A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 Eva vs. The Holstaur Sisters

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PostSubject: Eva vs. The Holstaur Sisters   Mon Dec 03, 2018 7:12 pm

The rays of the setting sun blanketed the forest in a warm orange glow, the light gently scattering as the leaves swayed in the cool evening breeze. There was nothing to disrupt the calm peace of the woods, no sounds aside from the quiet chirping of the birds, no hidden dangers lurking in the shadows, no predators stalking through the trees...

...Except one.

A creature not quite of this world, but from the endless inferno below it. Her emerald eyes burned with purpose as she made her way through the forest, silently following a path only she could see. Her senses led her forward, like a shark following the scent of blood.

Emerging from the underbrush, she was greeted by the sight of a small wooden cottage, the warm glow shining from within mingling with the rays of the sunset. As soon as she saw it, she knew: this was the source of what she'd been looking for. A sense of...longing swelled up inside her. A desire for something she knew she couldn't have, and yet was resonating so strongly from the quaint little home in front of her. It was love, it was affection, but more than that, it was the sense of a lifelong bond.

Eva, the Green-Eyed Monster, wanted that bond.

And what Eva wanted, she took.


Basic Rules:
- Even rolls hit. Odd rolls miss. Random numbers are generated between 1 and 100.
- Even rolls over 85 are considered Critical Successes. Odd rolls below 16 are considered Critical Failures.
- When the move doesn't define what a Critical Success does, the user is able to attempt an immediate follow-up.
- When the move doesn't define what a Critical Failure does, the user is stunned, and may be auto-hit by the next attack.

Paralyzed Status - Character will be unable to move next turn and will be unable to dodge the next attack.
Charmed Status - The next attack dealt by the midara does +1 Willpower damage.
Bind Status - Character will be unable to move and continually suffer 2 Willpower damage each turn unless they roll a 50 or above to escape.
Dazed Status - Character has Disadvantage, requiring two successes instead of one in order to hit.
Stunned Status - Character will be unable to act next turn.

Eva starts with 40 Willpower.
Marianne & Lia both start with 20 Willpower each.

Milk: it does a body good.

<<Those horns...she can't be human!>>
<<She's like a demon...>>
<<That kind of midara...they call a Demon Lord.>>
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PostSubject: Re: Eva vs. The Holstaur Sisters   Thu Dec 06, 2018 4:43 pm

Summoning the denizens of the underworld is not an exact science. Countless manuals and literature have been written on the subject, but what most authors of these books fail to realize is that the circle is merely a gateway to the underworld with no clear cut way to fine tune it to bringing about a specific type of inhabitant. Sure, different offerings could be used, but that merely narrows the scope by a small margin.

So when a green-eyed succubus rose into this world from the circle, it was rather perplexing to find that she was not looking at the practitioner that summoned her, but rather, a book tarnished by age on the ground beneath her. This was a mistake. The summoner wouldn't dare be absent, especially not if they wanted to survive the encounter. Her gaze fell further downward to find that she was standing on an old stone table etched with the pattern of a summoning circle. Old, darkened candles with barely any wick left to burn rested on the corners of the rock, yet the smoke wafting from the wicks was fresh. The last striking feature was the charred bits upon the rock itself.

It didn't take much else to put the pieces together. This summoning circle was by no means made today. How far back it had been since the circle was drawn wasn't clear, but what was clear was the circumstances from which she was summoned. Warlocks of an ancient time must have used this very location to bring her kind to this realm and by some trick of fate, the candles had been lit and the gateway made once again. The realization made Eva sigh in mild irritation. She had been summoned in error by the forces of nature itself. What a nuisance to be dragged from the underworld for nothing!

She intended to return to the underworld by more conventional means when she felt something. A loving relationship between two sisters. Eva put a hand to her chest as the mere thought of it caused a pang of envy within her. She wouldn't be leaving just yet. Not while there was something that could sate her for a time. She hovered away from the ancient stone table and into the forest. She did not need to wander far to get a feel for where she needed to go.

Her search took her to the small cottage tucked away in these woods. This is where she would find the relationship she had sensed before. She wanted that bond for herself. She had to have it. Her green eyes gleamed as she drew near the cottage. She reached her arm towards the door, giving it a gentle knock. Envy and anticipation crept within her as she waited to see who was behind this lifelong bond she so desperately wished for herself.

But manners were still manners. It would be rude to barge in uninvited, after all.
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Eva vs. The Holstaur Sisters
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