A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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PostSubject: Possessor   Tue Nov 17, 2015 7:36 pm

Description: A Possessor is a unique type of Midara. She does not possess a body of her own. Instead, she anchors herself to the body of a fair maiden. Once her host has fallen asleep, the Possessor gains full control of the body. As the host is asleep, she has no recollection of the actions the Possessor takes with her body, but regains control come morning.

Possessors taken a certain glee in messing with their hosts love life. Whether by encouraging unwanted suitors, or by making the man they fancy prefer the "sexy minx she becomes when she slumbers". Luckily, a Possessor can be persuaded to leave; either with force, or by finding another suitable host to possess.

Appearance: Since the Possessor's body is not their own, their looks depend on their host. That's not to say a Possessor can not make some modifications while they are in control. Expanding the bust, slimming the waist, etc. Generally just making them more attractive. Except for the curved horns growing out of her head. It is unknown at this time if this is a willing addition or something the Possessor has no control over.


Body Tone(Passive): As a Possessor has no body of her own, her Strength and Toughness are actually determined by her host. For example, a Possessor inhabiting a knight would be much more durable than one in a Priestess.

Gale Kiss: "You can look, but don't touch~!" The Possessor blows a kiss, unleashing strong winds that blows her opponent back and keep them from getting close enough to use a melee attack on their next turn.

Pucker Up Preparation: "There we go~! Much better." The Possessor pulls out a tube of lipstick and a hand mirrors and gives herself a touch up. Once satisfied, she'll turn towards her opponent and give her lips resounding smack. Raises the power of her next kiss. Has a chance to leave her opponent dazed.

Boobytrap(Counter stance): "Come get some, hot stuff. *wink*" If her opponent falls for her taunt, she blows a kiss, hitting them in the face with a pair of tangible lips. Caught off guard, her opponent stumbles as they abort their attack and wind up face first in the Possessor's cleavage. "Heehee, gotcha~." Inflicts Breastsmother.

Electric Boogaloo: "Here's a real shocker~!" The Possessor's lips begin to spark as she leans in for a quick kiss. Her target is hit with a jolt of pleasure. As well as actual electricity. Inflicts paralysis.

Conqueror's Kiss: "I've decided. You're mine!" The Possessor forgoes her flirtatious attitude, and confidently struts to her target. She firmly grabs their face and pulls them into passionate kiss that leaves them breathless. Heavily drains her targets will power. (Can only be used if the fight has been going fairly evenly.)

Demonic Miasma: "Know your place, human!" Overcome with anger, the Possessor briefly forgets about trying to seduce her opponent. She hits them with a devastating headbutt, that leaves them floored. Before her foe can recover, she plops her ass down on their face and blasts them with a noxious, unworldly smell. The Possessor takes a sadistic pleasure in her captives struggles. "Yes! Wiggle like the worthless worm you really are!" Inflicts Facesit. If her foe surrenders or is otherwise defeat by this move, they gain the Trait: Submissive (All stats down if a Midara is angry at them.) Can only be used if the Possessor is at low health and the target is at high health.

New Host(Female Finisher): "Well, well~. You're not bad at all, are you~?" Worn out and panting for breath, the Possessor clings to her opponent as tightly as she can. They both moan in pleasure as their sensitive areas rub against each others. The Possessor then uses the opportunity to slip her tongue into her partners mouth. The Adventurer is helpless as the Possessor slowly transfers her soul out of her current host and inter her new one. Target gains Trait: Possessed (If the Adventurer is KO'd in battle, the Possessor can continue the fight. Although, she might get distracted by any allies her host might have and decide to distract them in turn *wink* *wink*) Triggers when both the Possessor and her opponent are at low health.

Late Night Love(Male Finisher): "Want to go have some real fun~?" The Possessor gazes seductively at her opponent and blows them a kiss in the form of a small heart. This small heart is enough to push them over the edge, their mind becoming like mush as the hooks of her allure take hold. She then walks away while gesturing for her soon to be lover to follow her. She slowly strips as they walk, leaving a trail of clothes behind as they head to the nearest bedroom. When the morning comes, her host lets out an angry yell at having apparently taken another lover.


It feels like its been awhile since I've made a decent profile. I've tried to hint that there's more to the Possessor than simply being another Midara(even if I'm not currently sure what that more is.)

I kind of wanted to add "victory in defeat" kind of ability. Something like have the host express their gratitude with a kiss and unknowingly push the Adventurer over the edge. I decided against it, because it technically wouldn't be the Possessor's kissing them.

Tell me what you think.
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PostSubject: Re: Possessor   Wed Nov 18, 2015 12:34 am

I love it! Mixing in the loving kiss and the devistation of her "miasma" makes great use of her opponents sensory and thats my favorite of all my fetishes. Great work on this profile!
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