A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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PostSubject: Rapenzel   Sun Nov 22, 2015 6:25 am

(Works with both versions of the Simple RP rules)

Appearance: A midara with brilliant blue eyes, an innocent face and delicate lips. She has a slender and petite figure, dressed in a modest, light purple gown that gives her the appearance of a well-to do commoner. Her most striking featuring is her shiny and wavy blonde hair that snakes behind her, impossibly long and seemingly coiling with a life of its own.

Description: Legends tell of a princess with hair that was beautiful beyond compare. A witch corrupted the heart of the princess out of jealousy, infusing her with an insatiable lust improper for a woman of her stature. In response, her parents locked her away in a distant tower. The curse of the witch tarnished the blessing the princess was born with, turning her hair into a reflection of her psyche: a tangling, coiling mass of frustration and longing. Like most of the women cursed by the midara, she stayed young eternally, and is still out there, waiting in that very tower for the prince who will relieve her of her curse, if only temporarily. Of course, she is not picky and will jump an adventurer too.

Tentacoil: The midara turns a strand of hair into an autonomous coil. It has 1 Stamina/1 STAMINA and can do standard Stamina and Willpower attacks each round.
Shimmering Fascination: The midara will play peek-a-boo from behind strands of her hair, blowing kisses and winking at the adventurer. Does 2 Charm damage/1 WILLPOWER damage and Charms the opponent.  
Entangle: The midara hugs the adventurer and kisses him on the cheek, while an errant strand of hair binds his body. Does 2 Charm damage/1 WILLPOWER damage and Binds the opponent.
Tickle Torment: Only works on Bound adventurers. The midara uses coils of her hair to tickle and teaste the adventurer, making him drop his weapon and taking it away. Disarm(-3 Stamina/-1 STAMINA damage to attacks unless you succesfully roll to recover your weapon. Lasts 2 rounds before the midara gives the weapon back out of pity.)
Rope Swing: Only works on Bound adventurers. The midara tosses her hair over a beam in the ceiling so that the adventurer is bound upside down. She treats the hair-rope like a swing, pushing the adventurer away until he comes back to her, each time awaiting him with lips pout. The midara makes three rolls, and does 2 Charm damage/1 WILLPOWER damage for each succesful attack.
Hairy Situation: Only works if there are 4 Tentacoils on the field. Undodgeable. The Tentacoils shoot out and wrap around a limb each, Binding the adventurer. The midara then rips his clothes off, making him more vulnerable to attacks(Exposed: double Willpower/WILLPOWER damage from attacks for the rest of the battle).
God Diva(Finisher): Can only be done after the adventurer's Willpower/STAMINA or WILLPOWER is 1/3 of the maximum or lower(rounded up), or the adventurer is Exposed. If the roll succeeds, the midara strips down from her dress and underwear so that she's only covered in her hair. She walks up to the adventurer, teasingly flipping her hair to the side to expose parts of her naked body. When she reaches him, she gives her lovestruck victim a long French kiss until he reaches full mast. Her hair wraps around the pair like a cocoon while she mounts her quarry, riding him until their mutual muffled cries of orgasm burst through the thick layer of hair. The Finisher gives him a Crush on her(the adventurer will start any new battle with 5 less Willpower/1 less WILLPOWER until he defeats her).
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PostSubject: Re: Rapenzel   Tue Nov 24, 2015 1:21 am

Starting off I wondered "has this person recently watched Tangled?"

At the ceiling beam part I thought "Yep, they definitely watched Tangled."

I have to say I find her focus on binds more appealing than a 'frying pan' move, and her being covered only by her hair is my favorite part come the finisher.
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