A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Dima Kolobanov vs Rosa del Dorado

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PostSubject: Dima Kolobanov vs Rosa del Dorado   Wed May 16, 2018 11:24 pm

Though he no longer drove a tank, he still felt like one. Dima had embraced his new life as a wrestler and had even taken some jobs that "adventurers" usually did. It wasn't his first choice, but getting paid to rough people up was always something he'd be up for.

This particular job had taken him somewhere foreign yet familiar. On his way to a tavern, Dima had been transported into a wrestling arena. Not a normal one either, surrounding the ring was a crowd of attractive, fantastical looking women.

These must be the Midara he'd heard so much about. Dangerous seductresses that targeted men and women alike.

Judging by the fact that he was alone in the ring, save for the referee Midara in the corner to the right of him, he assumed he was to await his opponent.

Suddenly, a Spanish Pop song hit and a Latina looking woman walked down the ramp and into the ring. She was clad in gold wrestling attire and stood perhaps an inch shorter than himself. She was lean, yet muscular. A contrast to his own bulky build.

Grabbing a microphone from ringside, the Diva addressed the crowd.

"You may be used to running through your opponents," she began ",but you will fall before Rosa del Dorado!"
Rosa's Moves:

Long Kiss Goodnight: ???????? 2-4 Damage

Louise Thez Press: ?????? 2-4 Damage

Stinging Slaps: ??????? 2-4 Damage

Motorboat of the Caribbean: ??????? 1-2 Damage, Stuns

Charismatic Reversals: Allows Rosa to reverse a move should the proper opportunity arise.

Golden Power: ????????? 4-6 Damage

Rear-View: ????????? 2-4 Damage

Pierced by Golden Thorns (Finisher): ??????? 10 Damage

Dima starts with 40 Willpower
Rosa starts with 50 Willpower (Showboat Resiliency)

[I'm doing this on my phone, so I'll add in the standard rules and moves when I'm home]

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PostSubject: Re: Dima Kolobanov vs Rosa del Dorado   Fri May 18, 2018 11:37 am

Dima walks up to Rosa and sizes her up. It's not everyday he meets a woman with such an impressive physique, nor standing eye to eye with him. Her demeanor also intrigued him, after all what kind of woman would pick a fight with him? He takes the microphone from Rosa's hands while looking her in the eyes.

"Rosa, you got guts challenging me like this. Clearly you can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?" Dima says with a raised eyebrow.

Kolobanov admires his surroundings as he offers the microphone back to Rosa. He had seen his fair share of females in the crowd but these women were something else. Some had features that could only be described as monsterous. "Perhaps it is cosplay night at this arena. No matter, I will give them a good show against anybody," he thinks.

BIO: Age 27, stands 6'2", weighs in at 234 lbs and is from Russia. Wears a red jumpsuit with the Soviet Star and Sickle, in gold, on the back with white shoes. Head is shaved with brown hair and receding hairline. He has green eyes and a clean shaven face. Under the jumpsuit he wears red trousers with a gold stripe going down the sides. He clearly works out but skips the 'roids.

Dima is former soldier of the Russian Federation who used to drive a T-90 tank. He served from when he was 18-26 and recently got into wrestling as a career. His persona is based around the old Soviet Union, which he admires for it's strength. He makes no excuses for the evils of the old superpower and simply states, "Might makes right". He is looking to make a name for himself wrestling the best players in the game.

1-2 Combo: a quick jab followed up by a hook, 3 damage.

T-90: whips opponent into the ropes and on the return, he tackles them leading with the right shoulder. Deals 4 damage and floors opponent. 2 turn cool down.

Tsar Bomba: a devastating elbow drop to be used on floored opponents for 5 damage.

Liquid Courage: drinks from a bottle of vodka and gains (2) damage resistance and (+1) damage for 3 turns. Can use twice without getting drunk. 6 turn CD. Drunk: lasts 3 turns and opponents get to re-roll their move 1 time if they miss, still has damage resistance, but no bonus damage.

Grapple: 1 turn bind status that leads to higher damaging attacks. If opponent breaks the grapple, Dima still does 1 damage.

NKVD DDT: classic head slam into the mat for 6 damage. Cannot repeat use twice in a row, and requires grapple.

Soviet Suplex: holds up the opponent in the air for a few seconds and does a 180° turn as he slams them into the ground. Deals 5 damage. Requires grapple.

Bear Hug or Rear Naked Choke: classic submission move that deals 4 damage per turn bind. Can only use when opponent is less than half health and no more than 2 attempts. Requires grapple.

Iron Curtain: (Finisher) fireman's carry type slam for 8 damage. Can only be successfully used once. Requires grapple.
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Dima Kolobanov vs Rosa del Dorado
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