A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Hitch Witch

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PostSubject: Hitch Witch   Sat Aug 08, 2015 7:10 am

Description: A mocha maniac that loves marriage so much she really puts the poly in polygamous. Dressed in an innocent white-and-pink outfit and twintails, she patrols various locales with an escort of previous victims, looking for her next beau: http://www.karlaspice.com/hosted/showing_goods/images/KarlaSpice05.jpg
Background: The hitch witch is one of the more dangerous midara. Whenever she appears she warps the locale to suit her needs, leading to an elaborate ritual of seduction. First, she makes her target fight her previous suitors to determine his worthiness, before giving him an enchanting kiss as a reward. She walks the dazed adventurer towards her pad, warping space and time so he has a hard time finding his way out of the midara's domain. Once locked inside, she sits down for a dinner date with him, enquiring after his mission and deepest desires. Satisfied that she has a grip on her target, she fetches a ring hanging from a scandalous piercing and proposes to him, before engaging in another mindbreaking make-out session. This is only the start of her antics, however.

Stamina: 8/Willpower: 10(can be scaled to DM's wishes)

Envious Escort-Once the witch has discovered her target, she will call out to him. No matter what the reaction of the target is, a couple of goons will walk up to him and ask why he's eyeballing the lady. The interaction eventually escalates into a fight naturally as the goons are out for blood. Luckily, they have spent who knows how much time having sleepless nights pining for their mistress, and are thus pathetically weak. The goons have 1 to 3 Stamina and are in groups of 2 or 3. The combined Stamina pool of the bunch is never higher than 6. If the adventurer is defeated by the goons, the witch sighs in disappointment and moves on. This is a blessing in disguise.
Rapturous Reward-If the adventurer succeeds in winning the scuffle, the witch will clap for his performance and walk up to the exhausted adventurer. She will put her arms around him and tell him he was utterly impressive before giving him a full-tongue victory smooch. The kiss restores 2 Stamina per round and saps 1 Willpower and induces 1 round of Dazed(rolls fail if they are under 50) per succes, and lasts up to a maximum of 3 rounds.
Wistful Walk-After the kiss, the witch invites her target back home to get to know each other better over dinner while she walks him by his arm. The journey to her home lasts 3 rounds, but the area the pair moves through warps and twists undetectably to make escape difficult. If the adventurer runs, he will have to succeed two rolls if he wants to get away from the witch's domain. Upon a double failure, the adventurer actually moves closer to her sanctuary.
Dreamy Date-Once they reach the witch's home, a candlelight dinner is already waiting for the pair. The witch bars the door, so escape is extraordinarily difficult. What other venues of escape there are is left up to the DM. The dinner lasts for 4 rounds, during which the witch inquires after the adventurer's wishes and weaknesses. The witch will weaken her target by eating seductively, playing footsie and so forth, doing Willpower damage while interrogating her opponent. The witch can gain 3 pieces of knowledge which will give her bonuses in the follow-up encounters: Kinks, which will make her augment her attacks to do 1 more Willpower damage for each Kink engaged in, Tactics, which will make the witch have an extra succes roll on her attacks per manouevre used, and Wishes, which will make the adventurer hesitant and need an extra succes roll when doing Stamina damage to the witch whenever she verbally manipulates him with each wish. The adventurer can also fib, which will give him an advantage-for each fibbed Kink, the attack does 0 Willpower damage, for each lied Tactic the adventurer gains an extra succes die for attacking the Witch, and for each made-up wish the adventurer does 1 extra Stamina damage on a succesful attack. There can never be more than 3 of each in play at the same time, no matter true or false(so the Witch can inquire after Kinks, gain 1 true one and 2 lies and will then have to ask after something else, etcetera).
Enamoured Engagement-After dinner, whether it is interrupted or not, the witch will decide the adventurer should be her new husband and propose. She pulls up her skirt and pulls her thong to the side, an action which causes 2 Willpower damage to the adventurer without fail, moving a ring locked in a scandalous piercing above her clit and telling the adventurer they're now lovers while trying to slide it around his finger, all while playing tonsil hockey with him, sucking on his lip, lapping at his tongue, the full works, doing 1 Willpower damage and 1 round of Dazed per turn until the adventurer collapses from the sensations.

The adventurer recovers half of his Willpower after resting, and dice rolls determine if he wakes early. For each round he wakes early, he has free reign to escape, but for each round he rests, he gains 2 more Willpower(not above max). This goes for 2 rounds. When he wakes up, he does so in a guest bed inside the midara's house and without his items/weapons. He can either escape or try to search for his items. However, the dimensions of the house obey their mistress, and after 2 rounds of searching(on top of the two possible of waking up early), the adventurer must make double dice rolls to avoid stumbling upon his bachelor party. Upon two failures, he instantly bumps into a room decorated in lounge furniture, filled with balloons, presents, the witch and two other midara of the author's choice. If the midara has knowledge of Kinks, she can spend those facts to specifically have midara related to those. The midara now wears an even skimpier white-blue outfit, along with an adorable ribbon: http://tools.karlaspice.com/hosted/playful_doll/images/KarlaSpice01.jpg
The witch wishes her target a happy bachelor's party, and says she thoughtfully will let him get a last taste of other women before he becomes hers forever. She says the bunch of them will open up the presents first and then engage in some party games to help loosen the mood. Without weapons, the adventurer will be unable to do Stamina damage to the midara.

Possessiveness:- Three midara against one is a bit much, so the witch has given the others some strict rules with regards to the proceedings. It's still her victim, after all. Only one midara can take an action per round, and the others can never individually do more than 1 Willpower damage higher than the witch over the whole of the encounter. The adventurer can game this to try to get the midara to bicker with each other, which will waste their rounds, as whenever the rule is broken the witch must succeed a dice role to not waste a round snapping at the rulebreaker, doing 1 Stamina damage. The next round the other midara must first make a dice roll to not hit her back, but the third midara can still engage the adventurer in carnal matters.
Present Time- When opening the presents, there are 3 rounds of gift-picking. If the adventurer decides to unpack a gift, he has to make 2 rolls. If both rolls succeed, the adventurer will receive his weapon back if he doesn't have it back already on the first round, his items on the second round if he doesn't have them back already, and a new beneficial item on the third round(if he has all his stuff back at the start of the encounter, he will receive just beneficial items). If one roll succeeds and the other fails, it is a saucy gift like whipped cream, a facemask, handcuffs, scandalous lingerie, or some other item the midara may use to attempt a Willpower attack. On a double failure, the gift explodes in a cloud of feromones, doing 1 automatic Willpower damage and making the adventurer Dazed. If the adventurer decide to forego gift-picking, such as by trying to run or attacking the midara, they get angry and try to make him submit, getting an attack each individually. It is thus wise to play along.
Spin The Bottle- After 3 rounds of presents, the midara will decide to play spin the bottle for 4 rounds. The same rules of Possessiveness apply here. If the witch kissed someone, the Dazed effect will go into effect. The other midara may include special effects of their kisses during this game. At the start of each round, a roll is made, first by the adventurer, then by the first extra midara, then by the witch, then by the second extra midara. If it is between 0-25, the adventurer is the target, 26-50 the first extra midara, 51-75 the witch, 76-100 the second extra midara. The spinner kisses the target, and both must make a roll who will dominate and thus make the other receive Willpower damage. If two midara kiss, the adventurer must make a dice roll to check if he takes Willpower damage from being turned on. After 4 rounds, the midara move on to Truth, Dare or Drink. If the adventurer decide to forego the game, such as by trying to run or attacking the midara, they get angry and try to make him submit, getting an attack each individually. It is thus wise to play along.
Truth, Dare or Drink-Truth, Dare or Drink will once again consist 4 rounds, with the adventurer going first, then the first extra midara, then the witch, then the second extra midara. The witch will crack open her finest vintage wine, and the process begins. The player whose turn it is picks a target and asks Truth or Dare. The target picks, and the player poses a question or a challenge. Dares typically involve making out with a person, and the same dominate mechanic from Spin the Bottle applies, as well as the adventurer having to succeed a roll not to get turned on. If the target declines, he or she must drink and is Addled for the next round(must roll 3 successes to win a move). Here it turns out the midara have been discussing the adventurer exhaustively, and they can use Wish  tokens up during the truth segment to reveal embarassing facts about the adventurer, making him Confused(next Willpower attack automatically succeeds). If the adventurer decide to forego the game, such as by trying to run or attacking the midara, they get angry and try to make him submit, getting an attack each individually. It is thus wise to play along. If at the end of the game the adventurer still has Willpower left, the midara are exhausted and decide to binge wine and go to sleep. This offers an excellent opportunity for the adventurer to escape, or to defeat the midara, who will be able to attack freely but suffer the Addled status for the remainder of the encouter.
Put A Ring On It-If the adventurer succeeds in escaping without defeating the witch, he will be need to get rid of the magically enchanted engagement ring(how to do so is left up to the DM), or else the witch will be able to trace the adventurer forever, and with her powers of spacetime, send her goons after the adventurer to drag him back to the house. After each new midara encounter since escaping, make a roll. If the roll fails, a squad of goons will show up to drag the adventurer back to the house. They are still pretty pathetic(2-3 Stamina opponents with a maximum combined Stamina pool of 6), but can just do a tired adventurer in. If they succeed, the adventurer starts back in bed in the midara's mansion.

If at any time the adventurer's Willpower is reduced to zero once more, the midara will comment on how lovey-dovey he looks and say it's time for the ceremony. The witch speaks an incantation and turns her outfit into lustful wedding lingerie. One midara speaks the vows, and the other midara holds up the lovedrunk adventurer, speaking for him and saying he indeed takes the witch's hand in marriage. The engagement ring gets removed, replaced by a wedding ring. The witch gives the adventurer a kiss which makes his toes curl, grinding against him with her sex and rubbing her breasts all over him, practicaly mounting him to the point that the lucky man collapses from lack of breath.

When the adventurer wakes up, he will do so in a queen-size bed in his underwear. At the front of the bed the witch will stand in all her bridal glory: http://tools.karlaspice.com/hosted/dressed_white/images/KarlaSpice02.jpg
Half of the adventurer's Willpower is restored, and now the final seduction begins-if the witch succeeds in reducing the adventurer's Willpower to a negative of his maximum Willpower(for example, if his Willpower is 7, she must reduce it to -7), she will break his mind and turn him into a permanent loveslave. The adventurer has no weapons and no obvious means of escaping, so he will have to engage in a battle of wills with his temptress.
Dreamy Dance- Out of nowhere, romantic violins will begin playing as the witch begins a sensual dance, showing over her amazing agility and curvy form. The dance lasts 2 rounds, and the adventurer can interrupt by either watching and trying not to concentrate(2 dice rolls, 1 must succeed), engage in a dance of his own(2 dice rolls, both must succeed, does 1 Willpower damage to the witch, gives her an extra attack upon failure), or try and dance together(1 dice roll, does 1 Willpower damage to the witch, but failure does 2 Willpower damage to the adventurer). The witch can use her remaining Tactics here and vice versa(the fibs).
Sweet Nothings-The witch will jump in the bed with her lover, cuddle up to him and kiss him all over his face, but remains relatively chaste while whispering sweet nothings to him for 2 rounds. The adventurer can either try to ignore her affections(2 dice rolls, 1 must succeed), whisper his own lovey-dovey nonsense back(2 dice rolls, both must succeed, does 1 Willpower damage to the witch, gives her an extra attack upon failure, gaining an extra die if the player writes elaborately), or try and escalate the foreplay(1 dice roll, does 1 Willpower damage to the witch, but failure does 2 Willpower damage to the adventurer). The witch can use her remaining Wishes here and vice versa(the fibs).
Frisky Escalation-The witch will now start the heavy petting. Her kisses now come with the Dazed effect, and she can use any remaining Kinks(or the adventurer can use the lies). It lasts 2 rounds. In this phase, the adventurer must counter with all his knowledge of carnal matters. The DM can grant bonus dice depending on how kinky the player writes and how well he succeeds in deducing what his temptress like in bed.
Tricky Tongues-Things now escalate for real as the witch and the adventurer 69 each other. The adventurer can now sacrifice Stamina to gain extra dice rolls to damage the witch's Willpower(2 Stamina per extra dice).
Draped In White-The witch pulls her lingerie aside and inserts the adventurer, steadily draining his Willpower as her lovemaking arts send him over the edge. Two dice rolls: two successes is Willpower damage to the witch, a succes and a failure is one Willpower damage, two failures is instant climax. The adventurer can now sacrifice Stamina to gain extra dice rolls to damage the witch's Willpower(3 Stamina per extra dice). This continues until the adventurer's Willpower reaches the negative max, he has an instant climax or the witch's Willpower becomes zero(she comes and rolls aside exhausted).

If the witch's Willpower is zero, she will count as defeated and you will obtain the Ring of Bonds. The Ring of Bonds reduces Willpower damage received by 1, but it can never go lower than 1. It is thus ideal for powerful midara. Defeating her without getting married will simply yield other quest rewards.

If the adventurer loses, he will now become a love-slave and retire from the game, unless another player character rescues him.
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PostSubject: Re: Hitch Witch   Sat Aug 08, 2015 11:23 am

I'll comment on this later this evening.  This looks incredibly extensive and top-quality.

EDIT:  What I really like about this is not only do you do a great job describing each attack, but you've even thought of ways to ensure that she's not extremely OP. Those saving graces between stages offer that glimmer of hope that you'll be able to escape, but still punishes you for not surviving the previous stages. Good stuff!

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PostSubject: Re: Hitch Witch   Sat Aug 08, 2015 10:20 pm

Pretty good and detailed. Nice marriage theme.

Seems like it would make a good RP.
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PostSubject: Re: Hitch Witch   Sun Aug 09, 2015 9:57 am

Hot character, IMHO, but the mechanics you describe make it a unique battle. Not sure everyone is down for that, but it's really well thought out.
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PostSubject: Re: Hitch Witch   

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Hitch Witch
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