A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 The Wraith (OC)

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PostSubject: The Wraith (OC)   Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:40 am

Name: The Wraith / Jack Simon
Age: 37
Race: Human
Occupation: Vigilante / journalist / occultist
Weapons: Barehanded attacks, gadgets, cheap tricks
Armour: Armoured vest (worn under Kevlar / Nomex overcoat)
Height: 6'
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Pale
Body: Rangy, long-limbed, broad-shouldered, stocky
Weakness: Women. Nobody can mess a guy's mind up worse than a dame.

At first glance, the Wraith is pretty nondescript. His grey topcoat and slouch hat help make him inconspicuous. He could be anyone, the brim of his hat pulled low and the collar of his coat up against the wind, trying to shield him from the bitter cold. That changes when he chooses to make himself known. His stance is aggressive, his posture upright and alert, eyes flashing dangerously and a grey silk bandana covering his nose and mouth.

Without the bandana, Jack Simon has striking features that could pass for handsome in the right light: a patrician nose, a square jaw and firm mouth, and keen, alert eyes that suggest obvious intelligence. He has a crooked, roguish smile and features animated in such a way that suggest that while he may be a basically honest kind of guy, he's not particularly straight-laced or stolid. He favours pale grey suits, but a black tie and handkerchief, just to add a touch of the sinister to his wardrobe.

Normal moves

  • Punch - hooks, jabs, crosses, jodan suki, palm strikes: whatever you want to call them, the Wraith's commonest attack is a strike with the hand. (1 Stamina damage, or stun for one round)
  • Kick - employed when the Wraith needs a bit more reach, or just wants to clear opponents out of the way so he can concentrate on something more urgent. (2 Stamina damage, stun for two rounds, or 1 Stamina damage + 1 round stun)
  • Shoulder Throw - Someone trying to grab him from behind? The Wraith just grabs their arm and throws them forward, sending them tail over teakettle. (stun for two rounds, moves opponent outside melee range)
  • Half-Nelson - Sometimes one just has to make the other guy compliant, and sometimes the only way to do that is to twist their arm up behind their back and make them feel like it could be wrenched out at any moment. (1 Stamina damage, and 1 cumulative Willpower damage for each round the hold is applied (1 Willpower damage on round 1, 2 Willpower damage on round 2, 3 Willpower damage on round 3...) )

Special moves / Gadgets

  • Smoke bomb - typically used to cover an escape or send the enemy into disarray, this canister blankets the immediate area with smoke, obstructing vision and causing most enemies to cough (1 Stamina damage per round) or hold their breath (unable to do anything strenuous except try to escape).
  • Flashbang - this grenade emits an uncomfortable burst of light and a very loud bang, stunning those within ten feet of the point of detonation (Stuns for 1-4 rounds, can affect multiple targets)
  • Voice of the Wraith - A vocal amplifier that causes the Wraith's voice to resonate at frequencies that disorient, cause mild discomfort, and can provoke fear-reactions (1-4 Willpower damage, requires five rounds to recharge)
  • Nerve strike - a variety of strikes intended to deaden the affected part or cause temporary immobility (1-3 Stamina damage, 1 round of paralysis, stuns for 1-3 rounds)
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The Wraith (OC)
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