A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Lucy Lafaye

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PostSubject: Lucy Lafaye   Sun Mar 05, 2017 2:06 pm

(bringing back my super old character from the old arena RP to be used as a character when I don't wanna use Rom)

Name: Lucy LaFaye
Race: Human
Appearance : A tall slender girl with an alluring figure, Lucy's blonde hair, green eyes and pretty face compliment her already lovely body to make her equal parts sexy and cute. She wears a cute pink jacket and nylon leggings.

Backstory:A long time ago, longer than Lucy can remember, or maybe she's blocked it out, when Lucy was only 16, her village was raided by the Midara, almost everyone was seduced and taken, Lucy hid, Lucy wasn't found then Lucy was alone. Amongst the remains of her village Lucy found a book on the Midara and their arts of seduction. It fascinated Lucy, and she spent 4 years learning, practising and perfecting her "Art" Often to the 'pleasure' of passers by. After proving herself to one of the Midara queens, Lilim, in a tournament she held. Lilim invited Lucy to meet her, curious about the human who managed to seduce even the strongest Midara.
Lilim took a liking to the girl and kept her as an apprentice of sorts. Eventually giving her some Midaran blood of her own, causing her seductive powers to blossom even further with her gaining access to Midaran magic.

Now Lucy serves as one of Lilim's most trusted agents, sent to truly neutralise any hero's Lilim sees as a threat to Midaran control


Passive: Heat
When fighting other Midara, Lucy's love for all things seductive comes to the forefront. As she becomes more and more aroused, Lucy channels this into making her own attacks more seductive, for every 5 points of willpower Lucy loses, she gains 1 damage on her own attacks

Standard attack: Lucy uses pecks, basic blown kisses , and touches as her basic attacks, these cause willpower damage in the place of stamna

Cute attacks

Adorable kiss(2 damage)
Lucy hugs her opponent sweetly before looking up at them with her pretty green eyes, as they stand momentarily transfixed, she leans in and gives them a kiss on the lips, releasing them with a loud "Mwah!" (Has a chance to allow Lucy to immediately follow up with a basic attacks kiss(coin flip after adorable kiss connects.)

Endear (1)

Lucy kisses her opponents head lovingly and gives them a warm smile, complimenting/reassuring them in some way. 1 base damage, but has a chance to make the opponent heal Lucy either through a kiss if Midara or an item if human immediately after(30% chance after endear succeeds) this can be used on allies to heal both of them.

Lovely hug (1)

Lucy embraces get opponent, holding them tightly to her warm body, binding them. Lucy can use most abilities while embracing a foe, and since they're so close they have a disadvantage on dodging

Sweet kiss(1)

Lucy blows a pink translucent heart to her opponent, on connection her opponent suddenly feels an attraction to Lucy, causing them to take 1 additional damage from her attacks until they roll to recover from the infatuation

Caress (2 damage)

Lucy runs her hands over her opponents most sensitive places, expertly pleasuring them over or under clothes (base damage 2, roll again after success to see if Lucy manages to go under their clothes, upping the damage to 3)

Flash(base damage 1)
Lucy Unzips her jacket and flashes her more than ample chest to her opponent, on hit, her opponent is enthralled, allowing Lucy a free action

Puff puff(3 damage)

This move rolls on advantage of used on an opponent enthralled by her flash

Lucy pulls her opponent in and presses their head into her chest, massaging them between her boobs, binding them for 1 damage per turn. When binding an opponent with puff lucy can use basic attacks but gets no advantage on hits.

Shut up and kiss me (2 damage)

Lucy pulls her opponent into a deep lustful French kiss, working her tongue around their mouths in a subtle silencing incantation. Enemies hit by this can only use their basic attacks until they succeed a roll to break free of the silence

Pounce 4dmg

Lucy jumps at her opponent, bringing them to the floor and grinding wildly against them, opponents hit by this have a chance to be stunned by this display of sheer sexuality
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PostSubject: Re: Lucy Lafaye   Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:57 am

I remember this character. Too bad the arc was canceled.
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PostSubject: Re: Lucy Lafaye   Fri Mar 10, 2017 8:35 am

Gming the arena RP just proved too time consuming for me to be able to keep up, but yeah it is a shame
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PostSubject: Re: Lucy Lafaye   

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Lucy Lafaye
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