A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 A Tribute to "Pretty Poison"

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PostSubject: A Tribute to "Pretty Poison"    Thu Aug 18, 2016 1:51 pm

Surely, this one has been posted numerous times before, but I figured it was worth revisiting.

For me, this episode of B:TAS definitely kick-started my whole "kiss of death" fascination (as well as give me a thing for lipstick and redheads, but that's a whole other story.)

I could probably write an entire article about how its impacted me, but I'll just hit a few high points instead of wasting everybody's time.

First, I LOVE the whole "slow reveal" throughout the episode. It's not really until Pamela tries to - for no real reason - kiss Bruce that you begin to put two and two together. The build-up to Poison Ivy's debut is really great, too. I love how she just toys around with Batman, seductively and kinkily prancing about while the fly trap vagina monster thing is about to eat him. And then, there's the big moment, when Ivy reaches into her bra, pulls out a tube of lipstick, sexily applies and lets Batman know she's about to "seal his fate, with a kiss."

I've always dreamed of someone doing a live-action version - no matter how cheapily made. Hell, I've even thought about commissioning some online models to make a video. My absolute DREAM kiss of death scenario is a re-do of this episode, only instead of letting Batman go for some stupid-ass reason, Ivy just keeps applying her poison lipstick over and over and tongue kissing the tied-up Caped Crusader until he succumbs to the toxin. Oh, and I would volunteer to play Batman, naturally!

So yeah, those are my thoughts. Anybody else have any profound memories or musings on the episode, and the role it played in the development of your "kiss of death" kink?

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PostSubject: Re: A Tribute to "Pretty Poison"    Fri Aug 19, 2016 8:53 am

Great episode, and great Ivy of course. I don't know why this was the only episode with kisses in batman animated, they should do a lot more, Ivy is THE perfect character.
Personally I begin with the kiss of death "thing" with Batman & Robin.
If we want to do some "live action" commission we can think about it and ask how much does it cost, and we could pay it like forum.
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PostSubject: Re: A Tribute to "Pretty Poison"    Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:45 am

Oh YES. This was the episode that got me obsessed with Poison Ivy, a crazy obsession I have till this day (her depiction in Batman & Robin only solidified it). I get hard for her like no other.

I never really thought about it as her trying to kiss Bruce. I always thought it was just a hug. But now you mention it, I guess I could see that. But yeah, seriously, from the time she reveals herself until she kisses Batman, it's perfectly done. She just oozes sex.

I'm surprised no one has ever done a live action version of this, honestly, considering how big of an episode this was, and her popularity. Like I said, I'm obsessed with Poison Ivy, and I've searched so many videos online about Ivy. The closest I could find was a French fan film, that had Batman and Robin tied up, with Ivy taking the lipstick from her bra and applying it. But for some reason, she doesn't kiss them... I have no idea why. Frustrating! Haha. Other videos featuring her kisses suffice. But you can never have enough.

I'd totally donate to any way we can get this done with any fetish model or whoever, in the way that we want to. I would only hope she does justice to this scene.
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PostSubject: Re: A Tribute to "Pretty Poison"    Mon Sep 26, 2016 1:35 pm

I know exactly which video you are talking about. I completely share your frustration. As soon as the actress pulled the lipstick out of her cleavage, I thought I had hit the jackpot. And when she straddled Batman, I literally started to get short of breathe. But like you said, the filmmakers never took full advantage of the concept, and it irritates me to no end. It's a shame too - she was certainly one of the better fan film Ivies I've seen. She looked a lot like Kirsten Dunst.

What's really sad is that you KNOW there's an alternate reality where Tim Burton or Joel Schumacher made a really good version of 'Batman 3,' starring Nicole Kidman or Geena Davis as a sultrier, more evil Ivy, with a near perfect replica of the 'Pretty Poison' scene playing out on the big screen. There have been some OK fetish/porn clips, but a big budget, professional live-action 'Pretty Poison' remains my holy grail. Who knows, though. Maybe we will get lucky and WB will give us  precisely that, with Catherine Hendricks or Amy Adams playing Ivy?

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PostSubject: Re: A Tribute to "Pretty Poison"    

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A Tribute to "Pretty Poison"
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