A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 N&N Nurse

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PostSubject: N&N Nurse   Wed Sep 02, 2015 5:39 am

Appearance: Blonde, busty with gorgeous long legs, these white robed nurses appear to be angelic reinforcements from heaven when adventurers find themselves heavily wounded after a tough battle.

Description: These nurses tend to show up during a battle with other enemies or even after it. Giving off an aura of innocence, some adventurers may even be tempted to let them heal their wounds in their own special way. It's true that they certainly do no harm to your body, however...

Love Thy Healer (Passive) - None of the Nurse's abilities deal any form of Stamina damage. In fact, many of them heal instead.

Keep track of how much Stamina any Nurses has healed on a target. If a Nurse ever heals a total amount of Stamina more than the target's starting Stamina or if the target's current Stamina reaches double his starting Stamina then...

This number is reduced if the target takes damage, but only at half the rate. It is possible for an adventurer to shake off the effect such as slapping himself or punching a wall but it is only a stopgap measure.

Blown Kiss - With a smile and a wink, the nurse bends over and blows a kiss at a faraway target raising his spirits. Heals only 1 Stamina and deals minor Willpower damage

Healing Kiss - Nurses are able to heal simply with the power of a smooch. Grabbing the target's face in their hands and pressing their lips to theirs, the passionate kiss causes them to be stunned.

For as long as the loving kiss continues, the target will find his Stamina increasing while his Willpower decreases heavily. Party members may find themselves in a pickle while the target is enjoying his make-out session. A nurse will usually hold the kiss for 2-3 rounds before leaving him with a wink and wanting for more...

A nurse can use this ability on an ally to heal them. Any audience takes minor Willpower damage from witnessing such a sexy act.

Checkup - The nurse entreats the target to remove his clothes/armor, claiming that it's in the way of a physical examination.

If the Willpower roll is failed, the target does so and the nurse looks them over and lets out a wolf whistle causing them to blush in embarassment. The target will take increased damage (both Stamina and Willpower) due to being naked.

Physiotherapy - "Oh my, you're so tense! Loosen up a little" quips the nurse as she massages an exposed area of the target's body (arms, legs etc), causing severe relaxation. The nurse also "accidentally" bumps into the target with her chest, causing their concentration to fade away as they're distracted by her beauty.

Deals moderate Willpower damage and the target gains a bonus when using the targeted part for his next action (e.g running faster if the legs)

Love Juice - "You need 500cc, stat!"

Pulling out a syringe, the nurse grins as she proceeds to inject the target.

"Don't worry, this won't hurt one bit..."

The needle is extremely sharp, even able to pierce armor but the target feels no pain. It is filled with a powerful aphrodisiac buff that causes the target to take two actions next turn, but deals heavy Willpower damage to him if he does so.

Cleanse Poison (Male Only) - With one swift movement, the target finds himself with his pants down and his member standing at full attention. "Looks like I simply have to get rid of the poison in you before it's too late!" Licking her lips, she begins to slowly suck on him, causing intense pleasure and locking them into place for several rounds.

True to her word, the target is indeed cured of Poisons and other debuffs after the "deed" is done but each round deals intense Willpower damage as he writhes in pleasure from the act.

Take The Oath (Finisher, Conversion, Female Only) - Used when Willpower < 20% OR Love Thy Healer is triggered.

"Oh my, one with such a pure heart such as yours would be perfect for our cause!"

The nurse moves the target onto a private bed, winks at the audience and then closes the curtains. "Time for a complete physical examination", she says as she slowly removes the target's clothes, then her clothes, and then...

Anyone outside the curtains simply see a silhouette of the sexy "examination" and lovemaking going on, taking heavy Willpower damage as they continue to watch.

When the target cums away the last remains of her free will, she steps out of the curtain, now fully dressed in a nurse outfit of your own. "I hereby pledge myself to heal to the best of my abilities!" she smiles and blows a kiss as she starts her new life.

Private Checkup (Finisher, Male Only) - Used when Willpower < 20% OR Love Thy Healer is triggered.

"Oh my, you don't look too good, perhaps you need some personal healing..."

The nurse sneaks the target away into a private bedroom. Both getting naked and cuddling on the bed, she asks "Where does it hurt, sir?" as she moves her hand towards his crotch...

"Here? Or perhaps here..." she asks while staring deeply into his eyes.

Lost in the pleasure and her beauty, the target realizes there is only one answer to her question.

"It's my heart, nurse..."

Knowing that he has already surrendered his heart to her, he resigns himself to one night of pleasurable love-making as they enjoy each others bodies...

This act of love fully heals both of them, and the target is now permanently charmed and will act as a new protector for the nurse wherever she goes.

(It's been a while. I don't normally put RP gameplay specific stuff in my characters so this is a first attempt at things)
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PostSubject: Re: N&N Nurse   Wed Sep 02, 2015 10:00 pm

Nice job. Not sure she would work well in a one on one but she could do some work partnered up with somebody. I would not mind facing her at all
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N&N Nurse
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