A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Dangers within a James Bond style compound

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PostSubject: Dangers within a James Bond style compound   Sun Oct 11, 2015 12:34 am

Note: This is a continuation of the 'Power Rangers style baddie' idea so the 'Pheromone Breath', 'Ideal Body', 'Magic lipstick', 'Energy Drain', etc abilities are by default available to these characters.

It has been years since the queen's invasion first begun and humanity is on the verge of defeat.  Humans have built heavily defended shelters and created scanners to detect the queen's magic to check for converted soldiers.  However, the safe zones do not have all the resources to sustain the human communities and thus humans relied on adventurers to brave the dangerous landscape controlled by the queen's minions to bring back supplies.  

Intelligence reports from the human resistance scientists claim that if the portal to the queen's world is shut down, her influence would vastly diminish and humans can mount an offensive to take back their land.  They claim that the portal is located at an area only accessible by sea.  It is a secret naval base at the location the pirate girls drop off their kidnapped men.  

The building is protected by a anti-inorganic matter force-field.  This was discovered when the army tried to fly their airplane over for a reconnaissance mission but as soon as their craft entered the barrier it disintegrated, along with anything inorganic, such as their clothes.  Their naked bodies were fished out of the water by the converted soldier in the base and they were brought inside and kidnapped.

Since the barrier shuts off when friendly vehicles need to enter, the resistance put their hopes on their greatest super spy.  They outfit him with the latest anti-magic gadgets (like the 'gal-gun' from the video game thread?) and have him speak his way into the pirate ship.  

While the smooth and talented spy has proven effective in many instances of infiltration and anti-magic combat, how well would humanities' best hope do against the many danger that lurk within the base?

Taser Lips:  Converted soldiers patrolling the base have the ability of Taser lips which they can use along with their other standard abilities.  Magic is concentrated in the lips as she puckers up and she uses her kiss like a stun gun.  Unlike a normal stun gun, the magic electricity does not cause burns nor damage tissues.  It provides a rush of electrical stimulation to the nerve endings of their target's entire body.  After being hit a few times by this attack he convulses and ejaculates.  It is not a move she can repeat often as it takes a lot of magic power saved up to use.

Warp Trap: These are not actually traps. Converted soldiers use these warping tiles to get to the entrance of the base quickly when called.  For the spy, these tiles are a nuisance as most of these warp him over to the heavily defended entrance.  The portals leading to the gym are the most deadly.  If he touches one, he would find himself in the gym where around 50 naked converted soldier are practicing their sex skills.  These tile are also very hard to detect without the senses of someone enchanted with the queen's magic.

Femme Fatale: After the spy steps on a slow movement magic trap and gets hit with a kiss from the taser lips of a converted soldier, he quickly recovered and tries to run away. He turns into a unfortunately runs into a dead end and hears the converted soldiers radio for back up.  A trap door opens up and a pair of hands grab the spy and pull him in.  The spy finds himself in a cramped space with a beautiful stranger.

Appearance: http://cache1.asset-cache.net/gc/2637880-austrian-film-actress-hedy-lamarr-plays-gettyimages.jpg?v=1&c=IWSAsset&k=2&d=OCUJ5gVf7YdJQI2Xhkc2QLJ5QQ1X73Z8%2Bll9tOQ%2BGBVJ72nOW4lK%2BsiPdXDyuCczoK9JPGCVfjJNdLTqVw35eA%3D%3D
She is a sexy woman in a long strapless evening gown. Like a classic film noire actress, her seductive piercing gaze makes her look both charming and hypnotic. Her leg moving out of the dress slit of her dress feels flirtatious and dangerous.

"Listen, I'm a high ranking member in this facility and I can get you to the portal.  I just need you to trust me."  
The spy is confused.  He asks what she is doing this for.
"I recently started getting my memories back and I... I just can't them do this to us anymore! Please, the base is dangerous and I promise you that you will NEED my help."
He reluctantly agrees.

Abilities: Seduction: After guiding him through guard patrol patterns and pointing out trap placements,  he starts to place a great deal of trust in her.  The spy is past the outer ring of defenses and is in the deepest part of the facility.  When she guides him to an empty room and stares at him like she is waiting for something he asks her what is wrong.
"You are the most attractive man I've met.  I've been holding back what I thought were my converted soldier instincts but I believe it is actually my love for you.  I want to wrestle your tongue.  I want to feel your body as you hold me tight."  She suddenly stops and looks flustered. She lets out a nervous laugh, "You have no reason to trust me. and I won't stop helping you if you don't feel the same about me-"  The girl's speech is cut short by the spy's kiss.

Pillow Talk: After a night of passionate lovemaking, she lies in his arms and they talk pillow talk as they get know each other.  He feels like he can be really honest and exposes his heart to her.
He wakes up with her gone.  He finds a note saying that she needs to return to her post to avoid suspicion.  He returns to explore the interior of the base alone once again.

Wall Trap The spy walks into a strange room.  As the shut automatically behind him, he notices walls on both sides of this long corridor are lined with naked women who are partially fused to the wall completely covering it.  As he recoils in horror at this grotesque sight, he notices the walls starting to close in on him.  As the door behind him is locked, he has no choice but to run to the other end of the corridor.  Obstacles force him to move left and right towards the wall to advance.  The glassy eyed women swipe at him as he does this.  Cries like, "Fuck me!", "Give it to me!", "I want it so bad!", are yelled out at the spy.  Occasionally he is grabbed and pulled in for a kiss.  The spy barely makes it out as the walls were so close there were girls on both side licking his face and rubbing up on him.  He gives up his jacket and makes it through to the next room.

Kunoichi Ever since he has made it to the inner part of the base, his movements have been monitored by the Kunoichi.  The Kunoichi are female ninja.  These petite women wear light form fitting clothes and travel silently. Their favorite tactic is to constantly use surprise attacks on the target and withdraws before the target can counterattack.  Then they would stalk him from the shadows and repeat their attack.  This keeps their target on edge mentally and sexually.  He becomes a nervous paranoid wreck twitching and turning his head randomly looking for the kunoichi.

Appearance: http://counteco.muvc.net/image/3_unmasked_Kunoichis.jpg

Abilities: Ninja art - Cloaking: They can use magic to make themselves invisible until they touch someone else which would break the spell.  They generally like to just stay in the shadow instead which doesn't cost magic and works well most of the time.  They can even travel on walls and ceilings making them hard to detect.  

Ninja Art - Wind Walker:  They are very acrobatic and can leap superhuman distances and can escape to safety or pursue a foe quite easily.

Ninja Art - Cross Cut:  The kunoichi dashes towards her target with her blade out and delivers a powerful slash without stopping.  After dashing past her  target she sheathes her blade. The target's clothes are shredded.  
The more kunoichi preforming this at once the higher its rate of success.

Ninja Art - Parting Shot: As the kunoichi runs away, she looks over her shoulder at her enemy, hot on her trail, winks and blows a kiss.  "I'll see you later, honey."  A pair of magic lips float towards her target and gets bigger as it travels.  When the lips hit its target, he feels the lips smack his body and his body suddenly stops for a second.  The lips vanish and he immediately recovers a second after the effect.  If he had been running after her, the sudden full body paralysis would have caused him to trip.

Sneak Attack: After shredding her target's clothes, he is forced to wander the base naked.  She sneaks up behind her target and jumps on his back and starts caressing his body while breathing her Pheromone Breath on his face.  She jumps off him, giggling, dodging his counterattack to shake her off and disappears into the shadows. She shows up again and gives him a surprise hand-job from behind and disappears in a similar fashion.  When he retreats to an empty room to get some rest he finds her sucking his cock as he tries to take a nap.  The target is tired, annoyed and horny.

Feigned Flight:  As the kunoichi runs away she takes a sharp turn.  Her opponent runs after her and find her trapped in a dead end acting nervous.  Before he can capitalize on the situation, he is attacked from behind.  He turns around to find three more kunoichi behind him.  

Kiss Bombardment:  A kunoichi pulls his face in for a kiss.  When he reaches out to pusher her off she ducks or steps back while another pair of hands grab both his ear and pulls them towards her so she can kiss him.  Same thing happens when he tries to react to he kiss.  The attack speeds up and the group of kunoichi pepper him with kisses.  So much Pheromone Breath is breathed out during the attack a pink mist is left slowly dissipating around her dazed target after the Kiss Bombardment.

Finisher: Kyusho Rape Party:  "Aww, you done already?" "I've been waiting so long for this! Do you know how long we've been watching and following your every move?"  The girls roll out a futon as they start to rape their subdued target.  When he resists or utter any words of protest they poke a pressure point on his body that generates pain on his body.  The kunoichi are not great lovers and tend to cum quite easily.  When the kunoichi are about to climax, the press on the target's 'relax' pressure point causing him to involuntarily cum when she does.  It is very unsatisfying for him.  One after another, the kunoichi fuck him and force orgasms before they have given him enough pleasure to cum.  Even long after his ball run dry and his consciousness fades to black, he remains sexually unsatisfied.

Our super spy manages to grab and hold down the kunoichi before she can escape.  This is something he mastered battling the Skater girls of the northern lands who are also masters of the hit and run techniques.  The kunoichi are very flexible manage to escape his hold on them twice.  When she tried to attack him while he pretended to sleep, his pinned and fucked her until she lost all her magic.

Having lost his clothes and equipment to the kunoichi, he is forced to fight and fuck many converted soldiers on his way to the portal.  When he gets there, he find a sexy 30-something year old woman in a lab coat guarding the portal.  She throws a spell that makes him younger.  He becomes a 14 years old boy and loses all the experience he has gained over the years.  "Just my type!" The lab coat woman goes to rape the boy.  The spy is now inexperienced at sex and almost everything the woman is doing to him is making him cum.  He is also not strong enough to push this attractive full bodied adult off him.  The woman eats the boy up.  She loves younger boys.
Suddenly, the femme fatale shows up and undoes the spell shocking the lab coat woman.  She works together with the spy to defeat the lab coat woman and close the portal.

She leaves with the spy to start a new life together.

The femme fatale was the guardian of the portal the lab coat woman was her subordinate.  The queen has ordered it to be closed for 10 years so humans could recover.  The energy they had farmed from humans was of such a high quality that the queen thought it would be a shame if she ended humanity too quickly.

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PostSubject: Re: Dangers within a James Bond style compound   Sun Oct 11, 2015 2:22 am

And the link is forbidden. owo;
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PostSubject: Re: Dangers within a James Bond style compound   Sun Oct 11, 2015 10:09 am

wolfzero001 wrote:
And the link is forbidden. owo;
Really? works for me. Its just the first image after I searched 'film noir femme fatale'
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PostSubject: Re: Dangers within a James Bond style compound   

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Dangers within a James Bond style compound
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