A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Lucian the Gambler v.s. Cherry Succubus

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PostSubject: Lucian the Gambler v.s. Cherry Succubus    Mon Jul 24, 2017 5:35 pm

Lucian was known far and wide for being a master gambler and to be honest it was becoming something of a problem. He loved gambling, so much so that he was pretty much addicted to it, and he had a tendency of agreeing to ridiculous bets no matter how much his common sense said otherwise. On this day in particular Lucian was going around the bar and had pretty much run the place dry with how much money he'd taken from people when a new patron suddenly walked in. She had blond hair tied into a ponytail and was wearing a red tank top and skirt that only served to drawn more attention to her extremely curvy figure. She was wearing visible makeup with long painted red nails, long eyelashes and light blue mascara that gave her an extremely sexy vibe, but Lucian found himself particularly drawn to her plump red lips and couldn't help but imagine what a kiss from them would feel like.

"So I hear you like to gamble" says the succubus. "Can't help but wonder if you're trying to compensate for something"

"And just what are you implying?" said Lucian feeling a bit irritated by her attitude

"Oh nothing" says the succubus "Just that you look like the kind of guy who needs to get laid"

"Heh. I don't have to take this" said Lucian getting up "See ya around"

The succubus giggles "No need to be so shy there loverboy. Let's make a bet. If I can get you to cum before the night's over, you'll belong to me"

A warning bell just went off in Lucian's head as he quickly realized the woman before him was a succubus, and a confident one at that. Everything in his brain was telling him to head for the hills, but in spite of himself he couldn't well back down from her challenge. "Fine" said Lucian readying his cards "But when I win you'll be sorry you made fun of me"

"You're so adorable" coos the succubus as she puts her finger to her bottom lip in a suggestive pout "Mmm...get those lips ready baby, cause I'm gonna rock your world~"


=Simple RP=

-The old ruleset applies: the rolls are 1 to 100 even rolls are a success, uneven rolls are a failure.
-Characters are allowed 1 free action but must otherwise stick to their movepools
-Instead of VIRTUE and VICE, the adventurers have WILLPOWER and the midara have STAMINA.
-Encounters that use characters from the OpenRPG may cause a re-appearance of said midara, depending on outcome.

Paralyzed status- Character will be unable to move next turn and will be unable to dodge the next attack

Charmed Status- The next attack dealt by the midara does +1 Willpower damage

Bind Status- Character will be unable to move and continually suffer 2 Willpower damage each turn unless they roll a 50 or higher and escape

Rolls higher than 85 are considered critical and allows the attacker to follow up with another move

Lucian's Abilities

Throwing Cards- Throws standard cards at the opponent. Deals 2 Stamina damage (can be used every turn)

Special Cards- Empowers his cards with energy and throws them at the opponent. Deals 3 Stamina damage with chance of paralysis if the roll is 50 or higher (can be used every 2 turns)

Find the Joker- Using the power of the jokers from his deck, Lucan creates a copy of himself that act as diversions. On the next attack aimed at a Lucian, the midara must roll to see if their attack is successful. If the number is even the midara will end up attack the real Lucian, if odd they hit one of the clones causing the clone to explode and hurt them. Deals 5 Stamina damage (can be used every 3 turns)

Jack's Trickery- Lucian throws the jack at his opponent, on a successful hit thet jack card explodes with a dazzling flash. Deals 4 Stamina damage + paralyzed status (can be used every 2 turns)

Queen's Grace- Lucian channels the grace and poise of the queen cards, causing any rolls under 50 by the opponent to miss (Effect lasts 3 turns. Can be used every 4 turns)

King's Dominance- Channeling the kings indomitable will, Lucian strikes an opponent, dealing 5 Stamina damage to them and absorbing their energy to restore 5 Willpower (Can be used every 4 turns)

Ace in the Hole- Lucian throws out three powerful ace cards, dealing massive damage (Deals 6 Willpower damage+paralyzed status. Can be used every 5 turns)

Cherry Succubus's Abilities

Sexy First Kiss- ??? Deals 7 Willpower damage+charmed+paralyzed status. one time use

Cherry Seal- ??? Deals 4 Willpower damage + binded status (can be used every 3 turns)

Cherry Fantasy- ??? Deals 3 Willpower damage + charmed status. Chance of extra 2 Willpower damage if the roll is 50 or higher (can be used every turn)

Sexy First Blowjob- ??? Deals 8 Willpower damage + permanent charmed status. (one time use)


Lucian will succumb after losing 30 WILLPOWER
Succubus will succumb after losing 30 STAMINA
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Lucian the Gambler v.s. Cherry Succubus
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