A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Reiner the traveler

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PostSubject: Reiner the traveler   Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:33 pm

Occupation: Traveler
Weapons: Short sword, gunaxe
Armour: Traveling Clothes
Height: 5"11
Eye colour: Red
Hair: Blue
Body type: Slender
Weaknesses: Kissing, breasts and rubbing

A seemingly ordinary traveler, he travels around lightly, talking happily with everyone he meets and lifting the mood wherever he goes. However, there are rumors that he is actually hunting midara for vengeance and is looking for one in particular...

Basic attacks: Quick Slash, 1 damage

Special attacks: Empowered Slash, 2-3 damage

Special moves

Traveler's knowledge (3 turn cooldown): Reiner studies his opponent, gaining an increase in accuracy.

Meditation (4 turn cooldown): Sits down and focuses to restore 6 willpower, but the next enemy attack automatically hits.

Counter hunt(5 turn cooldown): Pretends to be seduced by his opponent, only to quickly attack when she closes in for the kiss. 4 damage

Final Slash(8 turn cooldown): Thrusts his weapon out with incredible power, only to fall down on the ground afterwards. 8 damage

Weapon switch: If below 60% of his willpower, Reiner automatically discards his sword and brings out his true weapon: a selfmade weapon he named the "axegun".

Normal moves (gun style):

Quick shot, 1 damage

Aimed shot, 2 damage

Style change: Reiner shakes his weapon, and the barrel of the gun makes way for a sharp axe.

Normal moves (axe style):

Axe slash, 2 damage

Axe bunt, 1 damage

Style change: Reiner twirls his weapon, and the axe goes back inside aa the barrel slides back out.

(Special moves remain the same)


My quick attempt at creating a playable character for future use. I am of course open for advice/suggestions.
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Reiner the traveler
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