A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Fallen Fashionista

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PostSubject: Fallen Fashionista   Mon Nov 23, 2015 8:53 am

(Done according to the Lucky Seven Labyrinth version of the Simple RP rules)

Appearance: A mousy fashionista with orange hair and purple granny glasses, clad in a black sweater and tights beige jeans. She has a nice figure, but hides it out of shyness.

Description: A famous designer who toiled day and night to make her brand a success, leaving little time to find love. She would make the prettiest outfits for her clients, who would use them to woo their suitors, while she rushed on to the next commission. Midara magic soon latched onto her loneliness, planting the idea into her head that she should finally create something for herself, the masterpiece of her oeuvre. She took a sabbatical, shocking the public and sending them into a frantic search for her talents. However, none could find her. She's out there somewhere, waiting for the right one, or really, anyone, to find her and finally finish the pinnacle of her work.

Dress Up(Passive): During battle, the midara works tirelessly on her dress, keeping the adventurer at bay in the meantime. Every four rounds, the midara's work will enter a new stage, until it is finished. After the third phase is over, she models her dress in a scandalous show that instantly reduces the adventurer's WILLPOWER to zero.
(Phase 1): The midara takes measurements and decides on the fabric she's going to use.
Measurement Torment: The midara uses her measuring tape to yank the adventurer's weapon from his mitts. -1 STAMINA damage to the victim's attacks unless you succesfully roll to recover your weapon. Lasts 2 rounds before the midara gives the weapon back out of pity.
Fabrication: The midara telekinetically manipulates a piece of fabric around the adventurer's eyes. Upon success, the adventurer is Blinded. Two rolls needed to make a succesful attack, lasts 2 rounds before the magic keeping the fabric in place disappears.
Pinpoint: The midara throws a bunch of needles at the adventurer, which pin the fabric of his clothes to the floor. The adventurer is now Bound, and must make a roll to escape. Lasts 2 rounds otherwise.
(Phase 2): The midara now pieces the form of her dress together.
Scissor Slice: The midara magically manipulates scissors to cut the adventurer's clothing off of him. Upon succes, he takes 1 STAMINA damage and is now Exposed(double damage from WILLPOWER attacks, lasts for the rest of the battle).
Sew Storm: The midara magically manipulates needle and thread to sew the adventurer's arms and legs together(they loop around, they don't actually go into the skin, thank heavens). Does 1 STAMINA damage and Binds the adventurer upon succes. Bound status lasts 2 rounds unless the adventurer escapes beforehand.
Mad Mannequin: The midara brings one of her mannequins to life in order to hold off the adventurer. The mannequin has 1 STAMINA and can only do basic STAMINA attacks.
(Phase 3): The midara is done with the shape of the dress and now decides on the colour and lipstick that goes with it.
Romantic Red: The midara puts on red lipstick and switches the colour of the dress, blowing a kiss at the adventurer in the meantime. If the attack hits, the adventurer takes 1 WILLPOWER damage and is now Charmed(double rolls needed in order to pull of STAMINA attacks against the caster).
Glitzy Green: The midara puts on green lipstick and switches the colour of the dress, blowing a kiss at the adventurer in the meantime. If the attack hits, the adventurer takes 1 WILLPOWER damage and is now Dazzled(Upon a miss, take 1 WILLPOWER damage. Lasts 2 rounds).
Blessed Blue: The midara puts on blue lipstick and switches the colour of the dress, blowing a kiss at the adventurer in the meantime. If the attack hits, the adventurer takes 1 WILLPOWER damage and is now Dopey(a critical succes now counts as a critical failure. Lasts 2 rounds).
Fitting End(Finisher): Automatically activates in round 13. The midara disappears behind a curtain and a catwalk rises from the ground. Lurid music begins playing as the midara puts on her outfit. Her hair, her make-up, her demeanor: she looks like a completely different person, a sexy model ready to snag up her man. She poses, winks and blows kisses at the adventurer, who looks starstruck. As she gestures for him to come with her as she walks back behind the curtain, she casually begins to unzip her dress, ready for a night of lovemaking. This Finisher gives the adventurer a Crush on her(the adventurer will start any new battle with 1 less WILLPOWER until he defeats her).
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Fallen Fashionista
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