A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Abigail, Psy Shaper (IDOL) (WIP)

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Abigail, Psy Shaper (IDOL) (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Abigail, Psy Shaper (IDOL) (WIP)   Abigail, Psy Shaper (IDOL) (WIP) EmptySat Sep 29, 2018 4:16 pm

Abigail, Psy Shaper (IDOL) (WIP) 99f14f006ab2b0d5b153ec5c9a55ad55--pale-blonde-hair-strawberry-blonde-hair

Name: Abigail Reese
Race: Human
Class: Elemental Shaper

Abigail is a somewhat new member but has quickly climbed the rank due to her abilities, quick thinking, simple but effective approach, and strong intuition.  She is also one the most likely to perform tasks for the locals rather than those that have more of a wide-spread effect.  She is often working along with other IDOL lower members.  Though she tends to get along with others easily, she isn't able to lead due to the fact that she actually cannot speak, instead she speaks to others with sign languages and charade signal or, if permitted through telepathic connections.

Abigail is a psychic and one of the most powerful of the area able to lift objects many times her weight with her mind, manipulate though easily, or induce insanity.  However, she tries to shy away from over-relying on her psychic abilities and tries to downplay them.  She also is quick on her feet and can attack with quick strikes with an umbrella that changes elemental magic.  Enemies that dare challenge her are often overwhelmed by a barrage of umbrella strikes, and telepathic attacks, and telekinetic blasts.


Abigail is one of the short being, standing at a mere 4'10".  Contrast to her diminutive height, her golden blond hair expands down to past her waist.  Her eyes are a sea blue, vividly clear.  Her nose is small and her lips are thin, tinted with a natural pink and often having clear lip gloss over them giving them more of a shine.  Her body is somewhat lacking in the curves but the overwhelm package of her body and her small height gives more of a rather cute appearance.

She has a large wardrobe of clothes that she wears for many different occasions but her favorite is a black uniform shirt with white and plaid collar, a red bow at her chest and white skirt with with black outlines.  She wears black stockings that reaches past her knees, only leaving the inner part of her legs exposed.  Finally, she wears black low heel shoes matching her overall appearance.


Though she appears quiet at first, this is because she cannot speak, as soon as one allows her to speak into their mind, they will find Abigail is an outgoing person with a friendly streak with a down-to-earth look in life despite her powers.  She is helpful and generous but not to the kind of self-sacrifice.  She is also very responsible.  Making sure to have people's consent before doing anything, especially with her power and to those she is in charge of.

Combat Style

Abigail's physical attacks are very swift, able to sometime get off multiple attacks if she can catch the enemies reeling, hitting them with a combo of hits.  Her preferred weapon of choice is an umbrella that can be imbued with an element or deployed to block attacks or use the patterns for hypnotic effects.  She also combines her physical attack with mental suppression, weakening their will in conjunction with weakening their strength.  While she does not have actual charms in combat (other than personality), her other abilities are more than enough to make her a powerful foe.

Special Property

Abigail's attack has a specific method of attacking enemies, first attacking them with a starter move that causing them to stagger or becoming off balance before she darts in with several attacks before they can recover.

Abigail can use 1 starter move, 3 1-damage chain attacks, and 1 finisher.  

If Abigail misses a starter move, the combo fails.
If Abigail misses a chain attack, the combo ends with a finisher.
If Abigail somehow hits all 3 chain moves, then finisher deals double damage.

EleMental umbrella
Abigail has an umbrella that can switch any turn (but not during a combo) each time she inflicts damage while a particular element is up, enemies receive an elemental debuff or she gets an elemental buff.  Stacks up to 5 times but each element loses 1 stack per turn.

Fire- Abigail crit range extends to even above 80 75 70 65 60
Air- Abigail hits all rolls over 90, 80, 70, 60, 50
Earth- Enemy miss all rolls under 10, 20, 30, 40, 50
Water- Enemy crit fail range extends to odds above 20 25 30 35 40


Mental focii- Abigail has trained her mind to resist many types of different means to influence her mind.  While she is not impervious, she is harder to sway than many others.  Takes -0.5 damage from mental based attack.  Mental debuffs will to not occur if roll is below 25.

Psychic Duelist

Abigail's attack unique hits both stamina and will power as she combines her martial strikes combined with small erosion of the enemies mind as they are reeling from hit.  Her fast speed, rapid umbrella attacks, and quick mind can overwhelm all but the strongest foes.

Flicker Strike
Abigail moves so fast that she seem to have disappeared when in actuality, she is using her natural speed boosted by telekinesis.  She takes the enemy by surprise and launchers 2 1-damage attack.  If the first attack hits, the second one is rolled at an advantage.  Only the second attack counts for the sake of starting the combo.

Telekinetic tether
Abigail tries to latches on the enemy's body with telekinesis to try to bind them to an ideal position for her.  Deals 1 damage and is rolled at an advantage.  If it succeeds, then the enemy is inflicted with tether.  Enemy must roll a success struggle to dispel debuff or be automatically hit on the first combo hit each turn.

Parasol Sweep
Abigail hooks the enemy's ankle with the curve of her umbrella handle causing them to fall.  This attack is rolled twice.  The first one roll deals 1 damage and starts the combo, the second will cause the enemy to fall (or remain fallen after the combo), which requires them to get up or be guaranteed to be hit next turn and only use moves that can be performed off the ground.

Abigail uses her psychic abilities to launch two mental blast of different opposite mental amplitude.  Attacks with 2 1-damage attacks, one rolled at advantage and the last rolled at disadvantage regardless of outside modification on advantage.

Mind Scare
Abigail transmit a sudden loud noise into the enemy's mind causing them to be startled before potentially getting hit.  Makes a roll which, when successful, causes target to automatically get hit by the follow-up start-up 1 damage attack.  


Force Choke Neck Grapple
Abigail uses telekinesis to grab the opponent's neck and slams the victim into a wall or ground before letting go.
Deals 3 damage but rolls at disadvantage unless enemy was struck with a combo.

Hypnotic spin
Abigail deploys her umbrella and spins it, creating an optical illusion that is not only entrancing by they risk looking in deeper if they try to assault her.  Deals 1 damage.  On next opponent attack, if they roll less than 34, they attack at disadvantage on their next attack.

Elemental Revolution
Abigail temporarily imbues all 4 elements before performing a 4 hit finisher (1 damage each) with disadvantage roll.  If either combatant has an elemental stack, then that element will be rolled normally

Shielded Strike
After a successful hit, Abigail fortifies herself to repel any attacks of any sort.  Deal 1 damage.  If successful, Abigail has defense advantage against that specific enemy for 1 attack round.

Izuna Drop
Abigail tries to grapple the enemy.  Deals 1 damage and binds the target.  If they fail to escape, Izuna drop will be used as a starter for the next round with a guarantee 3 damage.

Combination Attack


Inspiration: Neopolitan (RWBY)
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Abigail, Psy Shaper (IDOL) (WIP)
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