A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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PostSubject: Nymphetamine   Sat Aug 08, 2015 10:10 am

Her heart jumped as he stepped into the entrance of the Garden of Lovers.

For centuries, her sisters shepherded the true loves of their life to this place, fulfilling their destiny to become brides and transforming their men into the perfect groom.  For centuries, her sisters broke free from their chains of being trapped in eternal dark hunt, with this garden being the chapel where they willingly bound themselves to a husband.  For centuries, her sisters brought their Destined Ones to this garden and made it the landmark where they began their indulgence of eternal bliss with them.

And finally, after nearly a millennium, it was finally her turn.

The young man’s body was lean and chiseled, his abdomen made hard through many years of martial arts training.  His face was young and beautiful, still early in his adulthood with his eyes fresh with innocence.  His hair, long brown locks that went down to his back, made her heart flutter as she watched it flow in the wind.  No spells were necessary to bring him here, which made her all the more certain that he was truly the one.  She only told him where to go to meet, and he here was.

Their romance had been a secret one, a college lover that he kept from his parents.  It had also been one of purity, as she was concerned that if she preyed upon him too quickly, it would potentially taint the importance of this moment.  She had waited centuries for him to come into her world, billions of births of men all building up to this moment.  Because of this, as well as fearing what would happen to him if she indulged herself, they had yet to fully demonstrate their affections for one another.

That would change tonight.

As he approached her, she turned around and smiled warmly at him, eager to finally stake her claim to his heart.  She made sure to wear something quite revealing tonight, revealing not only her prodigious bust, but her entire midriff where the tattoo that sealed her womb was located.  Her smile widened as she noticed her stunned expression, having not seen this much of her before, and she increased his excitement by unzipping his jacket and revealing his gleaming torso and the magnificent tattoo of his own.

With a glint in her eye, she pressed her lips against his and kissed him for the first time.

Now, the magic would begin.  The first kiss was Stage 1 of the succubus mating ritual, and his body would shift accordingly: “the Infusion of Life.”

His lean form gave way to a gradually ballooning form as his eyes shot open and every point of ki in his body slowly vanished, causing his body to puff out like a bubble.  Although he appeared to bloat, his body was as hard as ever: it was simply the side effect of being turned from a human being into a succubus’ personal God of Love.  And because a god was not mortal, she was turning him immortal by causing his body to produce the absolute maximum amount of life energy it could produce.

The result of this was him being brought just short of bursting point.  With Stage 1 completed, she parted lips with him and stared deep into his violet eyes.  Although there was confusion and fear, she still saw that deep love for her beneath that veneer of uncertainty.  She licked her lips and savored the tang of his saliva, and leaned in peck him on the cheek before taking a step back and admiring her handiwork.

With Stage 1 complete, she could now enjoy his life energy forever, but Stage 2 would ensure that she could enjoy his body, as well: “the Expulsion of Death.”

Getting down on her knees and looking at the lowest ki point on his body burning with energy, which was so conveniently marked as part of the tattoo on his torso, and gently licked the area just above his navel before kissing that ki point, her lips glowing with power.  The sensation was equivalent to being seared, but despite that powerful feeling of pain, he felt a tinge of pleasure through it as the ki point bubbled and puffed up into a branded scar, shaped like the lips that transformed him from mortal to immortal.  The scar unleashed a pink steam, and very slowly relieved the pressure within his body, causing him to deflate ever-so-slightly.

She took a deep whiff of the steam before licking his belly and moving up to the next ki point, gently stroking it before branding it as well.  The scars were her way of giving him new ki points, ones that could handle the unlimited supply of life energy his body was now producing thanks to the Stage 1 kiss.  His body was deflating further, gradually returning him to his original size, but it would be the third and final brand that would truly allow him to take advantage of his ascension.

With the third kiss being placed right between his pectorals, she watched his chest deflate and then cleave upon itself to completely restore his lean, chiseled form.  As she returned upright, she looked up at him and grinned seductively.  His fear had transformed entirely into lust, and the love had once again come into the forefront.  Feeling returned to his limbs, and he stroked her face as she leaned in and kissed him on the lips again.  After centuries of waiting, now she could finally drink deep in his life energies.  Had she done so without this ritual, she would have instantly drained him to nothing and the rest of her existence would be spent in regret.

Now, she could indulge in her addiction of her Destined One for the rest of eternity and begin Stage 3: the Binding of Love.  For a succubus such as herself, Stage 3 was the equivalent of achieving Nirvana: the ultimate goal for her race.  The curse mark etched into her belly prevented her from accepting the greatest gift a man could bestow upon a woman, and because of that their numbers remained small.  But by ascending her Destined One, she could now accept that gift and break the curse once and for all.  What lay before them now was their destiny: an eternity of passionate lovemaking, with his infinite life energy and perpetually youthful body sustaining and satisfying her addiction to his love forever while providing her the sustenance needed to incubate a newborn of her race.

The two lovers fell onto the bed of flowers below them, with his strong body cushioning her fall.  But as she reached down to remove his pants in the desperate race to disrobe, she felt something gently bob against her hand.  It was a small box, one that must have fallen out of his pocket when they fell over.  

Gently pulling away from him as they kissed passionately, she opened the box and gasped in delight.  Within the box was a diamond ring, informing her of his intentions when he stepped into the Garden of Lovers.  This was not the result of any succubus magic: the natural love he felt for her was so strong, that he came here to propose to her.  Lifting her hand in front of him, she placed the ring on her finger and leaned next to his ear and whispered lovingly, “I do.”  Watching the pleasure in his eyes morph into elation was what made this the perfect night.

The couple fully disrobed and began the eternity of bliss they would spend in each other’s arms, kissing and embracing passionately within the Garden of Lovers.

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