A humble listing of female characters from a variety of media, whose kiss produces adverse effects on their victims.
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 June the Necrodoctor

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June the Necrodoctor  Empty
PostSubject: June the Necrodoctor    June the Necrodoctor  EmptyFri Dec 21, 2018 12:45 am

June the Necrodoctor  15445710

Description: A scientist first and a necromancer second. A master of dark arts, and a brilliant mind in medical fields. Insists that she isn't a Midara, but simply human, no matter what her appearance would tell you. Behind the rough exterior is a genuinely kind person that does what she does because she enjoys helping people and seeing them happy. Necromancy seems to be simply a trade taken for personal reasons rather then any grand calling, but learning said reason never comes easy. Those that have been treated by her would recount her gentle touch and excellent bedside manner, along her with her unique, if very effective, methods, and those that brave using her services from initial reactions usually leave with a very positive experience. She has quite a few fans, as she’s willing to take on any patient if she feels she can benefit them.

Very flighty and teasing, but never goes too far with it. Hides long lasting depression behind her bubbly smile, and appreciates having people to talk to. Can be something of hard drinker to keep herself going, but tends to be very resistant to the effects, notably having a “brand” designed to help her cure headaches. Is currently in a relationship with Soma Cruz, the reincarnation of Dracula, and can be very protective of him, despite his tendencies to throw himself into danger. Has met two assistants since coming here, that being Airi, the wraith who might as well be family to June and is slowly trying to teach June how to be more sensual, and Reisen, who is still working out her own personal issues with June’s relationship with Soma.

Appearance: Long White Hair streams down her back. Her outfit is certainly...unique. She claims it is a necessary feature and not just a fashion statement, but tends to dance around the subject of what that purpose actually is. She coats herself in a mask and armor, and parts of her body reveal a skeletal form suspended in a jelly like substance. No one is truly sure if that is her actual skeleton or simply a part of the armor's appearance. During work hours, she’s never seen without her traditional lab coat, which covers the majority of her unusual appearance aside from her head and hands.


Soul Searching

"You might be the strong silent type, but your soul definitely isn't. It's quite chatty, and tells me everything I'd want to know~"
June is able to see a person's demeanor, intentions and personality through the energy emitted from their soul, unconsciously at that. Outside of combat, June is able to feel oncoming presences through the energy emitted from their souls, even if she's not able to see them. June can also tell quite a bit from the feeling their soul gives off, even truth and lies, however such feeling is vague and relies on her own intuition to fill in the blanks.
-This passive does not have a physical use in combat as of yet.

Magic Back

“I’m not one to enjoy pain, before you get any ideas. That said, I’m a tough one to put down.”
Obtained from the Arc Demon spirit taken from Soma, the spirit works for her in the same way that it does for Dracula.
-Taking damage will speed up the cooldowns of any skills currently having them by 1 turn.



"Personal space, dear! You’re clearly not giving enough of it!"
June creates an orb of concentrated magical energy in her hands before throwing it at the target/connecting it with them at close range.
-Does 2 damage.
-Has a chance to inflict Knockback, which prevents both the target and June from using attacks that would require approaching June and vice versa during the target's next turn.
-If Mora is active while the attack is used, the opponent's next attack is forced to target Mora instead of June.

Ghost Flame

"You got too careless, and too close. And now, I can just reach out and touch that soul of yours!”
June rushes forward and grabs a part of the enemy, and ignites them in a ghostly blaze until she lets go. However, the recent scuffle with Maya has left a terrible impression on her from this attack. Whenever she uses it, her own mind brings up those terrible memories of what could have been a terrible mistake, sometimes even going so far as to see Maya in her opponent.
-Deals 2 damage.
-Inflicts Bind.
-A successful hit will remove the most recent satus buff applied to the opponent.
-Struggle Rolls for this bind act at advantage.
-Has a cooldown of 2 turns.


“I know a thing or two about bad memories, and how they can drag you down...forgive me for dredging them up."
June fires off an abnormally large concentrated orb of negative emotions towards the enemy at high speed. Contact with the orb will cause the enemy to have negative feelings amplified for a duration, even stronger if it can find memories to latch on to.
-Does 2 Damage.
-If attacks connects, lowers the target's Attack and Defense for the next turn.
-Has a cooldown of 3 turns.

Playful Dead

“Oh, stop with the expression of fear already. They just want to play, after all. They can be rough, though, so do be careful of that.”
With a flick of the wrist, June calls forth many hands from the ground, grabbing at whatever they can and tripping them, keeping them there if it can but otherwise grasping randomly.
-Deals 2 damage.
-Inflicts Downed.
-Has a cooldown of 3 turns that only starts when the foe recovers from the downed status.

Specter Throw

"Death and I aren’t exactly on good terms, but truth be told, he owes me a few favors."
Summons a specter of death that throws forth multiple large scythes from the abyss, the blades screaming through the air as they pierce the target spectrally.
-Deals 1 damage over 3 hits.
-If more than half of the hits connect, June's next action acts at advantage.
-Has a cooldown of 3 turns.

Bewitching Aura

"Goodness, I haven’t tried to be sexy in over a decade. Let’s see here...something like this, maybe~?"
Performs a pose backed by subtle charm magic to disorient and distract the foe. The actual actions present depend on the circumstances and are variable.
-Prevents the target from acting on their next turn.
-June's next actions have advantage until they are able to escape a single attack.
-Has a cooldown of 2 turns that triggers when the target escapes the status.

Negative Impact

“Sometimes, I can’t help but feel this way. Pessimism is always knocking at my door, after all. But if it’s going to always be there, I might as well do something with it.”
June’s emotions hit a fever pitch as her body expels all of her own negative emotions and feelings at once in a burst of dark magic.
-Deals 3 damage.
-If June had any debuffs on her, damage increases +1, but also either extends the duration of said debuffs by 1 turn, or makes her next check for them roll at disadvantage.
-Has a 4 turn cooldown.

Summon Zombie Dragon

“To think that this world had such things like this...it takes everything I’ve got to keep it going, but it’s clearly worth the effort!”
June plunges her hand into the ground, taking in all of the necrotic energy of the area and using it to gather all of the matter in the surrounding area to form the top half of a fearsome zombie dragon sticking out of the ground, which breathes a thick stream of a dangerous acid that burns on contact. June has to control the beast like a puppet master, and it crumbles after doing the attack, the exertion quite a feat for June.
-Deals 5 damage.
-Inflicts Burn.
-June takes the next attack used by the opponent as an auto hit.
-Has a 5 turn cooldown.

Kiss of the Wraith

“I used to think that making an opponent feel happy was a bad thing, but a friend taught me otherwise. I'm not nearly as good as she was at this, though.”
Learned from the wraith Airi, June pulls the target into a slow, sensual kiss that drains the target's soul and transfers it into her own.
-Deals 2 damage, and heals June by 1.
-If under the effects of Bewitching Aura, damage goes up +1.
-Has a 4 turn cooldown.

Summon Mora

"June, don’t panic, it’s not actually him, you can do this...alright. Mora, come assist your master."
June opens a dark portal, summoning her personal bodyguard, Mora.
-Mora comes onto the field at equal to half of June's Max HP.
-If Mora is knocked out, June suffers an Attack and Def drop for 3 turns.
-The strain of keeping such a power person active and moving is incredibly powerful, and as such, it is difficult for her to act and keep him going at the same time, causing her actions to be at Disadvantage as long as Mora is present.
-The roll associated with the summon determines how the action proceeds on the current turn, but Mora will be summoned regardless of the roll.
-Success: Mora is allowed to attack on the turn of summoning.
-Crit Success: Mora is allowed to attack on the turn of summoning and is guaranteed to land said hit.
-Failure: Mora is not allowed to attack during the turn of summoning.
-Crit Failure: Mora is not allowed to attack during the turn of summoning, and any attack targeting June next turn will be an automatic success.

June the Necrodoctor  Lzyf_a10
Mora is June's personal assistant. No one knows his true origins but it seems to be something close to her history. Seems to wear a similar armor to her but much more elaborate and covers more of his body. Is exceptionally skilled with a sword, working in tandem with June without needing to be directly ordered. Does not show emotion and follows her command to the letter but has been known to disobey if it means protecting her.


Sword Flurry

Mora unleashes a flurry of sword strikes that move faster than the eye can follow.
-Rolls 3 dice, each successful hit does 1 damage.
-Has a cooldown of 2 turns.

Single Stroke

"One strike...is all I need..."
In a single, swift motion, Mora slices through the enemy, with the target not realizing it until he sheaths his sword back.
-Deals 4 damage.
-Has a cooldown of 4 turns.

"All...is for her sake..."
Mora positions his sword in a way that creates a blinding glare of light in the foes vision.
-Causes the next attack by June to automatically connect.
-Effect also applies to any multiple rolled attacks.
-Has a cooldown of 4 turns.


*Seduction: June has spent a good period of her life completely negating all forms of sexual acts, almost becoming a hermit. As a result, she’s woefully out of practice and can be taken advantage of by others that press this.
-Moves of this type do +1 damage and any moves that need to roll for Charm will activate automatically.
*Sleep Inducing Attacks: June has a tendency to overwork herself in the lab for days at a time, sometimes even going without sleep. As a result, anything that preys on this will be effective.
-Any Sleep based attack will either do +1 Damage or given a free reroll if Damage isn't applicable.

"I’m not a monster! I swear it! And I don’t mean any harm unless harm is thrown at me first. I have...my own reasons, for why I look the way that I do, but I can assure you, I’m not here to start fights. All of this is for one reason, just one, simple reason...and I’d do it all again, just to see her one more time..."

So I had the design laying around that I really liked, and I had the idea to make a heroic necromancer. That's pretty much why this is here at all, the ideas just flowed forth a little. I still need to think of a second passive in there and maybe one more weakness but not a whole lot else and I just wanted to get all these words I had pent up written down somewhere. I think I'm okay with her now, actually.

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PostSubject: Re: June the Necrodoctor    June the Necrodoctor  EmptyFri Dec 21, 2018 8:18 am

Black Vulcan: Villain! Don't let me catch you desecrating the dead or I will bring you in!!

Roleplayers for the win =3=
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PostSubject: Re: June the Necrodoctor    June the Necrodoctor  EmptyFri Dec 21, 2018 11:12 am

I love this character! Wouldn't mind RPing against her.
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PostSubject: Re: June the Necrodoctor    June the Necrodoctor  EmptyThu Jan 03, 2019 9:29 pm

Made a small update concerning Mora's summoning, my original description didn't really mesh with game mechanics and I wanted it to be clear what would actually happen during the act.

I can assure you, that I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. And I wouldn't have it any other way.
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PostSubject: Re: June the Necrodoctor    June the Necrodoctor  EmptyYesterday at 6:04 pm

After the recent thing with Maya, I figured it was time to do a little rebalancing and adjusting. I may come back to apply a change to that passive but for now I think it's fine to not have an effect that I barely remember it exists anyway.

I can assure you, that I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. And I wouldn't have it any other way.
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June the Necrodoctor  Empty
PostSubject: Re: June the Necrodoctor    June the Necrodoctor  Empty

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June the Necrodoctor
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