A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Glossy Temptress

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PostSubject: Glossy Temptress   Sun Dec 27, 2015 10:51 pm

Glossy Temptress

Appearance: wears skin-tight black latex leggings, tall hot-pink heels of a shiny, glittery material, and a tight-fitting black and pink latex dress. All of her makeup is shiny and metallic pink, from her sparkly nail polish to her eyeshadow to her bright and full painted lips coated in shimmering.

Description: a dazzling enchantress whose tactics revolve around catching her opponent's gaze and keeping them fixated on her shiny appearance. If her opponent doesn't have a shiny fetish, she has the ability to bestow one upon them to increase the power of her abilities.

Glossy imprint: calling out to her target, the Glossy Temptress catches their attention and she flashes them a wink. "I'm gonna catch your eye, babe! Now here's something to keep with you~<3" A blush spreads across their face as she leans forward and brings a delicate, shiny hand up to her lips, kissing it with a loud "MWAH~" and lowering her hand, blowing out a soft breath, sending forth a pair of shimmering lips that flutter forth and plant a firm kiss on their cheek, letting out the same "MWAH~" the Temptress spoke as she kissed her hand, filling their mind with the sound of her lovely voice. The kiss then dissolves into their skin, becoming a kiss mark on their cheek. Increases charm and leaves a kiss mark that can be used by the Glossy Temptress for future attacks. Will only disappear if she is defeated.

Irresistible: striking another pose, this time drawing more attention to her shiny, latex-covered body, her long-lashes flutter as she giggles, her eyes locked with her target's. "How do you like shiny things? Do you like my shiny curves? Think they're sexy? Well now you're going to find them irresistible!" She then begins to run her hands over her body, moaning and cooing as she does so, her target's eyes fixated on her wandering hands an glistening curves. As her hands rub across every inch of her latex, the outfit's shine begins to increase, becoming far more alluring to her target. Small hearts then begin to radiate off from her shimmering body, floating out and bursting across her victim. "Mmmm gotta love it!" Does little charm increase, but causes her target to develop a shiny fetish, causing all of her attacks to become more effective, as well as any other attacks used on the target by monstergirls using something shiny (such as kisses using lipgloss).

That perfect feel: "oh babe, you know you wanna know what this feels like, don't you? Don't you wanna c'mere and touch it???" the Glossy Temptress beckons to her target, inviting her target over with a single finger and flashing them a wink, a shower of sparkles flying from her shimmery painted eyelid. If Irresistible has been used, the target will immediately rush over and begin to rub their hands all over the Temptress, feeling the sensation of the smooth latex. If Irresistible has not been used, the target may resist, and if the target resists then the Temptress will pose and blow kisses and continue to encourage the target to come touch her latex. The feel of the latex causes the victim to become more enamored with the Glossy Temptress, as well as bring them close to her and immobilize them, setting them up as a prime target for whatever she might want to do next.

Shiny sisterhood (finisher, female): can only be used after the temptress has put four glossy imprints on her target and they must have a shiny fetish (can be one put upon them by Irresistible) the Glossy Temptress will snap, summoning a makeup kit. "Baby girl, you'd make a great latex model; now come over here so we can doll you up and get you strutting and slutting!" The imprints on the target begin to radiate with energy, flooding their mind with energy and thoughts of the Temptress and her offer, pulling her into a submissive, hypnotized state. She'll then walk over and present herself for a makeover. Swiftly getting to work, the Temptress begins to do the woman's makeup just like hers, shiny and dazzling with long lashes, shimmering eyeshadow, and lots of glitter on her cheeks. "Ooooh yes yes yes! Now...... an outfit!" Snapping with both hands, she'll bring both hands to her lips and kiss them, leaning forward and slowly blowing out a bright energy that surrounds the woman, changing her outfit to become significantly more attractive, revealing, and become composed entirely out of shiny latex. "Splendid! And now the cherry on top...." As a finishing touch, the Temptress will take out a tube of lipstick labeled "shimmering smooch" and run it over her own lips before planting a firm kiss on her victim's lips, transferring the lipstick onto her. This kiss snaps the victim out of their trance, completing the girl's change into a new Glossy Temptress.

(Lemme know what y'all think! I'm totally open to suggestions for this, as I'd really like to add a few more attacks to this one, including a male finisher)
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PostSubject: Re: Glossy Temptress   Wed Dec 30, 2015 7:13 pm

Wow she sound's awesome...I'd love to RP against her sometime. Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Glossy Temptress   Wed Feb 07, 2018 1:20 am

I'd love to fight her if I can.
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PostSubject: Re: Glossy Temptress   

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Glossy Temptress
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