A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Endless Saga RP Rules (1.1) & More

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PostSubject: Endless Saga RP Rules (1.1) & More   Fri Dec 18, 2015 2:10 pm

Hello, all, longtime no see!

Hertzez and I were discussing setting up an RP between us and it occurred to us that the Simple RP rules are sufficient they can be a bit anti-climatic at times with the low hit rate of attacks. As a result I am brainstorming a new way for us to role play as our adventurers and enemies. I'm looking to create a more decisive and dynamic system that's more akin to a FF JRPG or DnD. At first I plan to lay a groundwork that is just meant for two people to simply RP, 1 vs 1. Down the road, I will expand said system to accommodate a hero vs multiple cannon fodder enemies and a boss. Then further out if there is interest in this system I can progress to character growth; making our heroes and perhaps foes stronger with each character they beat. We can have people RP as heroes or monsters in a module and actually play out a story instead of one-time battles.

I will be updating this thread as I go, but feel free to chime in with advice or commentary.

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PostSubject: Re: Endless Saga RP Rules (1.1) & More   Sat Dec 19, 2015 4:20 am

Okay, folks here we go, Endless Saga Version 1.0 ruleset divined by yours truly while daydreaming at work! For your character sheet please format it as follows;

Sex: , Age:
Appearance: (can be short or as long as you like, but do write something!)
Origin: (same as above, can combine with above)

I'll get back to you all as to what you should list for abilities, but allow me to break down how stats will work in version 1.0. FYI, this is subject to change as problems arise or new ideas take hold, but here goes; all characters, human or midara will have a fixed amount of Health Points (HP) and Willpower (WP). Like you're probably thinking HP determines how many hits you can take before you go down. WP is meant to represent your fighting spirit and how often you can use your abilities. The amount of HP and WP a character can have is 25/15 HP/WP respectively. However, you have the option to add or subtract up to 5 of either to put points in the other. For example, you have a 30/10 or 20/20 split. It is up to you to choose. How do you choose, you ask? I'll explain...

When it comes down to combat in the Endless Saga there are 3 types of attacks one can use. The first is the "basic attack". As to what that constitutes, it's up to you. You can blow a kiss or whack somebody with a boomerang as long as it does 1 HP worth of damage. Basic attacks are what the jab is to boxing, it's not going to win you the fight but it's essential to set stuff up later down the road. Like a jab, basic attacks are easy to pull off and have a 75% chance to hit. Wow! Next, are "special attacks", which can do double the damage of a basic attack for the cost of 1 WP and inflict status effects. However, special attacks are only accurate 66% of the time as they are more tricky to pull off. Last but not least, are "signature attacks", think of these as classic limit breaks from Final Fantasy. Signature attacks are the most powerful moves in your arsenal and "should" only be used in times of desperation. These attacks inflict 5 damage or more if specified, making them the most powerful type of attack in Endless Saga. Signature moves are not to be repeated indefinitely as they cost 1 WP / HP damage inflicted, therefore if a signature attack inflicts 10 HP worth of damage it will cost the user 10 WP to use. The first signature attack you use will always be successful so we can all have our moment to shine. Yay! However subsequent signature attacks will be less accurate even if it is a different signature move, so plan accordingly. Each time a signature attack is used, the accuracy is reduced by 20% until it reaches 40% accuracy. To roll for attacks, a 20-sided dice or d20 is the preferred method of determining hits. Attacks with a 75% chance to hit require a 5 or greater roll, 66% requires 7 or greater and so on. As of this time there are no critical success or failure rolls in order to keep things as simple as possible. Now that you have a grasp on combat, let me explain status effects.

Simply stated status effects buff or weaken characters in combat. In the first revision of the rules, status effects have been expanded upon to provide more depth to characters' move lists. The following are all the possible status effects;

Sweep - capable of hitting EITHER multiple enemies or the same enemy twice. Sweeps used in succession halve the accuracy to 33%. Signature moves that use this status also double it's WP cost.

Recovery - regain 3 HP, however cannot inflict damage during that turn. 1 turn cool down.

Drain - typically only used by succubi, vampiric or psychic type characters. Restores either 2 HP or 1 WP in addition to damage dealt.

Stun/Sleep/Charm (Midara) - target loses their next turn and all attacks succeed against them. Wears off after 1 turn. Characters who are charmed may engage in lustful actions with their opponent without taking additional damage for that turn.

Bind/Hold/Grapple (Midara)- target takes 1 HP damage per turn until free. Target may struggle to break free with odds of success being 20% X (P), "P" being the number of turns that the target has been held. Any kind of midara is able to inflict this status by restricting the movement of their foe.

"Strong" modifier halves the success rate of struggling to 10% X (P). Generally speaking, binds of this difficulty are only encountered when a midara is or about to have full on intercourse with the target.

"Impossible" modifier doubles the damage to 2 HP per round and has the same success rate of the "strong" modifier. Usually only succubi are capable of inflicting this status using life drain.

The following is a table of rolls needed to break a bind, on the left is the number of turns that the bind has lasted and on the right the minimum roll to break free;

1P/16, 2p/12, 3P/8, 4P/4, 5P/1     For strong or impossible binds;  1P/18, 2P/16, 3P/14, 4P/12, 5P/10, 6P/8, 7P/6, 8P/4, 9P/2, 10P/1

Sample character sheet.....

Female, 20
A young woman born to a military aristocratic family. She was top in her classes at the academy and graduated at age 16. Brunhilde served honorably in her regiment for 4 years before she was given her own command. Mature for her age, but lacking experience her superiors sent her to scout and document the midara. While she was under no obligation to battle them, she decided it prudent to do so to better understand their abilities. Officially, the military stopped the recon because the scouting parties proved too unreliable for various reasons. Standing near 6' tall Brunhilde in uniform could easily be mistaken, at glance, for a man. Wearing the silver and blue overcoat dragoon uniform and hat she was a sight to behold! At roughly 170lbs, she was only slighter thinner than her male counterparts. Contrasting with her uniform, Brunhilde's ruby red hair was kept in a ponytail tucked into her spiked helm. She had dark blue eyes and a wore a cute scowl on her face. Her complexion was of a slightly tanned white and build of a modest woman. Yet she had wonderfully muscled and curvy legs probably from plenty of horseback riding.
HP 22, WP 18
Basic Attacks:
Snap shot - fires a quick round with her C96 Pistol at her target.
Slash and dash - uses a cavalry saber in a two-step slashing motion before backing away and reassessing.
Special Attacks:
Double tap - takes aim with her C96 before letting off two rounds in quick succession at her target.
First Aid - recovery status.
Whirlwind (sweep) - swings her blade in a wide arc in front of her several times, capable of hitting multiple enemies.
Shooting star - Executes a series of stabs with her cavalry blade.
Signature Attacks:
CHAARRGE! (10) - Mounts her horse and charges home at her foe with her blade in hand.
Suppressive Fire - Fires her C96 at her enemy rapidly until she runs out of ammo.

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Endless Saga RP Rules (1.1) & More
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