A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Shoulder Schizoid

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PostSubject: Shoulder Schizoid   Sun Nov 22, 2015 7:06 am

(Done according to the Lucky Seven Labyrinth version of the Simple RP rules)

Appearance: A midara with heterochromia, one eye red and one eye blue. Her hair is frizzled and has both lack and blonde strands. She wears a tight bodysuit with colours that shift between crimson and pink. Her voice shifts from guttural and husky to sweet and innocent. Needless to say, she looks like she escaped a bedlam.

Description: There once was a woman who had devoted her life to the gods, taking a vow of chastity that hid away her carnal desires behind a mental block. Her reputation for devotion was known throughout the land, and though she was blessed with beauty beyond compare, she turned all her suitors away with a benign smile. A passing midara was up to mischief, and messed with the mental block, though she was not powerful enough to dispel it entirely. Day and night the woman became tormented by steamy visions, and she hid herself from the world in shame. Though she prayed and prayed, no gods came to her aid this time. Angered, she renounced her faith and went into the wild, lost to the world until travellers came to the town with stories of an anguished woman who spoke in two voices, one enticing and one loving, constantly muttering as if she was having a conversation with herself. Who knows what kind of powers she has manifested, suffering under the corruption of midara magic for so long? Many an adventurer will find that out for himself.

Wayward Whispers(Passive): The mental struggle the Shoulder Schizoid is going through is not simply limited to her own head. Anyone coming into contact with her will be plagued by a benign voice telling him to be lovely and good, and another voice telling him to give in to his destructive impulsive. The adventurer suffers from a default state of being Indecisive at the start of battle, unless it is replaced by our mental states. However, as soon as those are gone he goes back to being plagued by conflicting voices and becomes Indecisive again.
Inner Struggle(Passive): The midara herself constantly suffers from an inner struggle between her loving and lustful side. If she does not alter between using Loving and Lustful actions each two turns, one of the personalities will assert complete control, giving her access to a new action but also locking her out of using actions of the other personality.
Kiss and Make Up: Loving action. The midara walks up to the adventurer and whispers in his ear: "You look wounded in heart and body. Let me fix you up," before giving him a kiss that restores 1 STAMINA and does 2 WILLPOWER damage.
Mean Knee: Lustful action. The midara walks up to the adventurer and whispers in his ear while stroking his shaft: "I'll make you want to violate me," before kneeing his half-mast. Does 1 WILLPOWER and 1 STAMINA damage upon success, but also makes the adventurer Pissed(next attack will do double STAMINA damage if a success. This mental state replaces Indecisive.)
Love and Peace: Loving action. The midara does a cutesy, giggling dance while proclaiming how beautiful the world is, unaware of how her movements emphasize every curve of her body. Does 1 WILLPOWER damage and Charms the adventurer(have to make two rolls when doing STAMINA attacks. This mental state replaces Indecisive).
Lust and Fury: Lustful action. The midara does a taunting dance in which she mocks the adventurer while slapping her butt. Does 1 WILLPOWER damage and turns the adventurer Berserk(can only do STAMINA attacks, have to make two rolls to succeed on attacks due to blind rage. This mental state replaces Indecisive).
Loving Generosity: Loving action, can only be done when the Loving side is in complete control. The midara blows a kiss that does 1 WILLPOWER damage. If the attack is succesful, she will walk up to the dazed adventurer and try to give him a French kiss. If this attack is succesful, it does an additional 2 WILLPOWER damage.
Lustful Rampage: Lustful action, can only be done when the Lustful side is in complete control. The midara does a tackle that does 1 STAMINA damage. If the attack is succesful, she will walk up to the downed adventurer and sit her crotch on his face, rubbing the humiliation in. If this attack is succesful, it does an additional 2 WILLPOWER damage.
Personality Splitter(Finisher): If the adventurer is reduced to 1/3 of maximum STAMINA/WILLPOWER while neither the Loving or Lustful side is dominant, the pent-up tension will actually cause the midara to split into two copies of herself for a moment, one loving and one lustful. They will proceed to fight over the adventurer, tearing his clothes of in the struggle that follows, shoving each other away while passionately kissing the target of their affections in turn, until he is overwhelmed and drops on the ground. At this point, they will come to a gentlewoman's agreement: one gets to ride the adventurer's dick, the other gets to sit on his face. The addled man can do little else than comply with the arrangement the pair has made. When the trio reaches an implausibly well-synchronized climax, the sides of the Shoulder Schizoid become one again. The Finisher gives him a Crush on her(the adventurer will start any new battle with 1 less WILLPOWER until he defeats her).
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PostSubject: Re: Shoulder Schizoid   Tue Nov 24, 2015 1:16 am

Excellent work here. The dual personality is both mechanically meaningful and an entertaining theme for the character. Reminds me of Twinrova in reverse, but, you know, hot
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Shoulder Schizoid
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