A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Memoirs of Midara

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PostSubject: Memoirs of Midara   Wed Mar 23, 2016 2:14 am

Random little idea I had for some short stories. Sorry if this first one is a bit long since I wanted to set things up a bit


Name's Axon Harper. I'm an adventurer or trader, or was I guess. These days I'm retired and to be honest it's kind of boring. Since I couldn't find much else to do with my time a friend of mine recommended writing a memoir about some of my adventures over the years and well here I am. Having done this for about 25 years I've traveled a lot of places and seen some pretty crazy stuff, but almost none of it's stuck with me as much as the midara. What are midara? Well I guess you could call them "temptresses" but that'd be a bit of an understatement considering they aren't keen on taking no for an answer, and some aren't exactly human. As you can probably guess, I've had my share of encounters with them, and they pretty much always ended up being trouble.

Entry 1: Midnight Encounter

My first "dealing" with a midara happened shortly after I'd turned 19. I'd finally left the southern village I grew up in, and finished my warrior training so I was ready to try and make it big in the city. Once I arrived I decided to splurge and buy some new light body armor and a broadsword. Didn't really need the new gear, but I wanted to stand out a little when I took on my first job. Unfortunately when i got to the job board at the central square most of the good stuff was taken, but I decided to compromise and go with something a bit smaller.

The job seemed simple enough. An aristocrat had received an anonymous letter promising to "take him to heaven" at midnight and while it was probably a prank, there was always the risk it could be some kidnapper, or worse an assassin so he decided to play it safe and hire some protection. For my part though, I was hoping it was the latter since I was pretty confident in my skills at the time, and was eager for the chance to show off and build a reputation. Looking back, I can't say that wasn't just a bit too naive.

I patrolled the halls of the aristocrat's mansion through the evening, and sure enough at midnight the lights suddenly shut off. Knowing that the guy was secure in a hidden chamber, I sprung into action and ran through the halls searching for the would be assassin. After about 10 minutes of this I'd halfway exhausted myself without finding anything before suddenly hearing a female voice giggle. Couldn't say I was expecting a female opponent, but it didn't make much difference to me either way so I decided to follow the voice to it's source. I slowly walked through the corridor and clung to a nearby wall as I could barely make out a shadowy figure.

However my hiding didn't seem to do much good because  the voice chimed "Found you~"

The girl stepped out from the shadows and into the moonlight of a nearby window. She was full-figured and a bit on the chubby side, sporting a ninja leotard that almost made it look like her cleavage would start bursting out along with a skirt and black tights. Her red hair was tied into two french curls and while she wasn't exactly a stunner, she had a pretty cute face though her large plump lips were so distracting it was hard to pay attention to the rest of it.

Since I'd already been discovered I stepped out from my hiding place and drew my sword, but the girl had a disappointed look on her face "Where's my sweetheart?" she asked

"Sweetheart? What kind of game are you playing at assassin?" I exclaimed

"Assassin? Oh I guess that's what he told you. Men can be so silly..." she shrugged

"Didn't you say you were going "take him to heaven"?" I asked

"I meant that he and I were going to have such a good time that he'd practically be in heaven~" she giggled "Now be a good boy and tell me where he is"

I was caught pretty off guard by that comment and I couldn't help but blush a little, though my priorities hadn't changed "Even if you're not...er...lying about that I still can't let you pass. I have a job to do "

"Then I guess we'll have to do this the hard way, but ya know..." she said eyeing me "You're pretty cute yourself. Wouldn't mind having some fun with you instead~" she winked, blowing a kiss

My face turned warm for a second but I tried to shrug off the thought "Not interested" I said as I rushed at the girl with my sword. Before it could connect she pulled out a short sword from her clevage and blocked the attack before parrying it. I thought to myself that she wasn't half bad even if she wasn't an assassin but I wasn't about to lose. She pulled out a few shuriken and threw them in my direction but I deflected them as with my sword as I went in for another charge. Once again though, it missed it's mark as she threw down a smoke bomb just before it was about to land and she briefly vanished. She giggled in my ear as I turned around and saw she was right in front of me. Before I could react she gave me a quick peck on the cheek and I got flustered enough that I loosened my grip on my sword. She quickly knocked my sword out of my hands and onto the floor but before I could retrieve it she'd already grabbed it and was flaunting it around.

"So what now sweetheart?" she laughed.

I had to admit I was pretty embarrassed, and while I wasn't exactly helpless without my sword, I had the feeling trying to use hand to hand combat with this girl would be a futile effort. There didn't seem to be any other options though and I was getting frustrated so I tried throwing a few punches as she easily deflected them. When I tried to go for a kick instead, that proved to be a mistake as she grabbed my leg and quickly pinned me down to the ground.

"That was cute, but why don't we get to the fun, sweetie pie~" she chimed

I was in a pretty awkward spot, struggling to move while she was sitting on top of me and pulling out a compact mirror from her cleavage and fixed her makeup a bit before taking out a large tube of red lipstick (and even now I find myself wondering where she was keeping it all).She swished the lipstick back and forth across her lips, adding thicker and thicker layers until they were redder than anything I'd seen before and I fought with the feeling of my member slowly rising through my pants in spite of my situation. Once finished she loudly smacked her lips and turned her attention back towards me as she put her hands around my face and forced my lips into a pucker. "Time for some lovin'~" she purred as she put her own lips into a huge pucker and crashed them into mine as I was pulled into a heavy makeout session.
I’ll confess that my experience with women beforehand was…limited to say the least. I had a few admirers back in my village but I was the type who never paid that much mind since I was generally focused on training. In short that was my first kiss and my brain was in a haze from the mix of horror and bliss as her soft lips attacked mine furiously, but things weren’t over with just yet. After a few rounds of prying her tongue into my mouth she finished her onslaught “Mmm…delicious.~” She purred as she slowly licked her lips “You’re a lot better than I thought you’d be, cutie. What’s your name?”

“A-Axon” I said gasping for air while trying to get my thoughts back in order

Noticing my panic and the rather large bulge in my pants she put her finger to her bottom lip and made a suggestive pout saying “Well then Axon, what do say we say we finish off this evening with a ‘bang’?~”  as she unzipped my pants and my member sprang up. Before I could get another word out my member was already warm inside her mouth as she pumped it hard and relentlessly until I finally climaxed. Having my first kiss and my first time with minutes of each other isn’t something I can say I expected, and both experiences were pretty different from how I’d imagined them going. Apparently satisfied the girl said “Thanks for the evening, that was fun.” Before leaving she said “Oh I almost forgot. My name’s Lubido. I have the feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of each other in the future. See you around, Axy-poo~” she chimed giving me another quick peck on the cheek before I completely passed out.

After waking up a few hours later, I finally got a full grasp on the situation from the aristocrat who hired me. He explained that the girl was a midara and one he’s had “dealings” with in the past, before finally trying to escape her clutches. She had managed to track him down here, and he was hoping a bodyguard would be able to either keep her at bay, or keep her entertained enough to forget about him. I’d done the latter and since I’d technically done my job of keeping her away from him I got paid (though the stains on the carpet left from my “encounter” got deducted from my pay), but I felt more than a little frustrated. Not only was I not a match for her, but she managed to completely have her way with me and it was clear I wasn’t as ready for the big leagues as I’d thought. Though when I thought back to experience of the latter, I couldn’t help but feel a bit warm.

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PostSubject: Re: Memoirs of Midara   Wed Mar 23, 2016 10:34 am

Oops just realized I put this in the wrong section can someone move this to Stories?
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PostSubject: Re: Memoirs of Midara   Wed Mar 23, 2016 6:02 pm

Great story! ^^

(Still waiting for you to finish the crimson cutie and violet vixen, btw. XD)
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PostSubject: Re: Memoirs of Midara   Tue Apr 05, 2016 2:20 am

Entry 2: The Fight Ring

So after my first encounter with a midara, things went pretty downhill for a while to say the least. I managed to scrape by on a few small jobs dealing with monsters and the like, but none of it was doing much for my reputation, and I felt nervous about taking any jobs where midara might be involved. I wasn't going to last long as an adventurer at this rate, but things I wasn't sure how to get out of this slump.

My chance came after I'd just finished a job dealing with a couple of lesser werewolves. It was a long trek back to the city so I decided to stay the night in a nearby town and take a train back in the morning. While wandering around town I found a giant poster saying "Come one, come all. Legendary fight champion Jessie, currently accepting all challengers! Prize is 3,000!" That much gold certainly wasn't something to snuff at, and while I hadn't actually seen this Jess fight, I'd heard the name in a few taverns around the area and his strength was apparently the real deal. Beating a guy like this could help spread my name around, and worst case scenario I'd just have to come up with something else so I figured why not.

I went to the area mentioned on the poster, and it ended up leading me to a clearing outside of town. That should have been my first warning sign, but I didn't think much of it, as I soon arrived at the ring. The stands were packed, and it didn't take me long to notice all the spectators were female.

"Well, well are you a new challenger?" I looked to the center of the ring and saw what I presumed to be the announcer who also happened to be female.

"Yeah. Name's Axon" I said.

"Perfect then step into the ring, honey" she said as I made my way in. "Looks like we should be in for a treat ladies." she said turning her attention to the audience. "In this corner we have tonight's challenger, Axon"

Some of the voices in the crowd said "Ooh, he's a stud" "Rooting for you, cutie!"

The announcer continued "And in the other corner, we have our reigning champion, Jessie!". A cloud of white smoke suddenly appeared in the other side of the ring and out of it came a girl with short brown hair in a bowl cut, wearing a light blue tank-top and shorts. Once again I wasn't quite expecting a female opponent, though with an androgynous name like Jessie I felt dumb for not considering the possibility.

"So you're the challenger, huh?" Jess said eyeing me. "Been a while since I fought someone this cute" she winked.

My mind suddenly had flashbacks of my struggle against Lubido and I stepped back a bit. Jess giggled "What's the matter? You aren't afraid to duke it out with little old me are you?"

"N-No" I said trying to get it together, though I still found myself inching back.

"Where do you think you're going honey?" said the announcer. "Once you decide to challenge the champ there's no leaving. If you do you'll have to go through...them" she said pointing outside the ring.

I snapped back to reality as I quickly realized that the ring was completely surrounded by the female spectators from before, who were blowing lustful kisses, and making loud smooching noises. I facepalmed as I said turned towards Jess and said "Let me guess...you're a midara right?"

"Bingo! You catch on quick." said Jessie "All the girls here are midara too, and they're certainly looking forward to some entertainment. Though whether it's a fight or something else depends on you" she winked again as I grimaced.
Seeing I didn’t have much choice at this point I decided to raise my fists for a fight.

“Good choice” said Jessie “Hope you’re ready to get rough~” she purred licking her lips as the fight bell rang.

She quickly rushed in towards me, attacking with a series of swift jabs as I barely managed to avoid them. Once she reeled back a bit to catch her breath, I took advantage of the opening and went for a solid kick to her chest  as she slid back a few feet.

“Ooh you’re a real fighter I see” chimed Jess “I love that in a guy~”.

I ran in trying to get in another hit but she jumped over my kick and countered with a swift midair kick of her own, knocking me right into the ropes and halfway out the ring. Some of the spectators standing nearby grabbed my face and started peppering my face with kisses.

“Now, now girls” said Jessie “I know you want a piece of him but make sure you leave some for me”

I quickly tried to shake them off to pull myself back in to the ring and they pouted in disappointment. While I was trying to get back into the fight however, Jessie wasted no time in pouncing on me, and immobilized me with a tight pin.

She looked to the crowd and said “What do you think girls? Should I use my ‘special’ move on him?”

“Liplock Lock, Liplock Lock!” the girls cheered

“Well you heard em’ sweetie~” Jessie purred as she pushed me further onto the mat and into a deep French kiss.

My head was swirling as her tongue dexterously worked its way around my mouth and the announcer started counting “1…2….3...4...”

I struggled to move but it was no use as the pleasure of her kiss was making my body having a hard time listening to what my brain was saying. As I prepared myself for defeat, I had another flashback to the battle with Lubido and remembered how humiliating life had been ever since. No matter how strong these midaras temptations were, no way was I going to let myself sink any lower, and I mustered together one last burst of strength to push her off of me.
She was caught off guard by my sudden show of willpower, and I moved in with a series of heavy blows. While she managed to awkwardly dodge the first few, the others managed to hit the mark and after finishing things with one last punch to the stomach, she was lying on the mat.

“I don’t believe it folks, it looks like we have a new champion!” said the announcer excitedly “Give it up for Axon!”

The crowd cheered, and for the first time in a while I felt a bit of triumph, finally restoring my confidence. Suddenly I realized I’d almost forgotten about the 3,000 gold prize and asked the announcer.

“Gold? I think you’re mistaken, honey” said the announcer

“What the heck are you talking about?” I asked “The poster said the prize is 3,000”

“Oh yeah it’s 3,000…3,000 kisses that is~”

I looked around again and saw all the spectators applying lipstick. I gulped as I turned back towards the announcer who’d already put on a fresh red coat and smacked her lips. They all quickly pounced on me and I was plastered relentlessly with kisses. It certainly wasn’t the prize I was hoping for, but I’d stll won the fight, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t walk away feeling a bit proud.

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PostSubject: Re: Memoirs of Midara   Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:19 am

How nice, i love the story ^^
Reading all the rps and the story of the rp, the flow, it really is helping with how I could imagine creating a story, maybe I could give it a shot in making a story. Thought I'm not really that confident yet
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PostSubject: Re: Memoirs of Midara   Tue Apr 26, 2016 11:47 am

I didn't really mean to put this in the RP section but you're free to come up with your own entry ideas if you want Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Memoirs of Midara   Wed Apr 27, 2016 2:30 pm

Hai hai, I'll try my best >^<
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PostSubject: Re: Memoirs of Midara   Sat Apr 30, 2016 3:40 am

Entry 3: Witch Games
Though my victory against Jess wasn't quite as smooth as I would have liked it to be, it more or less got me the results I wanted. My reputation went up considerably and I was finally getting hired for better gigs. A lot of them involved getting rid of large monsters, but I couldn't complain and I certainly didn't have to deal with any midara for a while. Of course things couldn't stay quiet forever. There were rumors going around some of the villages about a group of witches putting hexes on those unfortunate to cross their path. Eventually it got enough steam the the adventure guilds got wind of it, and I found myself taking on the job after seeing it on the local request board.
Trying to find the location of their hideout proved to be a bit difficult since a lot of the rumors were vague, but before long I heard something about someone spotting a hut in the woods, near the surrounding villages where the hexes were occurring. The woods themselves however, were a maze of fog, and I quickly found myself getting lost trying to find the place. Just when I was about to lose it from frustration, I was able to make out the image of a large shadow in the distance, and upon walking closer to it, I realized I'd found my destination.
Strangely the door was open, and I quietly snuck my way inside, preparing myself for any potential traps. The inside of the hut gave off something of a strange vibe, as I noticed a large couch with heart shaped pillows, and a large cauldron in the center. There was a disturbingly sweet scent in the air, and it directed my attention toward a mirror stand with makeup tools surrounding it as a girl was sitting in front of it.
She had short black hair, and a notably curvy figure that was further emphasized by the short black dress she was wearing. Her face had something of a playful charm to it despite the dark eyeshadow she was wearing, and I couldn't help but notice her rather plump lips. I couldn't help but think to myself that she was pretty cute, though my mind was sharply thrust back into reality when I saw the witch cap sitting on her head. Since she was busy humming a tune and adjusting her mascara I attempted to sneak around the mirror's line of sight and catch her by surprise but it was no use as she finished and quickly turned around and snapped her fingers as a series of black chains suddenly spawned from beneath the ground and binded me. I tried to struggle out of it, but to no avail as the girl giggled and said "So what can I do for you cutie?"
"I take it you're one of the witches I've heard about that's been going around hexing people?" I said
"Ooh, I guess word's gotten around pretty fast. You're right though my sisters are out getting supplies right now, so looks like it's just you and me"
"So what are you planning on doing with me?" I asked though given this girl was obviously a midara, I had the feeling I already knew the answer
"Hmm...well normally I'd wait for my sisters to come back, buuuuuuuut...it's been a while since I had a playmate to myself..." the witch said as she was pondering
"Playmate?" I said feeling a bit confused
"I've got it" she exclaimed "Here's the deal, cutie. How about you and I play a few games and if you keep me entertained I'll let you go"
"You've got to be kidding me" I snarked. This witch was clearly pretty bizarre.
"Oh but I'm not joking" she said "Though if you're not up for it, I could always find another way for you to 'entertain' me" she purred as she licked her lips suggestively.
This whole situation was crazy, but at the very least it was clear I was at this witch's mercy right now, and any situation that didn't end in me getting violated by her sounded pretty good to me. "Alright, fine"
"Good!" she chimed "Oh, I almost forgot. My name's Nero, and yours cutie?"
"It's Axon I said"
"Well then Axon, let's get started!" she said as she started rummaging through a nearby shelf before pulling something out. "How about we start off with something simple?" she said revealing a coin. "Heads you win, tails we smooch. Which'll it be?"
Seriously? I thought to myself, but decided it was best to keep that to myself and continue to play along. "Heads, obviously"
"Okay then" she said as she flipped the coin and lifted her hand to reveal where it landed. "Looks like it's heads so you win"
"So does this mean I can go?" I asked
"Not quite cutie, but you did win a special prize~" Nero chimed as she took out a vile of perfume and sprayed herself with it. As I took in the scent I suddenly found my lips starting to tighten together, resulting in an awkward looking pucker. "Do you like it? That's what me and my sisters call our call our Kissy Perfume. It's a little potion we whipped together to make our guests more...cooperative. Now then..." she grabbed a tube of lipstick and started applying it to her pouty lips, giving them a glossy black shimmer before finishing with a loud smack. "Here comes your prize cutie~" she winked as she puckered her lips together and planted a big kiss on me. It was certainly one heck of a kiss, and my mind was in a bit of a daze as I tried to fight off the mild boner it gave me.
Nero giggled and said "The fun's just beginning. Now onto to round 2"

She snapped her fingers and a giant roulette suddenly appeared. There were several lip symbols on the roulette, one that looks like a man running and also one with a question mark. "Now spin the roulette cutie.” She said explaining “This game’s pretty simple. If it lands on one of those lips, I’ll give you another big kiss, if it lands on the on the runner I’ll let you leave, but if it lands on the question mark well...*giggle* you'll get a really ‘special’ reward" she purred blowing a kiss suggestively. Something about that last line had me worried, as I spun the roulette. It spun around for a while and as it started to slow down it looked like it was going to stop on the running man…before one final click had it land on the mystery symbol.

“Oh so close, but don't worry cutie, I think you'll enjoy what's coming next” Nero chimed. She snapped her fingers again as I suddenly found myself strapped to the roulette as she took out her tube of lipstick and began chanting in some arcane tongue. The lipstick began to shine with a dark glow and she coated her lips in it before giving me a small peck on the lips. She then slowly blew a kiss as a pair of tangible lips started to form in front of her. She kept blowing kisses and to my surprise, dozens of black lips appeared in front of her each of them making loud kissing noises. "Here comes your surprise!" she exclaimed as she started spinning the roulette really fast and launching the lips one by one as they all flew towards the kiss mark on my lips like a heat seeking missile. After a few moments the roulette stopped as the as my mouth was completely buried in her lipstick.

“Well that was fun” chimed Nero “How about one last game?” I nodded although though my mind was elsewhere at the moment. Even though I didn’t have too much experience with midara, she was clearly different from the others I’d encountered. Something about her charms were way more powerful, and even though I was still pretty desperate to escape, another part of me thought it might not be so bad just to give myself over to her.

Nero snapped her fingers and the two of us were transported to a large room that looked like a jungle. "The rules are pretty simple.” said Nero “There's an exit somewhere in here and if you find it you get to leave...but if you get caught well…" she put her finger to her bottom lip, and gazed at me lustfully which gave me a pretty clear picture of my fate if I lost.  She whispered something under her breath and suddenly several clones of herself appeared and all begin applying lipstick enchanted with the spell she used earlier. 


I dipped into the trees and the clones quickly chased after me. It didn’t take long for them to catch up and they started firing blown kisses at me. I managed to avoid most of them though a few of them managed to brush my skin and leave marks. Eventually I made it to the edge of the jungle and saw the exit within reach...but to my dismay It was guarded by dozens of clones, each of them smacking their lips and beckoning me to come over so they could smother me. Seeing that the odds were pretty much against me I was tempted to take them up on that offer, but I wasn’t ready to give up just yet. I ran straight towards the exit full speed, as the clones fired a barrage of kisses in my direction. I tried to endure the onslaught and keep my mind on the goal ahead, shaking off a few of the clones as they attempted to make a grab at me before I finally cleared the exit.

“Congrats, cutie. I’m seriously impressed” Nero said while clapping. “You’re the first playmate I’ve ever had that managed to get through that last game.”

“Does…this mean *wheeze* I can go now?” I asked feeling exhausted, trying to wipe the lipstick off my face

“A deal’s, a deal cutie. Though it seems like a shame to let you go. Sure you don’t want to stick around for another game?” she said showing off her curves

“No thanks. I’ve had enough for one day” I said sighing

“Fine, then said Nero, extending her hand “Come on I’ll show you the way out of the woods”

I took her hand, as she helped to get me through the maze of fog and upon reaching the main road, we parted ways “See you again soon, cutie~” she said as she waved goodbye. I was still pretty exhausted after my ordeal, and didn’t pay her words much mind, but unfortunately for me, it wouldn’t be much longer before I crossed paths with her again.
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PostSubject: Re: Memoirs of Midara   Sat Apr 30, 2016 4:11 am

I'm really enjoying these! Thank you very much for your wonderful contributions Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Memoirs of Midara   Sat May 14, 2016 3:35 am

Entry 4: The Hex Trap
Having made it through my encounter with Nero mostly unscathed, I made my way home a couple of days later without any incidents. It still felt a bit too weird to me that she let me go so easily, so I decided it might be a good idea to take it easy for a while, and decided to head to sleep after a quick shower. As I was putting on my boxers I suddenly heard a loud crash coming from the direction of my bedroom and quickly headed in that direction.
When I got there, I noticed that one of the windows had been smashed but I was more concerned with the fact that a familar figure was on my bed. It was Lubido, though the attire she was wearing was a bit skimpier than the last time I saw her, and she was laying in a seductive pose
"Hi-ya, Axy-poo~" she chimed
"L-Lubido?" I said feeling confused
"Oh good you still remember me. That means we can skip the small talk" she purred.
"What the heck are you doing here?" I asked
"Well I was asked by an old friend of mine to come see you...but to be honest I was hoping we'd meet again after how much fun we had last time" said Lubido
"How did you find out where I live?" I said stepping away nervously
"Oh a girl has her secrets, but enough sweet talk honeybunch, it's time to give those lips of yours a smooching~" chimed Libido making a kissy face
Things looked pretty bad. It goes without saying that I was caught off guard by the whole thing, and to make matters worse my sword was all the way in the basement. Seeing that I was more or less out of options, I had no choice but to try and make a break to grab it but as I headed down, I felt a strange jolt of electricity surge through my body and I fell down to the basement with a thud. 

"What the heck was that?" I muttered
Lubido giggled "Looks like you've been affected by a witch's hex"
"A hex?" I asked wincing in pain
"Yeah. I've seen it before. Makes it so that if whoever's afflicted is in close proximity of a midara, they get zapped if they move too far. Looks like this one was triggered to activate after running into a different midara than the one who placed it, but l guess that makes my job here easier" she said licking her lips. “Come to mamma!"
It didn’t take long to realize Nero probably put that hex on me when we shook hands, but I didn’t have much time to think on that as Lubido moved towards me and I tried to make another break to grab my sword. It was no use as the hex zapped me again, and she was already on top of me before I had a chance to react. “Ya know Axy-poo, I was so excited for our little meeting tonight, that I bought some brand-new lipstick and gloss just for the occasion." Lubido chimed "Better get those lips ready, because you’re in for some heavy-duty smoochin'~”. She giggled as she pulled out her compact mirror and waved a fresh tube of lipstick in front of me as she began applying, making sure I was watching as she seductively painted her massive lips in a thick coat of bright red. From there she touched up her lips with some extra gloss, and I could feel my member rising as she finished and smacked them in my direction. “Pucker up, sweet-ums~” she chimed as she put her lips into glossy red pucker and pulled me into a big kiss before breaking it with a loud *MUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAHHHHH*. 

My head was spinning as the image of her lips burned into my memory, and she gazed at me with a lustful expression, licking her lips. I gulped as she started plastering my face with a barrage of kisses and while I struggled to make one last attempt to reach for my sword, she quickly grabbed me by the legs and pulled me back in to continue her onslaught as she ripped off my pants and left a few bold lipstick marks on my throbbing member. She stopped briefly to reapply her lipstick and purred, “Let’s go all the way sweetie~” as she forced my lips into a pucker and started a heavy makeout session while sliding my member down her shaft as I finally climaxed and passed out.

By the time I woke up she was already gone, but I knew that if she could track me down that easily it probably wouldn’t be the last time I saw her. Still I had other things to worry about as  I knew that the Hex that Nero left me with pretty much made me an easy target for any midara I came across, and I certainly didn’t want any more close encounters like the one I just had so I set out to head back to her hut and get it removed.

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I'm having such a hard time trying to write a decent storyyyy ><
Would I improve if I watch a few other rps or have a general idea how a Midara and the hero works?
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might help
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Entry 5: The Bandit Express

Once I got enough rest to recover from my run-in with Lubido, I quickly set out for Nero’s hut. Unfortunately getting back there was easier said than done. With the witches having caused so many disappearances, the local guards were restricting people from travelling on the main roads, and with that hex still on me, I didn’t want to risk taking any of the backroads and running into midara. In the end I decided to take a train to the town closest to where those woods were and then double back to get to the hut. I wasn’t too thrilled about the idea of having to spend extra for travel, but at least a train ride would be quiet.

I slept a bit for the first couple of hours on the train when I was suddenly woken up a loud bang and…something resembling a smacking sound. Suddenly the door to the train car I was in was pushed open and a female voice said “This here’s a stick-up. Time to fork over whatever you’ve got”

I hid between the seats and tried to get a peek at the robbers. It was a trio of women. One was blond, one was a redhead and the third was a brunette. All three wearing bras with red star patterns that barely hid their large busts, skimpy short jeans and bright red lipstick. I knew right away they were bad news and the fact that the hex on my arm was glowing pretty much sealed the deal. 

The blond noticed the glow coming from my direction and said “Ooh what do we have here? This one’s a cutie, aint he’ Barb?” she said turning towards the redhead 

“You’re right about that one Annie.” Said the redhead licking her lips before turning to the brunette who seemed like she was in charge of the bunch “What do you think, Cassidy? Wanna have some fun with this one?”

“Why not?” said Cassidy “Seems like he's the best pickings"

The situation was already starting to look bad, and I couldn’t afford to get caught up in dealing with them. I took out my remaining bag of gold and said “Look I don’t have time for this. Just take my money and go. 

“No can do hun” said Cassidy “It’d kill our reputation. See we’re no ordinary bandits.” She said as the trio took out pistols and kissed the barrel of their guns. “We take our bounty… in smooches~” All three of them pointed their pistols in my direction and opened fire as I braced myself, but rather than bullets their guns seemed to fire off tangible kisses, and I could feel their softness brushing against my skin as they kept firing their “rounds”. Eventually they stopped, and I found myself, completely covered in kiss marks. 

Cassidy giggled “That was fun, but I’m more in the mood for some tongue rasslin’. How about it, sugar?” she purred smacking her lips and making kissing noises as she inched closer towards me. Instinctively, I hopped over the seat I was next to and headed into aisle to get out of there, but I only made it halfway through the car before one of the girls lassoed me, and pulled me back towards the trio. Barb held the rope tight to keep me from moving, as they each generously re-applied their lipstick before they all finished with a simultaneous loud smack.

“Get ready for some serious smoochin’, sugar~” Cassidy chimed, as the three of them took turns frenching me and grinding my crotch as I briefly lost myself in haze of bliss. 

“Mmm, tasty~” purred Annie popping off a kiss as she turned her glance towards my rising member “Looks like he could use some extra special lovin” 

“Sounds good to me” said Barb sensually licking her lips 

It looked like things were going from bad to worse, and I knew that I couldn’t get more than a few yards away from these girls before the hex zapped me so I was stuck trying to think of a workaround. Then something occurred to me. I knew the hex activated if I was near a midara, but maybe it wouldn't work if they didn't know where I was? It was a long shot, but it was better than nothing so I quickly came up with a plan.

I put on the boldest act I could and said “I'm all for having fun with you lovely ladies but why don’t we take this to one of the back cars where it’s a bit more private?”

“Not a bad idea sugar” said Cassidy as she turned towards the others “Go clear out the back girls. I’ll keep an eye on him” As the other two left for the back I said “Looks like we’re finally alone”

“Ooh” said Cassidy “Wanted me all to yourself huh, sugar?”

“Maybe” I grinned “You’re certainly the cutest of the bunch”

“Mmm…if you’re trying to sweettalk me, sugar, it’s working. Just for that I’ll give you a nice big wet one” she chimed. As she closed her eyes to lean in for a kiss, I quickly took advantage of the opportunity and pushed myself forward to kick her as hard as I could. The force was enough to knock her back against the wall, and she fell out cold with a thud.

I took a quick look around and it seemed like the other two were still in the back. I struggled my way out of the ropes and darted towards one of the train doors. The train was still moving pretty quickly but I decided it was worth the risk, and jumped out as I rolled out to the ground with a thud. I waited to see if the hex would start glowing and zap me, but thankfully it didn’t seem to be reacting. Thankfully that little gamble paid, off but that was way too close for comfort and I was even more determined to get rid of this hex. Oddly enough, when I took a look around to see where I actually was, it seemed like I was actually in the woods near Nero’s hut. I sighed in relief at my good fortune, and started walking through the fog.
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PostSubject: Re: Memoirs of Midara   Wed Jun 15, 2016 8:37 pm

They;re all so great ><
Maybe I need to think or be more creative in how a midara thinks maybe?
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Entry 6: A Witch’s Kiss

After managing to escape from the train, I stumbled my way through the foggy woods for a couple hours before I finally arrived at Nero’s place. I stood in front of the door for a good minute, worried about what could be in store for me, but there was no getting around this so I let out a heavy sigh and walked in. The hut gave off the same sweet yet sinister vibe as before as I looked around, and to my surprise Nero was sitting there in the middle, knowing I'd show up.

“Nice to see you again, cutie. I was starting to think you didn’t want to see me again” Nero said playfully

I could tell she was mocking me and it was starting to get irritating. “Quit the games” I said raising my sword “You know why I came back here”

“Yeah, yeah. You want my little hex gone right?” said Nero “I guess Lubido must have really worked you over, huh?”

“Wait you know, Lubido?” I exclaimed

“Sure. She and my sisters go way back, and jobs like this are her specialty” Nero continued "But anyway, let’s not talk about other girls, cutie. What do you say we take this elsewhere bef-“

“Before what?” said a female voice
I looked back towards the entrance and saw a pair of girls walk into the room. One was a redhead with long twintails and the other had long purple hair. Both were wearing the same attire as Nero and had the same face too so I figured they had to be triplets, though there did seem to be a few differences as the redhead’s lips were notably plumper than the other two and had a beauty mark underneath while the purple haired girl’s facial features were a bit smoother (though between the three of them, Nero seemed to have the most definitive curves)

“Oh hey there Rojo” said Nero “I didn’t think you’d be back yet”

“Roxo wasn’t having any luck finding good herbs so we decided to come back early, but I see you’ve brought a guest here without telling us”

“That’s right. If we knew we were having company I would have had time to freshen up a bit” said Roxo taking out a compact mirror and powdering herself

Nero sighed “Great. This is why I wanted to keep this a secret. He's mine”

“Yes we can see you’ve put you’re little hex on him, but you should know better dear. Didn’t we agree we’d always split the fun with our guests?” said Rojo

“Yeah you say that, but you and Roxo always end up hogging them. I wanna have some fun too every once in a while”

“Fine, fine” said Roxo “Then how about this: let us have a little fun with him, then you can finish him off”

“Alright” said Nero pouting slightly before turning back to me "Be back in a minute, cutie" as she headed towards the back.

“Now then….” Said Roxo turning her attention towards me “How about we get started?”

“I don’t care about your games” I growled “Just hurry up and tell me how to get rid of this hex!”

 “Jeez. Loverboy here, doesn’t have much patience does he?” said Rojo

“Yeah but it’s kind of cute” said Roxo with a dreamy look on her face “Listen here darling, there’s only two ways to remove a witch’s hex. One is a drop of a witch’s blood. The other…is a kiss from the witch who placed it~”

I sighed heavily “Of course it is…”

“Don’t worry yourself about Nero just yet handsome. After all we’re the ones you’ll be kissing next~” said Rojo with a loud smack of her lips

“Sorry but I’m not in the mood. How about I just take your blood instead!” I yelled as I started swinging my sword at the girls.

Neither of them seemed particularly fazed by my attacks though and casually dodged every swing.
“What do you say we give loverboy here a taste of what he’s in for” said Rojo ducking under one of my strikes

“Sounds good to me~” said Roxo as the two of them stepped back and puckered their lips as they each blew a kiss and sent a series of tangible lips speeding towards my direction as I was flung into a nearby wall. It took me for a bit of a loop, though powerful those kisses were, I had to admit they felt pretty good. I tried to pick myself up off of the floor but before I could move a series of familiar looking black chains surrounded me and I found myself unable to move.

“So what now, sis?” said Roxo

“Hmm…how about this” Rojo said taking out an empty glass bottle and turning back towards me "You’re in for a real treat, handsome. We're going to play a round of spin the bottle but we do things a little differently. The two of us will be using our magic to control the bottle and try to make it point towards us, and whoever it lands on gets to kiss you.”

“Better start prepping those lips~” purred Roxo as she started spinning the bottle. The two girls smacked their lips in anticipation as they each tried to make the bottle point towards them but in the end, it landed by Rojo. “Looks like I won. Pucker up handsome” Rojo purred as she took out a tube of red lipstick and muttered a strange incantation before slowly applying it to her lips. As she added a few coats I had to double-check to make sure I wasn’t imagining things because it seemed like her lips were getting bigger and by the time she finished, they were at least triple their original size. Rojo smacked her gargantuan lips and chimed “Time to get down to some heavy-duty smoochin~” as she pounced on me and started kissing me all over my face before giving me a big kiss on the lips and pulling away as my head was caught in a blissful daze.

“My turn~” said Roxo as she started reciting a chant and began applying her own glowing purple lipstick. After she finished, she leaned in and gave me a couple of pecs on both cheeks as an overwhelming sense of lust consumed me and suddenly my thoughts were only on Roxo and her magnificent lips. “What’s the matter darling, feeling a little lovestruck?” I nodded slowly as she began to laugh. "All you want is for me to give you a nice, wet kiss, don’t you sweetie?" she purred as she teased be by puckering and smacking her lips in front of my face “Here it comes~" she chimed as she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into a deep french kiss before breaking it off with a loud pop.

Ending the kiss seemed to have broken whatever spell she had placed on me but my head still felt foggy and the girls started giggling. "Ooh, this one's not half bad" said Roxo. "Almost a shame to give him up" “Yeah but a deal's a deal" said Rojo before turning back to me as my head was still spinning, and my face covered in lipstick. "My, my. Don’t tell you’re already worn out loverboy” said Rojo. “After all, your fun’s only just beginning~”. She turned my head towards the direction of the back of the hut, and out came Nero came out wearing a more revealing outfit that exposed more of her curves, as she heavily coated her lips in her glossy black lipstick, and they began to grow in size the same way Rojo’s had earlier.

“Ready to get started, cutie?” chimed Nero. I gulped as she put her finger to the bottom of her plump lips and licked them. A sweet scent was emanating from her, and I quickly recognized that it was the perfume she’d used when we first met, but before I could even get a word out, my lips were already starting to form into an awkward looking pucker. She puckered her massive lips and pulled me into heavy kiss, holding it for a few long seconds as my mind quickly succumbed to the pleasure. Eventually she broke the kiss, and as I started to recover my thoughts, I looked to the hex she’d placed on me and noticed it was still there.

“H-hey I thought you said a kiss from the witch who placed it would break the hex” I said gasping
“I did, but you’ve got thing a bit wrong. The kiss I’m talking about…” she trailed as she slid her finger down towards her netherregions “refers to my other lips~”
I gulped again as I struggled against the black chains and managed to free myself. I tried to make one last lunge at Nero to get the blood I needed but she dodged the blow and pinned me down.
Nero giggled. “Now then…” she said as she unzipped my pants and exposed my throbbing member as she inched her face close to mine. “Pucker up~” she purred as she pulled me into another big kiss and started riding my member up and down her shaft as my build-up was mounting and broke the kiss with a loud *MUUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH* as I climaxed and passed out.

When I woke up I was somehow back at my place and I found a note and a small heart shaped charm next to me on my bed saying: “Thanks for the fun cutie. Seems like my sisters took a real shine to you too, so feel free to call anytime you need a favor. I think you’ll know how to repay us~ XOXOXOXOXO –Nero”

I sighed again, but realized that it might be helpful to have midara on my side, and it couldn’t hurt to hold onto the charm just in case. Still I was pretty determined never to run into a situation where I’d need it, but as you might imagine, I’d have no such luck.
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Entry 7: Lustful In Pink

My next few weeks turned out to be pretty busy, as I soon found myself being piled with new job requests. Word had apparently gotten around that I’d taken care of the witches and now people were even coming to me personally to deal with midara problems. It was all getting to be pretty exhausting, and around the end of fifth straight week of traveling, I was totally spent. I decided it would probably be best to spend the night in an inn, and after walking around town for a few more minutes I came across one called “Pink Haven” that had giant pink hearts on both sides of the rather large sign, with the building itself having been painted pink. It seemed like a bit much to me, but I was so tired by that point I hardly cared so I decided to step inside.

I was greeted at the front desk by a young woman with long pink hair wearing a bonnet, glasses and what looked like a maid’s uniform. “Greetings sir” she said “My name is Lilith, how may I help you this evening?”

“Just looking for a room to spend the night in” I said sleepily

“Why certainly sir” said Lilith who was giving me a look as though she was sizing me up “Might I recommend the deluxe suite? It comes with a free meal and an extra bit of guest service”

Something about her gaze was a little offputting but I decided that I was probably overthinking things a bit “I dunno. I’m not really in the mood to splurge”

“Oh there’s no need to worry about that sir, we’re currently offering a special promotion and a night at the deluxe suite is 85% off”

“That so?” I said thinking things over a bit. If they were offering a good deal I figured I might as well take advantage of it, and enjoying a bit of luxury seemed like a nice change of pace over the last few weeks “I guess I’ll bite then”

“Great!” Lilith said looking excited. “Why don’t you come to our dining room to have dinner and when you’re done you can head up to the suite to relax”

I nodded in agreement and was soon treated to a modest, but enjoyable dinner. Afterwards I headed upstairs to the deluxe suite, but when I got up there what I saw took me by surprise. The “deluxe suite” was actually a small, empty space without a bed, and while there appeared to a door leading to a second room, all I found was a small cramped closet. It was pretty clear I’d been scammed and I was about to head back downstairs to complain when I heard a knock on the door.
“Excuse me sir” said Lilith from outside “I’m here to give you your extra bit of service for the evening”

I was about ready to snap as I opened the door “Hey what’s the meaning of t-“

I gaped in awe, as Lilith had changed out of her unassuming uniform and was instead pink tank top that barely hid her impressive cleavage, a short black skirt, and a thick fresh coat of dark pink lipstick. What really drew my attention though, were the black horns protruding from her head, and the black tail pointing out from beneath her skirt.

Lilith held her fingers up to her lips and purred “Here comes your extra service, loverboy” as she formed them into a pucker, and a pair of giant tangible lips appeared in front of her making loud smacking sounds. She then smacked her lips and blew a kiss, as the giant lips sped towards me and pecked me on my own, launching me back a few feet and onto the floor. Before I even had time to pick myself up Lilith pounced on me and forced my lips into a pucker chiming “Put those lips together and give me a BIG kiss, sweetie~” as she put her own lips into a large pucker, and planted a long kiss on my lips, holding it until I was pretty much gasping for air before finally breaking it with a loud pop. It was my first time locking lips with a girl that clearly wasn’t human, and my mind was in a whirlwind of confusion but she licked her lips as though she was just getting started. I gulped as she prepared for round two *MUAH *MUAH* *MUAH* *MUAH* *MUAH* she cried as she peppered my face with a barrage of kisses and I struggled desperately to escape.

I bolted for the nearest door but to my horror I ended up running into the closest and Lilith followed me inside pressing her body tightly against me .“If you wanted an extra seven minutes in heaven cutie, all you had to do was ask~” *MUAH* *MUAH* *MUAH* she purred as she continued her kissing spree and assaulted my lips, barely giving me a chance to breathe. After a few rounds of this she eventually stopped and I hit the floor in a daze as face was buried in her pink lipstick “Now it’s time for the real fun” said Lilith unzipping my pants “Get ready to cum”. At this point I figured there was no use resisting and I readied myself to be violated by her, but then I glanced towards my arm and saw the heart shaped charm I received from Nero as I recalled her saying she and her sisters could help me in a pinch.

With my last ounce of willpower I pushed Lilith off of me and ran for downstairs. Unsurprisingly the door to the entrance was locked and I could hear Lilith’s footsteps coming down the stairs as I realized I needed to act quickly. I activated the charm and a strange black portal opened up as Nero emerged from inside, apparently in the middle of painting her nails. “Didn’t think you’d call so soon, cutie” said Nero “So what’s the trouble?”

I explained the situation and she quickly nodded.

“Oh. Sounds like you’re dealing with Lilith” said Nero
“You know her?” I asked

“Yeah. We have…similar taste in men so we’re pretty well acquainted. Between me and my sisters though, she’s definitely more aggressive. You sure know how to pick em’ cutie”

“Very funny” I said “Now could you help me get out of here?”

“Hmm…well I can probably remove the barrier around this place but it’ll take a little while so you’re gonna have to hold out a while longer.” said Nero “Also, things could get messy if I’m spotted so I’m going to have to obscure my presence so our little friend doesn’t notice I’m here. Just keep her busy, and I’ll let you know when I’m done”

“Keep her busy huh?” I groaned at the thought but figured I didn’t have much of a choice as I quickly searched for a hiding spot and decided to hide in one of the dressers as Lilith’s giggling drew closer

“Come out, come out wherever you are” Lilith chimed “Playing hard to get just makes me want you more~”

She walked close to where I was hiding and I tried to muffle my breathing but then I suddenly felt a strong scent permating through the air, as I realized she was spraying herself with perfume. I continued to try holding my breath, but the smell quickly proved too much and I let out a loud cough.

“There you are sweetie” Lilith chimed as she pulled me out of the dresser and onto the floor “This time you’re all mine~” she purred as she leaned in for another kiss on the lips, and I used every ounce of strength I had left to push her back. However I was already pretty exhausted by that point and my arms gave way after a couple of minutes. Before long, she easily overpowered me and her lips started inching closer towards mine. I knew there was no way I’d be able to escape her a third time and I struggled to push her face away from my own, as Nero’s voice echoed in my head “Good job stalling for me cutie, I’ll pull you out now”

Suddenly I was enveloped in a veil of white as I was transported out of the hotel, and found myself outside the Witch Sisters’ hut.

I sighed in relief, having managed to make it through the night in one piece “Thanks for the help Nero” I said yawing “Now I guess it’s time to go get some sleep”

“Hold your horses, cutie” said Nero grabbing my arm right as I was about to make my exit “Remember what I said before? I don’t mind doing you favors, but I expect compensation~”

Figured things wouldn’t be that easy I thought as I let out a sigh “Maybe some other ti”
Before I could finish my sentence, Nero conjured up a series of magic chains to bind me and my mouth was gaged as my words of protest were muffled.

“Now, now, no need to be shy cutie” said Nero “I’ll even be nice and go easy on you tonight. Just a few rounds of Spin the Bottle with me and my sisters and then we’ll send you home~” she giggled as she dragged me inside the hut, and my long night continued.
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PostSubject: Re: Memoirs of Midara   Sat Nov 26, 2016 4:00 am

I need to change my thinking abit ><
I'm too used to battle rps and other such rps but not to this kind or rp or stroy telling
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PostSubject: Re: Memoirs of Midara   Wed Dec 14, 2016 5:34 am

Awesome material here, LipsInfinity. I really enjoyed reading it. I hope you will continue writing some more of this when you have the time.
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PostSubject: Re: Memoirs of Midara   Thu Jun 01, 2017 3:12 am

Decided to do another one of these since I was in the mood

Entry 8: With Fans Like These…

Time continued to pass, and with each new job, my reputation kept going up. The extra attention it gave me left me feeling a little conflicted since while on the one hand I could charge more for my services, on the other it also meant having to deal with my share of extra troubles from being famous. These troubles usually came in the form of the occasional bandit or bounty hunter, looking to gain some notoriety for themselves, but every now and then I’d also have to deal with obsessive fans and even a couple of stalkers who were always a lot trickier to deal with. However there was one group of “fans” in particular who turned out to be a lot peskier than the rest

One day I was checking the job board in the village square, when I noticed a few pairs of eyes following me. I knew right away it was trouble but I figured that confronting them in public could get messy, so I decided to quickly take a job off the board and headed out of town. My pursuers followed me at every turn and after getting further out of the area I readied my sword for a fight. “Alright now, show yourselves” I yelled.

To my surprise my pursuers turned out to be a trio of girls. One was a brunette, one was ginger haired and the other was a dirty blonde. They were wearing white skirts with a black jacket that hand a pink heart in the middle and the words “We Love Axon~" embroided onto them. All three had freckled faces and plump duck lips, the latter of which I found a little unnerving

“So what exactly can I do for you ladies” I said, relaxing my guard a bit

“My name is April, and these are my friends, May and Julie” said the brunette pointing towards the ginger haired girl and blonde respectively. “We’re real big fans of yours”

“So I can see” I responded a little sarcastically

“We were really hoping you’d consider coming with us, to our clubhouse. We’d love to hear about all your adventures” Julie said enthusiastically

I sighed “Well I appreciate the invitation, but I’m afraid I’m a little too busy right now”

“Oh, but we insist” said May as the trio quickly surrounded me, and look in their eyes turned lustful
“He’s even cuter in person” said May

“I just wanna give him a BIIIIGGG kiss~” said Julie closing her eyes and making a loud kissing noise

“Come here loverboy” said April looking ready to pounce

I could already tell where this was headed and I quickly reached for my sword, but before I had a chance to react, the girls started rapidly kissing their palms and blew as a flurry of tangible lips began showering me and knocked me down to the ground

I tried to get up but before I could even move a muscle, Julie tackled me and pinned me down “I’ve been waiting a long time for this” she exclaimed as she took out a tube of lipstick and puckered her lips as she began rapidly applying it turning her plump lips redder and redder with each layer as they went from a pale pink to a bright fire truck red and I gulped at the thought of what she was planning to do with them as she finished applying with a loud smack of her lips. “Pucker up, cutie pie~” she chimed as she clasped my face and forced my lips into a pucker before leaning in and giving me a big kiss on the lips, holding it for a good minute before pulling away with a loud *MUUUUUUAAAAAAHHH*. As I gasped for air and attempted to surpress the mild boner that kiss gave me, her eyes light up with a dreamy look as it became apparent that she wasn’t satisfied from just one kiss. Unfortunately she was already all over me again before I could react and she proceeded to plant another wet one on my lips eventually turning it into a makeout session as I struggled to push her off me.

“No fair” said April as she and May finished putting on a few coats of lipstick of their own. “You don’t get to hog him all to yourself”

“Yeah, it’s OUR turn to give him some lovin’.” said May. “Come here, cutie~” she chimed as she and the brunette puckered their lips and tackled me back down to the ground, kissing me all over my body and taking turns lightly peppering my lips with soft kisses as I felt my member get harder and harder and the thought of surrendering to these lovely ladies briefly crossed my mind.

As I tried to shake off that impulse, the fangirls started arguing. “I wanna kiss him next” said Julie, fixing her makeup

“No way, you already got to snog him to death” said April

“This is taking too long." said May "We’ll settle this with rock-paper-scissors”

The trio proceeded to play rock paper scissors while I desperately tried to crawl away, but after a couple of quick rounds, May emerged the victor and grabbed me before I could get very far “Where do you think you’re going sweetie? ~” she purred before puckering her lips and before I could get in a response she started smothering my face with kisses and frenched me before finishing things off with a loud pop.

My mind was in a total haze and April giggle at my confusion “You’re so cute. How about we finish having fun at our clubhouse”

"Wait what the heck are you talking ab-“ but before I could finish my sentence one of the other girls managed to knock me out from behind and everything went black.
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PostSubject: Re: Memoirs of Midara   Mon Jul 31, 2017 2:55 am

Entry 9: Escape From the Funhouse

As I slowly regained consciousness, I felt something soft pressing against my lips. I opened my eyes to see May giving me a kiss *mmm…MUAH* she purred softly as she broke the kiss. “Morning, cutie~” she chimed.

“Where the heck am I?” I growled as I tried to move and quickly realized my arms and legs were chained to something.

“Didn’t we tell you already? You’re at our clubhouse” said Julie.

I looked around a bit and I was quickly disturbed by the atmosphere of the place. The walls were plastered with a faded looking purple wallpaper and all over them were large sketches of me that were completely riddled with red kiss marks. It was then I looked down and realized I was being chained to a bed, and that the girls had stripped me down to my boxers before covering me lipstick. I gulped as it quickly began to sink in that these three might be more love crazy than any other midara I’d met.

“What do you think?” said April. “Isn’t this place just roomy?”

I tried to struggle against the chains and break free but the girls just laughed. “They’re so cute when they play hard to get” said May

“Don’t worry cutie pie. We wanted to save the real fun for when you were awake~” purred Julie as she pulled down my boxers and kissed my member all over as it started throbbing.

“Ooh looks like someone’s excited” chimed April as the girls looked ready to pounce. If I didn’t do something these girls were going to rip me apart and I tried to think of a quick work around

“I know you ladies are real eager to get started…” I trailed still coming up with what to say next “But this is a special occasion. I think you should girls should try and look your best”

“Our best huh?” said April, thinking for a moment. I wanted to smack myself in the head. There was no way they’d fall for such a ridiculous line

“Oh your right” said May touching her face “We haven't even fixed our makeup”

“We’re gonna go ‘freshen up’ a bit sweetie” said Julie. “Soon as we come back, we’ll really get this party started~” she said with a loud smack of her lips as the trio walked off into the next room.

I was surprised that actually worked, but I also knew I didn’t have much time before they’d be back. I continued struggling against the chains and eventually found that one of them was a bit loose compared to the others. I focused my efforts on wriggling my arm out of that one and reached for the knife I kept hidden on the left side of my boxers. I had decided to always have one on hand after my last midara encounter and while it seemed liked a silly precaution, I was glad to have it as I used it to cut the chains. Fortunately it didn’t seem that I was making enough noise to alert the girls and I quickly peeked at what they were doing and I saw them shifting through lingerie and makeup. I looked around for an exit and noticed there was another door in the room I was in. To my surprise it wasn’t locked and I silently opened it as I slipped out.

I found myself in a long hallway, and one that looked unusually extravagant compared to the room I was just in. The walls were decorated with fancy yellow wallpaper and the floor was carpeted with diamond shaped patterns. I walked around the area and saw there were a few rooms with numbers on them that started to give the impression that this was some kind of hotel. However my thoughts were quickly interrupted by the sound of April yelling “He’s gone!” and I realized I needed to move quickly before they had a chance to spot me. I tried opening the doors to the other rooms but they all seemed to be locked and just when I was about to lose hope I finally found one that was open and dashed inside.

As I sighed in relief I heard a familiar voice say “Well isn’t this a surprise”. I gulped as I turned around to see Lubido on sitting on a bed, and dressed in lingere “Long time no see, boyfriend~” she cooed.

“Boyfriend?” I said

“Oh there’s no need to be so shy about it.” said Lubido pouting her lips “After all you and I have already shared a couple of hot nights together~”

“What are you even doing here?” I asked “What is this place?”

“It’s not nice to ask a woman her secrets, honeybunch. But if you must know I was working”


“Yeah. This place is what’s known as the ‘Funhouse’ it’s a special hotel used by midara for their…services” said Lubido as I heard sounds of moaning a few doors down and quickly got the picture

“I’ve been meaning to ask but what is it you do exactly?” I said

“Ah, I guess Nero must have let it slip” said Lubido. “I’m a bit…different from other midara. You see business is slow for a lot of my kind these days and men are a lot more cautious then they used to be. My job is to help lure men to other midara who hire my services in exchange for a few perks”


“Sometimes its money and sometimes it’s having first dibs on whoever they ask me to target”
“Ah I get it…” I said as I pieced together how and why Lubido came after me a second time
“Oh don’t look at me like that” said Lubido “I really enjoyed our last time together. Now then…” she continued “I’d ask why you’re here, but judging by your appearance I can already guess. It’s those three loony fan girls isn’t it?”

“You know them?” I asked

“Oh sure, everyone here knows them” said Lubido “They rented out one of the suites to use as their little clubhouse and every now and then they drag back some poor soul they’re obsessed with and violate him for days on end. I think the last guy was in there a whole month before they finally let him go”

A look of pure horror came over my face. I’d be done for if they found me “Thanks for the tip” I said “I’ve gotta get out of here”. I reached for the door but I felt Lubido’s arm grab me from behind

“Just a second, Axy-poo” said Lubido “Don’t I deserve a reward for the help?”

“I’ll make sure to pay you back some other time” I said, not liking where this was going
“Oh, quit playing hard to get, honeybunch. Why don’t you come here and get a little lovey-dovey with your girlfriend?~” Lubido purred with a loud smack of her lips

I immediately bolted for the door and managed to run back into the hall and slam it shut right before Lubido could get her arms around me. As I sighed in relief I heard Julie’s voice shout “I heard something over there!” as I raced to the nearest corner. I turned around only to find Lubido right next to me cooing “Kissy, kissy~” as she made a few soft kissing noises and I ran again. I headed back only to see the fangirls closing in from the other direction and I soon found myself surrounded.

Lubido giggled “So who’s it gonna be sweetie? Me? Or…them” she said pointing towards the fangirls. I gulped as I saw them wearing skimpier outfits that almost fully exposed their curves and wearing heavy makeup. April and May were striking sexy poses while Julie was seductively applying thick coats of red lip gloss, making their already big duck lips, seem even bigger, and as the girls started blowing wanting kisses, my member felt like it was ready to explode and my instincts were telling to just give in. However as the girls inched closer towards me, I recalled Lubido’s warning about what they’d do to me if I got caught, and attractive as these girls were, the thought of being their loveslave certainly wasn’t worth the risk. I darted my eyes around looking for a way out and noticed an open window nearby. I ran for it as quickly as possible and managed to jump out right as the girls were about to get their hands on me.

Thankfully the fall was pretty short and I landed in some bushes outside. I waited quietly for a few moments hoping the girls would think I’d simply run off, and once they stopped looking out the window, I was able to breath a heavy sigh of relief.

“Nice job getting out of there, honey~” chimed Lubido as she tackled me from behind before I even had a chance to react

“H-how did you get down here so fast” I said in a panic

“Oh I came down here while you were busy ogling those other girls. I was worried for a second that you might let your eyes wander a bit too far, but I just KNEW you only had eyes for me. Just for that you’ve earned some EXTRA special smoochin~”

I tried desperately to crawl out from under her but it was no use as she generously applied some lipstick to her lips and cooed “I love you, sweet-ums~” before forming her lips into a pucker and turning my vision into a haze of red as she covered me from head to toe in a torrent of wet kisses.
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Memoirs of Midara
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