A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Got time for a Quickie?

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PostSubject: Got time for a Quickie?   Sat Oct 17, 2009 1:26 am

This board is very lonely. I suppose it's my fault for not providing an example so I'm going to rectify that.

In this topic, I want YOU, yes YOU, to write a short story relevant to this board's subject (which if you're unaware of, is a female character's use of a kiss to harm, incapacitate, injure, or whatever their victim). The length is up to you: it could be a sentence long or 20 paragraphs. Just go with whatever is on your mind. If you saw a scene in some movie and thought it would have been better if one of the characters grabbed her enemy and passionately robbed them of their soul/will/emotions, then don't be ashamed to describe that thought in detail here. No pressure or prejudices, just write what you like. If English isn't your first language, write in the language your comfortable in. It's all welcomed and appreciated. I'll start:


My first opponent was a light weight cutie with a style that seemed unfit for fighting. She wore heels and skin tight stockings beneath a short skirt. A corset supported her ample bust while gloves concealed her arms. A choker decorated with a heart was fastened around her neck and her face was made up with a glossy pink coat on her lips. She stood with one hand to her hip with the other dangling listlessly to her side and one leg stepped forward with the heel raised and her toes to the ground. As the referee prepared to initiate the fight, she raised her dangling hand and signaled the number 3 with her ring, middle and index fingers. What could it mean? Did she think she could beat me in three seconds? Could she bring me down in three attack? I figured she was getting cocky and that would ultimately lead to her down fall.

"Begin." I quickly approached as the match began. Starting things off with a round house, but she evaded in a blink of an eye. She appeared behind me and quickly bound one arm while using her other to tilt my head back. I felt the soft caress of her lips as she lightly kissed my cheek, but before I could react she pushed me down and took a step back. What was that? I felt a light daze but nothing that would stop me from continuing. I went on the offensive again, this time with a flurry of jabs. She effortlessly dodged them; bobbing and weaving, all while displaying a sickeningly sultry smile. I tried a strong right which she caught with one hand, pulling me towards to allow her to once again plant another kiss. This time it was my forehead, and she seemed to take pleasure in it as if to soak up the sweat created in my wasted efforts to defeat her. She released me as I struggled to pull away, licking her sweet, milky lips while maintaining that vile smile. I was beginning to feel out of it; if the next kiss would take me out, I figured I should end it quickly. I rushed in and kept on the offensive, hoping to throw her off guard. While she was still having no trouble evading my attacks she noticed how difficult it would be to counterattack. I had found an opportunity, lifting her up for a spring hip throw*. Just as she was coming over my shoulder she broke free from my grasp and wrapped her legs around my waist. Her arms slowly crept around my neck like a noose; her face inching closer. As our lips met my eyes jerked open wide, I could feel my energy slowly slipping away. Her tongue danced pleasantly within my jaws and her lips sucked with a gentle determination. I was robbed of my will to fight and within minutes, fell to my knees where she finally released me to lavish in her victory.

*Example of Spring Hip Throw.
So there. It's late so I won't proof read it but I can already tell you the bar is pretty low right now so... Have Fun.
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PostSubject: Re: Got time for a Quickie?   Sat Oct 17, 2009 8:53 am

Wow...... and I thought I wouldnt be attracted to this kind of stuff! Shocked After reading what you wrote, I cant wait to read more!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Got time for a Quickie?   Thu Dec 03, 2009 11:14 pm

lol now if someone were to draw it... it would be erotic XD
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PostSubject: Re: Got time for a Quickie?   

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Got time for a Quickie?
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