A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Lucan, the Gambler

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PostSubject: Lucan, the Gambler   Sat Apr 15, 2017 7:52 am


Occupation: resistance member
Weapon: decks of enchanted cards
Armour:unarmoured, wears a plain shirt and waistcoat
Eye colour: blue
Hair: white
Body type: slender
Weaknesses:kisses, cuteness and caring acts

Basic attacks: Throwing standard cards, causing 1 damage each

Special attacks:Empowers his cards  to cause 2 damage each

Special moves

Find the joker(3 turn Cooldown)

Using the power of the jokers from his deck, Lucan creates a copy of himself that act as diversions (on the next attack aimed at  a Lucan, the midara must do a coin flip before rolling to see if their attack succeeds) on a heads the copy attacked is the real luke and they roll for success,  otherwise they hit a clone causing the clone to explode, dealing 2 damage.

Jacks trickery(usable every 2 turns)

Lucan throws the jack at his opponent, on a successful hit the jack card explodes with a dazzling flash, dealing 3 damage and stunning the opponent.

Queens grace(usable every 4 turns after the effect wears off)

Lucan channels the grace and poise of the queen cards, enemies roll on disadvantage to hit Lucan until he's hit

Kings Dominance(usable every 3 turns)

Channeling the kings indomitable will, Lucan strikes an opponent, dealing 2-4 damage(based on a roll) and healing willpower equal to the damage done

Ace in the hole (usable every 8 turns)

Lucan throws out 3 powerful ace cards, each card deals 2 damage and can be aimed individually
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Lucan, the Gambler
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