A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 The Consumer of All

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PostSubject: Re: The Consumer of All   The Consumer of All - Page 6 EmptySun Jan 20, 2019 7:29 pm

Sierra smiles.  Seems they are now at the same page especially now that Lynn is thinking clearly.  "No problem, Lynn.  I know how it is to be in a rough spot emotionally."  She turns to Adam.  "Well I had some pretty good teacher who taught me how to think a few steps ahead.  Though if thinks go off plan, I can play-by-ear."  Then she looks over the screen again.  Huh, that is new.  Sierra was first assuming that Theta was already on record, then if it is being tracked, then they both have a way to catch Red Mist off guard.  Due to his status, he would never expect anyone to ambush him either.  However, they still need to look before they leap and assess the situation first.

This time Sierra didn't react with apprehension as Lynn pulls out the weapon as she is briefed of it as it is being display.  Immediately, she started formulating blueprints in her head of how it possibly works but on a basic level, though again, she stopped herself from going too far ahead.  She really need to cut that habit....

"Well if we are all in agreement, let's drop by my home and gather some supplies and my gears.  We can exchange notes on the way."  With that she opens door and waits for the others to follow her before.  On the way out from the library, the librarian looks up from her book and simply nods to them before returning to her reading.
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PostSubject: Re: The Consumer of All   The Consumer of All - Page 6 EmptySat Jan 26, 2019 2:22 pm

Content, perhaps even hopeful, the three unlikely partners left the room. A few minutes after, the previously-closed door of the empty place of study was swung open with a bump. There was not a sign of life in the vicinity, neither the librarian nor any other visitor was around. For all intents and purposes, the door opened by itself - and it did so from the inside.

A beautiful garden greeted the sight of the watchers. Countless exotic plants of unidentified origin smeared an amalgam of color over the canvas of green, contrasting a towering gothic castle. Blades of grass bent in the shape of footprints, moving ever-closer to the flowers. From that distance, they could easily be mistaken for small animals running through the garden. The search would not be disturbed. One flower, one particular flower, one that was known to all; the only one that was needed.

It was getting late. The orange hue of sunset permeated the confines of a small, isolated office. Sitting on a leather chair was a woman with auburn hair of considerable length kept in a ponytail. She wore a standard black suit over a white shirt, with matching suit pants.

Describing her desk as 'crowded' would be an understatement. Multiple sheets of paper lied stacked on top of each other, barely getting room next to a full cup of coffee and two keyboards sitting side by side. The clacking of keystrokes was the only sound present in the room as the woman typed for hours on end, dark circles under her eyes were illuminated by the monitor's light.

Her gaze was shifting between two computer screens. One showed a digital representation of a landscape full of grayed out dots, with three highlighted ones not far from each other. This was the closest to a live feed she would ever get but enough for what was needed. Two deserters sticking together, not too close or too far from the escaped object. She could only imagine what events had transpired, considering that only yesterday there were three of them.

Displayed to the sides of the satellite feed were four additional broadcasts. Compared to it, those were actually live, transmitting from what appeared to be close by locations. A small village that had not passed the test of time, the hidden shack at the very edge of Westland's border that served as site for the rogue Theta's first encounter with local inhabitants, the castle gardens and lastly the residence of the recently discovered A-32.

The other screen showed files and folders, just about what someone would expect to see on a computer. A black console prompt was opened. It would appear the woman was typing inside it and someone else was answering back.

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The Consumer of All
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