A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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PostSubject: Baller   Tue May 10, 2016 2:15 pm

Description: A stocky blond with a baseball cap, dressed in a jersey that says I'm On Team Love and hot pants.
She concentrates charm magic into spheres that she uses for her 'games'. Adventurers that lose get various variations of charm magic in their face.

Sphere variations are generated at the start of each attack(roll when generating a new sphere to see what kind it is):
1-2=Perfume Sphere: The adventurer gets a cloud of numbing perfume in his face. Decreases accuracy (make two rolls for the next attack, both have to succeed).
3-4=Kiss Sphere: The adventurer gets a swarm of smooching lips in his face once the sphere breaks. Adventurer becomes marked (next kiss attack does double Charm damage).
5=Lewd Sphere: The adventurer is hit by a psychic surge of naughty images once the sphere breaks. Adventurer has to make a roll the next two turns to resist Charm damage.
6=Avatar Sphere: The adventurer gets attacked by magical copy of the Baller when the sphere breaks. It has 1 Stamina and can attack for 1 Charm damage for the next three rounds, whereafter it dissipates.

Sphere Tennis: "Love-Game? This is a love game!" The Baller bats the Sphere at the target that will do 1 Stamina damage+sphere effect, and he has to make a roll in order to deflect it back at the Baller. The Baller makes a roll to deflect it back again, increasing the Stamina damage the attack does by 1 if she succeeds, and she takes 1 Stamina damage if she fails (sphere effects do not work on her). The adventurer can deflect it back again with a roll, if not he takes 2 Stamina damage+sphere effect, if he succeeds the Baller makes a roll again, she takes 2 Stamina damage if she fails and increases the Stamina damage by 1 if she succeeds. The adventurer has one more chance to deflect it back, if he fails he takes 3 Stamina damage+Sphere effect, if he succeeds the Baller can't deflect it back and takes 3 Stamina damage.

Sphere Bowling: "I'm on a roll!" The Baller rolls the Sphere across the ground, and each party member has to make a dodge roll in turn. The attack hits the first party member that fails for 1 Stamina damage+sphere effect.

Sphere Tackle: "Coming through!" The Baller runs with a Sphere under her arm and tackles the target to the ground, before peppering him with kisses and breaking the Sphere in his face. Does 1 Charm damage+sphere effect, adventurer is now Held (has to make a check to break free at the start of each turn, if not the Baller gets a free basic Charm attack or can choose to break the hold to use other attacks).

Sphere Kick: "You'll get a kick out of this!" The Baller holds the Sphere in the air with kicks, headbutts, boob bumps and butt bumps, amply showing of her body, before passing the ball to her target. Does 1 Charm damage+sphere effect+Soften (adventurer does half damage on next attack against Baller).

Sphere Spike: "Get dunked!" The Baller jumps in the air and spikes the Sphere lightning-fast at a target, meaning she makes two aim rolls and can pick the better result. Does 1 Stamina damage+Sphere effect.

Sphere Finale (Finisher): "You can't dodge your desires!" If at low enough Willpower, the adventurer stands around dazed. The Baller summons an enormous swarm of spheres and tosses them into the hapless target one by one. In a thick fog of perfume, the adventurer is assaulted by lips and copies of the Baller while indecent thoughts render his mind an addled mess. Just as he's about to recover, he finds that the Baller has stripped naked and formed a sphere around herself and her target he cannot escape from. She instantly goes for the balls, and the adventurer is ensured he will play many more games in the future with his new lover.
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PostSubject: Re: Baller   Sat May 14, 2016 12:46 am

(Would love to RP against this)
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