A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Seductive fighter

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PostSubject: Seductive fighter   Wed Feb 03, 2016 12:27 pm

Seductive Fighter

Appearance : It's a cute brown haired girl. She is very fast in her movements. This allows her to take seductive poses while she dodges enemy attacks.

She mostly turns physical attacks to her advantage. So it's very difficult for a close combat-character to beat her.

Her fighting techniques are :

Spin move parry (outside) : Upon an enemy attack,  she spins along his arm and pushes at the back of her target's knee and... forces him to kneel.

With a slight hand under his chin, she leans her victim's head backwards and , leaning towards his face, delivers him a slight, soft and sensual kiss.

Deals 2 willpower damage and has a chance to put the charmed status on the target.

The target rolls dice to stand up. If the target is charmed, he stays worshipping her.

If success, he stands up and faces the girl.

If fail, she holds his head in her hands and covers his face and lips of small kisses that raise his arousal, inflicting 3 willpower damage and putting charmed status (no roll dice)

Spin move parry (inside) : Upon an enemy attack, she spins along her foe's arm to get her booty near his crotch. At the same time, she softly slips her hand in the back of his neck, turns her face towards him and, eyes down, begs for a kiss in a sensual moaning. Deals 2 willpower damage. The target rolls dice to resist to the temptation of kissing her.

If success, she spins back to her previous position

If fail, he kisses her. The seductive fighter inflicts 1 willpower damage more and has a chance to put the charmed status. The grab lasts 3 turns.

Next turn, if the target fails again to resist, she makes his other hand grab her breast and deals 3 willpower damage. No roll dice if the target is charmed.

Erotic surprise : Upon a kick or standart attack, she crouches and slips her hands between the target's legs, holds his butt, and covers his crotch with sensual kisses.

The grab lasts three turns or until the seductive fighter does something else.

Inflicts 3 willpower damage and unmovable status. If the target tries to move, it falls due to imbalance caused by the grab.

He has to roll dice to find the will to hit her.
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Seductive fighter
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