A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 The Assassins Merciful Technique

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PostSubject: The Assassins Merciful Technique   Wed Jan 20, 2016 4:18 am

This girl was skilled. Her fighting style very similar to yours, and just as developed. Being cloaked in that black armoured leather bodysuit didn't seem to inhibit her movements whatsoever. She twirled through the air with a deadly grace, her daggers only just being blocked by yours on the ground. Her crimson eyes shone with passion for the battle. You hadn't fought someone this close to you in skill in quite some time. You strike again and again at any openings you think you spot. Only to have her blades meet yours at the last instant, likewise when she leaps in, attempting to puncture you with her cruel looking blades. You manage to deflect here at the crucial moment each time. The only difference you note, is that even though her fighting style is much more acrobatic and airborne than yours, you begin to feel tired, and she doesn't appear to be.

She leaps above you, twisting in the air, you raise your daggers to block her blades, but instead of slashing at you, she uses her lithe frame to deliver an strong kick to your chest. Not expecting this, you're sent sprawling, your weapons sliding across the ground, far out of reach. You go to dive for one of your weapons, to at least stand a chance, when your assailant speaks.

"Stop, you'd be dead before you even get halfway" her voice is soft, but firm, the exact type of honey layered speech that could make a target for assassination drop his guard in an instant. Still, knowing her to not be lying, you don't move. Looking up at her, you see her pacing around you, her walk is elegant, and her voluptuous figure is hard to ignore. Her red eyes seem to glow a brighter shade of red than before,

"I was ordered to make sure you could never cross our clan again" she continues, voice lacquered with venom, but as she continues it grows less hateful and more affectionate
"But, you are clearly far too talented of a warrior to let that go to waste" she continues to pace around you, drawing closer now. "I'd like you to join me"

Forcing yourself to look away from her slender form, you spit on the ground, "I'd rather die" you snap, voice laden with anger
"I had a feeling youd say that"" she purred, "Are you aware my Chi art deals with manipulating impurity" she's stroking her hands up her body now, emphasising every perfect curve. "And you've been having some, ah", she moans as she continues to stroke herself " rather impure thoughts about me now, haven't you". She laughs as she adopts a more seductive walk and continues pacing around "no need to answer you dirty boy, I can hear them, and their getting louder aren't they". You're at a loss for words, if she's telling the truth, which her confidence suggests she is, then you're probably in a lot of trouble.
" Don't worry, this'll be most enjoyable for the both of us, it seems that urge to submit to me that you're currently trying to push out of your mind will go nicely with my firm, more dominant side" her words worm their way into your mind, her mannerism is definitely getting to you. Feeling more than slightly hot under the collar, you force yourself to stare at the ground.

"You can look all you like darling, looking down like that doesn't hide your blush anyway, come on, enjoy the view"

You try to stay adamant, but eventually you take a peak, she's facing away from you now, twisted slightly so she can still look at you while showing off her amazing ass under her bodysuit. You look for a couple seconds, not able to resist commuting the sight to memory before you wrench your eyes back to the floor.
"Don't worry about it, there's no shame in these thoughts, after all, I am very beautiful. Many men would kill for the chance to become my pet..." As she trails off, you feel her hand cup your face, caressing it gently before raising it so you're looking directly at her. She looks down at you with a caring smile. Her red eyes are exceptionally beautiful, you find yourself feeling comforted by simply gazing into them. "You fought well brave warrior, but no man would be able to win this battle" she continues stroking you, and you feel more and more relaxed as she continues.
"These thoughts are natural, you're feelings are natural, you'll love spending the rest of your life with me". As she finishes she leans in and her lips softly meet yours. She gently sucks on your bottom lip, this wasn't what you were expecting, your guard low, you let her continue, after a while, when you're feeling entirely entranced, she breaks away, only to come back straight into a more passionate French kiss " Submit to my pleasure..." She moans into you, one hand making its way into your pants, skilfully beginning to manipulate your erection. The combined pleasures of her hand and tongue are too much not to get lost in, and you begin to lose yourself to them. Eventually the her diligent attention to your dick pays off, and you experience a wondrous orgasm. As your thoughts clear slightly, you realises she's managed to lie you down, with her laid on top of you. "There's that delightful release of impurity we've built up together my love" she grins, "now, be mine.". And she leans in for the final kiss that will steal your heart
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PostSubject: Re: The Assassins Merciful Technique   Wed Jan 20, 2016 5:44 pm

Improved paragraphing, and overall refinement of a tried-and-tested concept. Nicely done!
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PostSubject: Re: The Assassins Merciful Technique   Wed Jan 20, 2016 8:23 pm

awesome anon. hope your write more for this like maybe the guy under her spell and fighting her off or other midara charming him over to their side. good story though man
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PostSubject: Re: The Assassins Merciful Technique   

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The Assassins Merciful Technique
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