A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Bewitching Bandit

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PostSubject: Bewitching Bandit   Wed Dec 30, 2015 5:20 pm

Something I came up with on a lonely winter's eve. Mechanics-wise, I explicitly state what happens for a critical success for some attacks. See it as an interesting little side dish. The numbers detailing the WP damage, or the amount of tokens needed, aren't absolute, and can be changed. They just are there to look pretty. Depends on your stamina and such. If anyone has any suggestions for other Midara, I am happy to give them a shot.

Most text is nothing but flavour, inspiration. If you decide to rp as this character, write up your own dialogue or events for said attacks. Felt I needed to disclaim that stuff.

Legend: (Optional Stuff)
[RPG-notes, so status, mechanics, whatever]

Also, I am terribly sorry for terrible puns. I have already offered a goat to ask forgiveness from the gods themselves.

Description: A Midara that has grown up in the worse-off alleys of an unnamed metropolis. Every tourist or traveller that found themselves suddenly lost would be preyed upon by this vixen. She has developed an ability akin to those of will-O-wisps, luring singular victims away from their groups. Her victims, if lucky and male, see the light of day again, for the Bewitching Bandit feeds on sexual desire, so the moment the desire is gone, so is the incentive to keep them. Women, however, are trained to be her betas and hunt the city together with her.

Appearance:  Still to do. Quite shit at them. I am taking suggestions.

Sleight of Hand: Having fluidly closed the distance between herself and the hero, her hands move over the erogenous zones of the hero, caressing them. She moves her head forward, closer and closer to the neck of the hero, finally arriving at her destination and starts sucking slowly on their skin, trying to match the heartbeat of the hero. The hero stands still, entranced by her deft touch and her calming lips. When she feels them snap out of it, she takes a step backwards, and smiles, leaving a hickey of proportional size. "That wasn't so bad, was it? You could just succumb to what you want", she says, winking at them. (If critical success: She suddenly glances downwards to the crotch of the hero. The hero, curious of what catches their attention, looks downward and sees their pants, skirt, whatever, lying on the ground. The bandit giggles as tears start to well up in her eyes. "That expression... just priceless... stop, you could kill me", she says, gasping for breath. [Hero needs to spend 1 turn to retrieve their pantaloons]) [2 Damage, Midara Stunned for Turn on Critical Failure]

Peck of Pleasure: Dodging out of the way of the hero's attack she suddenly stands face to face with them. Quickly grasping their face between her hands, she looks into their eyes, her eyes burning with desire. "Resist all you want. It only makes the eventual collapse even better," she softly speaks, her mouth moving towards the hero's. Her lips touch theirs, lingering there for a couple of seconds. "'Tis but a kiss I steal from you. Yet soon, it will be much more." She moves away from the hero, her eyes still lingering on theirs. Her lipstick is covering their mouth. "How do I taste?", she asks, her body swaying, waiting for the next chance to strike. [2 Damage]

Sneaking Whisper: Dodging out of the way of an attack, the bandit disappears from the sight of the hero. The hero looks around for her, wary of a counterattack. Suddenly, he feels warm breath in his ear. "My lips on yours. It was amazing." The hero strikes backwards, hoping to hit her, but nobody is there. Then, they again feel it, this time in their other ear. "But my lips on your dick/my tongue on your clit...." Again, they strike in the direction of the sound, again they strike naught but air. "Think of what that would feel like." And after those words were finished, she suddenly stood in front of them. "I like to play with my food, sweety", she said, grinning like the Cheshire cat. [1 Damage. +1 Whisper Tag upon Hero]

Hypnotic Lights: The bandit takes a coin from her bosom. She turns it around in her the light catching on its surface every 2 seconds. Timed with the light shining in the hero's eyes, the bandit makes a kissing sound. Rotation. *Schmack*. Rotation. *Schmack*. Rotation. *Schmack*. The lazy rhythm continues, the hero slowly growing transfixed on the sound and the light. Their lips even start moving along. "You are entranced. Yes. Ever so slowly, you drift further away into the blissfull light of this coin. Into the blissfull feeling of a kiss on your body. Of a kiss on your lips. Yes. You want to kiss me. You want to feel the happiness of the light", she says to them, moving closer, her voice soft and calm, spinning them further into her web. After reinforcing her trigger, she kisses them on the lips, snapping them out of their trance.  [1 Damage. +1 Hypnosis Tag]

Invitation[Requires 3 hypnosis tags]: "Fickle as you may be, it is time to be with me", the bandit says. The hero's eyes glaze over as they slowly walk towards her. "Nice of you to join me. Let's get you comfortable", she lays them down on the ground and starts taking their pants off. Or whatever article of clothing. Together with their undergarments. She plops down upon them, her face next to their groin. Having firmly made herself comfortable on their body, she snaps her fingers, bringing the hero out of their trance. "I like to see you struggle", she says, looking at their disorientated face. Shortly after that, her lips have gone down upon  them, kissing them all over their sensitive places. The hero starts to struggle. Yet doubt gnaws at their mind. Would it be better to just give in? The feeling... it is electrifying. [Bind, 3 Damage, All Hypnosis Tags Disappear on Success, 2 damage every turn till escaped non-avoidable, (initial attack can be avoided)]

Stunning Silence[Requires 3 Whisper tags]: The bandit's sweet whisperings have brought the hero to the edge of reason. Whenever she speaks, their throat tightens, their loins stir and their face reddens. The desire to throw it all away and succumb to their desires is getting bigger by the minute. The bandit sees this and her eyes twinkle. She sways her hips as she walks towards them. "How about I take care of the little predicament you are having, sweety. It would be a shame if you succumbed this quickly. I still haven't had my fill of...", she approached the hero: "sweaty. sexy. hot. erotic. touching. brawling. fighting." Every word punctuated with a soft kiss on their face. The hero is lost in bliss and can't do shit. To put it bluntly.  [Charm, Stun, 2 damage, Whisper Tags Gone on Success, next attack deals double damage]

Entanglement: (first time: As the hero staggers from having an attack of theirs countered, the bandit sees an opening and charges towards them, tackling them straight in the stomach, falling to the ground, on top of them. She seizes their limbs, looking straight in their eyes. "It seems I got you. Let's celebrate." And she does so by planting a kiss on their face.) Otherwise, do something with reinforcing hold on their limbs or body or whatsoever. [Never Deals Damage, first time takes a turn, hero bound, each two failed escape attempts, entanglement rises by 1, if entanglement level is higher than 1, successful escape attempt lowers entanglement level, otherwise, hero escapes. Hold of Avarice does more damage the higher the level of entanglement]

Hold of Avarice[Hero needs to be Entangled]: "You are mine! All mine! Mine to do with as I please!", she exclaims, truly ecstatic as she pecks the hero all over their face. She had caught them. Their bodies grind together, her boobs pressing into theirs/their chest, her soft skin touching theirs. And all of the time the kisses. The face of the hero was getting covered bit by bit in her lipstick. And every time their tongue moved over their lips, they tasted strawberry. (maybe something more, who knows?) [Damage according to level of Entanglement]

Stealing Semen(Male Finisher): The hero falls to the ground backwards, panting, breathing heavily, lustily ogling the demon that beat him. His rod is straining against his pants, wanting to get out. She sighs. "Aaaah. That was wonderful. I am thoroughly satisfied." She starts to walk away. When the man sees her do so, he starts to groan. She looks around. "Another one. How is it you people survive if you get that wound up from a feeding session? Ah, seeing you helped me so wonderfully, I guess I will return the favor." She takes a jar out of the folds of her outfit and sits down next to him. "Let me unbuckle you, stud", she giggles as she takes off his pants. His rod jumps free and stands painfully erect. "Now. Turn your head.", she says, as one hand grabs his member and the other moves his face towards hers, opening her mouth to let his tongue in. After the kiss has been fixed in place, she uses her free hand to position the jar in front of his member and starts to stroke. As they both get deeper absorbed in the kiss, in each other, his hand moves up her skirt, past her panties. A muffled, delighted voice can be heard from the entanglement of tongues and slowly, the scene fades into black.
The day thereafter, the man wakes up in the ally, his pants gone as the only proof that it ever happened. And the Midara? She has another jar of white delight for her collection. Sometimes, the man in question becomes addicted to her pleasure and keeps on coming back, being milked for his semen time and again. She had stolen not his semen, not a kiss, but his independence. [Will be free to go. Player's choice on addiction whatsoever]

Peck(sic) Animal (Female Finisher): She is panting, knowing that she is beaten. She tried her best. The hero tried her best. Yet it wasn't enough. She was unable to raise a hand against the Midara in front of her. "Thank you. This was very, very delightful", the bandit sighed in almost orgasmic pleasure. At that moment, the hero realized something. She was in love. This creature was her one and only. Seeing her this happy. It gave her this immense pleasure. Surely, that could only mean they were meant together. "Miss...", the hero started out, feeling afraid for the rejection she might receive. "Yes, sweety?", the bandit said, before looking in her eyes. Yet after she had done so, the bandit knew the score. "Of course. You needn't be afraid, little one. Come with me. I will introduce you to your new family," the bandit said, stroking the hero's hair. The scene fades into black.
Several months later, the hero had found her place in the bandit's harem. It had taken a while to get used to sharing her loved one with all those other women, but she had learned to cope. And today would be a special day. Someone had walked into their domain. And it would be her first victim. But first, her lover had wanted to see her. "A quick kiss before you depart to be all grown up, sweety", the bandit said, reaching towards the woman. The hero's heart skipped a beat. This was life. [Will become a thrall of the Midara]

--AN: Not that happy with this one. Writing style feels disjointed. Would appreciate feedback. Also, I was too lazy to do any proofreading. Might do so in the morrow.
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PostSubject: Re: Bewitching Bandit   Mon Jan 11, 2016 3:35 pm

Hey man I like it. The whole teasing thing is cool and the moves rock. Keep making profiles cause I wanna read em haha. Dunno what to suggest, but whatever you do, keep using the whole seduction/fall in love thing you're doing. Check out mgq for inspiration. That games hot lol
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Bewitching Bandit
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