features still catch the glances of many men with her curly platinum blonde hair and green eyes and cream colored skin. She has round lips covered in emerald lipstick that matches her eyes. Gula wears a white dress similar to Avarice albeit more modest without the midriff and shorn skirt.

Invidia - an envious demoness longing for her independence again, she works vigorously to match her sister Avarice in ability. While short and skinny compared to her elder sister, she is no doubt a beauty with her jet black hair and dark yellowish eyes and Asian features. Curvy for a small framed woman, Invidia wears a light brown tank top that only goes down to her belly button with a skirt that only goes halfway down to her knees. When she bends over her tight pink thong is visible.

Minion master - Avarice has a chance (roll) to take over other people's minions. They will revert to their original master's control after the battle.

Sisters - unless Avarice is fighting more than 1 opponent she and her sisters only take 1 action per turn. Avarice does not attack opponents until her sisters are knocked out, except for her ultimate attack. Upon reaching 66% health Gula is K.O.'d, at 33% health, Invidia is K.O.'d. When sisters are knocked out they cannot participate in the rest of the battle.

(Gula) "Have some sugar" - plants several kisses on her opponent for 1 willpower(wp) damage + charm.

(Gula) "Nobody likes a tease" - roll die, even = pulls down her opponent on top of her and has them thrust between her legs for 2 wp damage. Attack continues and escalates unless opponent lands a hit. Odd = she struggles to pull down her opponent and fails but the close contact leaves them wanting more inflicting charm status.

(Invidia) "Like what you see?" - strikes many a pose in a captivating dance. Deals 1 wp damage and paralysis as the opponent is dazed from her beauty.

(Invidia) "Want it? Take it!!" - approaches her opponent and gives them a long french kiss dealing 1wp damage for 1 turn. On second turn, she turns around and grinds her solid ass on her opponent for 2wp damage per turn and inflicting bind status if the follow up attack hits.

(Invidia) "Submit" - facesits on her foe for 2 turns for 2wp damage. In between turns she tries to convince her opponent of the futility of their struggle. On turn 3, move turns into a bind attack if Invidia is still on her foe. Invidia removes her thong and presses herself deeply onto her opponent's face while playing with them for 3wp damage per turn.

(Avarice) "Behold my beauty!" - throws off her coverall for 1wp damage, charm and paralysis. Her radiant beauty and opulence leaves anyone stunned and desiring her when revealed.  Can only be used once.

(Avarice) "Grasp the situation yet?" - grabs the opponent's groin and starts to message for 1wp damage. Triggers bind and subsequent attacks do 2wp damage.

(Avarice) "Bust of luxury" - sandwiches her breasts on the lucky target's groin or elsewhere for 2wp damage. Triggers bind and subsequent attacks do 3wp as Avarice loses her top and really gets to work on them.

(Combo) "Ascend to Heaven" - requires Gula and/or Invidia. The trio's ultimate attack! The sisters bind the opponent while Avarice has her way with them.  Inflicts 5wp damage + plus charm or paralysis depending on who teams up with Avarice.

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PostSubject: Re: Avarice   Fri Aug 14, 2015 9:33 am

EDITS: Avarice is no longer in progress, so feel free to tell me what you like or don't care for.
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