A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Damien Carter

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PostSubject: Damien Carter   Sun Mar 20, 2016 10:38 pm

Yo, guys what's up! My friend Matthew likes to write, and after asking him, checked out this site. He thinks it's interesting, but has lots of his own projects and stuff he's working on, so he emailed me this and asked me to post it on his behalf. He asks that any comments/feedback be posted here and I'll send them to him and to expect more of this in the future! Hope you guys enjoy his story!

November 23, 2079

My name is Damien Carter, but I go by Wolf now. Why Wolf? I’m the last of my kind, at least as far as I know. Ten years ago, the Midara War happened. A portal from another dimension opened up, and thousands upon thousands of midara, magical seductresses, came into this world. Their goal was simple: capture and enchant a man with their charms and spells. It seems silly, that there is a species wholly devoted to love and lust, but it’s true. Sounds like any man’s fantasy, right? Well it’s not. These women are more sinister than they appear to be. Not only will they go about any tactics to achieve their goal, manipulation, trickery, and deceit, but they take these men away from their former lives, making them completely forget about their families, friends, and anything else that made them happy. These men become brainwashed, slaves to their new wives and mates. Speaking of slaves, I’m sure you’re wondering what happened to the women. The ones that took up arms and fought were slaughtered. It might seem surprising that women that focus on love charms could be so savage-like, but it’s true. The women who surrendered became slaves to the new order. They became laborers and workers to their superiors. The men didn’t work; their whole life purpose is to serve their mates and care for their children. These midara think that what they do isn’t wrong, in fact, that they’re doing us a service because the men they entrance experience eternal pleasure. I’m here to say that they’re wrong.

I lost my best friend, Troy, firsthand to these devils. It was five years ago, midway through the complete domination of this world by the midara. Hundreds of millions of men had already been taken away at this point, and the governments’ armies had all banded together to fight off these women. Unfortunately, fighting them with artillery and weapons had little impact. The soldiers were only abducted one by one, until everyone’s fighting spirit was lost. Some countries surrendered indefinitely and only asked for their people’s lives to be spared. The midara happily accepted their terms, which only led to the downfall of mankind quicker. Troy and I had been stocking up our own weapons and hiding out from the midara. We knew running out into the open was the worst possible way to go about things, but we figured if we could find an isolated location, maybe an island or underground fort or something like that, then we’d be safe. Most midara aren’t too intelligent or perceptive. Why waste their time looking for two guys like us when there were plenty of other, better prospects to be more easily taken? It was just the two of us; we had lost contact with our families. Didn’t know if they were enchanted, enslaved, or a combination of the two. We only hoped they were alive. We were hiding in an abandoned apartment complex. The city had been evacuated. All was quiet, or so we thought.

Troy and I, though heavily armed, were running low on food. That’s another ploy the midara used. Take away all resources so that survivors like us would have to come out into the open. We almost always travelled together, no matter what, but there was a supermarket only a block away, and we had a lot of weapons and medical supplies that we couldn’t afford to lose, so we flipped a coin to see who would stay and who would go. I won the coin toss, so Troy went across the street to scavenge whatever he could find. He had been gone for a half hour and I started to worry. There was no reason as to why he would be taking so long just to grab some food. I took my two best weapons, Lucille, my hunting rifle, and my polished brass knuckles and went outside, cautious as to what I might find. Why’d I name my rifle Lucille? A rifle is a man’s best friend, and in this case, the only loyal and available companion you can find. I rushed over to the supermarket and saw a horrifying sight: a midara, dressed in a very suggestive black dress that showed off her curved figure, applying a dark red lipstick and teasing Troy, who was bound to the wall by purple magical chains. “Please, let me go,” he pleaded. “I have to get back to my best friend. He’s all I have left.” She laughed manically, though it sounded so sweet and innocent. “Just one kiss, and I’ll be all you have left.” I had been hiding behind an empty aisle, looking on the sight, but I knew what was about to happen. I couldn’t let my friend go like this! With a battle cry that would intimidate even a lion, I shot a bullet at the witch, but she let out a bored sigh and twitched a finger, creating a purple wall between the bullet and her. I wasn’t discouraged though. I ran to her and tried to punch her mercilessly with my brass knuckles, but she weaved through all my attacks. “How cute,” she exclaimed mockingly. “You came to save your friend! But I’m the only one in my friend group who’s still single, and this man is just what I’m looking for.” Her finger twitched again, and purplish chains came from nowhere, binding me up against the wall. I struggled to no avail. The midara seemed to find this amusing, then seemed to get a spark of inspiration.

“I know what I’ll do! I’ll make you watch your best friend give his life to me.” I looked over to Troy, ready to cry my eyes out. “It’s okay, man. I’ll always be your friend!” The woman, whose lips were now freshly coated in a glossy red, swayed herself over to Troy, clearly enjoying the agonizing suspense she was making. “I know it hurts, Troy, dear. But one kiss, and you’ll be begging for more.” Her lips crashed against his, and she heatedly made out with him, then released it with a loud *POP*. Troy’s eyes glazed pink, and his body slumped, as if he had just been drugged. Even still, his resolution still stood firm. “I won’t give in,” he plainly stated. The woman’s face changed into surprise. She hadn’t expected this, but it didn’t change anything. “Is that so? Well I’ll just kiss you into submission!” She began plastering his face with kisses, completely covering his cheeks and mouth with her red war paint. Between each kiss, Troy mumbled out words of protest, but it didn’t take long for him to be silenced. She had broken him. “You fucking bitch!,” I screamed from the top of my lungs. She gave me a cattish smile, and winked at me. “Your friend belongs to me now. But I have no more use for you.” The chains around me vanished, and she was still kissing Troy, clearly expecting me to run away like some coward. Maybe other men, but not me. While she was off-guard, I charged her, and hit her clean in the face with my knuckles, knocking her to the ground. A trickle of blood fell down from her face, and her expression drastically changed from her amused innocence to one of complete anger. “You little rat!,” she cried. “Troy, this man just attacked me! Will you let him?” Troy’s chains disappeared and as if he had no will of his own, rushed at me and tackled me to the ground. His punches each felt like bricks, as if his love for this bitch had somehow increased his strength. I didn’t fight back; I didn’t want to hurt him. I did restrain his arms though, and tried to get through to him. “Troy! It’s me, Damien, your best friend! Snap out of it!” But he didn’t. He had been caught in this vixen’s web. The woman, now back to her calm demeanor, laughed at me. “Don’t you see? You’re nothing against a midara’s powers. Troy! He’s had enough. Let’s go.” Like a dog obeying its master, Troy broke from my restraint and returned to the woman. “This isn’t the end,” I called out, my face bloodied from Troy’s blows. She chuckled some more and replied, “Is that so? Well, then, boy. My name’s Aurora. Feel free to come look for me if you want your ‘friend’ here to beat you up some more. It’d be very amusing.” Before I could say anything in response, she ripped open a portal and took Troy into it. I ran to it, hoping to follow them, but it closed quickly, leaving me alone in the store.

In the last five years, I have encountered countless of other midara, but none of them succeeded. I wish I could say it was because of my training. Every day since then, I had trained myself both physically and mentally to go toe-to-toe with any midara I came across, but to both their surprise and mine, their charms and spells had no effect on me. I was immune to them. That made taking them out quite easy. I refused to kill them, but I had no qualms in knocking them out or beating them to a bloody pulp, anything to release my frustrated aggression. None of them ever followed me, so I guess they got the message. I haven’t met anyone else like me. I see many men who are enraptured by their midara wives and women who are in chains, but no one free like me. I don’t know how I’ll ever do it, but I have to find my family and somehow save Troy from Aurora. I am a Lost Wanderer, a Forgotten Soul, a Lone Wolf. I am Damien Carter.
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PostSubject: Re: Damien Carter   Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:55 am

This is some good stuff, excited to see more of this
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PostSubject: Re: Damien Carter   Sun May 08, 2016 7:20 am

My friend told me he's been busy with school but should be able to write more now that he's off. He apologizes for the wait but hopes you enjoy!

November 24th, 2079

It's days like these that are especially tough on me. Yesterday was Thanksgiving, or it would have been. I'd give anything just to share a meal with my family again. My mother, father, and baby sister, Genny. I wish I had a clue to what happened to them. I went on a road trip with Troy before this Midara War happened. It was a week-long trip, and we were to go camping, fishing, and hunting. It was just gonna be a manly excursion for the two of us, just to unwind and enjoy Mother Nature. We had set up our tent on one of the mountains we'd hiked that day, mostly for the beautiful view of the horizon: trees, a lake, and a sunset you wouldn't believe. During the night though, I heard a thunderous crash. *BOOM* I thought a storm was coming, but it didn't sound like thunder. Troy and I walked outside our tent and saw a purplish portal looming in the distance. Whatever it was, it wasn't natural. Troy and I didn't want to take any chances, so we packed up our belongings and hiked back down the mountain. It took a few hours before we got to our car, and it was especially tedious hiking in the middle of the night, but we had no idea what that portal was. Troy thought it might've been a sign from God. He was always more religious than I was. That's not to say I don't believe or anything, but he was more spiritual and optimistic about things. It was nice being around him because he could make you feel better about any situation. I'm more of a harsh realist about things, though I wish I had an ounce of that optimism.

While driving, we began to see other portals seemingly rip open in the sky, with figures falling down from them. We couldn't make out any details of who they were. We decided it was best to call our trip to an end and head back to our homes. While I drove, Troy called both our houses, but couldn't get an answer from either of them. Troy was single because he was looking for "the one" but I was single because most women aren't appealing to me. Most are immature and naive, and even more are selfish. That's not to discredit all women, but I haven't met any not like this. Besides, my attitudes are a little... off-putting to say the least. Anyways, neither of our families would answer, so Troy began to worry, a lot. "W-w-what if something happened to them, Damien? What're we gonna do?" I had to admit, I was worried too, but I couldn't show Troy that. I was always the rational, sensible one. The one Troy looked to for guidance. We were best friends, but in times like these, I was more like a big brother to him. "It'll be okay," I assured him, showing no expression on my face. "I'm sure that they're out somewhere or maybe the signal's not great. We're in the mountains after all." Troy's face seemed to calm down, but I could still feel his apprehension. We continued driving for hours, not stopping for anything. When we arrived at Troy's home (the closest one to us), we discovered that the neighborhood was bustling with noise ans activity. Families were packing things up into vehicles and leaving, and the people were screaming and in a panic. I kicked down the door to Troy's house and we searched everywhere, but couldn't find anyone. There wasn't even a note. I noticed Troy was about to burst to tears, but I grasped his shoulders firmly. "They've gone to look for someplace safer, Troy. They'll be alright." This didn't seem to help relieve his anxiety, but he gave a weak nod. It was true that their car was gone, so I could have been correct. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to check my house because these strange women, known now as midara, started invading the neighborhood. At the time, Troy and I didn't know what was going on, but these women attacked wives and kidnapped their husbands. We didn't want to stick around to see what happened next.

Man, I sure do monologue about the past sometimes. It's hard to forget it, but it's also pointless to dwell on it. I guess I just long for those better days, when things were simpler and life was easier. I didn't have much of a Thanksgiving dinner yesterday either. I made instant rice with a gravy packet and chicken. I'm no cook, but I at least had a few pots and utensils in my pack to make some decent meals, all things considered. I spent most of the day walking amongst the ruins of a city. Surprising how much damage those midara caused. I could swear that I was hallucinating though. I'd been eating and drinking fine, and I don't have any psychological disorders, so it was alarming when I heard a woman's voice whisper, "Damien, I'm coming for you," followed by an echoing giggle. The city was deserted, and I saw no one in the area. My mind must be playing tricks on me, I thought. Maybe it was the sun getting to me, as it was a fairly hot day. I ended up resting in the shade of some debris, when I saw a woman leaning against a building not too far from me. She was covered in shadows, so I couldn't make out any details on her, but she seemed to be stripping her clothing and beckoned me with her finger. I wasn't a fool; I wasn't about to fall for some idiotic trap. I took out Lucille and aimed her right at the woman's leg and took the shot. It was a good, straight shot that hit its target, but to my dismay, the bullet went through her leg, as if it was mist. I heard distinct laughter coming from the woman's direction, and she blew a kiss at me. Usually when a midara blows a kiss, a tangible pair of lips comes at you, but nothing came from her. I thought she was just taunting me. Hell, I didn't even know if she was a midara or some hallucination, but before I could do anything, I felt an overwhelming feeling of tiredness wash over me. I couldn't think or see straight; I just wanted to sleep. As my eyelids flickered open and shut, I saw the shadowy woman slowly approach me, taking her time. Her laughter rang in my ears, even as my eyes closed. I felt multiple pairs of lips kiss my face, then through my shut eyelids, saw an incredible, blinding light and the woman screamed. I lost consciousness and fell into a deep slumber.

"Wake up, boy." I heard myself groan pitifully. "I said, wake up!" My eyes slowly opened, and I saw myself in a dark room, dimly lit by candles held up on the stone walls. It was musty and the air was stale, and I suspected I was somewhere underneath the city. My awareness began to creep back into me, and I noticed an old man with a long grey beard leaning over me. "About time you woke up." I sat up from the mattress I had slept on and looked into the man's dark brown eyes. "Who are you?," I demanded. "The better question is who are you? And why did you think it was a smart idea to walk around the city by yourself?" Great, the one person I meet and he's a smartass. He had a stern look on his face, and his arms were folded, waiting for my answer. "Well?," he asked. "I thought the city was deserted, like all other places. You mean that woman wasn't a hallucination?" The man smacked my head, as if I was a child that had just put his hand in a cookie jar. "No, you fool! Midara have power in every location. Walking around in the open like a dumbass is just asking to for trouble. You're lucky I was there to save your sorry ass." I was beginning to like this man already. "Listen, gramps, this may come as a surprise to you, but I'm immune to midara charms." His face wrinkled and his lip sneered. "Is that so?," he said coolly. "You think you stand a chance against the Shadow Queen?" "Who?," i responded dumbly. The man slapped his forehead. "The Shadow Queen! You've never heard of her?" I shook my head. "You really are clueless, aren't you? The Shadow Queen is one of the Seven, the most powerful midara in existence." "I didn't know there was a hierarchy to them." "Of course there is you stupid boy! There's a hierarchy to everything!" I was starting to get really annoyed at his insults. "Fine, then why did a midara with that kind of power just appear in some random city." "Because they're looking for me. I'm a threat to the Midara Order." I couldn't help but chuckle at his response. "Is something funny?," he questioned, raising an eyebrow. "How is an old man like you a threat to the Order?," I proclaimed. He smirked. "If that's what you think..." Suddenly I felt a blow to my stomach. His fist had just connected with it, but I didn't even see it coming. I reeled backwards in pain, then threw a punch of my own at his face, but he effortlessly caught my fist and twisted my arm behind my back. "Agghh!," I yelled out in pain. "Foolish boy, you don't know anything." He released his grip on me and had me sit back down on the mattress. For a man at his age, he had incredible fighting prowess. He waited a moment before speaking again, as if he wanted me to say something, then continued. "I also thought I was immune to their charms, but it's not what you think. No one has complete immunity, only willpower to resist it." "Willpower..." The word drifted off from my lips, as if I just spoke my thoughts aloud. It brought me back to Troy and Aurora. Was that how he resisted her charms? Willpower? As if answering my thoughts, the man said, "Yes, willpower. It's something everyone has, in different degrees. It seems like you have a strong amount of willpower, which will prevent you from getting caught by some lowly midara, but as for the higher ups, you're still in trouble. Fortunately for you, I can train you." "Train me? Why?" "You're the first person I've come across in years that is neither a slave nor a prisoner to their magic. I'll teach you how to fight and how to resist their magic." I thought for a moment. If what he said was true, then I was really was in danger of getting caught by some midara. Maybe I was just being cocky before about my skills. "What about the Shadow Queen? Doesn't she know you're here?" "No. I may be an old man, but I have magic too. I made a seal around this underground home of mine to cloak me, one so strong it'd take several of the Seven to break it. They know my willpower is strong, but have no idea of what I'm really capable of." Maybe this old man wasn't so bad after all. "I see. I'd gladly accept your training, old man." "First lesson- respect your elders. Call me Solomon." I bow my head respectfully. I never was much for listening to my teachers in school, but I knew if I didn't give the man respect, he'd kick my ass this way and that. Hard not to respect a guy with this kind of power though. "Nice to meet you, Solomon. You can call me Wolf." "Nicknames are so childish, my boy. What's your real name?" Again with the insults. Solomon had quite the personality. "It's Damien. Damien Carter."
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Damien Carter
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