A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Harmony, of the Heart.

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PostSubject: Harmony, of the Heart.   Wed Nov 23, 2016 10:36 am

Note: This isn't exactly much of a "fetish" creation but more of a fleshed out one that I made on a whim.  She is more storyline material than someone that will seduce you to bed.

Name: Harmony
Race:  (?)
Alignment: True neutral

She is not without her violin, always by her side, either in the case or within her hand playing a song that captures, inspires, or tantalizes the heart.  Her music is so awe-inspiring that many whisper that she is secretly a siren or a muse.  Many has proposed to her and even some royal offers a position as a royal musician for the court but she politely turns them down with a kind smile.

Strangely, the encroachment of the Midara within the lands did not affect her as much as others.  Even more stranger is that she neither welcomes the their presense but neither is she driven away by them but merely accepts their presense.  However, it is also said that her own music seems to take on a more supernatural nature that rivals (or perhaps to rival) even midaras' charms.  

With her reputation and her music, more flocks to her as she plays in concerts, and taverns.  However, with the increase of attention and the change of the world, it also attracts some attention.  Many crusaders and organizations hear of her reputation and deduct that she is a midara (which is justified by her beautiful resonance of her songs) and must be driven off the land less she corrupt all that listens to her song.  At the same times, the midaras' desire her for her subtle sensuality and how she can easily capture hearts without any charms.

However, these attempts by both side seems to have mostly failed with the ones that have failed seemingly to have forgotten their encounter with her but any future encounters seemingly making it easier to become infatuated with her and her songs.  

Appearance: She has an unusual color of silver hair that runs down to her chest but is tied together at the front with a blue bow with a very long ribbin that trails around her when she moves.  Her eyes is a lighter shade of gray, almost like a reflection of the moon.  Though not colorfully painted or full like the usually beauties that are the midaras, her lips seems a a subtle light pink colors, glossed by moisture, and soft to the touch or when releasing a song.

Her body is generously curved but not excessively so that draws the attractiveness from the rest of her.  In public she wears customized satin Milly Cady dress, white with silver and gold trimmings on the edge with a helix twinning along the center.  The dress itself bares her shoulder and hands and covers her body, arms, and (surprisingly) her chest, though the shape of the swells of her breast shows she is moderately size.  The dress is moderately slitted to show glimpse of her legs at the side but covers her front and back, just tight enough to see her svelte hips.  On her feet, she wears a pair of black boots that trail up just below her thighs.

Harmony is very calm and mellow, one that does not show negative attentions very often.  This, in extension also allows her to accept situations very easily as well as go along with the flow of whatever happening.  She comments that the world plays its own music and she is just the audience.  That being said, she values her independent thoughts a lot as her music is more of an extension of who she is.  Subvert that and, despite still beautiful to the hear, her music would lose that element that makes her such a skilled and powerful musician.

To fend off against those that wish her harm or to charm her to a mindless love slave, she developed several methods of clouding and calming the mind and resonating the hearts of others. Though not above using sensual touch moves as a follow up or opportunistic move, her main forte is her music. She will first try to use her persuasiveness tongue to try to stop any conflict first before having to resort to her music in combat.  One note is that if she has her personality subverted, she will no longer be able to use almost all of these skills as the music is an extension of herself, more than just music.

Setting the Mood and Melody (music): Plays the introduction to a very beautiful music that they can feel it to the core of their being.  Deals minor charm and transits to 3 other music path.  Required to use this first before any other music.

Lost to the Music (Passive):
For each consecutive music attack that is successful, she deals an additional charm up to a limit.  Playing a different music will cause the bonus to be reduced by 1, getting hit will remove all bonuses, missing does not cause her to lose bonus but neither will it increase.

Soft Serenity: (Music):
Plays a slow and tranquil music that is very soothing.  The mood makes it more difficult for anyone to make actions against  her.  Moderate charm damage and minor penalty to hit and damage.  3 Successful Soft Serenity allows her to use Soaring Symphony.

Soaring Symphony: (Music):
Her music reaches a climax but retaining the soft mood of the music.  In addition, she weaves an illusion of them by a forest with a river nearby with an accompanying water trickle sound.  The overall effect puts the target very much at peace.  Deals large charm damage and may inflict awe (skip turn)

Feel the Flow (Music).  
A very upbeat song that is also very catchy and is hard to get out of the mind.  Deals moderate charm and moderate charm on the next turn if no charm is done.  Successful hit allows Harmony to use Butterfly Rhythm afterwards.

Butterfly Rhythm (Music).  
Harmony herself also moves along with the beat.  Feel the Flow previous charm damage persist for one turn and Harmony herself is harder to hit.  Cannot use again until a successful Feel the Flow.

Weaving of Love and Sensuality (Music)
Harmony plays a very slow and warm song that subtly ignites the heart.  Deals moderate damage but will cause Fleeting Kiss (mentioned later to change its effect).  Note that she will only play those that catches her fancy (meaning if she is playing this, she actually likes you a lot).

Coy and Seduction (Passion)
Each three time Weave of Love and Sensuality is successful, she will performances a slow sensual (but not overly) dance in lieu with her music that will trigger a passion within the target which will cause them to want to embrace her.  This will be followed by Performance Romance which is automatically successful.

Fleeting Kiss (Touch): Quickly dances up to her targets and presses her lips gently to the targets in a soft kiss but parts just as quickly and teasingly, leaving them with a incomplete longing of the kiss.  Deals moderate damage and inflicts infatuation temporarily (hit penalty) while putting her at a distance.

If Weaving of Love and Sensuality is being played, Fleeting kiss (changes to Longing Kiss) does 50% more damage and instead of teasing the target by dancing away, she and the target will embrace and kiss dealing constant charm damage until the target makes a will save. She will not attempt this move unless she is close enough.

Performance Romance (touch): As she is playing, she step in close an snuggle up into the arms of the target.  The combination of her music, the mood, and some ambient magic compels them to cuddle her close as she plays.  Deals moderate charm damage and skip their turn.  Can only use once until she apart from them.  Can be followed up by Fleeting Kiss , giving it a bonus to hit and charm damage.

Captive to the song, music to the heart.  (Finisher):
If the target succumbs to her song, she will continue to play until she reaches the final climax.  At that point, the target is now a totally enraptured audience to the finale of her music.  What happens next is based on what she is playing when the target is enraptured.

Soft Serenity- She sits down while playing the music as her target will start to become drowsy.  Her lap become irresistible as they slow place their head into it.  As she continues to play, the the target will start to fall asleep.  Occasionally, one of her hand will caress their cheek to comfort them and urging them to sleep.  Their dreams will be of Soft Serenity still playing while she and them are dancing to it while occasionally closing in to kiss and embrace.  When they wake up, she will no longer be around but the melody will still linger for several days.

Feel the flow- She and the target will dance to the rhythm, not together but in two solos.  The dance will become tiring but not excessively so that it will become unpleasant.  Rather,, both of them will have quite a lot of fun doing so.  Eventually, the music will fades but when it does, she is no longer around anymore and neither is the memory of her.

Weaving of Love and Sensuality- Her target will become totally infatuated with her and her music as well as slowly becoming aroused.  When the song plays, she puts down her violin and she starts to close the gap to the captive person.  Unlike most midaras whom uses a lot of charm magic and assets, Harmony uses subtle signals, body motions, and gestures to completely open their heart to her before she pulls up to the and gives them a soft kiss that is slow but slowly growing passionate, escalating both of their passion and lust.  She highly favors making as much body and skin contact with her partner both in foreplay and in love-making, and is very skill at the sexual arts that theirs both her and her partner to new heights of ecstasy.  

And all three cases, if the target and her ends up in battle again, they will already have some initial charm damage dealt to them as they recall a very compelling music, even if they do not recall her.

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PostSubject: Re: Harmony, of the Heart.   Wed Nov 23, 2016 10:53 pm

I feel like Ferro would take to this one! XD
This looks like a good character. -Clap, clap, clap-
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PostSubject: Re: Harmony, of the Heart.   Mon Dec 05, 2016 12:06 am

Finished things up with her. Hope I did not screw up too badly for my first entry.
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PostSubject: Re: Harmony, of the Heart.   

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Harmony, of the Heart.
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