A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Hero: Kazen the exiled prince

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PostSubject: Hero: Kazen the exiled prince   Hero: Kazen the exiled prince EmptyTue Nov 13, 2018 2:02 pm

Name: Kazen the exiled prince
Age- 23

Appearence- A  5.9 black haired man. He wears a leather jacket and blue jeans that he collected. His left eye is a frosty Blue color while his right eye is a Green color. His weapon is a spear he calls Bloodshine for its red metal tip. He also has a couple knives hidden about his person. He wears a signet ring.

Kazen is an exiled prince that travels for the sake of traveling. His combat training in the spear makes him a formidable opponent. This is only furthered by his magical abilities however faint. His magic can be reactive at times jumping him around time points. he can usually keep a good hold on it as long as he is wearing his signet ring. His time magic abilities rarely find use in combat due to their unstable nature. Kazen is also curious to a dangerous level. He would probably take a stroll through a haunted tomb just so he could figure out whats inside. He also likes to pass banter during combat dueling with words just as much as with weapons.

Passive- Detrimental curriousity
Kazen will always let his opponent hit him with their first attack. This is due to his curious nature.

Passive- Rapier wit
Kazen enjoys exchanging banter with his opponents. If an opponent has responded to his banter that round he gains a +1 to his attacks.
Move set

Prince's Magic- Kazen wreaths his spear in magical energy before striking with it. Deals 3 stamina damage

Stinging strike- Kazen lunges forwards slashing with his spear. Does 2 points stamina Damage.

Knife throw- If Kazen has lost his spear he will throw a knife as a replacement. Deals 2 stamina damage.

Energy strike- Kazen forms a blast of energy in his hand before unleashing it upon his opponent. Deals 3 points stamina damage.

Punch of the Dragon- charging magical energy into his fist Kazen unleashes a Brutal stike on his opponent. Deals 2 stamina damage.

Time strike- Kazen becomes a blur as he strikes his opponent at a rediculous speed. In reality he is bending time ever so slightly. Deals 5 stamina damage. Usable every 4 turns.

Defnesive ability

Quick healing- restores 2 points and is only able to be used every 3 turns

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Hero: Kazen the exiled prince
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