A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 The City of Obscenity

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PostSubject: The City of Obscenity    Wed Oct 14, 2015 6:30 am

*I'm basing this on SomeGuy's  'Villagers of Aina' profile.  Seriously, that is a fun idea and I'm surprised there aren't more characters in that entry.

Since sealing away the evil queen of sexual magic bent on ending humanity, Things have calmed down and reached a state of equilibrium.  Many girls still had left over lewd magic inside them but are now no longer under control of the evil queen.  While the magic still makes them want to instinctively want to capture a man, they no longer have to deliver him to the queen and the man is now hers to keep.  Most importantly, they no longer mount coordinated offensives that put the surviving regular human towns in danger.  

On the human side, while things have calmed down, they still face many dangers.  The human settlements are quite small and many luxuries people were used to simply can't be made in these settlements.  While they can sustain themselves for now with their electricity provided to them from a per-invasion Waterfall turbine and food from farms, something common from the per-invasion times like a bag of chocolate or a video game console would sell for enormous profit.  Adventurers would set out to loot the cities infested with girls corrupted with lewd magic for profit and to help their communities.  

During the war with the evil queen, scientists on the human side have figured out that lewd magic is released from the girls after cumming and thus sexually satisfying the corrupted girls is more effective than fighting her with physical force.  However, after an ejaculation is when the man is most vulnerable to being influenced by magic.  There are scanners that check how magically contaminated a person is placed on the entrance of every human settlement to avoid lewd magic slipping in the general population. Adventurers tend to be experienced at sex as the towns do not let any males who has not impregnated at least one female out of the town.  This was a measure to keep the small human population growing even if the adventurers fall into the control of these corrupted girls.

The holy grail for the adventurers is the recover the documents of Dr. Rebbecca Storm and her blueprints for a weapon highly effective against lewd magic.  The city Dr Storm's documents are in is one of the places with the most concentrated lewd magic energy, because of Dr. Storm's freak experiments with magic, making one of the most dangerous cities to explore.

Known colloquially as the City of Obscenity, most of the magically corrupted girls live their lives in a state of near madness.  They instinctively want to spend their time having sex with men but there are no men in the city. They carry on with their daily lives like normal but are ready to snap at any opportunity.  Adventurers tend to follow along with their temptress who would usually try to lure him to a more secluded area even if they are not fooled by them.  Attacking girls in the open tended to attract other girls who would join in.

Most of the girls in the city are in denial about being corrupted by magic and continue living their lives like normal humans.  The girls in the city kiss and grab at the men passing through explain away their actions as just normal customs in their city and laugh at how conservative the men are being with their bodies.

Sickly Girl

Appearance: A pretty young girl in a hospital gown sitting in a wheelchair.  She is usually found on the floor crawling to her wheelchair in need of help from her target.

Abilities: Hypnotic Eyes: Her watery puppy-dog eyes have an effect of a hypnotic suggestion.  While it looks like she is pleading and begging, her target is the one who is hanging on every word ready to please her.

First Kiss:  She tells her target that she had a terminal illness and her days are numbered.  She wants to experience a kiss with a boy before she is taken by the illness but there is no men left in the city.  She begs her target to kiss her.  She places a curse of obedience on her target with a gentle kiss.  She asks for another kiss.  He obeys without thinking.

Sponge Bath:  As he wheels her back to her room in the clinic, she tells him that the nurses haven taken the day off.  She tugs at his sleeve and look into his eyes.  She looks embarrassed as she asks her target is he could give her a sponge bath.  Looking into her hypnotic, pleading eyes, he could not disobey her.  He strips her naked and runs a soapy sponge down her smooth delicate skin.  The soap is infused with lewd magic and not only is the fragrance turning him on, she lets out cute gasps and moans as the sponge travel over sensitive parts of her body.

Memories:  She asks her target to 'make memories' with her.  She tells the adventurer that she has been in the hospital since she was six and her days are almost over.  All she had wanted was a prince to come to her rescue like in the fairy tales and comics.  She sees the adventurer as the prince and wants to experience sex for the first time with him before she passes away.  She doesn't to die a virgin. He is overcome with lust, pity and hypnosis from her eyes and agrees to fulfill her request.  He undress and gets in bed with her.  She is shy and he has to takes the initiative.  She squirms from the pain as he enters her tight virgin vagina but she quickly recovers.  She locks her legs around his waist and pulls him into an embrace.  She grind her youthful body against him as they kiss.  She calls out asking him to cum inside her.  He does so out of both the pleasure and the hypnotic suggestion.  They continue to make love for the rest of the evening.

Finisher: Bedridden: He cuddles the girl while basking the the afterglow for a while.  When he tries to get up, he is pulled down by the the girl.  She is surprisingly strong.  She tells hims that he is her prince and he has to stay here with her until her days are over.  She looks him in the eyes and kisses him, strengthening her hypnotic hold on him.  They go back to making love until he is completely stained with her magic.
Whatever illness she has was cured by the lewd magic within her.  She just acts the way she does because she's in denial about being corrupted by lewd magic as most of the residents in the city are.


Appearance: A group of 4 to 5 girls.  They are dressed in tight clothing that is ripped to show off more parts of their body.  They wear loud makeup in strange colors and body piercings.  They have brightly dyed or permed hair.

These girls hang out in the seedy secluded parts of the city.  They usually appear to the adventurer in an ambush as the walk menacingly towards him from all sides.

Abilities: Catcall: The adventurer is met with taunts and whistling as the delinquents approach him.  They laugh and ridicule him while threatening violence.  The girls roughly grope him and shove him.  The adventurer becomes demoralized.

Ecstasy Kiss:  The delinquent gives the adventurer a kiss with her brightly colored lips.  She presses her lips extra hard on him and leaves a lipstick mark on his face.  The mark has a psychotropic effect.  While he is under its effect, the girls lead him to their hideout.

Humiliation: When the adventurer sobers up, he finds himself in a locked room with the delinquents.  The girls humiliate him by spitting and spanking him.  They force him to worship and massage their bodies.  The force him to masturbate while they watched.  They reward every good behavior from him with an ecstasy kiss.

Finisher: Broken-In:  When the delinquents feel that the man is properly trained, the preform ecstasy kiss all over his body until he is covered in different colored lip-marks.  He falls into a state of overdose while the girls rape him all night.  He feels powerful sensations all over his body as they ride his penis and rub their vaginas on his nose as he falls into a state of comatose.
He wakes up in a few days with a serious addiction to ecstasy kisses and becomes a willing sex slave for the delinquents.


A woman in a fancy dress spots the adventurer.  "I found him! He's over here!"  A group of women in formal wear appear and guide him by the hand towards a church.  A woman in a bridal dress runs towards the adventurer with tears flowing from her eyes. She runs into the man's chest and weakly pounds it with her fists.  She sobs, "Stupid!  Where have you gone?  I thought you had abandoned me!"  

Abilities:  Enthralling Voice:  When he responds with how confused he is at his current situation, she asks him if he is going to break the promise he made to her.  She describes the promise and asks if he would break this sacred vow.  As she is describing the fictitious event, his memories are being rewritten to include the event she is describing.

Scented Corsage:  "Looks like hes got cold feet.  We should warm him up!"  The bridesmaids start to play with him.  The corsages they wear contains a paralysis inducing agent.  

Bachelor Party:  The bride starts to protest at the bridesmaids playing with her husband. "The ceremony is tomorrow.  Its his last night as a bachelor.  Lets give him a proper send off."  The bride reluctantly agrees on the condition that she gets to join in.  The pull him into a room with red walls and a circular bed.  The pink lighting in the room causes him to lose concentration of any thoughts he tries to focus on.  The bride strips naked and the bridesmaids take off their dresses revealing stripper outfits.  Music starts playing in the background.

Champagne:  The bridesmaids start gyrating and preforming lap-dances while the bride pops open a champagne bottle.  They cheer as the champagne is sprayed all over the adventurer.  The liquid is a powerful stimulant that causing him to recover after ejaculating.  It also increases his sperm count so he cums harder and longer.  Hit with all these sensations, he indulges himself long into the night.  
As he sleeps wrapped in the caress of these girls, the bride whispers more fake memories into his ear.  He starts to believe that they had been a couple in love for years and was recently driven apart because of those humans in those settlements.

Wedding:  The adventurer gets dressed in formal wear and attends the wedding as a willing participant.  After the ceremony, the bride would show off her mind-blowing sex skills now that his full attention in on her unlike at the party.  At the end of their lovemaking, they spot the bridesmaids peeking at them and masturbating.  She agrees to let her best friends use her husband occasionally but they must return him to her afterwards.  The bridesmaids pounce on the husband like wildcats.
He spends the rest of his days with new wife and mistresses.

Waitresses that do different things when you pick an item on an innuendo laden menu?
Subway system that is a trap forcing the adventurer to fuck through waves of girls to reach the front car to activate the emergency breaks?

I have a few more half finished ideas but I kind of want to end it. There's enough here to get a feel for what happens when people enter the city I hope.

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PostSubject: Re: The City of Obscenity    Thu Oct 15, 2015 12:47 am

i think you meant psychotropic not psychedelic, but i'm not sure on this one.
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PostSubject: Re: The City of Obscenity    Thu Oct 15, 2015 12:59 am

ShadithBro wrote:
i think you meant psychotropic not psychedelic, but i'm not sure on this one.
I did, thanks. Editing is difficult.
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PostSubject: Re: The City of Obscenity    

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The City of Obscenity
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