A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Babysitting goes wrong! By davosseaworth

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PostSubject: Babysitting goes wrong! By davosseaworth   Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:56 pm

I found a pretty amazing story with multiple chapters that pertains to a lot of different fetishes. The fetishes include: Kissing, foot worship, foot kissing, ass worship, ass kissing, and facesitting. I was instantly hooked from the first chapter and I praise davosseaworth for his work. Again though, this is not my work and I do not claim it as my own. Everything below this line is by davosseaworth.



"Mom there's no way I'm wasting my first weekend home from school babysitting a couple of brats!" I tried to explain. My first year of university hadn't gone quite how I had planned, but I was back home now and I wanted to spend my time going out drinking with my friends, not looking after a couple of kids.

"Don't be such a baby Dean! I owe the Carrons a ton of favours and they haven't gotten to get away from their kids and celebrate their anniversary in years! You're doing it!" my mother retorted. Well that was the end of that. Once my mother decided on something that was it, their was no talking her out of it. Looks like this weekend is gonna suck!

Chapter 1: Meeting the Carrons

"WHAT!?!?! I'm not getting paid for this?" I demanded.

"I told you, I owe the Carrons a lot of favours." my mom quickly reminded. I was so cheesed, this had gone from bad to worst and we weren't even there yet.

"So how old are these girls anyway?" I ask my mother while staring out of the window of the moving car. If I was going to spend a weekend with these dweebs it probably would help to have some background info.

"Well I'm pretty sure Danielle is sixteen and Katy is fourteen, but there about your age! It could be fun!" my mother proclaimed.

"Mom I'm ninteen, I'm in university, I'm a man. There in high school still, they're just little girls!" I snorted. I couldn't believe my mother had compared me to these kids, I'm an adult! I drank wine this year! What did these kids know about anything? This was gonna be the worst.

When we finally got to the house, I said goodbye to my mom and slowly staggered to the house. It was a fairly large house, pretty sure Mr.Carron was a dentist or something. I really don't know the Carrons very well, I've only seen the parents twice and I'd never seen the kids. I mostly just knew them as Mom's Asian friends. I didn't like to think of them like that, I just didn't really have any other information than that. Finally I arrived at the door and knocked roughly, I really needed to get this over with. The door quickly opened and out sprung Mr and Mrs. Carron.

"The girls are downstairs, have a good weekend!" Mrs. Carron shouted as she blazed past me, obviously excited to be getting away with her husband. Hey at least someone was gonna have a good weekend. I walk through the front door and I immediately see that this house is way bigger inside than it is outside. In fact it was enormous! After taking a quick tour, I decide it best to go see the little twerps I'm gonna be babysitting for the next forty-eight hours. As I walk downstairs, I quickly notice that only one of the girls is down here, but after that the only thing I notice for a while is this girl. Assuming this girl is Danielle(and I later would learn that it was) she was supposed to only be 16, but looking at her you certainly couldn't tell. She was laying on her stomach and playing some video game and the first thing I noticed was her ass, it was way bigger than it had any right to be, and her black yoga pants did little to hide it's shape and size. A quick glance at her face to make sure she wasn't noticing my stare lead to a long gaze as I looked upon her magnificent features. She had small but full lips, an adorably small nose, and dark brown eyes that seemed to envelop me with the first look she gave me, as she finally acknowledged my presence.

"Are you the babysitter she asked?" her voice was soft but not weak in any way, and it made my heart flutter just a little bit.

"Um..yea. Sorry, yea my name is Dean." I nervously stammered.

"Ahh, mine's Danielle, but everyone just calls me Dani" she replied cooly. In attempt to avoid stammering again I decided to just sit down and watch her play her game, whilst trying not to stare at her too much. She's playing some wrestling game (I used to be super into it, but I stopped a couple years back), and she's clearly made a character in her own likeness as I don't remember a Asian female wrestler named Dani the Destroyer. I did recognize her opponent as it was my favourite wrestler ever, THE UNDERTAKER, an enormous man who pretended to be some sort of undead zombie or something (they never really explained it). Now Dani was quite simply obliterating this guy and I couldn't believe how good she was at this game.

"Wow you are amazing at this game! You're destroying this guy! And you're even using a girl to do it!" I cheered! Admittedly saying that last thing might not have been really smart.

"Whoa what are you trying to say? Why would it be harder to use a girl to win?" she snapped, her soft voice replaced with some severity.

"Oh um..well I wasn't trying to say anything. I was just impressed you could win using a weaker character." I squeaked out. Wow! I really wanted this girl to like me, and I was saying just about everything to get in the way of that.

"Are you trying to say men are better wrestlers then women? Care to put your money where your mouth is?" she was standing up now, and practically yelling in my face.

"No look I didn't mean to offen-" I started to explain my actions but she quickly interuptted me by pushing me back onto the couch.

"Wrestle me right now! And once I kick your ass you're gonna learn just how strong a woman wrestler can be! And how about we make this interesting, if, no when I kick the crap out of you, you have to do whatever say, scratch that you have to be my slave! For the whole weekend!" Dani was right in my face and she was actually kneeling on my lap while I sat on the couch. I was a little scared, but my curiousity got the better of me.

"Well...what do I get if I win?" I asked nervously. Her head flew back and she erupted with laughter.

"Haha that's so cute, you think you have a chance. I'll tell you what, if you are able to make me give up then I'll be you're slave for the whole weekend. And I'd have to do anything, and I mean anything, you said. But don't get to many sick ideas the only interaction you're gonna have with this body is when it's twisting your body in so many painful positions that you beg to be my slave. Well that's not entirely true, you'll get a chance to worship this body after you accept your slavehood, but I promise you that won't be enjoying it." and with that Dani had peaked my interest, and I quickly agreed to the match. Dani ran up to her bedroom to get changed in to her "wrestling attire" and when she came back down I nearly fainted. She was in her bathing suit, a pink two piece that showed her body off, and made my jaw drop.

"If I'm wrestling in this, then you're wrestling in your underwear, unless you want me to change into something less revealing?" she teased. I've never undressed as fast as I did there in my entire life. Now that we were both ready to go we moved over to side of her living room with less furniture and prepared to begin. We started circling each other, but then in a move I'd seen my brother pull of at wrestling practice I faked a direct attack, and then dove for her legs. Dani was obviously familar with this move as well, and to counter she simply jumped in the hair. I fell flat on my face and she landed with both feet on the small back which had me writhing on the ground in pain. Dani clearly wasn't taking me very seriously now as she slowly walked to me and picked me back up onto my feet, before pushing my face forward and almost effortlessly tripping my legs, sending me sprawling back to the ground. This was not going my way and I needed to come up with a new strategy quickly.

"Haha, well if you are ready to give up I'll accept a surrender if you get on you're knees, admit that girls are better wrestlers than boys, and kiss my pretty little feet." Dani teased, at this point more than certain that her victory was assured. Part of me thought that maybe surrendering would be smart, but ever since I was a kid I'd always had a really sensitive nose so all the smells were amplified, and the pungent smell of feet was by far my least favourite, so kissing hers was not an option, I'd have to win.

"Not gonna happen, there's no way I'm gonna get anywhere near those feet, and I'm certainly not gonna be kissing them." I'd tried to sound tough and manly but my voice had cracked and by the time I said kissing them, I was practically pleading.

"Aww does poor little baby not like my poor little feet? What did they ever do you, you meanie" she mocked me by saying all of this in a babyish voice. Before I knew what I was doing I was telling her all about my noise issue, and I asked her please no matter what she did, to get her feet involved.

"You have to be the dumbest little boy I've ever met. Of course you'll be kissing my feet, now that I know all of that I'm gonna make you spend hours tied up kissing and licking my feet, and that's gonna start right now!" she explained evilly, before jumping at my legs. I tried hard to stop her momentum from knocking me over, and I suceeded! My victory was shortlived however when she picked me up over her shoulder, ran back over to the couch and jumped on to it, driving my back into one of the armrest. Before I knew what was happening I was lying on my back on the couch and she was sitting on my upper chest, using all her strength in an attempt to pin my arms down under that beautiful ass of hers. I tried so hard to fight back but her strength was incredible and before long she has securely pinned my left hand underneath her. I only had one hand left to defend myself, and that clearly wasn't enough to stop her as she fought hard to pin my other hand down with one hand, while using the other to slap me across the face. I quickly become disoriented and as I lost focus I also lost control of my last hand which also was pinned underneath her, now I was helpless. I prepared for the physical beating I was expecting to receive but to my shock, she instead adjusted and slammed her feet directly into my face, now using her arms to hold hands down, and her feet for the assault.

"How do they smell? Are you in love yet? Ready to shower them with love and affection?" Dani taunted me as she rubbed her bare feet in my face. This was almost more than I could take, the smell was so overpowering and I was trying so desperately to break free, but Dani had me in a hold there was no way out of it.

"C'mon you little baby, pucker up those lips of yours and give my feet some kisses! You better realize the only way out of this is me letting you go and that's not happening until I'm satisfied!" Dani demanded. I simply couldn't do it, kissing her feet was beyond my control, even if I wanted to my body wouldn't let me. "You will not deny me of what I want! If you don't kiss them, I'm gonna punch you're balls!" Dani threatened, and before I could react she grabbed both my hands with just one of hers and sent her fist crashing down into my balls. My body tried to fold up but all that accomplished was driving my face further into the feet that were tormenting me. I couldn't kiss them! I would not kiss this bitch's feet! I would not do it! With all the strength that I had in me I tried to push her off of me...but Dani just laughed and pushed me back down hard onto the couch, and continued rubbing her soles into my prone face. Another punch followed, more pain than I had ever experienced flew through my body and let out a howl. "Haha, couple more of those and it'll be kissin time!" Dani shrieked and slammed her fist repeatedly into my balls. The pain was overwhelming..I couldn't do it..I just couldn't....not her feet. With one last punch and a whimper, my resolve was gone, I gave in. I planted a kiss on her left sole, and then collapsed back onto the couch sobbing. "HAHA YES! YOU KISSED MY FOOT! YOU KISSED MY FOOT! YOU KISSED IT! I MADE YOU KISS IT! YOU'RE MY BITCH NOW! AHAHAHAHA!" Dani let out a stream of shrieks and cackles. "SAY IT! SAY THAT YOU'RE MY BITCH! TELL ME WHAT I WANT TO HEAR!"

"...i'm you're bitch" I admitted weakly.

"Who do you belong to?!" Dani demanded.

"I....belong......to........ Dani" I squeaked through sobs. "Now please let me go!"

"Never! I want one hundred kisses on these adorable little feet of mine as you're way of apologizing for being so mean to them and not kissing them immediately! After you finish that you'll be punished for those awful things you said, and then you'll be allowed to pledge you're life to me and become my slave!" Dani cackled. Defeated, I simply began to kiss Dani's feet, wondering how things had gotten so bad so fast.

"Hey sis, what are you doing?" I heard a soft voice from behind me say.

The End of Chapter 1!

You don't know peace till you had suffering.
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PostSubject: Re: Babysitting goes wrong! By davosseaworth   Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:57 pm

Chapter Two

As I looked up at the vixen who was controlling me I was reminded of the first time I saw her. I remembered seeing her long black hair that just reached her shoulders. I remembered seeing her deep, dark brown eyes and her soft, full lips. I remember seeing this girl and immediately wanting to be with her. This, however was not what I had in mind. And as I unwilling continued to kiss her toes I couldn't see this weekend going that well.

"Hey sis, what are you doing?" I head a soft voice from behind me say. It was at this point that I remembered that there were supposed to be two kids for me to babysit, and this new voice must be the younger one. I looked over to see a cute Asian girl, but one who was clearly still growing and although she showed signs that she might one day be the knockout her sister is, at this point she still looked pretty childish. She was wearing dark blue skinny jeans and a t-shirt that said angel in training.

"Oh hey there Katy, I was just playing with our new babysitter. He really doesn't like feet, so I decided to sit on him until he kissed mine." Dani explained sweetly, as if she was telling a story about a trip to the grocery store. I had stopped kissing her feet when Katy appeared, but a soft kick to the forehead reminded me of my unfortunate task.

"Ewww he's kissing you're feet? That's so gross!" Katy sneered. I couldn't have agreed with her more.

"Haha yup! But he doesn't have any choice! We had a wrestling match where the loser had be the winner's slave. Actually I don't know if you can call it a match, I basically just threw this poor little boy around and then rubbed my feet in his face." Dani explained. Her description of the match was unfortunately accurate.

"Wow! You beat him up! But he's so much older than you? I mean he's supposed to be in university and you're only fourteen!" Katy couldn't believe what was happening in front of her. Wait what! Mom said Dani was sixteen! Was I seriously supposed to believe that a fourteen year old just beat the crap out of me?

"Wait..there's no way you can be fourteen!" I let out a cry from under my tormentor. It just couldn't be true!

"Haha yup! Fourteen years old! Just finished grade 8 and just finished kicking your butt! Now why don't you get back to kissing my pretty little middle school girl toes!" Dani laughed as she shoved her feet into my mouth. I couldn't believe that a fourteen year old girl had made such short work of me and was now forcing me to do something I wouldn't dream of doing in my whole life. What I wasn't noticing through all of this was the gears turning inside of Katy's head.

"Wait Dani, if you beat him up so easily, and I'm only two years younger than you, do you think I could beat him up?" Katy asked in confusion. A twelve year old was seriously considering whether she could beat me up! What kind of sick nightmare was I in.

"Yea you could probably beat him up. I mean I wasn't even trying and I destroyed him, and you aren't that much weaker than me. It might be a little bit difficult, but you shouldn't have any serious problems. Why? You looking to get you're feet kissed by a university boy too?" Dani asked. Oh no. Was it even possible? Could I really lose to a twelve year old? I didn't think I could, but the idea of me getting dominated by a fourteen year old wasn't something I would've believed before it happened to me.

"Haha I don't know, I just think he's kind of cute. I wouldn't mind if he had to be my slave too." Katy giggled as she explained her motivations.

"Haha well there slave it looks like you get a break from kissing my toes, but it's not gonna be much of a break when my baby sister, Katy the Krusher, destroys you!" Dani announced. She finally released me from her grip and I slid off of the couch and onto the floor, and the first thing I realized was how tired and sore I was, I had forgotten just how bad of shape Dani's beating had left me in.

"So if I win you have to do what I say? No takesie backsies!! You're mine for the whole weekend, and you have to do whatever I want!" Katy spoke with significantly more force to me than she had earlier with her sister.

"It doesn't matter little girl, because I'm going not going to lose!" I yelled at her. I thought maybe I could intimidate her, and get out of this ridiculous situation.

"Tehe you sure are cute! I can't wait to own you!" Katy sang as she approached me with a menacing look in her eye. We locked hands and started pushing against each other and I was immediately shocked at just how strong this little girl was. I was barely able to hold my ground and then she gave me a wink, took a step forward and pushed me back. She was actually stronger than me! How was that even possible? She knew it too as she began to giggle and continued to push me back, farther and farther until she had pushed me right up against the wall. She then pinned my hands to the wall and started pushing me down the wall until we were at the same height, all the while giggling uncontrollably.

"You don't look so confident now sweetie. Don't worry it'll all be over soon and once I own you, I'll take real good care of you." Katy teased. She started leaning forward slowly until our faces were inches apart, and then she coyly kissed me on the nose.

"Haha looks like you're having an easier time with him than I did!" Dany complimented her sister from her seat on the couch. Katy nodded in approval and then taking a page from her sisters book, she grabbed both of my legs and picked me up over her shoulder. Then she walked me back to the middle of the room and dropped me on the floor right in front of the couch. My back was shooting with pain and before I had any chance to make a recovery, Katy had straddled me and pinned my arms above my head. Dani didn't miss a beat and immediately placed her feet onto my face, and despite just getting them off of my face a minute ago I definitely still wasn't used to that smell. Both the girls had a good laugh about this before they started debating how the most embarrassing way to finish me off.

"Hmm you could wrap those strong little legs of yours around his neck and give him a good squeeze, he wouldn't be able to last twenty seconds!" Dany suggested.

"No I need something that will show our new friend exactly why he has no choice but to be my slave, and I think I know exactly what to do! I'm gonna make him kiss my bum!" Katy exclaimed whilst continuing to hold me down. There was no way in hell I was gonna do that!

"HAHAHAHA oh my god yes Katy! That's perfect! That'll show him who's boss!" Dany cheered her little sister on. Katy repositoned so that she was now sitting on my upper chest, her face was facing my legs, and her little
twelve-year old butt was just an inch from my face.

"It's kissin time slave! I want you to cover this cute little tushy of mine with kisses." Katy instructed.

"There is no way I'm gonna kiss your butt brat!" I shouted in defiance.

"Haha he said something similar about my feet, but I think I know what'll change his tune" Dany practically sang as she stood up from the couch. I couldn't see what she was doing, because at this point I'll I could was Katy's ass hanging dangerously close to my face, but it would take long to figure out. To my horror, Dany did the unthinkable and stepped on my balls! I yelped out in pain and my body once again tried to fold up, but all that accomplished was driving my face straight into Katy's bottom.

"Hahahaha you sure are eager! Now pucker those sweet little lips of yours and plant one right on my adorable little tush!" Katy demanded, sitting back so that her ass was now directly on my face. I still could just barely breath, although the smell wasn't too pleasant, but that wasn't what was concerning me. Dany had stopped for the time being and I thought maybe my torture was over, but then I heard a gasp from Katy and the sound of Dani's feet leaving the ground and then I felt the most pain I'd ever felt in my life. Dany had jumped on my balls, and I would do anything, and yes I mean anything to prevent feeling that pain again. So again I did the unthinkable, I kissed Katy's ass, the ass of a girl seven years younger than myself, and I kissed it over and over again, in absolute shame.

"HE'S KISSING IT! HE'S KISSING MY BUTT! A UNIVERSITY BOY IS HELPLESS UNDERNEATH ME AND HE'S SO SCARED OF ME THAT HE'S KISSING MY BUTT!" Katy screamed in joy. She jumped off of me and started dancing around with her sister chanting "BUTTKISSER" over and over again. I just laid on the floor, not knowing whether the pain or the shame I felt was greater.

"You know what? I think since I won that match and I made this little boy here become my slave I deserve something special! I think today's the day I get my first kiss!" Katy yelled out in excitement. First kiss? Oh god did she want to kiss me? I just couldn't let that happen! Hearing this I tried to crawl away with all of the strength I had left in me, but Dany saw what I was doing and pounced on me in a second.

"Not so fast loser! Katy won the match, so now you have to do what ever she says, and she says it's kissin time!" Dani taunted me. She then forced to get to my knees, before sitting on my legs and holding both my arms behind my back. "He's ready for his kiss Katy!"

"This sure is gonna be a fun weekend!" Katy squealed. Then she leaned down and took my face in both of her hands. Her face was quickly approaching mine, and although I was fighting like a mad man to break free, Dany held me still. As Katy's face got closer and closer I realized that my fate was sealed. Finally after what seemed like the longest second of my life, Katy's lips touched mine and she gave me a childish peck. Dany let me fall to the ground as she got up to celebrate her sister's triumph. This was simply too much and I broke into tears, crying collapsed on the floor. A fourteen year old and a twelve year old had both beaten me up and I had been forced to kiss feet and a butt. To top it all off Katy's kiss had emasculated me more than I thought possible. I didn't see any way it could get worse than this.

"This is gonna be the best weekend ever!" the Carrons cheered.

End of Chapter 2.

You don't know peace till you had suffering.
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PostSubject: Re: Babysitting goes wrong! By davosseaworth   Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:57 pm

Part 3 (The Bet)

I was lying on floor of the Carron's basement in utter defeat as the two young girls danced around me singing of their victory. I had been their babysitter for maybe twenty five minutes before I was beaten, humiliated and turned into their slave. My body was pretty sore from the beating the girls had given me but that was nothing compared to the beating my pride had taken. I mean I hadn't ever considered myself a particularly strong guy but I also didn't think a fourteen year old could force me to kiss her feet and I certainly didn't think a twelve year old could make me kiss her ass, but that's what had happened. Finally my rest was broken when the Carrons remembered my existence.

"So sis, what do we wanna do with our new slave?" Dany asked her little sister, the fear I felt in my heart for the response was incredible.

"I think I want him to see the room of the girl whose bum he just kissed!" Katy responded with a squeal, upon hearing this I decided to try to sneak around their couches and then run upstairs and out of this hell.

"Do you want help taking him upstairs?" Dany inquired not noticing my escape.

"Haha no, I'm pretty sure I can handle him" Katy giggled, and in a split second she dove on top of me and sat on top of my back, pulling my hair to force my head up into the air. "Take me upstairs horsey!" And with that she started smacking me on the ass while still holding me captive by my hair. To my horror she was now riding me upstairs, I decided I'd try to stand up and then shake her off from there, but the second I tried to get off my hands and knees she wrapped her legs around my stomach and squeezed until I was lying flat and whimpering in pain. "Don't be a bad horsey! Or I'll have to punish you!" Katy demanded and started mercilessly spanking my bottom. To save myself from further abuse I quickly followed her orders and took her upstairs to her room as Dany rolled around on the floor laughing at the spectacle she was witnessing.

When we get to her room I was horrified to see it was painted bubblegum pink and was covered in girly posters with horses and princesses on them, it was now sinking in that I had indeed been beaten and enslaved by a twelve year old girl.

"Good work horsey! Now I'd like to show you around your princesses room, however the price of admission is 10 foot kisses. I sure hope you kiss them and don't make me hurt you, you're so cute and helpless I'd feel horrible hurting you." Katy said as she rolled me over onto my back and put her bare foot just inches from my face. I was pretty hurt and pretty tired from being her horse, but I couldn't just kiss her feet and accept being her slave.

"Please Katy I don't want to kiss anyone else's feet today, would you please let me go?" I begged the twelve year old girl standing over me.She seeemed to ponder to decision for a while before coming to her conclusion.

"Hmm, how about we make a bet? If you can get out of my room then you're free to go and I'll tell my parents you were an excellent babysitter!" she reasoned.

"What if I can't get away?" I asked, immeaditely regretting the decision to ask. When I saw the smile form on her face I knew I was doomed.

"If you can't get out of my room and I can hold you down and make you submit to me, then you have to be my boyfriend!" Katy screamed like she was at a concert of one of her favourite boybands.

I realized that I basically had no other choice but to accept, so I quickly scurried away from her only to realize just how small this little girls room was. As I looked around for a way to escape, Katy tackled me from behind and drove me onto her bed. The breath was knocked out of me by her tackle and as I tried to regroup she dove on top of me, further winding me.

"Tehee I was lying before I really was hoping you'd try to run, it's so much fun dominating a boy in university. Now I hope you haven't forgotten about my cute little tushy, because you're about to be kissing it just like you were downstairs!" Katy squealed and before I could make a move to defend myself, she pinned down my arms with her knees and placed her bottom less than an inch from my face. I'd been forced to kiss Katy's ass earlier and it was something I desperately didn't want to do ever again, so with all of my strength I tried to push her off of me, and to my joy i was able to push her off of me slightly, and for the first time since Dany had beaten me the time I felt like I had a chance. This didn't last long unfortunately as Katy noticed my escape attempts and started tickling my ribs causing me to lose focus and allowing her to adjust and pin both of my wrists under her knees and now it was clear that my escape was impossible.

"Ready to submit and become my BOYFRIEND!?! Or do you wanna spend some time worshipping this pretty booty? Don't worry you'll get plenty of chances to cover it in kisses when we're DATING too!" Katy taunted as she gently rubbed her bottom in my face. I couldn't have known this but at this time Katy was discovering that she got a weird feeling from dominating Dean, she didn't really know what it was, but she knew she liked it and she wanted more of it. This slave thing had started out as a joke for her, but now she wanted to own this older boy, and she knew that she getting pretty close to it.

"Please Katy, just let me go! You're way too young for me to date!" I screamed, trying to intimidate Katy into letting me go. This was a strategy that clearly didn't work as the second I stopped speaking she dropped her ass on my face, and although it was relatively small it still managed to cover my face and block out my airways. She went back to shaking her ass on my face, but her gentle teasing had been replaced with vicious attacks as she tried to break me to her will. I felt like a wild horse being ridden by a cowgirl who would settle at nothing to tame me. Aside from the beating I was taking it was also becoming increasing more difficult to breath and I quickly found myself passing out. Just as I thought it was over she rose up off of my face, and I started panting trying to get all the oxygen I could.

"Are you ready to submit yet?" Katy demanded furiously. I didn't even respond I just leaned forward and kissed her right on her bottom. I didn't care about anything anymore, other than surviving and I just continued to plant kiss after kiss on her ass. Katy moaned slightly, knowing she had attained victory.

"Do you submit to me?" she questioned.

"Yes, you win" I squeaked, trying to hold back tears.

"Are you my boyfriend?" she inquired threateningly, she still seemed surprised that I'd admitted my defeat, she started to lower bottom back down to punctuate the threat.

"Yes!!! I'll do anything you say!" I screamed, doing anything to avoid having her sit on my face again. Katy couldn't hold back her excitement and squealed. One thing was getting to her though, he said he'd do anything she said, could she really make him do anything?

"Kiss my butt again!" She ordered, I obeyed as fast as possible, deeply kissing her jeaned cheeks. She paused for a second, clearly thinking, then she unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down to her ankles leaving her now in a pair of pink panties with bunnies on them.

"Kiss!" I was made a little uncomfortable by the fact that she was now only in her underwear but I was still worried she'd sit back on my face if I disobeyed. So I gently kissed her panties. "Did I say you could stop?" and I continued to kiss her pantied bottom. This went on for a bit while Katy continued to think. She decided to go for it, and lowered her panties leaving her bare bottom only an inch away.

"Please Katy, this is too much." I pleaded, this was way too much for a twelve year old girl.

"Kiss it now! Unless you want to be knocked out under the bare bottom of a twelve year old! Now kiss it and don't even think about stopping until I tell you too!" Katy yelled and moved her ass so that it was nearly on top of my face. Begrudingly I kissed her bottom, pausing breifly until Katy cleared her throat, and I began to smother her bottom in kisses, I couldn't believe how far I'd fallen. After a few more kisses Katy pulled up her pants, started jumping up and down and singing about her victory!!

"You shouldn't have taken the dare! Now you're my boyfriend and have to do anything I say!! And I think we've already seen how easy it is for me to control you sweetie. Now I remember asking for some foot kisses earlier, you wouldn't want to dissapoint your princess would you
bunny?" Katy teased me and then sat on my chest and started rubbing her feet in my face. I hated myself for it but I didn't even put a fight, instead I just weakly pecked at her feet while she giggled.

"You're such a good, obidient boyfriend! I think it's time for a reward!" she let out a squeal, the domineering vixen had been replaced with a giddy schoolgirl. She sat up and dove into me, wrapping her arms around me and forcefully kissing me. The kiss earlier had been a childish peck, delivered from a Katy who was nervous and still unsure if she could really control such an older boy, it was more of a take this kiss then anything else, that she'd delivered just because she could. This kiss couldn't have been more diferent. Althought it was still childish it was much more forceful and was a lot longer, this was a confident kiss from a girl who no longer was trying to tease an older boy, but a kiss that was meant to show complete domination. As Katy finally broke of the kiss, she began to giggle and pecked at his face while holding him close with her arms around his head and her legs around his chest, he was helpless .

"We're gonna have so much fun this weekend!"


You don't know peace till you had suffering.
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PostSubject: Re: Babysitting goes wrong! By davosseaworth   Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:57 pm

Part 4: I've had it!

I fought meekly to push Katy away, but she easily pinned my hands above my head and giggled. After so many fights in a row, and so many losses I was beginning to get worn out both physically and emotionally, and I was starting to think that maybe I should just stop fighting and accept the Carrons as my masters.

"Sorry cutiepie, I know you don't like kissing but your too weak to stop me so I get to kiss you to my heart's content." Katy teased as she went back to peppering my face with little pecks. This went on for a while as I squirmed uncomfortably but did not have the morale to pose a real fight and Katy easily controlled me as if she was wrestling a child, a child even younger than her! Finally after a while she decided we should go tell her sister Dani, "the big news", so I was once again forced to give Katy a ride downstairs horsey style, although it was much easier this time as I wasn't attempting to escape so she was gentler. Dani was thrilled to hear the news and gave her sister and I a big hug.

"So now that you've fallen for my sister are you gonna be more obedient slave?" Dani demanded. Honestly at this point all that I cared about was getting through this weekend in one piece.

"How about we just watch a movie or tv or something." I suggested, I'd be happy just as long as there was no more punishment for me.

"That sounds great! Hold on let me just grab something from my room." Dani explained. She had already changed out of the bathing suit she'd wrestled me in earlier to a pair of dark jeans and a white hoodie, so I wasn't sure what she was going to get. I sat down on the couch and Katy immedieatly dove beside me and went back to covering my face with kisses. I was barely even resisting at this point, I hated that it was happening but I knew there was no way to prevent it. That being said I was confident that this movie would get me through a couple of hours so I was feeling pretty good. That was of course until what I saw what Dani had brought down. It was a long, but thin line of black rope and the second I saw it I jumped to my feet to make a run for it. Before I could get far though Katy had jumped onto my legs and was keeping me from escaping. I was struggling to stay standing when Katy tackled me and before I knew it both girls were on top of me.

"Haha you aren't going anywhere! Hold his legs down Katy!" Dani instructed, she was sitting on my upper chest and was facing my legs, she'd used her legs to pin down my arms and her ass was perilously close to my face. Although I'd recently had a truly awful experience with the bottom of a Carron I couldn't help but appreciate how lovely Dani's ass was.

"You enjoying the view up there? Ha men are so easy to control! How about I give you a closer look!" Dani threatened and with that she sat her bottom down on my face. It was significantly larger than Katy's and immedieatly I noticed my lack of oxygen, but despite the pain I couldn't help but momentarily enjoy being underneath this beautiful girl. I noticed that my legs were now tied up and the girls were moving up to my arms . I tried to fight back but there was to many hands, and I was thoroughly distracted and they easily restrained me and finished the job . They both got off of me to admire their handiwork and I finally, and semi-reluctantly got a gasp of air.

"You're just so cute when you're helpless!" Katy squealed.

"Alright now it's time for the movie!" Dany explained. The girls picked a movie and then to my horror placed my face in the middle of their couch and then lied down at opposite ends so my face was sandwiched between their feet. The smell was overpowering and I had to fight the urge to vomit, just because I knew the punishment would've been truly awful. After the end of the 2 hour film the girls got up and I was given a glorious moment of respite.

"So slave, how did you like the movie?" Dany asked as she brushed her foot on my face.

"I couldn't focus on it, all I could think of was your two's feet!" I retorted aggressively.

"OF COURSE! You were thinking about how bad you wanted to kiss them weren't you? Don't worry you can kiss them now!" Dani proclaimed as if she was giving me the greatest gift I'd ever recieved. She then sat down beside me and shoved her feet into my face. I tried to roll away but Katy had come up behind me and was forcing my face into Dani's feet. Even though I realized escape was pretty much impossible I still refused to kiss her feet. I was getting really angry now and my will to fight was being rebuilt.

"Haha you think I don't know you're weakness by now?" Dani teased and she reached and squeezed my balls mercilessly. The pain was excruiating and it killed me that Dani could control me so easily. I tried to hold out for as long as I could but eventually I could take no more and was forced to kiss her feet. After a dozen or so foot kisses she stood up and forced her foot into my mouth, while she used her other foot to step on my balls, and I really hated myself for it but I began to suck on her foot. Of course once she was finished Katy wanted to try and when I wouldn't open my mouth for her she stomped on my balls and I was forced to service her feet as well. After a little while she started shreiking that it tickled and she accidentally shoved her foot so far in my mouth that I started gagging and she fell backwards. Dani and Katy started rolling on the floor laughing, and I was done. This was too much and I wasn't taking it anymore. I broke.

"That's it! I'm done with this! Untie me right now! I'll fight both of you for my freedom I don't even care!" I just kept screaming and screaming, as I had finally lost control.

"Ha are you kidding me? You think you could take on both of us? We both beat you up earlier on our own? Heck Katy made you cry and kiss her bare bum and she didn't even use her legs or hands? What makes you think we won't just take turns sitting on your face until you pass out?" Dani chuckled, and Katy rubbed her butt on my face and as I was still tied up I was unable to stop this degrading act.

"I'm asking for one more shot! If I win I go free, if you two win I will sign a legally binding contract to be your slave and you can torture me for the rest of time!" I screamed once again.

"Oh boy you're crazy, Katy what do you think?" Dani asked quizzically.

"I love wrestling my little boy, and a chance to make him submit to me and kiss my butt again? Way too good to pass up!" Katy answered, she had now stood up and was untying me.

"So here's my counteroffer slave. I don't think Katy is gonna share you so how about we have two fights, one against both of us. If you beat one of us you're free from her, and if you beat both then you're free completely. But if you lose both then you become our slave forever!" Dany suggested. I was ready, sure I'd been beaten earlier, but I was reinvigorated and I knew I could win!

"You're on!" I shouted.

"Great! I'm first! And don't worry I won't make it quick like earlier, this time I'll savour my victory! And when it's all said and done you'll be exactly where you belong, kissing my perfect little tushy!"Katy threatened.

End of Part 4

You don't know peace till you had suffering.
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PostSubject: Re: Babysitting goes wrong! By davosseaworth   Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:58 pm

Chapter 5 (A Date With Destiny)

A lot had happened since I entered the home of the Carrons, and absolutely none of it had been good, but that was about to change. I’d challenged both of the sisters to matches and if I was able to win I could go far. First off was Katy, the twelve year old who was half my weight and had already completely dominated me two times before. But this was different, I was motivated, I was ready and I refused to lose!

“If you want to skip all this and just get to the kissing I have no problem with it cutie” Katy flirted, and honestly I wasn’t sure if she was talking about kissing her or her feet. But it didn’t matter because I wasn’t about to do either of those things.

“Not a chance Katy! I will be free!” I proclaimed confidently, at that point I felt like an action hero, but one look at my opponent changed my view pretty quickly. This wasn’t exactly Rocky vs Apollo Creed.

“Haha, I’ll never get tired of beating you up and making you kiss my butt!” Katy squealed and charged me. We locked hands in a test of strength and I pushed with all of my strength. To my joy I was not moving backwards, I wasn’t moving forwards either but hey at least I was putting up a fight. I looked at Katy’s face and she seem perplexed that she hadn’t been able to push me around as easily as she had done earlier, but then her eyes met mine and she winked. Before I could react she had pulled me close and kissed me firmly on the lips! Needless to say I was shocked, but as I went to break the kiss she slipped her leg behind me and tripped me, taking me to the ground. I couldn’t believe I’d once again been outsmarted by a twelve year old.

“Wow Katy, you knocked him down with a kiss! That’s impressive!” Dany commended her sister from the sidelines. Katy beamed at her sister’s praise. She was on top of me but was yet to really find a good position and I was fighting hard to keep it that way.

“If you think that’s impressive, watch this!” Katy announced and she quickly kissed me again, and then a made a move to wriggle up my body to advance her position. This time though I had expected the kiss to be a distraction and was able to prevent her from advancing yet again.

“Fool me once, shame on you!” I shouted, but before I could finish my clever quip Katy had forced her foot onto my mouth.

“No talking! You’re mouths only good for kissing! C’mon kiss my pretty little toes and I’ll go easy on ya!” Katy taunted while rubbing her foot on my mouth. Despite my humiliating position, she still hadn’t made any progress and I didn’t really feel like I was in danger.

“C’mon footkisser! Be a good slave and kiss you’re beautiful master’s cute toes!” Dany shouted support.

“Haha thanks sis! I’ll show this cute slave who he belongs to!” Katy responded, turning her back to me to talk to her sister. I realized just how great of an opening this was and I quickly sprung up, knocking Katy off of me and scrambled away.

“Don’t take me so lightly little girl. You may come to regret it!” I taunted, my confidence soared after my first successful moment since entering the Carron household.

“Are you gonna let him talk to you like that? Show him who’s boss Katy!” Dany instructed, and for a brief second Katy seemed to be afraid of disappointing her older sister, but that fear slipped back into confidence quickly.

“Oh good for you, you ran away. But was it really worth it? Don’t you miss kissing my butt? How about you just accept your fate and do as you were meant to and kiss my gorgeous bottom.” Katy suggested. Just as quick as Katy had lost it she had gotten it back and unfortunately she was still obsessed with the idea of me under her backside. Even though Katy seemed unchanged by my surprising success, I couldn’t have changed more and now I was confident, and had even thought of a plan. I would simply bulrush Katy and use my weight and size to take her down and keep her there. And before she knew what was happening I’d driven into her and taken her down.

“How do you like the-” I had pulled my head up to taunt my downed opponent but she had wrapped her legs around my head in a second and had caught me in a devastating head scissors.

“How do you like my legs? Pretty strong right?” Katy teased, knowing full well that she was cutting of my oxygen and preventing me from responding. “What’s a matter? Kat got your tongue?” that last one set Dany into a fit of laughter. But I was doing anything but laughing as I realized that I wasn’t gonna last much longer in this position. “Hey sis look I can even make him smell my feet like this!” Katy beamed with pride as she found a new way to embarrass me by adjusting her hold so that she could rub her feet in my face. Dany was on the floor and Katy was laughing along with her, but although her adjustment had been embarrassing and unpleasant, it had weakened her grip on the hold and with one strong push I was able to slip out and roll away. I had escaped twice! This fight was going so much better than the other ones!

“You still so confident that you’ll beat me?” I asked Katy, hoping to shake her confidence.

“Well actually yea. Sure you’ve escaped two times but I’ve hardly been trying, and the fact of the matter is I don’t really need to try. I’m stronger than you Dean. I’m faster too, and I’m smarter and I’m a better wrestler. I’m just better than you in general, even though you’re seven years older. There isn’t any way for you to beat me, so I can take my time and embarrass you and have my fun without having to worry about losing. Don’t you see baby, I’m winning this fight and you can escape a few holds but you can’t escape your fate, and your fate just happens to be under my beautiful butt.” Katy finished, and although a lot of what she said had made sense I simply couldn’t accept that as the truth.
“Prove it!” I yelled back angered by her overconfidence.

“Gladly!” She retorted and she moved forward and once again she locked in the test of strength. Only this time no kiss followed, only steady movement, and to my horror that movement was in my direction. Just as our first fight she continued to push me back and I knew before long I’d be hitting the wall and then it happened. I hit the wall, I hit the wall and she laughed. She pushed my hands back against the wall and drove her face into mine, kissing me forcefully. This wasn’t a romantic kiss, this was just like the first kiss she’d given me, and it was an insult. The kiss said “I don’t have to take you seriously, you’re inferior and I can hold you and I can kiss you and you can’t do anything to stop me.” Then she took it a step further, she broke kiss and leaned in as close as she could get to me and whispered “you’re so cute”. I couldn’t even believe how small I felt, how a girl this young could make me feel so inferior, it didn’t make any sense. She went for another kiss but I turned away, hoping to stop this feeling of inadequacy. Without missing a beat she began to lick my cheek and while I was horrified by how gross that was she ducked down and picked me up by my legs, just as both Carrons had done earlier. Here it comes, I thought. Now she’ll slam me down and it’ll be the beginning of the end. If only there was a way out of this. And then there was. It came to me in a flash. It was horrible, it was dirty, it was underhanded, but it would work and I had to do it. I pulled her hair. She yelped and I was able to break free of her grip and I had escaped once again.

“Are you serious!?! Did you just pull my hair? Are you a little girl?” Katy demanded. She was furious now, and I didn’t know whether to be scared or happy.

“No, I’m just finally learning how to fight one!” I retorted back. This was all she could take and she charged me, but luckily I was able to sidestep her, she was so upset that at this point countering her would be easy! As she passed by me I wrapped my hands around her waist, hoping to pull her down to the ground. What happened next was without question the most unlucky thing that had ever happened to me. I lost my balance trying to do too many things at once and I had fallen as well, and brought Katy down on top of me. And to my horror she landed with her butt on my face and her feet on top of both my hands. It was basically the most secure facesit she could’ve hoped for and it had happened completely by accident.

“Ha! What did I tell you lover boy? It’s your destiny to kiss my cute little booty! Now start kissing! Or you’ll be sorry!” Katy threatened. Was she right? Was it just my destiny to submit to her? With my oxygen running low and her rough jeans torturing my unprotected face it seemed that way. But could there be a way out?


You don't know peace till you had suffering.
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PostSubject: Re: Babysitting goes wrong! By davosseaworth   Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:58 pm

Here goes guys! This is Chapter six. It starts off normally but then it branches off into two paths. Feel free to read either or both. Path 2 has an ending, but Path 1 will be continued in Chapter 7.

I realized exactly how dangerous of a position I was in and he understood that if I didn’t do something soon that I would have to give up, and then I would be stuck serving this little girl forever! Katy sat upon face laughing with pride, in her eyes she had proved her point, she had told me I was destined to spend eternity underneath her and here I was trapped completely, just as she had said. Could she be right? Maybe this was the universe telling me that it was my purpose to submit to Katy, to serve her completely, maybe I was destined to be her slave. If that was the case was there even any point in fighting it?

“Haha what a loser! And he has the nerve to call himself a man? A twelve year old girl is sitting on his face and he’s helpless to stop her. Dean I never had much respect for you, but after seeing this I can tell you that I’ve lost any remnant of that. You are nothing. You are our slave. You are our bitch!” Dany finished and every word crushed me. Could she be right? No. No, I refused to believe that I could be destined for such a fate. I might not be the smartest, or the strongest but god damn it I deserved to be free! I had a future! I would not lose this match! I would not lose! But how? How could I escape? And that’s when it hit me.

“This is you’re last chance loser! Kiss my butt right now and tell me that you love me or I’m gonna show Dany what I made you do upstairs and then I’ll make you do it to her too!” Katy threatened, that settled it I definitely couldn’t allow myself to lose now!

Path 1: The Power of Brains (Dean Wins)

Seizing what would be my last oppourtunity I pulled out one last trick, knowing that my hands were pinned under her feet, and I had no chance of being strong enough to push her off of me, I decided my best option was to tickle her feet and hope she’d lose her balance. I went for it! I began to tickle her feet and Katy flipped out! I remembered how strongly she’d reacted when I had accidentally tickled her earlier but this was way worse. She immedieatly fell off and started rolling on the ground and I didn’t miss a beat as I tackled her and continued to tickle her feet. She was screaming and I looked up to see a look of absolute horror on Dany’s face.

“Give up Katy! I’m not gonna stop until you give up!” I screamed, and intensified my tickling.

“I give! I give!” Katy squealed in between bouts of laughter and I had done it! I had won! I was free! Sure I’d just beaten a twelve year old girl but the way this day was going I’d take any win I could get!

“No fair! You cheated! I want a rematch!” Katy screamed into my face and pushed me back, I went flying into the wall. Was she holding back some of her strength the whole time?

“No Katie, you lost. You lost and you’ve disappointed me greatly.” Dany spoke solemnly, like a parent about to discipline her child.

“Please Dany! Give me one more chance! I’ll destroy him for you! I will!” Katy pleaded with her older sister.

“No, get out of my sight!” Dany shouted at Katy, and for the first time since I met her I actually felt bad for the little girl. Katy scurried up the stairs, and suddenly it was just me and Dany in the basement.

“She wasn’t wrong. You are destined to be a slave. My slave. But don’t worry I won’t force you to, no by the end of this match, you’ll wanna be my slave. In fact you’ll be begging for it.” Dany told me, and it soon became clear I was not free yet.


Path 2: The Power of Brawn (Katy Wins)

“This is you’re last chance loser! Kiss my butt right now and tell me that you love me or I’m gonna show Dany what I made you do upstairs and then I’ll make you do it to her too!” Katy threatened, that settled it I definitely couldn’t allow myself to lose now!

And I was not gonna lose! No I wouldn’t let myself! Dany is wrong! I am a man! And I’m stronger than this weak little twelve year old girl! I just needed one burst of power and I’d be able to push her off of me! I gathered up all the strength in my body, closed my eyes, and gave a mighty yell, and pushed up against her feet.

“Hahahahaha was that the best you had?” Katy laughed at me as to my horror I realized that I hadn’t been able to even budge Katy from her position. Katy in a flash adjusted so that she now had me in a rear facesit, with my biceps pinned to the ground by her knees. It was a perfect schoolgirl pin and I realized I was now doomed. My heart sank.

“I decided I wanted a better view of your ultimate submission!” Dany said as she moved beside me. My head was firmly engulfed in Katy’s ass and I knew I was fading quick. It wasn’t gonna be long before I was out. I tried to tap out on the ground but Katy didn’t se it, and if it wasn’t for Dany warning her sister that she might knock me out before getting to hear concede, I probably would’ve been KO’ed. So Katy raised her bottom a bit and looked over her shoulder down at the helpless loser she’d defeated.

“Nothing is as cute as boy helpless to defend himself, now how about you do as you are told and you give up right now!” Katy commanded. I didn’t want to but at this point I knew it was over.

“I give up…” I whispered, each word stung me as I realized the consequences of my actions. Katy and Dany celebrated with a cheer, but neither moved and I was still stuck in this compromising position.

“You’re my slave forever cutie! And as my first act as your permanent master, I command you to kiss my cute little tush and tell me you love me!” Katy ordered, and I knew better than to fight anymore.
“I love you Katy..” I whispered once again and then placed a small kick on her jeaned bottom.

“Not good enough!” Do it again! And this time mean it!” Katy yelled, she sure was taking to this master thing fast.

“I love you Katy.” I said more loudly this time and then kisser her butt for a couple of seconds.

“I SAID DO IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT SLAVE!” Katy shouted at the top of her lungs and I immediately buried my face in her bottom and kissed it repeatedly, and then after a while I leaned back and said confidently “I love you Katy!”

“Good work slave! But rule #1 of being Queen Katy’s slave is never make me repeat myself so I’m afraid you’ll have to be punished! Dany if you would be so kind as to hold this little boy down while I take off my pants.” Katy asked her sister and Dany eagerly complied, loving where this was going. Katy took of her pants and panties just as she had earlier and I fought like mad to break free but Dany held me still, and to my horror I watched as Katy’s naked ass come down on top of me.

“It’s kissin time! Sixty kisses slave! And I’m not getting off you until I get all sixty, so you better start quick!” Katy squealed out her commands, she was trying so hard to be dominant like her sister, but she couldn’t help her childish glee at the idea of having someone completely under her control. Still I had to serve her as my master, so I kissed her ass again and again until I finally reached sixty. Finally my punishment was over!

“Good work slave! Now I think you should reward Dany here for being so nice and holding you down for me with sixty more kisses!” Katy cheered.

“Sounds good to me!” Dany agreed excitedly, hoping up and taking her pants off. I tried to take this chance to escape but Katy tackled me and held me down and I was forced to worship Dany’s ass. Admittedly I’d wanted a chance to get close to Dany’s voluptuous backside since the moment I’d seen her but this was not what I had in mind. Finally I reached sixty once again and Dany got off of me, I breathed a sigh of relief finally my respite had come I thought.

“You tried to escape! You disobeyed me! Now you’ll be punished!” Katy yelled and sat back down up on my face, still naked from the waist down. I kicked and bucked but nothing would move her from her throne.

“Katy give him some air or he’ll pass out!” Dany informed her sister.

“That’s his punishment!” Katy yelled. And to my horror I realized Katy planned to knock me out! I fought back with renewed strength but it was no good, Katy didn’t even budge. Finally when all the fight had left me I did the unthinkable. I kissed her ass, she didn’t ask I just did it an attempt to save myself.
“Ha! Nice to know how much you like my sexy little booty. I hope you’ll enjoy it when this cute little girls, cute little butt knock you unconscious. And take this as a lesson! Never disobey you’re queen again!” Katy yelled, and from that moment on I never did.

I lived the rest of my life as Katy's slave, although it grew to be more of an honorary term over time. When she turned 22 we got married and we've been happier ever since. Our marriage is pretty normal, she's in charge but we love each other and I'm happy to serve her. We had two kids and decided not to tell them about our little arrangement. All in all it was a perfect marriage, although I do wish she'd stop her nightly routine of making me give her 60 butt kisses, but hey it's kind of my destiny right?

As for Dany, we decided to not have our match, we both realized it wouldn't have even been competitive. But I always wondered what would've happened had we fought.

End of Chapter 6

You don't know peace till you had suffering.
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PostSubject: Re: Babysitting goes wrong! By davosseaworth   Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:59 pm

hapter 7: The Battle for Freedom

Things were finally looking up for me. Sure it’d been the worst day of my life and I never wanted to even think about the things that I’d been forced to do by these crazy sisters. But against all the odds I had beaten one. I know it sounds weird to say that a nineteen year old boy beating a twelve year old, and cheating to do it, goes against all the odds, but after she’d dominated me so many times I was honestly surprised I’d been able to vanquish Katy. Now only one thing stood in my, and that was her older, stronger, much more evil sister, Dany.

“Getting scared that I’ll beat you just like I did your sister?” I taunted my captor, I thought maybe I could get in her head like I’d gotten into Katy’s.

“Really? Scared of you? A boy who I’ve watched kiss the ass of a twelve year old girl? A boy who I’ve easily beaten before? No, I’m not scared. The real question is; are you scared? I’m not Katy, I don’t want to play around or make you my boyfriend or anything stupid like that, I want to break you and then I want to own you and I think we both know I can make it happen. So here’s the deal you can either get on your hands and knees, kiss my feet and beg to be my slave for the rest of your life pathetic life, or we can start this right now.” Dany instructed. I’d spent so much time dealing with Katy, who although terrifying in her own way, had nothing compared to the intense fear that Dany brought out in me. That being said I had come this fair and I definitely wasn’t willing to through that all away just because I was scared, and besides any sort of torture Dany could inflict upon me during our fight she could just as easily do once I’d agreed to be her slave. No it was clear, I had to fight.

I knew Dany was stronger which made a straightforward attack a bad idea, but I was pretty sure I was faster than her, so I decided I’d try to bait her by faking a tackle and then using my speed advantage to take her down while she was reacting to my feint. So I quickly ducked down and jumped at Dany, expecting to jump back right before impact to surprise her, but I never got the chance as the second I jumped forward she jumped too and landed on my back, driving me into the floor.

“Wow I’ve already got you down, looks like this won’t take too long.” Dany taunted. She straddled my back and pulled my arms back while sticking her feet directly into my face. Not only was in a very dangerous position but I was also forced to smell Dany’s feet. “Don’t think I forgot how much you loved my cute little feet. Why don’t you give them a little kiss?” Dany asked sweetly as she rubbed her feet on my unprotected face.

“No chance in hell I’m doing that!” I yelled back. I would not show Dany the weakness I did in our first fight. I struggled and squirmed but all that seemed to do was motivate Dany to stretch my arms farther back and redouble her efforts to humiliate me with her feet.

“Oh come on Dean, my feet are so nice, and all they want is a kiss or two. So kiss them loser, or things will get worse for you.” Dany started out mocking me but finished with a threat. Despite her threat I refused to give in, although I was starting to lose some of the strength in my arms. Just when I was trying to think of a new way to escape her hold, Dany released her hold and rolled me onto my back, she was still straddling me but she was now facing my feet and she already had my hands pinned down at my sides. “You don’t wanna kiss my feet fine, maybe you’d rather kiss my perfect ass!” Dany yelled. She quickly wrapped her legs around my neck, putting me in a tight reverse headscissor, and she made the hold even worse by using her legs to shove my head right into her gorgeous ass. It was an incredibly painful hold where I was being choked out by her legs and smothered by her incredible backside, and it was embarrassing too.

“Wow nice hold sis! You’re winning and making him smell your butt at the same time.” I heard a familiar voice say. I suppose Katy had decided to come down to watch the match and I had to say she was probably liking what she was seeing.

“I’m still mad at you Katy, but I can’t blame you for wanting to see me destroy this pathethic loser with my perfect body. You still breathing back there? Ready to give up? My ass could use some kissin’.” Dany taunted me. I couldn’t believe how badly this was going for me, it was like she’d already won and was just playing around with her prey. I had to get out, I had to put up more of a fight than this. I knew my hands were immobile, and she was sitting on my upper chest, so my only bet was my legs, and somehow I was able to use them to push Dany just enough that she’d lose her balance and I was able to get away for the first time since the match began.

“No fair! Get back under her ass loser!” Katy yelled from the sidelines. She obviously wasn’t happy to see that her idol might not be as perfect as she thought.

“She’s not wrong you know, you probably should just give up and let me sit back on your face, it was actually really comfortable. Hey look at that, something your finally good at, being my chair.” Dany mocked me and Katy roared with laughter. “Besides you have to admit, my ass is perfect. It’s so firm and round and kissable, why would you wanna do anything else?” Dany continued, now she was fondling her bottom and patting it seductively. I’m not gonna lie at this point I kinda zoned out and forget everything in the world that wasn’t Dany’s ass, and for a split second all I wanted to do was lie down and let her sit on my face, but I quickly shook those thoughts off.

“No! I know I can beat you, and now it’s my time to prove it!” I yelled heroically. My early attempts at being fast and sneaky hadn’t gone my way so it was clear the best bet now was to put all my strength into one shot to take her down and from there getting her to submit would be easy. I charged fast and ran straight into her, and in one of the happiest moments of my life, I was able to bring her down. However my excitement was short lived because as soon as I had knocked her down she had wrapped her legs around my neck and had locked me in a vicious headscissors. She worked masterfully to adjust the hold, rolling onto her side and tightening the hold by pulling my face directly into her crotch. Katy had put me in a headscissors like this earlier but it was nothing like the one Dany had me in now and it was becoming all too clear that if I stayed in this position to much longer I’d be knocked out.

“Well here we are slave, the end of the road. We both know that you aren’t getting out, so do the only thing you can and accept your destiny, your destiny as my slave!” Dany screamed and tightened her hold. I was fading fast as I continued to be choked out with Dany’s strong legs and smothered by her rough jeans, and it was at this point that I realized it was over. It took all the strength I had left but I tapped out, and with every time my hand hit the ground I realized that I had given away my freedom. Katy and Dany started cheering but Dany didn’t give up her hold.

“You’re my bitch now. You always have been, and I always knew it, but now you know. Now kiss your conqueror!” Dany instructed strongly. I didn’t even try to resist, Dany was right by now I knew I had no other choice. I weakly kissed her crotch and she let go of her hold. “You know what bitch, you aren’t good enough to be my slave, maybe I should just give you to Katy.” Dany threatened.

“Oh yes ! Please do Dany! I promise he’ll never get away again! I’ll beat him until he’s broken and realizes that being my boyfriend is better than he deserves, and that he’s lucky to be able to kiss my ass and feet.” Katy pleaded to her sister, who seemed to be considering it.

“What do you want slave?” Dany asked me. I knew what I wanted, I wanted to be free. But that wasn’t an option and at this point serving Dany was a lot better than Katy.

“I want to be your slave….” I said weakly, it was almost more than I could take, but in this context it was true.

“Then beg!” Dany yelled. Something came over me in that moment and I can’t explain it but I was suddenly desperate to be Dany’s.

“Please Dany, let me be your slave. Please own me, I’ll do anything you say. I’ll kiss your ass or your feet or whatever, just please give me the chance to be your slave!” I begged, and begged and
all the while Dany’s expression never changed.

She walked over to me, looked me straight in the eyes and said the three words that changed my life forever; “He’s yours Katy”. Then she turned away and walked upstairs, and for some reason I felt like I’d just had my heartbroken. Katy tackled me to the ground and showered me with kisses, kisses I was too weak to defend myself from. She then brought me back to her room and my life of servitude under her began.
End of Chapter 7.

You don't know peace till you had suffering.
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Babysitting goes wrong! By davosseaworth
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