A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Cherry Succubus (WIP)

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PostSubject: Cherry Succubus (WIP)   Wed Jun 28, 2017 8:49 am

Another new character idea I had. Still working on a few more attack ideas so if anyone has any recommendations let me know

Description: A very rare and particular type of succubus. They specifically target men with no experience with women and claim them as their eternal loveslaves in exchange for their taking their virginity. They are extremely confident in their sexual prowess and enjoy teasing their victims before pleasuring them.

Appearance: These succubi typically have blond hair and wear their hair in a short ponytail. They wear red tank tops and red skirts that only serve to drawn more attention to their extremely curvy figures and douse themselves in makeup with long painted red nails, long eyelashes and light blue mascara in order to display a sexy persona. Most notable however are their plump red lips that are perfect for kissing look even better with lipstick

Sexy First Kiss- The succubus pins down the target and giggles "I bet you've never even kissed a girl have you, loverboy?" as she pouts her lips suggestively before taking out a a tube of cherry red lipstick and generously applying it to her plump lips, coating them deeper and deeper in sticky red layers "Bet you're getting all hot thinking about getting a big, wet kiss from these juicy lips aren't you?" she purrs as she continues her sensual application, teasing him with loud kissing noises upon finishing. "Pucker up baby, cause I'm gonna give you a kiss you'll never forget~" she purrs as she forms her lips into a big pucker and grabs the target's face before pulling them into a big kiss and breaking it with a soft *muah* as their brain turns to mush. The succubus sees the target's massive boner and coos "Ooh, don't cum just yet, sweetie-pie, I haven't even gotten started with you yet~"
(Willpower damage+charmed+paralyzed status. one time use)

Cherry Seal- She notices the target's throbbing member and says "Tsk, tsk. I thought I told you you're not allowed to cum yet. Looks like I'll have to 'punish' you" she purrs as she mutters a strange incantation and puts her finger to her lips as they let off a strange glow. She then gives the target a soft kiss on the cheek as a strange looking mark forms on their body. "Do you like it?" asks the succubus "This is a special seal for cherry boys like you that makes you unable to cum, no matter how hot and heavy we get" She touches up her lipstick and chimes "Come here and give me some sugar, loverboy!~" as she grabs the target and starts relentlessly kissing and licking their body all over while grinding their crotch as they let out a loud moan. As the onslaught continues the target finds themselves with a painful boner that their unable to release and after toying with them for a little longer she kisses the spot on the target's body where the seal was placed, breaking the seal as the target's member goes limp and they're left totally exhausted. (Willpower damage + binded status)

Cherry Fantasy- The succubus uses her powers to search through the target's thoughts, and discover what their kinks or sexual fantasies are "Ooh, so this is the kind of stuff you're into, huh baby? Alright, let's have some fun" she coos as she creates a powerful illusion involving their particular desires and makes them even more infatuated with her (Deals Willpower damage + charmed status. Chance of extra damage if the roll is 50 or higher)
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PostSubject: Re: Cherry Succubus (WIP)   Sat Jul 01, 2017 8:38 am

I would like to fight against her.
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Cherry Succubus (WIP)
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