A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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PostSubject: Hottie   Sat Mar 12, 2016 10:17 am

Description: A tanned beauty with long fiery hair and plump burning red lips. Adorned in only a grass skirt, a seashell bra, and bracelets and anklets made from flowers, this Midara prefers warmer, tropical climates.

Hottie is a free spirit that can sometimes be seen trying to seduce other Midara, but she will always prioritize Humans if they stumble upon her.


Burning Lips(Passive): "Hope your ready, Hot Stuff, because here comes some hot stuff!" Hottie's lips burn with her passion. They burn so hot in fact, that her kisses leave scorch marks. This causes all of her direct kisses to deal Stamina damage in addition to Willpower damage

Too Hot to Handle(Passive): "You can't contain me. I'm a Wildfire!" If Hottie is caught in a bind, then she will burst in to flames, allowing her to effortlessly brake free and potentially damage the one who bound her.

Hypno Hula: "You can't take your eyes off of me!" Hottie begins to dance with such passion that her adversaries can't help but be entranced. Caught in the spell, they forget about all other Midara and can only target Hottie next round. If any character is downed, then there is a chance they get Trampled. (Trampled deals Stamina damage. If the victim has a foot fetish, then it also deals Willpower damage.)

Burn Breath: "What's wrong? You don't want to get burned?" Hottie blows a kiss that takes the form of a jet of flames. Deals Stamina damage and destroys lower tier gear. Only used against foes that try to keep their distance from her.

Heat Hold: "Ready for your warm-up *giggle*" Hottie glomps her target and presser her hot (in both sense of the word) body against them. Lowers the targets Resistances and Inflicts Bind. Hottie gets a free kiss in every turn until they break free.

Overheat(Finisher): "Aw, to hot for ya?" Hottie takes a disappointed look at her weary foe before blowing them one final kiss. The kiss takes the form of a giant pair of flaming lips that gobble up her opponent and roasts them until they pass out from the heat. Triggered by low Stamina.

Ring of Fire(Finisher): "Now things are really heating up!" Hottie excitedly blows a kiss into the air. The kiss takes the form of a small ember that expands all falls to the ground as a giant ring of fire, that cuts her and her opponent off from the rest of the battle. Overwhelmed by the heat, her victim finds their strength leave them and are unable to fight back as the Midara pulls them into a kiss before pulling them to the ground. Steam rises up from Hottie's body as she begins to make hot, passionate love to her partner until they can't take it anymore. Triggered by low Willpower.


To tame Hottie, one must prove that they can stand the heat. You can do this by pulling her into a make out session. If you can last against her burning lips until she's the one that pulls away, she'll go along with you.

But be warned. As mentioned before Hottie is a free spirit, so there's a chance she won't answer if you try to summon her in battle. Especially if you already have some tamed Midara she can flirt with.


Hey, guys! It's been awhile since I did a proper one of these, huh? I hope I haven't gotten too rusty XP. Tell me what you think.
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