A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 A Magical Time

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PostSubject: A Magical Time   Thu Apr 21, 2016 7:54 pm

Three knights strolled through a dark forest. In front was on woman of average height with short blonde hair and bright blue eyes, her figure hidden beneath her bulky armor. Next in line was a tall and lanky black haired man, with a bit of stubble on his chin. His tired and weary eyes darted around looking for an ambush that wasn't there. Rounding out the trio was a large rotund man with fiery red hair, in his hands he carried a massive shield that was stained with countless lip marks.

"Are you sure this the right way, Sonya?" The middle man asked.

"Definitely, Leoric." The woman answered. "The tower should be just up ahead."

"I don't see why we need to come all this way." The largest member of the trio spoke up. "Why not just put a bounty on her head and let the Adventures deal with her."

"You know damn well why, Gerald!" Leoric snapped and gestured to the fat man's kiss covered shield.

"Right." Sonya added with a nod. "We've all seen what that Usurper can do. I doubt any lone warrior or roving band could possibly deal with her."

The three travelers where Knights of the Eastern Kingdom. Or, more accurately, the last three Knights of the Eastern Kingdom.

They had all been there when the Eastern Kingdom fell to one lone Midara. It had happened so suddenly. They rushed to the castle courtyard upon hearing the sounds of battles. When they arrived, they were greeted by maelstrom of flying lips. Only Gerald's shield saved them from meeting the same fate as all of their fellows.

What could three lowly knights do against a Midara of such power? So, the trio fled in shame. After sulking around for a day or so, they came up with a plan. One of Sonya's old friends was a sorceress of some renown. A veritable Weather Witch who lent her aid to kingdom's in times of need. They hoped they would be able to counter the Midara's storm of lips with an actual storm.

Which leads to now, with the trio roaming a forest, guided by only Sonya's memories.

"Still, I am uneasy." Leoric admitted with a frown. "We've traveled a long way from the capital and have yet encounter a single Midara."

Indeed, it was strange. It wasn't as if the Usurper had been subtle. With the new "Queen" in place, Midara should have been flocking to the kingdom.

"Let us not look a gift horse in the mouth, yes?" Gerald replied as they came upon a clearing. In the middle was a modest stone cabin.

"This should be the place." Sonya told her companions. She paused for a moment when she noticed that the smoke was coming out of the chimney in heart shaped puffs. Odd.

"Come on now! We've a kingdom to save!" Gerald yelled as he ran ahead.

"Wait up you oaf!" Leoric yelled as he ran after the other male.

Before Sonya could react, both men where already inside. With a resigned sigh and a small smile on her lips she followed them into her old friends home.

As usual for the home of a witch, the inside was bigger than the outside. Upon entering, Sonya was greeted to a large room the should have been the size of the entire cabin. A velvet red carpet lead from the entrance all the way up to the second floor. The room was lit by several free floating magical lights of various colors.

Sonya found her two fellows peaking in into another room that a most delightful aroma wafted from. She poked her head in to see what had captivated them.

"Valla?" Sonya whispered.

For indeed, standing there with her back facing the door and stirring a cauldron was the witch the had come for. The years had been kind to her old friend. Long auburn hair reached down to caress the small of her back. Her her dress was slit in the sides all the way up to her plump ass; which, wiggled hypnotically with each stir of the cauldron and enthralled the three knights.

"Sonya?" The witch, Valla turned look at them, breaking the spell while simultaneously casting a new. Her bouncing breasts where threatening to burst from her clothes. Her brown eyes glowed magic and something else as she looked over her guests and liked her soft pink lips hungrily.

"Sonya!" Valla cried out as she dove at them. Sonya found herself buried in the soft valley of the witch's bosom. The witch grabbed the men by their heads and pulled them into sides of her melons. In on swift move she had managed to breast smother all three knights at the same time. "And you even brought some boy toys!"

After a moment's struggle, Sonya managed to free herself from her marshmellowly prison. "What happened to you Valla? I don't remember you being this..." sexy " affectionate."

"I'm glad you asked!" Valla said as she released the male knights, who dropped to the floor gasping for breath. With a snap of her fingers, the floor began to move, and they all were carried up to a room on the second floor. It was empty except for a gigantic pink crystal heart on display in the center.

"Do you like it? It was a gift from Charlotte, the New Queen."

At those words Leoric stood and drew his blade. "I knew this was a bad idea!"

"Leoric!" Sonya shouted as Valla leapt back. Wind picked up and carried her until she was on top of the Crystal Heart.

"So you want a little warm up before we get to the real action, huh?" Valla teased with a wink. "But three on on is a little unfair." The witch blew a kiss at the lanky knight, release a pink mist. As it approach it changed shape until it was a replica of its creator. Caught off guard, Leoric could do nothing as the copy latched onto him and began making out with him.

"Up next on the forecast is a love shower!" Valla blew another kiss, this one floating upwards and turning into a large cloud after a moment, little red lips began to rain down from above.

"Sonya!" Gerald called out as he rushed over to Leoric, who was struggling to get the kissing cloud off of him, and raised his shield to use it as an umbrella.

"Room for one more?" Like a flash of lightning, the Witch was in front of the large man. Her lips glowed an icy blue and, with a quick peck on the cheek, froze him solid.

Sonya stood in a stupor as the kisses rained down upon her. She was still in shock about her friend apparently siding with the Midara. The rain of lips was only clouding her mind further.

The kissing cloud finally dissipated. Leoric took a moment to catch his breath before charging at Valla. "You Bitch."

"That's Witch! Get it right!" The Witch responded as a wind boosted jump let her float over Leoric's sword. Before the Knight coul recover, her legs wrapped around his head as shoved it into her woman. Then she squeezed, choking out her foe while preventing him from dislodging her.

With a roar, Gerald suddenly broke free from his icy prison. He hurled his shield at the Witch, knocking her for a loop and freeing his companion.

Valla once more turned her sights to the largest knight. She began to strut towards him, her breasts bouncing with each step. Gerald became helpless as he was hypnotized the display. As she approached, her lips began to glow yellow. She pulled the rotund man into a kiss. The action sending electricity into his body paralyzing him. The witch held the kissed until he passed out "That's one."

Leoric gasped from breath as he struggled to his feet. With a wordless scream he charged at the Witch. This time a strong gust came at him from behind, knocking him off balance and sending him head first into the Witch's bosom. "That's two." Valla commented as she smothered the lanky knight into submission.

The rain of lips finally died down. As soon as Sonya came back to her senses, she found both of her companions out cold.

"We have a lot of catching up to do." A breathy voice whispered in her ear.

Sonya jumped back in shock only to bump int to Crystal Heart. Before she could move, Valla was there pressing her body against her; The knight had become trapped between a rock and a soft place.

"I missed you." Valla whispered before giving her captive a quick peck on the cheek. "I hadn't realized how much until the Queen Charlotte stopped by for a visit." She pecked the other cheek. "She opened my mind up. Allowed it to be filled with Love." This time the Witch pressed her lips against the knight's own and held them there.

Sonya's mind became hazy once more. She couldn't muster up the willpower to escape if she wanted to. Did she even want to? No. Yes. Maybe?

Sonya found herself feeling disappointment as Valla broke the kiss. "By the power invested in me by her Majesty I declare you are no longer a Knight. You will become a Paladin of Love. Do you accept?"

After hesitating for a moment, Sonya responded. "I do."

Suddenly she was filled with a sense of euphoria as the Crystal Heart glowed as its power began to flow into her. She blacked out for a moment as her mind became filled with nothing but Love.

"Sonya! Are you alright?" Valla asked in concern.

"Yes, Milady." Sonya answered before she tackled the Witch the ground and returned every kiss she received from her.

With interest, of course.


Hey, all. It been a while since I've wrote something, both here and elsewhere, so i decided to stretch the old writing muscles a bit. What do you think?
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PostSubject: Re: A Magical Time   Fri Apr 22, 2016 2:44 am

awesome! More please Very Happy bounce
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PostSubject: Re: A Magical Time   Fri Apr 22, 2016 2:27 pm

I agree, and I rarely post in stories!
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PostSubject: Re: A Magical Time   

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A Magical Time
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