A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Kiss Cultists

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PostSubject: Kiss Cultists   Sun Jan 10, 2016 10:10 pm

Forewarning: This is kinda long. I didn’t mean for it to be this long, but I started getting more ideas as I wrote… So yeah…

There's definitely something wrong with me, but I've been playing Terraria, and thought, hey, what if some of these things tried to kiss you to death! (I'm not into sex with weird monsters, so these will be mostly human/humanoid. Don't worry. Unless you're into that kind of stuff, then you can worry a little.) Although the basic concept was from Terraria, I included some other RPG type ideas, since in Terraria these guys only had like, touch damage and basic arrow attacks. I plan on expanding on this to include more boss like enemies, but that will probably go in to a different post since this is so long. Note that because I'm trying to base these off of video games, and often think about them like video game enemies, they might be fairly difficult to RP with (both because of complicated mechanics, and because they might be OP, I don’t know how to balance for actual play). Hopefully this whole thing isn’t too complicated; I had to go into quite a bit of detail on some moves...  Anyways, sorry for the long profile, if you do read the whole thing, (or even just a little bit) any feedback is appreciated! That was a lot of stuff I wanted to say… So without further ado, on to the profiles!

The Kiss Cultists are strange, secretive Midara, that are often seen worshiping the image of their Goddess. These midara will either be found worshiping and praying around an obelisk, or out in search of new sacrifices and possible converts. If they are seen praying to their goddess, they will likely ignore anyone unless provoked. If they are searching for new blood, though, they will relentlessly hunt down their target, sacrificing a male’s energy to the goddess, or “enlightening” a female, causing her to join their cult and worship the Lunar Goddess.

In combat, the group is separated in to 2 groups of 2. There are 2 "Lipstick Devotes" and 2 "Blue Cultist Kissers." The group usually attacks in pairs, rotating through the 4 of them, so usually only 2 will be fighting, while 2 continue to worship and pray to their goddess for power. The Cultists can however, decide to try to overwhelm the attacker and all attack on the same turn. Each turn that any of the Cultists pray to their goddess without interruption, the Cultists who were praying gain a Goddess Mark. When the group has a total of 25 of these marks, all of the Cultists will receive the Goddess’ Blessing, doubling their damage for the rest of the battle. The attacker can decide which cultist to attack, so they should probably be interrupting the praying cultists, however a Lipstick Devote may step in to block the attack. If there is only one cultist left remaining, when reduced to half health, she will begin to pray for a turn, and if not killed, she will release a devastating assault of pleasure upon her target as a desperate last attack to try to finish the enemy.

Lipstick Devotes: These midara wear a dark blue robe with a hood, which conceals most of their body and face. When in combat, they will open the front of their robe, revealing their rather large breasts, sexy black panties, and long slender legs. Their hood often keeps most of their face concealed in shadows, except for their plump lips, usually coated in dark red lipstick. The Lipstick Devotes are melee fighters, preferring to use direct kisses, and having higher stamina compared to their Blue Cultist Kisser counterparts.

Grind: “es fruens hoc?/are you enjoying this?” The Devote jumps on to an enemy and grinds against them, while kissing them on the lips. If her target is in a grapple by another Devote, the target takes bonus willpower damage while being sandwiched by the 2 Devotes.

Sacrificial Kiss: “Potentiam tuam nam deam/your power for the goddess” The Lipstick Devote runs over to their attacker, and grabs his head, forcing him into a deep kiss. While kissing, the Devote will drain his stamina, and transfer it to the Goddess, giving the Lipstick Devote a Goddess Mark.

Goddess’ Kiss: “A gustu fortitudo eius/a taste of her power” The Lipstick Devote channels the power of the Goddess in to her lips, causing them to glow with power. She then kisses an enemy, exposing them to the pleasure the Goddess can give, leaving a lipstick mark on the target that will cause them to take willpower damage each turn for the next 3 turns as they are exposed to visions of pleasure given by the goddess. If the attack misses, her lips are still empowered, and when any attack does land, the mark is applied, and lasts for the remaining duration. (For example, Devote empowers, then lands the attack the same turn: 3 turn debuff DoT. Devote empowers, misses this turn, but lands an attack the next turn: 2 turns of DoT. The kiss mark will apply on a successful “Sacrifical Kiss”, “Grind”, or “Goddess’ Kiss”.  

Grapple: “noli contra niti/do not struggle” The Devote teleports behind their attacker and holds them in a vulnerable position, allowing the rest of the attacks from the cultists this turn to be a guaranteed hit.

Block: “Non adicias/do not interrupt” The Lipstick Devote will teleport in front an attack aimed at a worshiping Cultist, creating a magical barrier, halving the damage from the attack, and taking the damage herself.

Silence: “Silentium, haereticus/silence, heretic” The Lipstick Devote applies a few more layers of lipstick, then forces her opponent into many hard kisses on the lips. When she releases her victim, the sticky lipstick holds their lips together, preventing them from speaking with party members or using any magic for 2 turns.

Goddess’ Revenge: This move will only be used when all other cultists have been defeated, and the remaining Devote is at half stamina or less. “Patior/suffer.” A large blast of energy emanates from the Devote, removing any status effects, and knocking down her opponent. The Devote then raises her arms as spectral hearts float out of her fallen allies and fly into her. Her lips begin to emit a dark aura, seeming to absorb the light around her. She rushes her enemy, and grabs them, holding their arms by their sides. She then forcefully plants multiple kisses on her enemy’s face, before she stares into her enemy’s eyes, her eyes now glowing a burning red. She grabs her victim’s face and gives them a long kiss on the lips, her target feels a hot burning sensation over their entire body, as well as incredible pleasure. The target’s clothes are burned away by the kiss, as their naked body is raised into the air. The Devote then teleports around them, kissing them all over their body, finishing with one on their member. This attack deals massive willpower damage. If this attack doesn’t drop her opponent’s willpower to 0, she will fall to her knees, then all 4 cultists will teleport away, counting as a victory for the player.

Blue Cultist Kissers: Dressed in a similar manner as the Lipstick Devotes, with a dark blue robe and hood. Their robes also have a golden trim around the hood, unlike the Devotes. These Cultists also don’t open their robes to reveal their bodies, but their robes are more tight fitting around the waist and chest area, still allowing for an outline of her large breasts to be seen. Another difference, is that their entire face is concealed in shadows, not even revealing their lips. The BCKs are the ranged fighters of the group, who are also more proficient in magic.
Flames of the Goddess: The Cultist smirks as her lips begin glowing a bright red. She kisses her palm and turns it upwards, as a pair of red lips appears. She then blows out a torrent of red lips that engulfs her target, dealing high willpower damage.

Goddess’ Rainbow: “Dat multis modis/she gives in many ways” The Cultist kisses both hands and throws her hands outwards a few times, each time, multiple differently coloured lips and hearts fly out and float in a rainbow formation in front of her. She then turns her palm upwards and blows, sending the rainbow flying at her target. Deals some willpower damage, as well as having a chance to stun, charm, or lower their attack.

Blind: “Caecus ad lumen veritatis/blind to the truth” The Cultist’s lips glow white as she kisses her hand twice, then blows 2 bright white kisses at her opponent, each one hitting an eye, temporarily blinding them, massively lowering their accuracy.

Weaken: “Adaperiat cor vestrum/open your heart” The Cultist quickly kisses her hand, and waves it towards an enemy, a pair of spectral blue lips flies out and kisses an enemy. The lips stick to her target leaving a mark, which enhances the target’s sensitivity to pleasure, causing them to take slightly more willpower damage from all attacks for the next 2 turns. If the target is also marked by “Goddess’ Kiss” then the effect of “Weaken” is doubled.

Goddess’ Reprieve: “Non occidatis/you will not fall” The Cultist chants some words, then looks up as she raises her arms to the sky. A light shines upon her, and her lips suddenly glow a bright green. She then kisses her palm, creating a green heart, and then blows it towards another Cultist, healing their wounds.

Smite: This move will only be used when all other cultists have been defeated, and the remaining Blue Cultist Kisser is at half stamina or less. “Patior/suffer.” A large blast of energy emanates from the Cultist, removing any status effects, and stunning her opponent. The Cultist rises into the air while glowing a bright white. Spectral hearts float out of her fallen allies and begin to spin around her. The Cultist then blows kiss after kiss, as hearts and lips of varying colour fly at her target. She then looks up to the sky and raises her arms, the 3 hearts then fly up into the sky as well. After a few seconds, a large ray of light strikes her enemy from the sky, subjecting him to incredible pleasure for a few seconds. If her target survives the move, she will fall down, as she and all her allies are teleported away, counting as a victory for the player.

Sacrifice: “Pro ea/for her” If at any point the male player’s willpower reaches 0, the remaining cultists will teleport along with him to a strange temple. The cultists apply a few layers of a special dark purple lipstick, then blow a few kisses towards the defeated male. Circles of dark energy appear around the defeated male, holding his arms by his sides and legs together. He is also floated upright, in the middle of the cultists. The cultists then begin to pray and chant. A dark aura appears around the male’s body, and he begins to feel immense pleasure throughout his body. The male writhes in pleasure as the cultists begin to kiss and blow kisses all over his body, adding to the pleasure. He is subjected to this for a few minutes as he ejaculates multiple times, having all of his energy drained and offered to the goddess. The cultists then keep him in their dungeon, to be drained and have his energy offered to the goddess again and again.

Convert: “Unus ex nobis/one of us” If at any point the female player’s willpower reaches 0, the remaining cultists will teleport along with her to a strange temple. The cultists apply a few layers of a special dark red lipstick, then surround the weakened female. One cultist will kiss her on the lips for a long time, as a dark aura surrounds them. The victim is shown images of the Goddess as she has her mind warped by the kiss to blindly follow the Goddess’ teachings. Any other cultists will press their bodies against the female’s, rubbing her in very pleasing ways, as well as softly kissing her on the cheeks, neck, or anywhere else. After a few minutes, the female will have been converted in to a cultist, and will accept the Lunar Goddess as the one truth.

If the Kiss Cultists are defeated, a strange aura will fill the air around the player, and… Stay tuned for more Wink

Sorry again for the long profile (almost 2000 words), but I had a lot of stuff I wanted to add. Hopefully it all makes sense, and is sufficiently sexy, and not too longwinded. Again, any constructive criticism is welcome, after all, that’s the point of posting it in a place like this, as well as of course, giving you guys something to (hopefully) enjoy!
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PostSubject: Re: Kiss Cultists   Mon Jan 11, 2016 5:28 am

God DAMN, son. This is some good shit right here.

Wouldn't mind doing an RP against these some time, provided there're enough like-minded folks around to form a party.

But yeah, other than the standard spelling niggles here and there, this is a hell of a first post, Keph Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Kiss Cultists   Mon Jan 11, 2016 6:20 am

This is very good! They reminds me of Fetish Cultist and Sand Witches Colony from Fenoxo's CoC, and those are two of my favourite contents!

Though I thought the blue cultist kisser will have temptation as their basis, will appreciate it if the next cultist member (the Lunar Goddess?) have temptation attacks (nvm if you've planned it beforehand). Wink

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PostSubject: Re: Kiss Cultists   Mon Jan 25, 2016 6:26 pm

Oh look, I'm alive.

Sorry I haven't been around much, but thank you guys very much for the positive feedback, glad you liked it! (I hope I haven't set the bar too high on myself). hertzez, I'll try to work in temptation stuff in the next profile. Speaking of which, I wanted to be making profiles a bit more often than I have been, but stuff happened, and I never got around to it. I'll try to put out the next one soon. I only have very general ideas planned at this point, but I intend on creating 3 (well, 6) more profiles in this series, and maybe a few others after that. Since I don't have specifics planned... at all really, if anyone would like me to try to add in some kind of fetish of theirs at some point, please feel free to tell me.
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PostSubject: Re: Kiss Cultists   Thu Jan 28, 2016 2:42 pm

Wow. If you want this tested out against a Male opponent I would be Glad to offer my services XD
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PostSubject: Re: Kiss Cultists   

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Kiss Cultists
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