A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 A Study In Sin

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PostSubject: A Study In Sin   Fri Nov 06, 2015 9:17 am

The tale is as old as time. It always starts with a group of young men high on their own bravado, heedless of the tales of caution about the place. The place can be a temple to a fertility goddess, an abandoned castle of a debauched lord, a cave filled with devils and illicit temptations. The name is not important, as it will be forgotten soon enough, vanishing from the memory of the local farmers and woodsmen along with the location itself. No-one knows when it will pop up again, eagerly awaiting youthful souls to enter its confines.
-A Study In Sin, Preface

"No, no, no. I don't have any slippers to go with this one. Perhaps the corset? But I won't stand out from all the other girls that way. Gowns! Of course. He said he had seen stone slabs about us, which means he knows about the period when we passed ourselves off as goddesses. Now what colour to pick?"

Desmond was sitting on the sofa, tea getting cold in front of him. From behind the folding screen, he could hear the voice of Lila muttering out loud to herself. It surprised him how human she actually turned out to be so far. The tales and texts he had studied in the past 10 years mostly spoke of proud deities and demons driven crazy by lust. He supposed a wicked temptress stressing about what she should wear didn't really make for an impressive story. He scribbled the thought down in the notebook in front of him. It had only been an afternoon(if the pandimensional nature of the place didn't screw with the course of time), and he had already gained nearly as much material as in all his years as a scholar. He pondered the risk he had taken in coming here. Who says he would be able to escape? Still, better to be lost forever then to return to his parents with an open hand, begging for more funds to pursue his obsession.

"What do you think? It is somewhat of a throwback for me," his hostess said, appearing from behind the screen. Desmond had to do a double-take. He was a person who often went back to the literature he had read when looking to describe something, and phrases of poets where the first things that came to mind. Long, curling hair red as crimson, green eyes you could drown in, a face sculpted by the loving hand of an artist, standing stately in a emerald, form-fitting gown that looked like it was out of this reality. He had to look away, opting to segue into another subject. "The legends I've read certainly were not exaggerating when they mentioned the beauty of your race, lady. And I heard you mention something about how you're not that high up in the hierarchy?", he spoke hesitantly, not wanting to insult her.

"Yes, that is true. I am what we call a Splendida, as I am relatively young," she replied. From memory Desmond cited the four names of the castes of midara. Splendida, Stellatus, Radians, Praestringo. "Can you explain them a bit more? I've never gotten quite straight if they are rankings of power, or simply classifications based on the nature of the midara," he asked further. She looked pleased at his knowledge, and Desmond felt his heart flutter against his will. She rattled off: "Splendida are fresh converts, or midara who have not entirely mastered their gift yet, which comes with age. As you probably know, midara possess a broad range of magic, most often linked to the nature of their personality or the circumstances of their conversion. Once they specialize in a gift, they become Stellatus; since midara with a monster bloodline already possess these talents, they also fall within this classification at first. A Stellatus can try to master other forms of magic or cultivate it further to the point that she gains a domain, or simply collect a lot of human followers and converts to increase her power and standing. At a certain point, they become Radians, and other midara will view them as leaders: they often organize raiding parties on human settlements, as their appetite for carnal pleasures also increases. The Praestringo are ancient midara, and there are few things they aren't capable of. They created this entire palace, although I am stumped on how they did it. Needless to say, the laws of reality are at their beck and command. Finally, you have the Intactilis, which are rogue midara, which is very non-specific. Midara who settle down out of true love in the mortal world fall within it, midara who act against the interest of our species, midara who are so frenzied by lust that their appearance warps and they lose control of their magic, it all fits in there."
Desmond furiously scribbled along with her speech.

"And what is the nature of your gift, if I may ask?", Desmond continued, feeling it polite to also show some interest in her, for some reason. An evil grin spread across Lila's face and she spoke with mirth: "I specialize in bindings, as common as that is. For example, I've bound the door of this room." Desmond audibly swallowed. He should have known better. He wanted to say something, to make her recall her promise not to enslave him as he was here not out of greed or lust but out of scholarly interest, but found that his tongue was stuck. "I've also bound your feet and tongue. You can continue writing, of course. I have another point of interest for you: whenever a party such as yours enters this place, the lower castes play a little game. We split the party up, let them wander around a bit, and then seduce them, each taking turns. The first to seduce all members gets to pick first the moment we grow bored and turn you into our obedient pets. Mind you, we are with quite a bunch, so it may take a while. Plenty of opportunity for you to study us and try to escape!" she informed the unfortunate scholar. Desmond wrote it down with a shaking hand.

Lila, who had been standing some distance from him this whole time, suddenly plopped down on the couch next to him, her warm body pressing against his side. She breathed into his ear: "You're so lucky you've found a sweet girl willing to serve you tea and biscuits, get all dressed up for you, and give you all this juicy information. Why don't you give me something juicy as a reward, you lucky boy?" She was right, she had been kind to him. They were midara, it was in their nature to crave affection. Was he really so selfish as to refuse her? "I'm going to lift all the bindings now, and you are free to go. I won't force you, if that's what you're afraid of," she whispered on. He felt her magic lifting, and turned to her, daring to look her straight in the face for the first time since she had reappeared from behind the screen. Crimson curls framed her face, a gentle smile and knowing eyes he sunk down to the bottom of. He cupped her chin and leaned in, gently kissing her delicate lips. He could taste the remainders of the sweet tea she had served them both on them, as well as a vague fragrance of cloves, he thought. A sense of serenity, possibly supernatural, settled over the scholar. This wasn't so bad. "Soft and sweet", the midara said with a satisfied smirk. "You might already know what happens next: that drowsy feeling will get stronger in a minute and then you'll briefly fall to sleep so your mental faculties can recover from my wiles." Desmond nodded, not bothering to put it in his notes. "I'll let you rest here while I run some errands, but if you're still here by the time I'm back we can of course go a lot further," she added huskily, nearly kissing her victim again. Desmond grinned at the prospect, before his eyes shut close and he sunk into the sofa.
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PostSubject: Re: A Study In Sin   Sat Nov 07, 2015 1:36 pm

When Desmond woke up, he realized he wasn't lying on Lila's sofa anymore, but in a field of soft fluffy clouds instead that stretched out in every direction. The sky above was blue and a sun was shining in the middle of it. Before Desmond had the time to figure out what was happening, he heard a yawn to his left. Some distance from him, an Oriental stunner in a blue dressing gown stood up from between the cloud banks, rubbing her eyes. "Oh my, it worked, I hope. You're the scholar, aren't you?" she asked the perplexed Desmond. He nodded, then fired a question back: "Where am I? Is this place your work?" She vigorously nodded and answered: "I'm Miko, and I'm practicing my dreamweaving right now. I heard there was a man in the new arrivals who was walking around in our palace taking notes. You're writing about us midara, aren't you?" Desmond replied: "More or less, I'm studying your history, habits and the nature of this place, not really any specific midara." Miko pouted in disappointment and whined: "Don't you think your work would be that much more accurate if you had a catalogue of us? Sure, there are quite a lot of us, but think of the prestige it might give you!" Desmond let out a laugh and chuckled: "There's really no fame in this field, I'm afraid. But sure, I'll indulge you, I'm interested in how this gift of yours works."

Miko's face went from sad to happy in the blink of an eye, and she kissed her hand before blowing on it, and off it came a translucent blue pair of lips floating towards Desmond. "This is something elementary most of us can do. It condenses charm magic into a projectile," she explained. The pair of lips touched Desmond's forehead with a wet *mwoah*, and his hand went to the soft imprint they had made, while he stuttered: "Ehm, that actually wasn't the power I was..", before being interrupted by a second pair of lips that hit his cheek, this time spreading a fuzzy feeling across his body. "As you just felt, we can alter the dosage of charm magic," Miko went on, seemingly oblivious. She sidled closer while preparing another kiss. Desmond shook his head and manages to say: "I meant, how does your dream power work..." before another blue pair of lips shut him up as they landed on his mouth. "Of course, sometimes we use special lipsticks to augment the effect our kisses have," Miko continued, her delectable face, raven hair and attractive curves dangerously close to Desmond. "The projectile kisses are never as powerful as direct contact, though," she finished, before closing her mouth around Desmond's. Fireworks exploded in his head as her seductive smacks teased his lips. He eagerly kissed her back, though she kept it relatively chaste. When she pulled away, he was looking at her with eager panting. "I..I want to see more of this power," the addled scholar breathed. "The charm magic kindles a lust in the recipient unlike any other," Miko said in a teasing tone. "If we choose to do so, the marks our kisses leave can fire that lust up for quite some time, even if our quarry is away from our presence," the midara explained, touching the lip imprints on Desmond's face, which send a pleasant sensation through his body, down towards his crotch. Miko's hand wandered in that direction too, and she made an approving sound when she found his mast stiffening. "If you want to learn more, you should come visit me in the waking world. I promise that if you like these sensations now, you'll find them thrice as intense in the flesh. Where are you know?" she queried. Desmond gathered his stupified thoughts for a minute and answered: "I'm in the chambers of a midara called Lila." "Oh, that's good, she resides close to my quarters. You can come visit me right away, and do bring your notes: you're going to write quite the profile about me!" Miko chattered. Desmond nodded, adding instinctively: "Yes, I want to know everything about you." Miko looked pleased, then frowned: "I'm not sure if my charm magic will carry over as well into the real world, so I'm going to give you another incentive to come meet me."

A few minutes later, Desmond woke up for real this time, brushing some drool from the corner of his mouth. Miko had said she wanted to make a simple trade: he would bring her some of Lila's clothes and cosmetics and write a flattering entry into his notes about her, and she would point to the location of some interesting sections of the palace. Apparently some midara, probably of the Radians level, had created elaborate domains of their own, crafting entire habits by warping space and matter in impossible ways. There were those who kept their minions somewhat intelligent, making them able to give first-hand accounts of where they came from. Some stored art that was made as a homage to them in centuries past. A few midara had been scholars themselves in a past life, so maybe they had done research of their own that Desmond could make use of. Miko had even promised to throw in the location of Praestringo who had been spotted nearby, a rare occassion in this section of the palace. The scholar rummaged through the room, collecting a short nightdress, a necklace with a lapis lazuli, hairclip in the shape of a dolphin and some slippers in the same colour of blue as Miko's dressing gown. He felt like a pervert going through Lila's insanely huge collection of lingerie, but he reasoned that she would probably feel flattered by it. Next up were a bottle of perfume, a tube of lipstick that said Brilliant Blue, nail polish in the appropriate colour and he was set to go. The scholar but the lot in his bag and moved out of the room, imagining briefly how the beauty he was heading towards would look in it. He shook his head. No, he was interested in what she had to say, not in her body. He could only vaguely recall the earlier parts of his dream. She had probably kissed him, but only to illustrate her power, right? Besides, she had said that her powers were weaker in the dream world herself. He wasn't charmed so easily, right? And so Desmond fooled himself as he followed the directions towards Miko's quarters, which only meant a couple of turns through identikit hallways with doors which probably housed other Splendida, if the size of Lila's room was any indication of rank. After half an hour, he found the blue door that marked his destination.

Desmond entered, and found that the room had pretty much the same furniture as Lila's, save for the colours and the elaborate wardrobe. "Ah, there you are!" Miko said, her head popping out from behind a folding screen. "Can you place the stuff you've borrowed from Lila over here? I want to get changed right now, so we can start on my entry in your upcoming book." Desmond nodded, placing the clothes and cosmetics to the side of the screen, fighting the sudden urge to glance a peak at the beauty's possibly naked features. He took a seat on the blue sofa, and inquired: “You made all sorts of promises of pointing me towards interesting places to study in this palace. Can I start writing it down while you dress in whatever outfit you want to have in your entry?” A hand with a scroll in it appeared above the folding screen. “I've already sketched a map of those areas here while you were making your way here,” the midara helpfully offered. “Making a map of the entire palace would be an endless endeavour, but this will give you enough pointers for the next few days.” Desmond was very interested, but knew he would have to make good on his part of the deal first. Some time later while the scholar twiddled his thumbs, Miko emerged again.  Desmond felt all other thoughts leave his head as he studied the temptress. She was pretty before, but her new outfit and make-up made her absolutely sizzling.

“Yes, that's the reaction I was hoping for,” Miko said in a tone dripping with sex. “Tell me, scholar-boy, how would you describe me in your little notebook?” Desmond felt his inner poet spring to life along with his member: “The dreamweaver is a raven-haired woman, with the facial features of a resident of Nippon.” Miko nodded and toyed with her hair. “Aside from the ability to enter dreams, her plump lips, accentuated with blue gloss, are capable of launching spectral lips that greatly affect whoever they kiss.” Miko blew an air kiss at the scholar, and he was suddenly able to recall the vivid kiss she had given him in the dream. “Her build is slender, and her skin is the colour of olive.” The scholar's hand started to tremble as he kept drinking in her beauty, his handwriting becomes a mess. “She is clad in a marine-blue nightdress, and the jewelry she wears also evoke images of a dreamy tide that calmly lulls those who hear it into a soothing slumber.” Miko clapped for that particular turn of phrase, pleased with the flattering description. “Her voice sounds like a lullaby from one's youth, and she smells like a sea breeze coming in through the window of one's bedroom.” The seductress had gotten closer and the borrowed perfume assaulted the scholar's nostrils. “Her bosom sways like the bow of a ship on a gentle ocean.” Miko sashayed closer and she saw how Desmond was reaching the limit of his self-control, prick prodding through his pants. “But by far the most striking feature of the dreamweaver are her eyes, which swallow you like the sea into a world where dream and reality become one,” Desmond finished, dropping his pen from his hand. Miko was now standing over him, arms locked around the back of his head. “That was beautiful,” she said. “You've really earned that map. Or would you rather like another reward?” Desmond didn't answer, but instead rose up and put his arms around her too, fiercely kissing her while pushing her down on the sofa. Her scent, her taste, the feel of her body while he humped her through his clothes and her moaning into his lips made the scholar nearly faint from an overload of both physical pulses and charm magic coursing through his veins. Desmond felt whoozy, and Miko flipped him so that she was laying on top now. “Well, I'm glad you picked something else, as that was quite something,” she panted. “I'm afraid I might have overdone it a little, as your self-preservation instincts are probably going to shut you down in a bit. Don't worry, I'll let you have your beauty sleep undisturbed...this time.” But Desmond didn't hear her anymore as his head tilted backwards and his brain shut down from sheer pleasure.
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A Study In Sin
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