A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Admins old Rb9 Aff fic

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PostSubject: Admins old Rb9 Aff fic   Thu Sep 08, 2016 5:46 am

(I just realised that having told you guys I found this I never actually got round to posting it, but here's the story that seemed to disappear during the rearrangement of the forum)
Heroes - FFI style (Male Hero of Light/Warrior/Fighter, Female White Mage, Female Black Mage, Male Red Mage, Female Monk, Male Theif)

Our valiant heroes were on a another quest to rid the land of the growing population of lust fueled demons. On their journey they come across a cavern the other side of which is said to house an abandoned hospital containing medication and vaccinations to help protect against the monster's deadly charms. And so they enter the cavern, unaware of the danger that lied ahead...

1st Encounter:
3 Black Smoochies.
With their first step into the abyss they were ambushed by 3 Black Smoochies. The 3 raven haired demonesses quickly made a dash for the White Mage, two placing a kiss on her cheek while the other slowly pulled her in for that final embrace. "I'm to die for," she cooed as she pressed her glossy black lips against the holy healer's and sucked the remaining life out. As the remain ing party scrambled to retaliate, the 3 creatures vanished into the shadows, their shiny gloves slowly seeping into the darkness while beckoning the rest to follow. And so they pressed on...

2nd Encounter:
1 "Special" Smokela (Coincidentally I found an image that looked sorta like what I had in mind... NSFW):
The next opponent was a lone Smokela. The party was no stranger to their kind, though this one had a slightly darker skin tone and fingerless gloves with fingernails more ornately painted to compliment her cigarette holder. Her stature was arrogant, which made the party cautious especially with their support down. "Afraid?" she asked with a haughty smirk. It was enough to set off the lithe monk who rushed off in a rage, but with a puff of smoke the Smokela had disappeared. The air was heavy with her scent and the pink haze made it difficult to see. When the smoke cleared, she was no where to be found. Several plumes of pink fumes hung around the Black Mage's veil; she couldn't speak and was thus unable to cast any spells. The troupe would need to hurry if they wanted to tend to their comrades wounds.

3rd Encounter:
1 "Special" Stroke
Another surprise encounter, this time a lone Stroke. She also had a unique fashion sense: a ninja tunic, with matching face mask and fishnet stockings, as well as a kunai in place of her dagger. Her trademark gloves had received an "upgrade" in the form of a gleaming latex finish, and she would soon be putting them to work. In a flash, the Red Mage's pants were tattered to ribbons; his member fully exposed for the Stroke's amusement. She lightly traced his veins with her index finger before firmly gripping his shaft and gently stroking it with expert timing. Just as his cock began to harden, so too did the rest of his body. She began to increase the speed of her repetitions, giggling and muttering "mmmmmmmmmmm... stroke" as the Red Mage jerked his body in resistance. Just as he was about to reach his climax, she pulled the mask down to her chin revealing a pair of lustrous pink lips and gave a little peck to the tip of his cock head. A geyser of semen erupted from the now motionless Mage; his entire body hardened to a stony gray. Unable to mount a counter offense, the party decided it would be better to escape.

4th Encounter:
"Special" Breast Smother
The party was now unable to rely on magic, and with little supplies available it would seem as if their journey would soon be hopeless if they couldn't reach that hospital soon. The Thief decided he could be of some help by stealing something from whatever he encountered next. Unfortunately, the next opponent was a Breast Smother, and unlike the previous opponents, strictly adhered to the dress code of her species (i.e. completely nude). Undeterred, the Thief figured perhaps she had some hidden goodies stashed between the lovely and perky mammaries that have sent many a warrior to their doom. As he stealthily began to attempt to pilfer the contents of her cleavage, she turned to him and asked, "Oh, you want to see what's inside?" It was not long afterwards that his face had been buried between the sexy mounds, her hands churning each tit to a sensual rhythm. While typically the Breast Smother continue to keep their victim secured between their breasts for the rest of their lives, this one quickly grew bored of her antics and fled just as soon as she came. The Thief thought he was lucky, but soon realized the true intent of her assault was to leave him blinded. With his sole skill useless, he too would become an anchor on the slowly crippled team.

5th Encounter:
Mysidian Dancer
With the two remaining party members in low spirits, they continued onward until they were startled by the sound of a light hearted inquiry. "Aww, why so down? Maybe a dance will cheer you up!" The squeaky voice came from a Mysidian Dancer: a regular in seedy taverns, it was strange to see one in the middle of a creepy old cavern. Nevertheless, the Monk had no patience for any more of these monster's antics and lashed out with a flurry of punches. The Dancer elegantly dodged each blow, shaking her hips and spinning sensually between each missed attack. "You're timing is off," she taunted, "Watch me do it." She stopped the berserk monk's fists with a powerful gesture and began to put her erotic routines in motion. The monk watched carefully as the the graceful performer swayed effortlessly mere inches away from her. She hadn't yet realized the fabric that hung from the dancer's hips and shoulders was slowly coiling around her body. As the show girl's entertainment drew to a close, she reached out her silky glove to caress her audience's cheek and with a wry smirk performed a pirouette that sent the female pugilist spinning. When the valiant hero had caught up to his companion, he found the attacker was missing and his comrade in a daze.

6th Encounter:
Green Smoochie
The hospital was now in sight. It wouldn't be long until the party would be restored and they could deal a fatal blow to those troublesome fiends. Or so they thought... a pack of Green Smoochies was the final obstacle in their path. With only one member capable of proving effective against this horde the odds seemed stacked against our heroes. Nevertheless, the warrior of light mowed down the demons in droves carrying his fallen brethren while guiding the impaired. He had managed to make it through the green gaggle of wenches relatively unscathed, until one suddenly appeared before him and clasped upon his lips with her own toxic pair. The vile taste soon made his stomach churn and as she slowly pulled away from him, she giggled before exploding into a puddle of green goo. The poison quickly took effect and as the warrior's eyesight faded into darkness, he caught a brief glimpse of what looked like red high heels gradually approaching him.

The warrior awoke alone in small a room dimly lit by a single incandescent light bulb overhead. He was laying on a cozy mattress, his armor and equipment nowhere to be found. Just outside the door, the clattering of pumps parading atop the hard tile could be heard. Worried about the state of his allies, as well as current location he began to look around to find clues. It was at that moment that the doors swung open revealing a coquettishly dressed nursed. She wore a white satin minidress unbuttoned just enough to give a peek of her nipples and decorated with a single red cross on the right side of her chest. Her legs were tightly wrapped in white satin pantyhose while her arms were covered with shiny rubber gloves. Upon her perfectly rounded crown was a nurses cap, also decorated with a simple red cross. "Are you alright?" she affectionately inquired. The warrior replied with a stammering, "c-could be better."

"You're lucky to be alive. But it's alright, we'll help make it all better." She closed the gap between herself and the warrior and rested her hand against his forehead. A wave of pleasure surged through his body and a sense of foreboding began to well up in the back of his mind until her soft words eased his worries. "Looks like you've been poisoned. Not a problem, this little beauty should clear that right up." She pulled a syringe from between her breasts filled with a pink liquid. "It's an antibody. It will destroy your poison..." she began to administer the remedy into the warrior's shoulders, "and your will." She finished with a smile that took the warrior off guard, but he felt his body recovering so he was grateful for this. "Thank you, um..."

"No need for name swapping. Just know that I'm here to help." She started for the door but turned to deliver one final message, "I'm going to tend to your friends now, but I'll be back in a few so please wait for me." She receded into the door and the warrior was once again alone. The pain of the poison had dissipated and all that remained was a few woulds. A few minutes went by until he felt restless. He felt a growing urge to see that nurse again and he didn't want to wait around to do it. So he got up and made for the door, creeping out while carefully watching his surroundings. This halls were not as dilapidated he would expect of an abandoned building, and the place seemed to have been renovated quite recently. As he made his way down the corridor he heard the familiar voice of the angel who nursed him back to health. He slowly opened the door, giving himself just enough room to glance inside seemingly undetected. What he saw was his White Mage ally, still unconscious and confined to a bed. The nurse was lurching over the robed girl, giggling as her face gently descended ever closer to her prey. "You'll live to serve me," she whispered as she caressed the tongue of the fallen maiden with her own. Gleaming orange lips weighed softly against the holy healer's, restoring to her a new life that would be eternally bound to a more sultry benevolence. As the White Mage returned to life she returned her benefactor's affections with her own; the two gyrating their tongue's in tandem until the cry of a startled male broke their hold.

"She's... the enemy?" the warrior was confused. In all his adventures he had never seen a creature like this nurse before. While the demons were always gorgeous women in appearance they had a vile air about them that distinguished them from any other women. Perhaps they were slaves. But if so, who would their mistress be? Just as that thought crossed his mind a commanding voice rang out from just behind him. "Oh my... who told you were well enough to be roaming these halls?" He turned to see a tall goddess of convalescence within his midst. Her attire was similar to that of the nurse that previously tended to his wounds, but she lacked hosiery and wore red heels and red gloves which seemed to be dripping with such brilliant sheen. Her beauty rivaled that of the Smoochie Queens, with deep read lips that shined with perfection. She clasped her hands around the warriors face and gazed longingly into his eyes. "No, no... you're in no condition to be running around." and with that she brought her lips to his and began a passionate rejuvenation process that ended far too quickly for his liking. He could feel his strength returning to him, but also a burning desire for more of her love. She released him and began to interrogate her underling, "I trust you're treating the others just as well?"

"We're trying to be hospitable, but a thorough rejuvenation takes time."

"I wouldn't want to rush you, but you know how those girls' get when I don't give them anyone to play with."

"If all you need is to make good sport out of them then a quick patch work shouldn't take too long. Of course, you're gentle touch will be needed to soften that bothersome hard-on."

"Of course, I'll head over there now."

"Oh, about this pretty thing?" the nurse minion motioned to the White Mage. "Can I keep her?"

"Sure, if you like it easy. I'd rather take the destructive hand of a Black Mage and transform them into the sensual hands of relief." The Mellifluous Medic stepped past the kneeling warrior and disappeared into the corridor.

"What are you going to do with us?" the warrior asked, but the nurse could only answer with a shrug.

"The mistress seems to have some interesting plans for you tonight. I hope you can keep her entertained." the warrior took to his feet, his mind still a bit hazy, and prepared to defend himself. "Oh, don't worry." the nurse said, "You should be fine for now. Shall we check on your friends?" Still cautious, the warrior nodded and was led to the other rooms to catch a glimpse of his allies recovery. Another nurse was treating the Theif. She reached for a pink cross-shaped accessory that dangled from her ear and pulled it apart to reveal a dropper containing another pink liquid. "Let's cure that vision so you can take in my beauty," she remarked before dispensed a few drops into the blinded bandit's eyes. The darkness appeared to clear, though his iris began to turn a light pink.

In the next room, yet another nurse dressed like the warrior's escort was tending to the wounds of his companion. The Black Mage's veil was down revealing her modest beauty that not even the warrior had seen before. Her caretaker was stroking the Magician's throat while planting little kisses up and down her neck. "Sing of your love for me," she moaned between every other kiss. As the Mage's voice returned she gruffly asked that she be released; a request her concierge hesitantly complied with.

Their next destination housed the Red Mage, still stiff from his encounter with the kunoichi-esque Stroke. This time, the red gloved Medic would treat him with her loving hands. She began at his face, caressing each cheek and stroking his hair with the tenderness of a mother. As her hands wiped across his flesh, his color returned and his skin would softly deform to her gentle touch. Next she ran her hands across his chests and down his arms. Back up to the shoulders and now down to his stomach. When she reached his erect penis, her stunning lips stretched into a devilish grin. Using only one finger she traced around the shaft, slowly making her way up with each spiral. She finished her treatment with a quick rub down of his legs, tickling his feet just to see if every other limb had been de-petrified. "There. I've softened your body and your heart" She turned to the warrior.

"You're looking much better."

"Where's Molly?" he sternly asked

"That bit-...." the nurse interupted, but the Medic politely silenced her with a simple gesture and offered this response to the warrior: "I was informed she was giving our nurses some problems. It seems that in the midst of her confusion she's lashing out at everyone and anyone who approaches her making treatment a little difficult. But don't you worry I have just the thing to cure what ails her." she made her way towards the warrior.
"But you have more pressing concerns my dear knight. You see, with you and your friends in moderately good health, I believe there's nothing more here for me to do for you."

"So why not let us go?"

"Excellent Question." She now stood just a hair length away from him; his back pressed up against the locked door and his escort nowhere to be seen. "In addition to those naughty nurses who have so lovingly hastened the recovery of your dear friends, I also have a group of Footsies under my control for just these occasions." Her arms wrapped around his head and she once again gave him that deep gaze. "You'll be fighting those Footsies for my amusement. If you can defeat them without being scratched, than I will release you all with the medicine you've come here for. But if you're critically injured..." she leaned in close and whispered "... you will all be mine." As those words squeezed though her perfectly puckered lips the warrior couldn't help but be taken aback. But he composed himself enough to pose one final question: "What if I refuse?"

The Medic giggled and took a step back while still resting one hand on his cheek and another on his shoulder. "Do you think you can?" He couldn't answer. "Everything's ready" a nurse entered and said.

"Wonderful. Follow me" she commanded, as she beckoned the warrior towards the battleground.

7th Encounter:
A bunch of Footsies.
Among the lust fueled demons the party had faced, Footsies seemed the most barbaric. They're tactics usually relied heavily upon their kicks, which while slightly alluring were more notable for their power. While the party was missing their Monk, who stood just outside the arena swinging at flies and everything else that approached her, they were confident that at full strength this exercise didn't pose much of a challenge. As the battle begun the Black Mage cast her strongest Fire Spell, seemingly incinerating the majority of her foes in one attack. But as the smoke cleared, she noticed that not a single Footsie was so much as scorched. "You didn't think these would be your normal Footsies did you?" the Medic called callously. "Their resistance is much higher, you'll have to pull out all the stops if you want to beat them." A Footsie was quickly closing in on the Black Mage, but the Warrior jumped in to defend her. His hefty blade tore into the creature with great force, but she quickly rebounded and landed a roundhouse to the Warrior's skull. The Thief wasn't doing much better. No matter what he threw at her, the villainess continued her pursuit unfazed. She leapt into a dive kick sending the burglar to the floor. The Red Mage planned to use a double spell along with the Black Mage to end this match in one mighty blaze of destruction but before they could conjure up the spell two Footsies synchronized their attacks with a pair of kicks to their opponents stomach.

As the parties wounds began to increase in severity, the Medic laughed with boredom and approached the young Monk. She was still hysterically flailing around at everything; the Medic's calm strides ignoring the danger that could come from getting to close. When the Medic was close enough she slowly reached out her arms and caught the fists of the rampaging fighter. Tightly grasping her wrists, the Medic pulled her opponent into an embrace that would seem to last a lifetime. Her shining lips quivered with an intimate tenderness. Their tongues traded saliva in a sultry affair. Before long those feeling of confusion that clouded the Monk's mind would disappear, replaced by a priceless pleasure that she would hope to enjoy for time indefinite. On the opposite end of the arena, the other nurses stood watching their mistress work. Along with them, was the newly enslaved White Mage who had been taking notes and listening to her instructor's words. "Watch carefully. This is how we provide care."

Back to the fight, the party somehow managed to pull a victory. Though the wounds they had received as a result required immediate attention. "My my..." the Medic said. She had just pulled away from her passionate kiss as the fight reached its conclusion. "... you actually went and did it. Congratulations. But you know as a professional I can't let you go without making sure you're properly healed."

"Cut the crap!" the Warrior barked back. "We're leaving now, and we're taking all our friends back with us."

"Is that so? I don't think they want to go with you. Isn't that right Molly, dear?" The Monk turned to the Medic and nodded obediently

"I fight only for your, my mistress." she said in a subservient tone.

"There you have it. But seriously, darling, those wounds don't look-"

"Shut up!" the Warrior yelled. The Monk couldn't stand by while her mistress was being disrespected. "Shall I kill them for your, mistress?"

"No, dear. But if you could show them a little tough love, maybe give them a reason to see why they need my treatment, that would be for the best."

"Understood." The Monk leapt forward, with the Medic gradually following. The final showdown was about to begin.

Final Encounter
Monk (Molly) and Mellifluous Medic

(Note: I'm getting sleepy so, quick rough draft and then I'll revise it tomorrow)

Hope seemed lost for the valiant heroes. They're bodies were broken and their stamina depleted due the arduous trials they had faced this day. Their only sliver of salvation rested upon reigniting the camaraderie of their enslaved partner.

"Molly!" the Warrior cried. "You don't want to do this!" but the Monk continued her approach without a care for her former friends plea. "You damn muscle head," the Thief chimed in, "Is this really what you've been fighting for? I thought you wanted to let your fists fly freely. Do you really want to bind them to some who-" before he could finish the sexy slugger's foot had found its way into the swindler's jaw. "O god's of the heavens, and devils in your hell. Light my rod so that I may vanquish the-" the mistress of the arcane chants were muted by a series of punches and kicks that left her reeling with her face in the dirt. Only two remained. The Warrior dropped his sword, "I don't want to fight you." He raised his arms and begged his companion to return to her senses. His words couldn't reach her; she mind was lost to a physician's paradise and could never return.

Meanwhile, the Red Mage was considering an escape. "I only joined up with these guys 'cuz I figured I could make some easy money if the drugs turned out to be legit. But if this how things are gonna be, I'm out." As he crept away on his escape path, he was blocked by the bosom of the seductive Medic. "Let's see... cold-hearted and a coward. The symptoms of a traitor. But don't worry, I have just the cure for that." She pulled a thermometer from within her breasts and placed it beneath the tongue of the fleeing magician. He fell on his rear and could no longer move. "Now you stay put, sweetie." She darted off in a cat walk toward the rest of the heroes.

The Monk continued her advance toward the warrior. Her fists' clenched and her glossed over eyes fixed on the knight's dulled armor. "Please, I beg of you." he began, but a swift punch quickly sent him to the ground. The monk raised him up with one hand and prepared the other fist to finish him off but a gesture from the Medic forced her to release him. "That's enough," said the gentle caretaker, "I need to be able to find their lips if I am to treat them properly," she added with a devilish grin. As she approached the wounded Black Mage, the monk returned to her side. "Let's see that pretty face of yours," she stated while commanding her new pawn to remove the sorceress' hat and veil. "With beauty like that, I'm sure you'll light up the hearts of all your patients with a smile." With a simple tug, another thermometer appeared between the caverns of her tits and within moments it found a new home within the mouth of the mage.

Next, the Medic made her way to the Thief. "I never took you to be so loyal. You were calling out to your friend to the very end." she pondered.

"Well, you know what they say about judging a book by their cover. You may think you're hot shit, but all I see is shameless, dolled-up whore"

She leaned forward and with a giggle replied, "Cute. We'll see if you're still singing that tune when I get done with you." In the next instant, yet another thermometer was placed.

As she made her way to the last warrior to fall, she raised her fingers to her lips. With a simple smack, a similarly lustrous pair of lips appeared from her fingertips and flew onto the fallen Warrior. They forcefully pressed upon his own lips descending into his mouth until, in a puff of pink smoke, they transformed into a familiar thermometer shape. "Once the results are in, I can begin the treatment. Molly, could you bring the patients to me, stat?" The fighter obeyed, bringing each to her mistress' feet two at a time. "You're so good to me." she added affectionately along with a sensual kiss on the cheek. With a snap of her finger, the Medic summoned the nurses along with their new playmate. Each was holding a vial containing a thick pink liquid. The Medic first took the White Mage's vial while sliding her gloved hand across the holy maiden's cheek. "How do you like our treatment methods? A little more hands-on than you're used to?" The new slave could only nod nervously. "That's wonderful." the Medic responded with a brief but powerful kiss. As the Medic turned away, the Mage leaned in closer hoping to savor another drop of affection, but a nurse restrained her with a light tug, clearly jealous of her mistress' behavior.

The Medic now stood before the Black Mage, whose face and body was on display for all to see. "I still cannot believe you would try to hide such a face away from the world." The Medic began as she pulled the thermometer from between her victim's teeth. "But that's alright, I'll put that lovely face of yours to work. Let's start with those lips." she slowly began to pour liquid down the Mage's throat. There was some resistance, but a few gentle caresses of the neck and a little more well placed kisses kept the antidote from coming back up. "Yes, those lips. I'll bend that awful scowl into a beautiful smile. And don't think I'll allow those filthy words you chant to pass through them. Oh no, only the sounds of loving praise and flirty phrases will come out of those..." the contents of the vial began to empty "...luscious..." the Medic wiped away the excess fluid from her victim's mouth with a gentle sweep of her thumb "... lips." And with the single utterance of that word, the two pairs of lips melded into one and the wave of pleasure that washed over the Mage was overwhelming. She could feel all her powers returning to her, but in her mind she could only think of how to best use those powers to serve her new mistress. As the embrace continued, the Medic wrapped her arms around the Mage, tightly clinging to her with unwavering dedication. Her breasts began to seep out of her dress, their soft mass resting atop the Mage's own small, yet perky pair. When the kiss finally broke, the Medic's hands found a place upon the Mage's cheek. With a whisper the Medic asked, "How do you feel." The Mage's only response was a radiant smile;

Next, the Medic appeared before the Red Mage. "Ah, the traitor. I think I liked you better with your pants down." His body was also exposed. She crept up beside him and began administering the medicine while simultaneously stroking his growing dick. "Not quite as good as that Stroke's? That's okay, what I lack in technique, I think I more than make up for..." the bottom of the vial was now bare. "... in raw passion." she firmly pressed her lips against the mages and dramatically increased the speed in which she jerked his cock. His stamina returned and while he yearned to put that energy to use immediately, he was overwhelmed by the depth of affection he was being shown. Her tongue lightly teased the inside of his mouths, while the milky touch of her gloves tantalized his throbbing member. An out pour of semen signaled his surrender and when she released him he could only lie with a silly grin, relishing in his defeat.

The Thief was giving his all in attempting to resist the paralyzing effects of the thermometer. After resting her hands on his shoulders, the Medic leaned in close to his face and offered a few derisive words: "You're ready to go, aren't you. That's good. I like 'em a little feisty." She concluded her taunt with a teasing pucker and in one motion caressed his cheek while pulling out the thermometer. Opening the little vial of healing, she trust it into the bandit's mouth sending him to his back and kept it in place with the point of her heel. Once again, she brought her finger to her lips and produced a number of disembodied chops to plague the swindler with multiple displays of affection. As the contents of the vial began to dissipate, she raised her foot and pulled the Thief's body to her. "Don't think so poorly of me. I only want to give people my love." She complimented that thought with the press of her lips against his, sending another poor hero to a state of pure ecstasy. When their embrace broke, he reeled back in pleasure while her fingers slowly danced down his newly restored body. "I'm not so bad, if you give me a chance." she said as she rose to approach her final conquest.

The Warrior sat dignified but defeated. He had previously tasted the nectar of her lust before and it seemed to intensify his desires the closer she was to him. Now with a hair's length between each other, he could barely fight back his urges. "A cold sweat, sunken eyes and those nasty scars. You look absolutely dreadful. But I've got just the thing. You just leave everything in this precious hands of mine, alright darling?" She spoke with an endearing tone. He could feel the smooth glide of her gloved hands as they clasped tightly on his face and the weight of her lips as their cold touch invited him to a world of pleasures he previously only dreamed of. As that brief exchange of passion came to an end, the Medic produced a familiar vial and placed it in the Warrior's hands. "You'll need to drink this. Then you'll feel all better." The Warrior tried to fight it, but in the end he could only chug the drug until its contents found their way to the bowels of his stomach. "Good Boy." the Medic responded, before snatching the vial and haplessly tossing it behind her. She pounced upon the warrior and began to plant a series of sensual kisses on his lips in rapid fashion. Instead of toying with his tongue, like her previous prey, she decided to test the sensations of his lips with the power of her own. In time they proved too much leaving him jerking with an orgasmic jolt each time their lips met. When she had her fill of fun she finished with a deeper kiss, leaving him a healthy but empty vessel for her desires.

Each conquest sat watching intently as their mistress returned to the side of their former ally. "Molly, be a dear and get on all fours." the Monk complied and the Medic made herself comfortable resting upon the back of the first victim she claimed that day. "You all were foolish to think I would have left you alone when you were in such rough shape. But now that I have restored you to good health, the question remains: How will you repay me.?" Her arms were now outstretched and the heroes quickly stumbled to her side. Each grabbed a finger and paid their respects with a few kisses. "I live to serve you, mistress." cried the Black Mage with an unusually chipper tone. "Your wish is my command, madam" bellowed the brash Thief. "I will never betray you." promised the Red Mage. The Warrior followed with, "My life belongs to you."

The Medic's cruel smile gave way to a haughty laughter which echoed far and wide. This would only be one of the many heroes who fell victim to her caring yet diabolical hands.
White Mage - Unconscious - Black Smoochie
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Red Mage - Stone - "Special" Stroke
Monk - Confusion - "Special" Mysidian Dancer
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Black Mage - Silence - "Special" Smokela
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