A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Sergeant Sharon and her police girls

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PostSubject: Sergeant Sharon and her police girls   Fri Oct 02, 2015 7:09 pm

Note: This is a continuation of the 'Power Rangers style baddie' idea so the 'Pheromone Breath', 'Ideal Body', 'Magic lipstick', 'Energy Drain', etc abilities are by default available to these characters.

Sergeant Sharon

Appearance: http://www.wallpaperseries.com/files/march-2014/Games%20Girls%20Police%20Hunting%20Zombie%20Wallpaper.jpg

While investigating the converted soldiers threat, Sergeant Sharon has detained many brainwashed girls who were suspects. The suspects converted her while they were being interrogated.  After her conversion she has quickly kidnapped the men in the police station and converted the women earning her a great deal of magic power and a promotion into being a general.

Abilities: Eyes Everywhere (passive): It is incredibly difficult to escape Sharon once she has decided you are her target.  Any converted soldier or her police girls who spot you will radio Sharon alerting her to your location

Beanbag ammo: She carries guns that fire bean bags. This is meant not to kill but to knock people off their feet and wind them.

Tranquilizer: She carries a syringe of tranquilizer which she would use on people she knocks down.

Bear Hug: Sharon uses her strength and wraps both arms around her target's midsection pinning both arms and lifts them up in the air.  Sharon enjoys toying with her targets by breathing her Pheromone Breath on the target and rubbing his erection on her breasts.

Arrest: Neutralized targets will find themselves at Sharon's police station.

Call for Backup: She can summon groups of police girls patrolling the area with her radio.

Finisher: Interrogation Room: Her target wake up chained to a wall with Sharon wrapped around him.  She kisses him deeply while playing with his penis. She keeps her target on the verge of orgasm but doesn't let him ejaculate while she asks about the location of his friends.  When she has other matters to attend to she calls for her Police Girls to keep her target on the verge of ejaculation while she is away. This goes on for days and when she is finally convinced she has wrung all the usefulness she could out of him she preforms Energy Drain on her sexually frustrated and sleep deprived target.

Police Girls

Police girls are converted soldiers working directly under Sergeant Sharon. They usually travel in pairs or more.  Sharon has trained all her girls in taiho jutsu, a martial art that is about disarming and restraining people making them easier to arrest.

Appearance: https://yellowslugreviews.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/girls-day-mrs-officer.jpg

Abilities: High crotch leg takedown: She will wrap her leg around her target's leg pressing her leg against his crotch.  Then she would pull her leg in one direction while pushing her body towards her target causing both parties to fall to that ground.  

Double leg takedown: She runs towards her target and grabs both his legs while pulling them forwards.  She does this while ramming her head into his crotch forcing him to fall.

Pin: She will use her body to hold down her target to successfully arrest her target.  If there are multiple Police girls, they will help with the pinning.

Miranda Rights: She pulls her face as close as she can to her target so her Pheromone Breath can have its maximum effect and reads him his rights.
   "You have the right to remain silent.
   If you do say anything, it can be used against you in a our cell.
   You have no right to have anyone else present during any questioning.
   If you want someone present for your questioning, one of our girls will be appointed for you if you so desire."

Arrest: Neutralized targets will find themselves at Sharon's police station.

Finisher: Good Cop, Bad Cop: Chained to a chair at the police station, the target will be treated to alternating gentle and harsh treatment.  They spend roughly 10 minutes being gently caressed and hugged while one Police Girl tells him that everything will be fine and kissing him.  Then she leaves and he spends roughly 10 minutes with another Police Girl who comes in and steps on his crotch act angry at his erect penis telling him that he is carrying a concealed weapon in his pants while slapping him and spitting on him. This continues until he confesses that he deserves to be locked away.  Then the Police Girl will take him to a prison cell and preform Energy Drain on him.  How he gets fucked depends on whether he confesses to the good cop or the bad cop.
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Sergeant Sharon and her police girls
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