A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Jun the sadistic Idol

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PostSubject: Jun the sadistic Idol   Fri Apr 07, 2017 9:59 pm

"Either I crush your willpower or I crush your body, Either way you are mine!"

Jun is a japanese idol whose 5 foot 6, has medium dark hair, athletic yet curvy figure, and is an 18 year old Idol from japan. She wears a kimono that covers her up but can be opened to reveal her perfect cleavage formed by her size D chest. Jun believes that pain can give her victims pleasure once they experience enough of it. Jun loves to lure choice fans into a private room where she has fun with them.


Cleavage show: Jun usually opens up with this move, Jun opens up her kimono enoough to show off her cleavage. she pushes her breasts together and winks at the opponent. a successful attack would drain the target of two willpower points.

Sexy Idol dance: Jun does a sexy dance which charms an opponent. a successful attempt deal 2 willpower damage with rolls higher than 50 giving a charm status.

painful kiss: Jun saunters up to the target, grabs their head, and frenches then for a few seconds before biting their lip. a successful attack deals 2 willpower and 2 hp(or stamina depending on the rules) damage.

headbutt and trip: jun will try headbutt and and trip the target. If successful, it won't cause damage unless the roll is 75 or above(in which case it deals 1 stamina/hp damage). However, the target will be stunned next turn. Also, if successful, this opens up mounted strangle and pants removal for jun:

Mounted strangle: jun will mount the target and will strangle them while grinding on their crotch area. This is a bind move and will automatically succeed if the player doesn't break out of it. It
deals 1 hp per turn and 1 willpower damage every second turn.

pants removal: Jun grabs the target's pants, skirt, whatever and removes them.

"I can be gentle as well...": Jun peppers the targets cheeks with kisses. does 1 willpower damage.

The anaconda maneuver: Jun wraps her legs around the target and presses their face against her chest. Jun then squeezes their body while smothering them with her chest. this is a bind move that does 2 willpower and 2 hp damage until the target breaks free.

Milking time!(Male finisher): when a male target has 1 willpower or hp left and if the target is pantless, jun takes off her kimono and walks towards the male target. she then wraps her arms around them making sure his member area is on her chest and she starts squeezing. this hurts the male but at the same time it gives him pleasure as her breasts are crushing his member. this continues until the male ejaculates.

Extreme grinding(female finisher): when a female target has 1 willpower or hp left and has now bottoms on, jun strips and starts to grind on the female target while kissing/biting her. Jun gets more and more intense until they both orgasm.

Nightfall: Jun wraps her arms around the target and kisses them. Jun's grip gets tighter and tighter as she intensifies her kiss making sure no air gets into the targets lungs. she continues on until the target passes out.

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PostSubject: Re: Jun the sadistic Idol   Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:09 am

I kinda like the ryona elements added into this character.
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Jun the sadistic Idol
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