A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Resident Evil?

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PostSubject: Resident Evil?   Sat Oct 17, 2015 1:22 am

Beauty First Pharmaceuticals INC started an outbreak of the infection with their latest wonder drug.  The drug has the effect of rejuvenating skin making it appear young again.  The side effect of decrease in appetite and weight-loss is seen as an added benefit for the women taking it.  The drug requires a large amount of female hormones needed for the drug to activate renders it useless for males.  Beauty First Pharmaceuticals' power and influence over the government allowed the drug to have a shorter period of product testing before it was approved to be safe.  The drug was also subsidized by the government so it was very affordable.  
Needless to say, the drug was very popular.  However, six months after taking the drug, the women suffer a sort of brain death.  
This was an act of terrorism by Beauty First Pharmaceuticals had been planning to carry out since its inception.


While not really zombies, they are commonly called this because they bear some similarities with zombies from movies.  These girls are nothing like decaying corpses.  Their bodies have never been dead and they remain physically healthy.  The virus has changed the color of their blood and it gives their skin a paler hue, which makes it more corpse-like, but their skin remains firm and supple and bear no resemblance to rotting flesh.  The virus' rejuvenating effect on the zombie girls make violence against them a poor choice.  They regenerate like Wolverine from the X-men.

These girls lack intelligence and act only on a single drive: the need to have sex.  They have sex with girls and lets them go after she has infected her with the virus so she could be back at with her group before she transform into a new zombie girl.  They have sex with men to satisfy their unending lust.  Their saliva a modified version of the drug which could transfer the virus to women and sexually stimulate the man.  The modified drug removes the ability to sense pain and fatigue.  The victim often finds himself having sex with the zombie girl and suddenly unable to move.  His body had long been warning him with pain and tiredness that he has been having sex for two days and is overcome with soreness and fatigue.  Because the drug stops such sensations, he continues to have sex until his body gives out and dies.  
The zombie girls fall into a weakened state if they orgasm before their victim.  They needed to feed on their target's sexual energy and has even spent energy servicing him.  If he forces an orgasm on her before she can do so on him, she stops moving until she can rest and recover.

Types: Lickers:  They crawl on all fours but are surprisingly quick.  They have the largest amount of the drug (also known as the x-virus) produced in their bodies and secrete it from their pores making them constantly sticky and slimy.  Its stickiness allows them to crawl on walls and ceilings.  They also have a long tongue that the can use to grab victims and lick them all over with.  They are weak and quick to orgasm if attacked.  They prefer hit-and-run tactics.  They are not intelligent enough to talk and can only make various moaning noises.

Tyrants: A bit frigid, this type is able to endure a lot of pleasure before she cums.  She caresses, sucks and slams her waist against her target with power and skill.  They tend to be rather slow though.  They are used to guard important rooms.  They are capable of making short sentences telling people that they are not allowed past the area.  They can be reasoned to some extent with but their sexual drive would eventually override her reason.  

Hunters: This type is the most ferocious of the zombie girls.  Unlike the other zombie girls who would give up after losing track of her target, the hunters would continue to track her target and pounce on him when he thinks he is alone.  These girls tend to be very aggressive and would even throw off zombie girls having sex with a man so that they can fuck him themselves.  These girls carry a frenzied expression on their face and laugh manically as they fuck their target.  They are capable of speech but can not be reasoned with.  All they use their language skills for is to yell out their racing thoughts of sexual fantasies.

Vania Manor

At the start of the outbreak, the government sent a special forces unit to investigate the recently abandoned Vania mansion which was owned by Beauty First Pharmaceuticals INC's founder and CEO, Xena F. Vania, also known as Madame Vania.  When they lost contact with all of the members, they send a second team to the mansion to find out what is going on.

After the helicopter drops off the team, they find themselves surrounded by lickers.  The helicopter pilot takes off in a panic abandoning the team there.  When they find their guns do little more than startle the lickers, they run towards the mansion.  On the way there, a licker extends her tongue to wrap around special forces member Stamper's food causing him to trip.  The others do not notice this and run inside the abandoned mansion as the three lickers pounce on the fallen Stamper.

When the four remaining members (Blackjack, Prince, Viper and Bishop), find out their comrade is missing the try to go out to rescue him only to find the entrance to the mansion, which they just passed through, is mysteriously locked.  They watch horrified as the lickers proceed to rape Stamper from a window reinforced with metal prison bars.  

One of the lickers bind his hands with her tongue as the other two tear the clothes off his body while swiping at him with their long tongues.  When he is naked, they surround him and rub their naked bodies, oily with secreted sweat containing the virus, against him.  The licker gyrating to his front grabs his head and pulls him into a deep kiss.  She shoves her elongated tongue into his mouth and floods it with x-virus saliva.  He is trapped being kissed with naked sticky gyrating bodies on all side until gives into the pleasure and pushes his penis into the licker and spends the next two days fucking himself to death.  

Inside the mansion the team finds the naked corpse of a the leader of the first team clutching some medical documents about the x-virus.  Viper makes lewd jokes about how lucky he is that forcing girls to climax was the way to defeat them but the team knows that they are in a grave situation as they can still see the frenzied Stamper fucking himself to death outside.  Blackjack notices distance voices. He can make out female panting and a weak male voice.

"Please... No more... I beg you..."

Blackjack runs into the the room where the voice was coming from but he was too late.  He sees a dead man who just had his life drained out of him.  He looks like a pile of skin and bones.  He also notices a licker busy licking the juices from her target's final ejaculation.  She notices Blackjack and starts crawling towards him.  He retreats back into the other room where Prince is warning him about the licker.  Prince hides behind the door and as the licker comes through chasing after Blackjack, he sneaks up behind her and rams his police baton into her vagina and stimulates her until she passes out.  Zombies aren't too much of a threat by themselves.  Seeing how easy it is to defeat an enemy, they decide to split up and explore the mansion looking for clues.

Blackjack later finds a vibrator sitting on a switch.  He picks it up as it would be a great weapon to use in this mansion but removing from the switch causes the walls to slide down revealing a wall trap.

Wall Trap The walls on both sides of this long corridor are lined with naked women who are partially fused to the wall completely covering it.  As he recoils in horror at this grotesque sight, he notices the walls starting to close in on him.  As the door behind him is locked, he has no choice but to run to the other end of the corridor.  Obstacles force him to move left and right towards the wall to advance.  The glassy eyed women swipe at him as he does this.  Cries like, "Fuck me!", "Give it to me!", "I want it so bad!", are yelled out at Blackjack.  Occasionally he is grabbed and pulled in for a kiss.  Blackjack barely makes it to the other side with the walls so close there were girls on both side licking his face and rubbing up on him.  He freaks out when he finds this door locked as well.  Luckily Prince opens it from the other side and pulls Blackjack through.  

Meanwhile, Bishop and Viper radio Blackjack and Prince warnings about new monsters.  They warn the group about a kidnapped girl who was heavily experimented on to test the limits of how much x-virus a human could take.  The girl is heavily mutated and should be avoided at all cost.

Blackjack fucks or avoids zombies as he advances to the dormitory.  He scans himself for how much the x-virus has contaminated his body.  This acts like a 'health bar' of sorts.  He loots antidotes and batteries for his vibrator as he makes his way to Point 32 where he sees a bunch of female researchers working on a giant bud of a plant with vines coiling around the place.  

Plant 32

As he got closer he sees that the botanists were all naked except for their lab coats.   When Blackjack asks them about the dangers in the mansion, the researchers tell him they have spent the last year trapped in the in the dormitory and just spent the time in Point 32 studying the plant because the mansion was too dangerous for them to leave and they have no choice but to continue to do their job.  They seem friendly so Blackjack gets closer to hear them better.  A researcher offers antidotes from the lab, seemingly out of concern that his x-virus contamination was too high.  Another one holds his hand telling him how grateful she was that someone finally came to the rescue.  
As they got closer and closer to him, he notices a vine coming out from under the lab coat connecting to the giant plant...

Abilities:  Bait tentacles:  Like all things affected by the x-virus, they instinctively lust for sex with men.  Because it was originally a large flower experimented on with the virus, it was difficult for the plant to attract men.  One day, Plant 32 wrapped all the researchers with her vines and dragged them into the flower where she violated them with her petals, which had the texture of a tongue on the inside, and her vines.  Eventually Plant 32 fused the researchers into the tips of her tentacles making much better bait for men.  Once the victim gets close to the bait, she throws her arms around him and tries to force a kiss on him to feed him x-virus via saliva.  Then Plant 32 retracts her tentacle and closes her petals around him trapping him with all the unused bait women within her tongue petal walls.

Sticky Sap: Aphrodisiac sap starts seeping through the walls as the bait has their way with the victim.

Undulating Petals: The petals close in around the victim and start pulsing.  The victim is pressed on all sides by the bait women and the tongue wall while the wall moves in a smooth wave live motion like he is being slowly licked all over.

Luckily, this enemy was one that Bishop had warned him about earlier.  When Blackjack gets trapped inside Plant 32, he pushes the bait women aside and jams a plant killing toxin, V-jolt, into the plant's nucleus forcing the petals open.  The exhausted tries to crawl away but is grabbed by the bait girls.  While the girls pile on and fuck Blackjack, Prince comes in and finishes the plant with a flamethrower.

While exploring the underground caverns, Blackjack sneaks up to Prince and sees him covering and destroying evidence connecting the mansion to Viper. When he notices Blackjack, Prince draws his weapon at her. Before he could fire, the mutant girl attacks Prince.


Nemesis is the only test subject to managed to absorb all the experimental strains of the virus and survive. She lost her mind when her mother, who was kidnapped along with her, was taken away to be killed after an unsuccessful escape attempt. She used her power to absorb everyone around her into her body melding their flesh to hers. Angered by the tragedy she had endured, she wanders the mansion absorbing women into her mass of flesh and milking men dry, which the virus instinctively compels her to do.

Appearance: She looks like naked girl who is slowly wandering the mansion. When she grabs someone she morphs and expands around her victim.

Flesh Hell: Female genitalia and flesh surround the target and squeeze and smother him. Multiple hands reach out to drag him back in if he tries to climb out. Not only is he being pleasured with attacks all over his body, she is constantly morphing so he is always being pleasured with different body parts. Escape is impossible.
She forces orgasm after orgasm until his death.

Blackjack is horrified when he sees as Prince's latest orgasm caused his eyes to roll back and his mouth to start foaming. He hasn't got long to live. He recalls Nemesis' sad history from documents he had found earlier and manages to open up a sarcophagus, revealing the corpse of her mother. Nemesis briefly regains her humanity and is appalled by her actions and what she has become. She frees Prince and throws herself into a chasm.

*I recently played the remake of resident evil.  Blackjack is Jill, Prince is Barry, Viper and Bishop is roughly Chris and Wesker.  
*All that's left is Viper (Wesker) as a disguised clone of Madame Vania who seduced Prince (Barry) to working for her cause.
Sorry my profiles are a bit on the long side.
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Resident Evil?
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