A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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PostSubject: Karbon   Wed Feb 08, 2017 10:53 pm

Since I never gave him a proper introduction, this is my character that I use during RP's.

Name: Karbon (doesn't remember his last name)
Age: 26
Race: Human
Occupation: Arena fighter/town guard
Weapon: Broadsword and fists
Armor: Heavy plated armor but will take it off if he needs speed
Height: 6 foot 2 inches
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Hazel
Body: Muscular to a point
Weakness: Kissing, Licking, Facesitting, Stinkface, and Onara

Normal Moves – 1 Damage
1. Horizontal Slash – Karbon reels back and slices his opponent in a horizontal motion with all of his might.
2. Vertical Slash – Same thing as his horizontal slash but this time in a vertical motion.
3. Slicing Uppercut – Karbon drops his sword to a lower position and scraps the ground with his blade and brings it up, sending the opponent flying upwards if it connects.
4. Should Ram – Karbon stands his ground and then charges forward with his shoulder, if the move connects, then he sends his opponent flying backwards and to the ground.
5. Dropkick – Karbon impales his sword in the ground and uses it as a pole vault of sorts. He lifts his body into the air and extends out both feet. If the move connects, it will send his opponent flying backwards and to the ground, if the move misses, Karbon will fall to the ground and take a bit of damage.
6. Frontflip Slash – Karbon uses the front of his blade as leverage to flip his body over it and then comes down in a sitting position while using the momentum to bring the blade over his head and down onto the opponent.
7. Sweeping Blade – Karbon fakes going for a slash at the upper torso area and spins around. Bringing his blade to a lower position as he spins and sweeps the legs of his opponent. This is meant to keep turtling players guessing.
8. Decisive Stab – Karbon can use this move in three ways: either go for the head, torso, or legs. Karbon will thrust out his sword and stab his opponent at one of these three areas. If it hits the face, the opponent will be stunned for a bit, if it hits their torso, it will push the opponent backwards, if it hits the legs, this will send his opponent to a crouching position and stunned.
9. Overhead Slam – Karbon leaps up into the air and brings down his sword with all his might on top of his opponents head.
10. Handle Attack – Karbon will spin around and use that force to send the butt of his sword into the skull of his opponent. If this move hits, it will send his opponent spinning in the opposite direction and backwards a bit.

Throws – 2 Damage
1. Front Throw – Karbon will stab his sword into the ground and take his opponent by the back of his head and ram it straight into the handle of the blade and then pull them back and knee them straight into the face, sending them flying backwards from the impact.
2. Back Throw – Karbon impales his opponent through the back and lifts them up into the air, he will then proceed to slam them down on the other side of the stage, right on top of their head. He will then put his foot on their back and pull out his sword for a bit of extra damage.

Special Moves – 2 Damage
1. Cyclone – Karbon will start to spin with his blade extended outwards, he is also able to move while spinning. Depending on what button you press will control how long he will spin for. The move will continue even if the opponent is hit by it so its most effective at very close range.
2. Armor Up!- Karbon will hold his sword up close to his body and let out a war cry of sorts, this will increase Karbon’s defense and a projection of a shield will start to circle around his body. Depending on what button you hit will affect how long the shield will be up for.
3. Silencing Strike – Karbon will speed himself up and yell “Charge!” as he runs towards his opponent. If he gets close enough before the move ends, he will slam down his sword onto his opponent, causing damage and silencing his opponent so that they can use any type of special moves or supers. Depending on what button you press will increase how long he can charge toward his opponent before the move ends and how long the target is silenced for.
4. Crippling Strike – Karbon will use his sword to cripple a limb of his opponent’s. Depending on what limb he cripples will determine what effect is applied. If he cripples an arm, this will cause reduced damage for a period of time with attacks that come from his opponents hands and renders throws useless. If he cripples their legs, then their opponent will be slowed and damage done by leg attacks will be reduced damage. Only one limb can be crippled at a time.
5. Apprehend – Karbon will spin and extend out his sword, if this move hits, the spinning motion of his blade will pull his opponent closer towards him and then he will lower his stance and jump upwards while still spinning and uppercut his opponent with his blade, sending his opponent flying upwards and away.
6. Bleeding Slice – Karbon accurately aims his blade for a portion of his opponents body to make them bleed for a small amount of time. The bleeding effect will deal continuous amounts of damage but will disappear in time. The button hit will determine on how long the bleeding effect will last for.

Super Moves – 3 Damage
1. Hack and Slash – Karbon will charge forward with a continuous slashing motion from left to right. The closer the opponent is to him, the more damage the move will do. This move covers about half of the stage in length before it ends and the opponent will not be able to get out of it if hit by it.
2.  Tornado – Karbon spins around with his sword out but this time at a much rapider speed than before. He is unable to move but the fierce velocity that he is spinning at will cause his opponent to be sucked in if close enough to him. If his opponent gets caught by the Tornado special attack, the opponent will be sent spinning around getting sliced up and then at the end will be sent flying upwards and out of the tornado, causing damage from the landing as well.
3. Immobilized – Karbon goes down on one knee and holds out his sword in front of him in a vertical position, a force field of sorts will then envelope around him. This will cause any next attack by his opponent to have no effect or damage on him, no matter how much the next attack will do.

Ultimate Move – Can only be used once during battle, 5 Damage unless opponent is less than 10% health
1. Heavenly Smite – Karbon calls forth power from the Heavens and then thrust his sword to the ground, a projection of a sword will come down from the Heavens and cover half of the screen, causing major damage if the projected sword hits. The lower the health of his opponent, the more damage the move will do and if the opponent has less than 10% of health, it will count as an instant K.O. if it hits. This move is unblockable and can only be avoided if the opponent is further than half of the screen away from Karbon.

You don't know peace till you had suffering.
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PostSubject: Re: Karbon   Sun Jun 04, 2017 4:40 pm

I commissioned my friend into bringing Karbon to life and boy did she! She really exceeded my expectations when she made him! I hope you all enjoy!

You don't know peace till you had suffering.
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PostSubject: Re: Karbon   Sun Jun 04, 2017 6:52 pm

wow, nice great sword, reminds about garen and nice draw !!

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PostSubject: Re: Karbon   

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