A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Power Rangers Cupid Force (WIP)

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PostSubject: Power Rangers Cupid Force (WIP)   Sun May 28, 2017 3:10 am

Inspired by both the Power Rangers-Style Baddies and the Magical Girls
Description: When the Queen landed on earth, the presence of her and her converted soldiers and generals was hardly noticed, given their preference to stay in the shadows more or less. However, there were a number of people who had noticed, leading to the creation of the Power Rangers Cupid Force.
Led and mentored by a woman that calls herself Venus, the rangers take on the role of stopping the queen from draining the life force of their planet.
The three use specialized weapons created by Venus to fight against the converted soldiers, as well as special powers unique to each of them.
Their morphers appear as a metal heart attached to their wrists​ like bracelets​. When they wish to morph, they simply press a switch on it that splits the heart open, revealing a crystal within, that begins to glow brightly, the light encompassing their entire bodies, leaving them in their skintight Rangers suits​.
When they morph, they take on a skintight suit, accentuating their bodies with a helmet bearing a black heart-shaped visor. Their suits​ have white lines running down their sides, down their legs and arms. A white heart emblem with a black droplet shape running down the middle and white wing emblems on the backs of the suits. Each Ranger's suit bears a different color, as do their morphers and the crystals within.

Cupid Ranger Red, Lucy Fuschia
Personality: Lucy tends to be up-front and bold, taking control of the situation and being the first to give the initiative to take action. She's also rather perky and taunting when it comes to squaring off against enemies, but she has a short fuse and does not like to be insulted, additionally being a sore loser.

Appearance: Lucy is a lovely red-headed, her hair typically tied up in a ponytail as she tends to practice a lot. Her skin is lightly tanned and her body is a thin hourglass figure with a tight rear and C-cup breasts. She's also fairly athletic, packing muscles from hitting the gym. Her eyes are a fair shade of green, contrasting her firey hair. When unmorphed, she tends to wear tank tops and halter tops and exercise pants that fit her form.

Weapon: Crush Cutter - Her weapon, the Crush Cutter, is a wrist-mounted red blade, the size of a short sword, with a single edge and a heart emblem at the base of the blade. Though it doesn't quite "damage" generals or converted soldiers, and can't hurt civilians, it does weaken the corruption within the Queen's soldiers, reverting them back into humans upon defeat. And, if used against a Midara instead, it can weaken them steadily until they pass out.

Skills: Cupid Red (Passive) - Her power as the Red Ranger is super strength, which, when morphed, allows her to hold bind moves. If she causes a bind status on her target, it takes two successful rolls to break out of it and, she has an upped chance of breaking out of enemy bind moves as well.

Right Red - She delivers a wicked right hook to her opponent. 2 damage

Stunning Scarlet - With a roundhouse kick, she hits the target hard, sending her back and stunning them. 3 damage, inflicts stun.

Red Cutter - Multi-Target, she slashes her opponent(s) with her Crush Cutter, causing 2 stamina damage to each target. 3 if she's fighting a single enemy.

Love's Hold - Lucy grabs the target in a rather tight hug, allowing for her fellow Rangers to get a hit in, guaranteed.

Red Rush - Usable every five turns. A three-hit combo that she can either use on one target or split it amongst two or three target's. Each hit requires a roll and does two damage.

Cupid's Edge - She grabs the opponent and holds her weapon against the opponent, starting a steady drain of their stamina for as long as the bind holds. Inflicts Bind status, causes three initial damage, one per turn afterwards.

Scarlet Shot - Usable every ten turns. She aims at the opponent and her weapon shoots out at the opponent, impaling them upon a successful hit. Eight stamina damage, but disarms her until she retrieves it again.

Cupid Ranger Blue, Alice Cyril
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Power Rangers Cupid Force (WIP)
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