A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Shipments of Adventurers

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PostSubject: Shipments of Adventurers   Tue Jan 12, 2016 10:17 am

The portal was spewing out midara at an alarming rate in the remote remnants of the Old Continent's capital. Adventurers flew in on drakes, gryphons, in zeppelins, or by teleporting the distance. Ragtag groups formed and were send through the streets, hoping they could push back the waves through sheer attrition.

A swordsman, a paladin, a wizard, a cleric and an archer were one of the first groups to encounter midara. They were all shockingly beautiful, but the adventurers pressed on, pairing off one on one with their adversaries.

The swordsman found himself facing a slender blonde in a pink bikini, her hair flowing down some much that it dragged across the ground, even though it was tied in a braid with a matching bow. The blonde smiled at him and tried to introduce herself, but the swordsman was having none of it and slashed at her. "Hey, you almost cut off my beautiful hair, how dare you!", she responded, dodging and slinging her long braid with her hand around the pommel off her opponent's sword. With a pull, she ripped it out of his hands. The swordsman quickly rushed to the place it fell, but the midara slung her braid once again, this time around his neck, and pulled him backwards, making him fly off his feet gasping for breath. (Un)luckily for him, she expertly broke his fall by catching him in her arms, and crushing her lips against his. "That's payback for what you tried to pull," she chided, and the swordsman was so stunned he couldn't even mumble a sorry.

The paladin faced off against an angelic midara that hovered above the ground, halo lighting up her beautiful face. "Are you sure you shouldn't be fighting on my side, since you're a servant of the gods and all?" she teasingly asked. "You dare to mock them by taking on the guise of an angel!," he bellowed back in anger. She hovered around him, letting her hands move up and down her body while taunting: "Are you sure that's the conclusion you want to reach? Because I see how you're eyeballing me, and it would be very bad for a paladin to have those impure thoughts." The paladin glared even harder, trying to suppress his lust. "Wouldn't it be a better scenario if instead of lusting after a demon, the paladin had simply been enchanted by the beauty of a divine creature, the pinnacle of creation of his beloved gods, and fallen in love with her?", she continued, ending her sentence with a blown kiss and wink. She could see the gears in the man's head turning and smiled even more, knowing she had her hooks in him.

The wizard was engaged in a battle of magic against a midara clad in yellow robes with embroided arcane symbols. "Lightning!", he shouted, and a bolt shot out of his fingertip. She expertly dodged, and laughed at him: "Your spellwork is slow and relies too much on actually voicing it out loud." With a gesture of her hand, a specter of a gorgeous woman appeared in front of the wizard suddenly, grabbing him by the robes and snogging him. Helpless now that he was silenced, the midara made another gesture and a concentrated blob of love magic in the form of heart popped into existence above the kissing pair. It slowly floated down, the wizard unable to stop it, and burst with a dry oomph, sending waves of adoration crashing into the man. It also dispelled the specter, but the midara responded by waving her hand and slowly turning her clothing see-through, revealing puffy nipples and a throbbing clit under her robes. The wizard began to trudge towards the midara with hesitant glee on his face.

The cleric cast several protective charms to ward off any midara magic, but instead he found himself facing a wistful woman in a somewhat tattered black dress. She looked past the cleric, at the portal and the ruins around her and spoke: "You know how old I am, little cleric? Hundreds of years. The world we came from fell apart, and I watched it all happen. Men started dying off mysteriously, and due to the imbalance in the population, women took to forbidden magic in order to compete for them. The magic corrupted them, leading them to experience a frenzied lust as they chased down lovers and broke their wills. Society tore itself apart, and the magic stopped us from ageing, forcing us to watch the slow and steady decline. Is it really so bad that we now come to your world, big as it is? Are you sure there's no room in your heart to let us be? All I wanted was to have a family..." The woman started to cry, and the cleric pitied her. He too knew off loneliness and the desire to have a child, of the pain of watching a land corrupt itself. This woman was no fighter. He put his staff and moved towards her, and the midara hugged him while seemingly sobbing on his shoulder. "Thank you," she heaved,"you're the first to show me kindness in such a long time." In an impulse of emotion, she grabbed the cleric and desperately kissed him, throwing all her relief and passion into it.

The archer and a midara in an magician's assistant outfit were duking it out somewhat away from the rest of the party. The archer shot arrows at the midara, while she hopped from rooftop to wall and back, taunting the archer while shaking her boobs and lifting her skirt up at him. She sometimes blew tangible pairs of lips at the archer, who easily evaded it. They seemed to be at an impasse when the girl suddenly ducked, moving out of sight. The archer could hear shuffling, but didn't see anything. "Come out, you coward!", he called, trying to provoke her. He was met with silence. Suddenly, he heard a battlecry and turned around just in time to get a face full of panty as the midara jumped down from the other side the archer was looking at. A lurid aroma assaulted the archer's nostrils as he collapsed backwards while the girl sweetly strangled him with her thighs. She moved herself a bit after her victim had grown a tad weaker, sitting on his chest while she waited for him to come to a bit.

The party was in shambles, as was their resolve. The midara the swordsman faced had now removed her bikini and braid, her flowing hair covering her assets. Her victim hesitated to pick up his sword, but every time he did, the blonde nudged her hair to the side to reveal her bountiful chest and lured him a little closer. The angel had the paladin wrapped around her finger, as her logic, boosted by a bit of charm magic, upended the faith of the man. She innocently asked: "Aren't you supposed to propose now?" and the paladin nodded, removing one of his holy rings and kneeling down. The wizard had reached the robed midara, and she gestured again, making the spectral woman appear behind her victim. The wizard did not offer any resistance as the specter locked him in a hug, so busy was he staring at the beauty in front of him. The cleric tried to pull away from the woman, and she apologized about her sudden bout of affection. She bashfully looked at the ground and asked: "About that family thing...is it overly forward of me if I ask you for help with that?" The archer was in quite a pickle, his weapon tossed away by his enemy, her on top of him, and his arms were stiff as her weight interfered with the flow of blood. "I wonder if you can still dodge my kisses in this position, cupcake," she said with barely veiled malice in her voice.

It was almost over. The blonde midara moved her hair out of the way as the swordsman embraced her, and she moved her full lips towards his. *kiss* The angel clapped her hands together in glee, shouted "of course I will marry you!" and now that it was all chaste and proper, the paladin had no trouble when she dived into his mouth. *kiss* The robed midara teased the wizard: "Why don't you try casting a spell for me, I want to see how much fight you still have in you." The wizard obeyed and start casting "Light..*kiss*Fireba..*kiss* Torme..*kiss* The cleric was flabbergasted, but he felt it was only right to make each other happy after a few *kiss* more *kiss* kisses *kiss* from the lonely woman. The archer felt *kiss* after *kiss* after *kiss* land on his face as the acrobatic midara kept launching lips at him, before finely lowered her face to his and going for the full tongue-to-tongue. Whatever method they used, it all ended in the same thing: smooching that steadily sapped the willpower of the warriors. The first wave failed miserably, but the battle was only starting.
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PostSubject: Re: Shipments of Adventurers   Sun Jan 17, 2016 10:41 am

Really good content, looking forward to hopefully seeing more of this
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Shipments of Adventurers
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