A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Eva, The Green Eyed Monster

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Technic Generation

Technic Generation

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PostSubject: Eva, The Green Eyed Monster   Eva, The Green Eyed Monster EmptyThu Nov 01, 2018 4:41 pm

Huge thanks to all the people who helped out with making this big tiddy jealous demon gf. You all know who you are.


Eva, The Green Eyed Monster

Appearance: https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=4219928

Description: Sin has held many people in a tight grip since the dawn of time and of them all, envy has its way of snaking into the hearts of even the most kind and humble individuals. Even they yearn for the possessions or attributes of another from time to time. Every denizen of hell has their leaning towards a particular sin, envy being the one for Eva. If it is something that can be coveted, she will feel jealousy. It matters not how small or large it is, from another person giving attention to someone that isn’t her to their possessions or even their capabilities, Eva will want for what they have that she does not. Her satisfaction is perpetually short-lived as she will always see something better in someone or something else. This drives her to take what she longs for, if only to feel just a taste of the pure joy of finally, finally obtaining what she covets…


Jealous Ire - Ever driven by envy, the successes of others over her will spur Eva to push for what she desires. Gain +1 damage if the enemy deals more damage than her in the last turn (stacks if she is unable to act the next turn).
Gain +1 HP per turn if the enemy has more HP than her.
Should her opponent land a critical success, or she experiences a critical fail, her next roll will be upgraded. A miss will become a hit, a hit will become a critical success, and a crit will do twice the damage.


Even Hand - Eva conjures a prism in her right palm that draws power from her opponent’s potential before unleashing a beam of arcane force. The damage of this move is proportional to the highest damage potential her opponent has.

Odd Hand - Similar to Even Hand, Eva conjures a different prism in her left palm that draws power from her suffering to perform an arcane blast. The damage of this move is proportional to how many debuffs she has been inflicted with throughout the battle.

What’s Yours Is Mine - Eva rises upward with her wings before swooping down upon her opponent and planting a deep kiss on their lips. While the attack only does 1 damage, it ignores any advantages or buffs the opponent currently has when making the roll. Additionally, if the attack is successful, whatever advantages the opponent has will be siphoned to Eva.

Undulating Invasion - From beneath her clothing, tentacles writhe and lunge out towards her opponent. Slipping underneath whatever they are currently clothed in, the tentacles run across the target’s body, caressing and rubbing up against their more sensitive areas. The opponent must successfully roll to shake off the tentacles or continuously suffer 2 damage per turn. Both Eva and her target can still take other actions while this effect is active.
If the target is Bound, this move can be made without rolling.

Misfortune’s Scorn- Eva taps into the demonic energy within her body and builds it into a lustful aura, stirring the carnal desires in her opponent. The move does 3 damage at its base, but will increase by 1 for every consecutive successful roll her opponent has done or failing roll Eva has done.

Infectious Longing - Eva gazes into her opponent's eyes, the soft green glow briefly mesmerizing them and filling their mind with thoughts of their own inadequacies and how much more fortunate others have been over them. Does 3 damage and inflicts the opponent with "Envious" for 3 turns. While under this effect, reduces the afflicted target’s damage done to Eva by 1 and they must target Eva if they have disadvantage on their attack rolls. Otherwise, every attack they make requires a secondary roll. On failure, the attack will instead target a random ally as their spiteful jealousy overpowers their focus.

Size Matters - Eva strikes a provocative pose that emphasizes her curves and slowly runs her hands up her body, stopping at her chest to heft her breasts up and then let them go, causing her sizable assets to jiggle enticingly. Against female opponents, the damage of this move is determined by the difference in chest size plus 1. (If the opponent happens to be bigger than Eva, the damage is still calculated by the difference.) Otherwise, does 2 damage and inflicts the target with Charmed for 3 turns.

Green(-eyed) Desire - Eva saunters over to her target, eyes alight with a mesmerizing glow. With her target's guard lowered, she warmly embraces them, moving to softly whisper into their ear how much sweeter this encounter would be if they merely let themselves be hers. Binds the target and does 1 damage normally. If the target has a boy/girlfriend or significant other, the damage is amplified to 4 and if said person is also on the field, the same damage will be dealt to them.

Fortune Turns - Reaching out and hugging her target close, Eva plants a brief kiss on their lips before letting them loose, only to find that their luck has taken a turn for the worse. The target’s next roll will be made with disadvantage while her next roll will be made with advantage.

Share The Pain - When she is particularly hard pressed during a confrontation, Eva will gather as much energy as she can and releases it in a burst, assaulting her target’s mind with the same feeling of wanting that she perpetually holds. The damage of this move is equivalent to the difference between Eva’s HP and her target’s HP minus 2. This move can only do up to 10 damage.

Empty Handed - Even something as small as a nice ring can stir Eva’s jealousy. She extends her arm forward and unleashes a bolt of energy that targets not her opponent, but any weapons, tools, or items that they currently possess. Inflicts the “Embargo” effect, rendering any moves that require a specific item inaccessible. This lasts for 5 turns or until the opponent makes a successful roll to break the effect.

Reminisce - Eva peaks into the subconscious of her opponent and sees their past battles. The effect that occurs depends on their battle record:

  • If their wins are greater than their losses, Eva will grow envious of their triumphs and use the mental connection to unearth their more lustful fantasies into their mind. The damage inflicted is equivalent to the difference between wins and losses plus 2.
  • If their losses are greater than their wins, Eva will use this to invoke feelings of jealousy from their past failures. Causes the “Envious” effect for 3 turns and the opponent’s next roll will be done with disadvantage.
  • If their wins equal their losses, Eva draws from her target’s mind to determine what they will do next and how to counteract it, allowing her next move to be made without rolling.

In Arm’s Reach - Eva spreads her wings and flys upward before diving down upon her target. She holds them in a close and warm embrace and snuggling against them to savor the moment of having what she wants so close to her. Inflicts Bind. If the opponent is unable to struggle out, the close contact will put Eva at ease, increasing the regenerative effect of Jealous Ire to 2 for every turn the target is bound. As long as the target is still bound, the regeneration will carry even if her HP equals or surpasses her target’s HP.

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forest Assasin

forest Assasin

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PostSubject: Re: Eva, The Green Eyed Monster   Eva, The Green Eyed Monster EmptyThu Nov 01, 2018 4:46 pm

This is a Great idea

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWSRqWpWPzE -Glen and Prowd Theme-
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Warrior of Darkness

Warrior of Darkness

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PostSubject: Re: Eva, The Green Eyed Monster   Eva, The Green Eyed Monster EmptyThu Nov 01, 2018 4:55 pm

Cracks Knuckles Bring it, you demoness!
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PostSubject: Re: Eva, The Green Eyed Monster   Eva, The Green Eyed Monster EmptyThu Nov 01, 2018 6:31 pm

Surprisingly the first time I've seen one of these based on Envy for a change.

"Don't pay for drugs, let your friends do that!"
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PostSubject: Re: Eva, The Green Eyed Monster   Eva, The Green Eyed Monster EmptyThu Nov 01, 2018 7:16 pm

Oooh sounds interesting, wouldn't mind fighting her. XP
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PostSubject: Re: Eva, The Green Eyed Monster   Eva, The Green Eyed Monster Empty

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Eva, The Green Eyed Monster
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