A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Character Profile: Arkal the Ravager

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PostSubject: Character Profile: Arkal the Ravager   Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:21 am

Names: The One Risen Above The Masses, Silver Lion, Temper Undaunted, Pillar Of The Insurance Industry, Not That Loon Again
Race: Arkal is above such petty prejudices
Age: 30/older than time itself
Eye Colour: Gray
Hair: Platinum, but it's a lousy dye job
Occupation: Would-be conqueror, serial vandal
Height: 5,9 feet ;_;
Weakness: Himself
Weapon of Choice: Ancient prototype of a magical armor, one can see why the civilization that created it went extinct

The origins of Arkal are shrouded in mystery, until one comes up with the idea to simply ask his parents. They speak of a nice but aimless man who drifted from job to job until he stumbled upon an ancient suit of armor while working as a miner. After donning the suit, he began experiencing delusions of grandeur and began giving himself all manner of boastful titles. He now wanders the region proclaiming random villages his territory. Locals only tolerate the tyrant because he can be a useful tool if pointed in the right direction. Bandits are a problem? Mockingly kneel before Arkal and point out rebels in the woods are preparing to dethrone him. Pesky midara bothering local businesses? Tell your supposed lord a challenger is trying to carve out her own turf in His Greatness' realm. Anything within a mile radius has a chance to end up a smoking husk, but the combination of Arkal's obnoxious personality and overpowered suit will usually make the nuisance go away.


Ravaging Ray-Arkal charges energy into his hand and releases a blast that leaves a trail of destruction in its wake. Does 3 damage, but must score two successes in order to hit with the hard-to-control beam.

Lightspeed Charge-Arkal channels energy into the boots of the armor and blasts fist-first towards his target. Does 2 damage, but if the attack misses Arkal does 1 damage to himself as he crashes into whatever's behind the opponent.

Absolute Shield-Arkal reduces all damage to 0 as his armor envelopes him completely. However, he cannot dodge in this state, thus making status effects such as binds and debuffs automatically take effect (use DM discretion in what sounds logical). Absolute Shield cannot be used in consecutive turns.

Enhanced Awareness-Arkal's armor boosts his reflexes, making him hyper aware of threats around him. Opponents need to score two successes in order to land attacks succesfully this turn, but any attack that hits does double damage as Arkal's enhanced senses also amplify any sensual shenanigans done to him. Enhanced Awareness cannot be used in consecutive turns.

Purging Program-Arkal can activate this ability to purify his body and mind of any debilitating effects, but the process is not fine-tuned and does 1 damage to him upon activation.

Sudden Surge-When Arkal scores a critical hit, the armor's energy spikes, regenerating 1 damage. However, critical failures do 1 automatic damage to him as the rickety contraption decides to malfunction at the worst moment.

(Arkal is made in mind with the Simple RP ruleset variation in which 2 and 3 damage are higher than the usual 1 damage of attacks. If you wish to play him in a context in which these damage numbers are actually normal or low, adjust the damage accordingly)
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profile: Arkal the Ravager   Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:56 am

Oh wow, Arkal sounds like he would be an absolute blast in a RP. I can just see him frustrating some poor midara who is trying to be all sexy with him by saying things like "No no, fair lady, I simply cannot lie with you, what would my people think!?" or "Maiden, the buttons to your blouse have become undone. Please take a moment to fix that as it is unbefitting to a young lady such as yourself."
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Character Profile: Arkal the Ravager
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