A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Ferro v. TAMA Rematch

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PostSubject: Ferro v. TAMA Rematch   Fri Jun 08, 2018 7:19 am

Simple RP Rules!!
Both combatants start with 30 points of Stamina and Willpower respectively.
Dice rolls decide attacks!
Any evens or odds rolled from 85 to 100 are deemed Critical Success or Failure respectively!

Passive Skill

Full Alert: This unit possesses impressive sonar and visual capabilities, able to detect targe-*bzzt* MISBEHAVING SLAVES from all angles within a 2 mile radius. Coupled with a chassis and limbs that can move 360 degrees in any direction, this unit's agility is increased by 1 point per level. *bzzt* WARNING: UNIT IS AWARE OF A WALL NEITHER VISIBLE TO THE NAKED EYE OR KNOWABLE BY THE MEATBAGS. INVESTIGATION REQUIRED.

Combat Skills

Grapple: This unit attempts to grapple a target. If successful, target is afflicted by Bound status.

"Love Me" Gas: When a target is afflicted with Bound status, this unit's "face shield" raises to produce an inhalant in the form of a pink, gaseous substance. When inhaled, target may become afflicted with Infatuation. Upon inhalation, target receives 2 points of willpower damage and is released to pursue their desires with this unit.

Silicone Butt Tease: This unit's body is 90% silicone-based. On a whim, this unit may inflate, deflate, or perform acts to arouse the target greatly. When performing, this unit prefers pressing its butt against a target's crotch and overwhelming them with rubbing. A target may find this unit's butt quite firm and intoxicating, leading to Charmed status. Otherwise, this technique only does 2 damage. WARNING: WALL INTERFERING WITH ANALYSIS OF CAPABILITIES.

Silicone Breast Press: This unit's*bzzt* (EXPLANATION ALREADY STATED) breasts are quite soft. A target's desires may be fulfilled with this unit's breasts if they desire. When a unit's pants are removed, this unit may engage them physically with what persons of this world call "paizuri" or "puff-puff". If target has refused to disrobe, this unit may inflict Bound and press its breasts against their crotch in that manner. Targets will receive 2 points of damage.

Hypnotic Light Show: This unit's face shield protects important circuitry, and produces visual indicators of its statu-*bzzt*VISUAL STIMULI TO DISTRACT SLAVES. When this display engages, a target may find themselves overwhelmed mentally. May inflict Trance status. 2 points of willpower damage otherwise.

Kissable Lips: This unit's body can be altered accordi-*bzzt* (EXPLANATION ALREADY STATED) The face shield may produce a pair of puffy, albeit normal-sized lips. Such lips are inhumanly soft and quite tempting for weaker targets. A target who is kissed receives 2 points of willpower damage.

"Sleepy-time" Gas: As stated before *pause for interruption* ... this unit's face-plate may raise to expose a gas-producing subsystem. Targets that insist on damaging this unit will be blasted with a calming gas. 2 willpower damage with a chance to inflict Exhaustion.

Silicone Vagina [Male/herm only]:
Suddenly, a strange sound of suction fills the air, and before the hero can blink, TAMA lifts them off of their feet, rappelling their legs around her as thee feels their penis being forced into the smooth, rubbery feeling of TAMA’s body, as it shifts to accompany their length, moving around his prick, inflating and surrounding it, as TAMA begins to use her freehand to buck them in and out violently, their head still firmly at her chest. [5 damage if hit]

Love Me Milk[ follow up to love me gas]:
TAMA forces her foes face into her nipples, freshly formed from Silicone and made linked to her love me gas tanks, pump the gas in it's liquid state into her foes mouth, making their amorous search for pleasure with TAMA last far longer [Deals 2 damage, plus extends the effect of love me gas to three turns]


//Stamina Attacks
Trip - Swings his staff at the opponent's legs to make them fall to the ground, dealing two damage.

"Javelin" Toss - Throws his staff at the opponent, dealing three damage, but disarming him until he retrieves his weapon.

Double Thrust - Roll twice, each successful roll deals two damage.

Helm Splitter - Swings the staff at the opponent's head, dealing five damage. Available every five turns.

Palm Strike - Hit the opponent with an open palm attack, dealing two damage.

Fleet Combo - A three hit combo move where Ferro knees the opponent in the gut, then thrust his fist at the opponent's chest and then elbows them in the side. Each attacks requires a Successful roll to deal each piece of damage, which, individually, deals two damage. If every roll is Successful, the attack will result in a whopping six damage.

Ground Pound - A two-part attack. One the first turn, Ferro grabs the opponent, putting a temporary bind status on them. If the opponent doesn't break out of the bind and if he succeeds in the second roll, he will suplex the opponent hard into the ground, dealing eight damage. Special Attack, only available every ten turns.

Iron Shot - Calling upon his magic, he reshapes his metal staff into a dense steel sphere, which he throws at the enemy, the sphere reforming into the staff afterwards. Deals 6 Willpower damage and leaves Ferro disarmed.

//Defensive Skills:
Meditate - Halves all willpower damage received for three turns. Usable every ten turns.

Nine Kata - Ferro performs a series of hand gestures in unison with several chants to redirect his thoughts and clear his mind. Roll nine dice, every successful roll heals 1 willpower/stamina.

Enchant, Reinforcement - Doubles staff damage dealt for the next three turns. Usable only once every battle.

Enchant: Stone Skin - Ferro uses his magic to make his skin as hard as stone, halving all stamina damage and doubling unarmed attacks for three turns.

Summon Swamp Succubus - Ferro calls upon the Swamp Succubus, who gives the opponent a sweet French kiss, stunning them for a turn. Useable only once per battle, available after ten turns.

Summon Lasciel - Ferro uses the feather given to him by the once-corrupt angel to call upon her. Restores five willpower, useable only once per battle.

Summon Ixana - Calls upon Ixana to either heal him of 4 Willpower damage with her Radiant Sword (Light) or deal 4 Stamina damage with her Vortex Crusher.

Large breasts - After his loss against Big Sis October and Lil Sis Squid, Ferro has developed a bit of a fetish for large breasts. Boob damage increased by 2 points.
Breastfeeding - After his first loss against against TAMA, Ferro has gained a fetish for Breastfeeding, getting increased damage of 2 for moves involving such.


Ferro had been taken away from that automaton for his own good, but as the robot has resumed causing trouble, and with the other helpers of the Sanctuary being occupied already, Ferro is sent out to try and take her down.
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Posts : 6308
Join date : 2016-05-10
Age : 22
Location : Daybreak Town, slaying Heartless and collecting Lux

PostSubject: Re: Ferro v. TAMA Rematch   Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:45 pm

"Can't believe we had to strike such bad luck now, of all times," he mumbled to himself as he approached TAMA's last known location. He was angry, disappointed, and even a touch nervous about fighting the malfunctioning bot.

Roleplayers for the win =3=
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Ferro v. TAMA Rematch
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